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October 2016 Neighborhoods First

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Posted by David Graham-Caso 725.80sc on October 31, 2016 · Flag · Add your reaction
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October 2016

Happy Halloween and welcome to the October issue of Mike Bonin's

"Neighborhoods First Newsletter"!

IN THIS ISSUE: The Fire Department gets a lot more tech savvy as a result of
Mike’s efforts, the Expo Line is adding more cars and expanding service, and Mike Contact Our Office

gets to work cleaning storm drains in West LA, picking up litter in Westchester
and hosting Pop Up Office Hours at community events throughout the district...
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b u t f i r s t , please read this month's Neighborhoods First Profile about a group of
students from the Mar Vista Gardens in Del Rey, who are creating a hub of
healthy food production with a community garden.
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Roots for Peace Helping Cultivate Community at Mar Vista Gardens in Del Rey
The City Council declared October 25
"Good Food Day" in Los Angeles, and
Tweets by ​@MikeBoninLA
Mike was thrilled to honor Crystal
Mike Bonin
Gonzalez, Eli Tizcareno, Jose @MikeBoninLA
Zacarias, Emely Ortega, Callie Lopez, Melissa Aczon of @DelReyNeighbor is one of my
Micaela Rodriguez and Maria CD11 Neighborhood Heroes. Working for
Sanchez - residents of Mar Vista @ChildrensLA, volunteering for Summer Night
Gardens and organizers for American Lights, Del Rey Cup & Resource Fair, Del Rey
Health Day, organizing the Del Rey Spelling Bee,
Friends Service Committee's Roots
& promoting STEAM education for young women
For Peace program - who are helping & girls.
create a healthy and thriving

Through the program, 16 Mar Vista

Gardens residents (including the ones
Mike welcomed to the council
chambers) participated in a year-
long urban agriculture training and
then used what they learned to
Mike Bonin
create a community garden in their housing complex. @MikeBoninLA

Access to good and healthy food is a foundational and vital part of a thriving Embed View on Twitter
neighborhoods and the work of Roots for Peace is helping to cultivate a hub of
healthy food production, recipe sharing and community building in Del Rey.

We asked Eli Tizcareno of Roots for Peace a few questions about the group and
their work.

Tell me about Roots for Peace. Who participates in the group?

The American Friends Service Committee’s Roots for Peace program works with
Mar Vista Gardens residents and partners to fight for food access and community
health in local neighborhoods. This intergenerational group of residents includes
parents, their children, and seniors. Most people we work with are migrants from
Latin America and Southeast Asia including Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua
and Cambodia. We also have volunteers who join us from local schools or
neighborhood. People work together on a weekly basis to garden, share harvests,
and plan for the future.

The community garden includes a compost hub which residents built with our
partner Michael Martinez from LA Compost. Local residents living in the Mar
Vista Gardens and surrounding community are welcome to join us and
participate in the community garden and composting project.

What are you hoping to accomplish through your work?

Through participation in this project we believe members improve their physical,
mental, and spiritual health by working in the garden, learning with and from
each other and building a healthy culture in their neighborhood.

Members also work to support the expansion of food growing in public housing
city-wide. Residents and community partners are working with HACLA to create a
just policy that allows residents to grow edible plants in their private gardens, a
right that is not currently afforded. Members want HACLA to: 1) phase out
chemical herbicides used on plants 2) stop the cutting and destruction of
residents' plants. As one of the largest landowners in the city, HACLA has the
opportunity to join the regional and national good food movement and support
healthy neighborhoods!
What kind of things did you learn in your training program?
Food Growers Network (FGN) members in our Urban Agriculture Training
program learned and practiced: designing a garden (including looking at
sunlight, water, and other environmental factors); planning for the growing
season; winter cover cropping; crop rotation; efficient water use; integrated pest
management; double-digging and building healthy soil; and seed, greenhouse
plant care, direct-seeding, and seed saving.

How does creating a community garden make Mar Vista Gardens a better place
to live?
The MVG community garden has increased community pride and safety through
a vibrant green space. Residents who walk by the garden have shared that they
feel better just by looking into the garden and seeing how much is growing. This
long-term community asset has improved neighbor relationships and therefore
makes residents feel safer and more confident about who they can reach out to in
times of need.

Having the opportunity to learn from each other and develop collective
understanding of the issues in their community and the changes they want to
see. Working together to grow food in their community and creating awareness
about the history of food growing injustice within public housing. Being invited
to present and share outside of MVG where they meet new people, are inspired by
new ideas, and recognize they are urban ag leaders and part of a larger good food

Having the ability to grow and eat more organic vegetables that would not be
affordable otherwise, has also supported a culture of food sharing and healthy
eating in the Mar Vista Gardens. Residents have exchanged healthy culinary
recipes using produce from the garden like thai soup with lemongrass and thai
basil from the garden, tortillas, salads, and more, and they have helped organize
cultural events including Dia de Los Muertos and Posadas .

If you want to get involved or would like to request a presentation from the MVG
Community Garden, please email Eli Tizcareño at .

Cleaning Storm Drains in West LA

With the City Council in recess the first week of October, Mike decided to wake up
early on October 3 to join a crew from the Bureau of Sanitation's Watershed
Protection Division to help them clean storm drains in West LA. Thanks to
Michael Bates, Kent Carlson, Ernesto Zamora and Anthony Diaz for letting Mike
tag along and learn more about the work city employees do to keep our
neighborhoods - and the Santa Monica Bay - clean.

Mike often joins city crews at work in the neighborhoods he represents, because
seeing first-hand how our city functions offers him an incredibly helpful
perspective as he votes on policies and budgets that affect service delivery in our

Access 11 Office Hours at the Mar Vista Fall Festival

Every year, the Mar Vista Fall Festival is not only a great opportunity for
neighbors to enjoy fun and games, but the annual event also features a
celebration of often-unsung individuals who work hard to make Mar Vista a
better place to live, work and enjoy.

On October 22, Mike attended the 2016 Mar Vista Fall Festival to hold "Pop Up
Office Hours" and to honor Sherland Chensam (aka "Coach"). For more than 20
years, Coach has volunteered teaching basketball to thousands of kids. Mike
thanked Coach for being a tremendous leader and mentor for kids in Mar Vista,
and additionally congratulated the Fall Festival Organizing Committee and Park
staff on another great event.

New Crosswalk in the Palisades

There are some bright and beautiful new continental crosswalks in Pacific

Thanks to the hard work of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and
the Pali Gateway Committee (Cheryl Clark, Gail Flyer, Rachel Galper, Ivy Green,
Scott Lambert, Pam Mann, Susie Newman, Sheri Sharpe, Doug Suisman), all four
crossings at Temescal Canyon Road and Bowdoin Street are now clearly marked
as crosswalks. Especially with this intersection’s location close to Palisades
Charter High School, the safety upgrade is a tremendous improvement for the

In addition to the new crosswalks near Pali High, there are also new crosswalks in
the intersection of La Cruz and Alma Real drives. Mike has made pedestrian
safety a big priority through his work as Chair of the Council's Transportation
Committee, and these new, clearly-marked crosswalks are a great improvement
for the community.

Fourth Annual La Tijera Cleanup Removes Debris from Westchester

Friends and neighbors from Westchester joined Mike and his staff for his fourth
annual La Tijera Cleanup on October 8. The group removed overgrown weeds and
picked up litter and debris along La Tijera Boulevard - an important
neighborhood road and one of the first things visitors see when arriving in Los

A big, big thanks to Loyola Marymount University , Game Sports Bar Restaurant &
Lounge , LA Conservation Corps and the Rotary Club of Westchester for their help
turning out volunteers for this great community cleanup.

Access 11 Office Hours at the Palisades Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are a great venue for the “Pop Up Office Hours” events that
Mike regularly hosts to literally “bring City Hall to the Westside,” and he was at
the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market on October 23 to meet with neighbors as
they shopped. Thanks to everyone who stopped by Mike’s booth at the Farmers
Market to chat about traffic, homelessness, public safety, development issues,
and a whole lot more! Remember – during construction of the Palisades Village
project, the market is in a new, temporary location on the campus of Pali High.

POW/MIA Mural in Venice Restoration Fundraising Continues

The Venice Chamber of Commerce and community partners are raising money to
restore and protect the Venice POW/MIA mural that was defaced the weekend
before Memorial Day. The Chamber needs $25,000 to completely restore the
mural and to add a protective layer of paint that will prevent graffiti from
defacing it in the future, and thanks to the generosity of the community, they
are more than halfway to their goal.

Find out more about how you can help at: .

Neighborhood Cleanups in West LA

Thanks to a partnership between the City and the West LA-Sawtelle

Neighborhood Council , West LA looking great!

The Neighborhood Council was awarded a "Clean Streets Grant" from the City to
help fund four community cleanups in the area. The first two cleanups were
hosted in October, with the areas around Old Fire Station 59 and Nora Sterry
Elementary School targeted for attention. Mike is proud to partner with the
Neighborhood Council, Bureau of Sanitation, Office of Community
Beautification, LA Conservation Corps , LAPD, local volunteers and a series of
sponsors (including Copy Depot & Printing, Bagelworks Cafe, Orchard Supply
Hardware, Smart & Final-Bundy, Starbucks-Pontius, Coffee Bean-Olympic,
Phantom Lithography, B Sweet Dessert Bar, Plan Check and the West LA Farmers
Market ) on this important neighborhood initiative, which not only helps keep the
area free of debris, but also offers a chance for the community to come together
and do good for their neighborhood.

The cleanups will continue next month, with the next two focusing on the
Sawtelle Business District and the West LA Civic Center. Check out the calendar
section below for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring a cleanup, please contact

WLASNC Boardmember Rosie Kato at .
Mike Meets With the Pacific Palisades Community Council

Much like Neighborhood Councils throughout the Westside, the Pacific Palisades
Community Council is an exceptional forum for neighbors in the Palisades to
discuss the issues that matter most to their community.

Mike was glad to have had the chance to speak with the Pacific Palisades
Community Council on October 13, where he thanked them for their incredible
work on behalf of the community, discussed neighborhood issues, and explained
the work he is doing in LA to help solve homelessness.

Partnering With Neighbors to Clean Blight in Venice

After receiving requests about tree trimming debris left in their community,
Mike’s Venice-area field deputy Taylor Bazley met up with Ocean Avenue resident
Sarah Shoup to clear the blight from the community. Mike’s deputies regularly
respond to requests from residents to cut through red tape and deliver results for

Mike Meets with Seniors at Japanese Community Center in Del Rey

The Venice Japanese Community Center in Del Rey offers a terrific senior
nutrition lunch program, and on October 3, Mike joined the group to serve lunch,
meet with neighbors and talk about the issues facing the community. After a
great lunch and musical performance, Mike answered questions from the group
and talked about pothole and sidewalk repairs, tree trimming and the work he is
doing to address homelessness in the neighborhood.

“When Is Palisades Village Starting Construction?” Now!

Since it was first proposed by Caruso Affiliated , the most common question Mike
has gotten about the Palisades Village project that will revitalize downtown
Pacific Palisades has been “when are they going to start building it?” On October
29, Mike was finally able to happily answer that question with a simple “Now!” as
the project officially broke ground and began construction. Palisades Village will
offer the “small town downtown” that the residents of the Pacific Palisades
deserve, and it is one of the most popular projects Mike has seen in his decades of
work on the Westside.

Celebrating New Sidewalks on Sepulveda Boulevard in Westchester

Thanks to Representative Maxine Waters , the Westchester Streetscape

Improvement Association and the City of Los Angeles, the sidewalk on the west
side of Sepulveda Boulevard in Westchester now looks as beautiful and new as
the east side. On October 3, Mike joined neighbors to unveil a plaque on
Sepulveda, commemorating the "Congresswoman Maxine Waters Garden," so
passers-by will know that the beautiful sidewalk they are walking down is the
result of a partnership between local government, the federal government and a
community group that worked together to make Westchester a better place to
live and enjoy.

Brentwood Science Magnet Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

For the past 100 years, Brentwood Elementary School and Brentwood Science
Magnet have been wonderful places for kids to learn and grow. This fall, the
schools are celebrating their 100th anniversary with a neighborhood celebration,
and neighbors are invited to attend the community event.

Find out more about the school and the 100th Anniversary celebration
at .

Street Resurfacing in Mar Vista

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services recently resurfaced Washington
Place (between Grand View and Bledsoe) in Mar Vista, repairing potholes and
giving neighbors a smooth ride in their neighborhood. Thank you to the city
employees who are helping Mike put Neighborhoods First on the Westside!

Sunset Traffic Solutions: Take the Turn Restriction Survey

Earlier this year, Mike held a community meeting to discuss ways to improve
traffic on Sunset Boulevard, and last month, Mike provided an update of the
variety of traffic solutions in the works since the meeting .
Mike's "Sunset Traffic Charette" posed a series of survey questions to the
audience regarding conditions and possible solutions to traffic gridlock on
Sunset. In the mapping exercise at the charette, many neighbors reported that
vehicles turning right on red and impeding the flow of traffic on Sunset is one of
the of the more frustrating aspects of traffic on Sunset. When Mike asked if
neighbors would support turn restrictions, nearly 78% of respondents said they

Based on the feedback we received from the charrette and follow-up

correspondence, we identified a series of intersections on Sunset where turn
restrictions could help improve the flow of traffic. The Department of
Transportation is prepared to install those restrictions, but we need to hear from
you as to whether or not you support restrictions at the proposed intersections.

Please click here complete a survey about the proposed turn restrictions and
share it with your neighbors.

Access 11 Office Hours at Playa Vista Harvest Fest

Every year, the growing community of Playa Vista comes together in the fall for a
special event at Concert Park - Harvest Fest . The event features hundreds of
neighbors in their Halloween costumes, family-friendly activities and great food
for all to enjoy.

Mike hosted a Pop Up Office Hours event at this year’s Harvest Fest, joining in on
the fun and giving neighbors in Playa Vista an opportunity to talk about the
issues that matter most to them. Thank you to all who stopped by Mike’s booth!

Celebrating Sukkot at University Synagogue in Brentwood

Mike joined families in Brentwood at University Synagogue on October 16 to

celebrate Sukkot. The evening featured an interactive program that raised
awareness about the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles and allowed people of all
ages to participate in advocacy and action for people who are homeless.

At the event, Mike thanked the Tikum Olam committee at University Synagogue
for their hospitality and exceptional partnership in the ongoing work to end
homelessness in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Airport Update

From unwanted noise and pollution to the incredible dangers of landing jets
much too close to nearby neighborhoods, Mike has been working for years to get
Santa Monica Airport shut down and converted into a more neighborhood-
friendly use.

The Santa Monica City Council has been pursuing a "starvation strategy" to try
and shut down the airport, which includes reducing flight operations, not
renewing leases with aviation businesses, shortening the runway and working to
close the airport by July 2018 if legally possible. In response to the City’s efforts,
the FAA has threatened legal action against Santa Monica.

Mike applauds and supports the City of Santa Monica’s efforts to close the airport
and supports the city in its ongoing battle with the FAA. The airport is
particularly hazardous to residents of nearby neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
Venice, West LA and Mar Vista all suffer unfair impacts because of airport
operations – including noise, pollution, and threats to safety.

Street Improvements Installed in the Venice Canals

Working with neighbors in both the Voice of the Canals and Venice Canals
Association , Mike and his team asked the Department of Transportation to install
new bollards on Dell Avenue to address issues with cars turning the wrong way
onto the one-way street. In addition to installing bollards, LADOT crews repainted
ground markings along Dell to help reduce speeding and to prevent people from
running stop signs on the street.
Access 11 Pop Up Office Hours at the Brentwood Farmers Market

Even when it's raining, Mike is committed to bringing City Hall to our
neighborhoods with his Access 11 "Pop Up Office Hours." On a soggy Sunday
morning on October 30, Mike and his staff were at the Brentwood Farmers
Market , where he met with constituents and talked about issues including
development and traffic signage. Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Pothole Repair in Playa del Rey

Late on a Friday evening, Mike’s office got a call about a nasty pothole at
Jefferson and Culver in Playa del Rey. The pothole was damaging vehicles and
creating a hazard for drivers in the area. Mike personally sprung into action,
getting in touch with the head of the City’s Bureau of Street Services and urging
immediate action. Thanks to the work of Mike, his team and the hard-working
employees of the Bureau of Street Services, the pothole was repaired in a day and
drivers again got to enjoy a smooth ride on their commute.

Happy Birthday, Westchester! Community Turns 75

2016 marks the 75th year since Westchester became the wonderful “Mayberry-
like” community we know and love today. The neighborhood’s 75th anniversary
celebrations have included a series of events, such as the Westchester Arts and
Music festival last month, and on October 27, neighbors gathered at Loyola
Marymount University to honor some local pioneers for their contributions to
the community.

At the October 27 event, Rowena Ake and Mary Ellen Cassman were both
celebrated as honorary “Founders of Westchester,” and they were presented with
“Keys to Westchester” and certificates of appreciation from Mike and Mayor

Thanks to Mary Ellen and Rowena for their exceptional work over the years
making Westchester a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy. Thanks as well to
Stephanie Davis of the Westchester Hometown News , who has been spearheading
the community’s 75th anniversary events and helping to coordinate and organize
the wonderful celebrations of the neighborhood.

Dia de los Muertos in Del Rey

Building an altar for Dia de los Muertos can be something very personal, but can
also be a communal celebration of a cause, have a theme, or highlight
neighborhood heroes who are no longer with us.

This year, Mike's staff built an altar at the Dia de los Muertos Community
Celebration at the Mar Vista Family Center in Del Rey to honor loved ones who
had passed away, including Mike's predecessor and friend Bill Rosendahl.

Domestic Violence Task Force Honored in Special Council Presentation

As the Council's liaison to the city's Domestic Violence Task Force , Mike was
proud to host a presentation at the October 11 council meeting to recognize
October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and to present Nadine Shimoji
with the "Marjorie Braude Award" for her outstanding work making sure the task
force is leading the way to eliminate domestic violence in our neighborhoods.
Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness for women and
children in LA, and more than one-third of domestic violence survivors become
homeless after separating from their abusers. As the City Council continues to
work to end homelessness in LA, we cannot ignore the root causes of the crisis,
and we must focus on ending domestic violence as part of our comprehensive

If you or someone you know feels threatened at home, please

visit…/content_basic_view/23671 to find out
how you can get help.

Sand Berm Coming Back to Playa del Rey

As winter storms prepare to come back to the Southland, flooding in low-lying

beach communities like Playa del Rey remains a threat to homeowners. In past
years, the County of Los Angeles Department Beaches and Harbors has built a
berm - a wall of sand along the shoreline to prevent flooding from damaging
homes. Mike is happy to report that thanks to the advocacy of neighbors and
partnership with the County, the berm will be built again this year, and homes in
Playa del Rey will not face the threat of flooding during winter months.

“Service Above Self” at Rotary Club Annual Dinner

Mike joined the Rotary Club of Playa Venice Sunrise on October 13 at their annual
Cultural Dinner fundraiser to honor Tom Flintoff with the "Sunrise Community
Service Award" in recognition of his exceptional work on behalf of the Westside.
Tom exemplifies the Rotary motto of "service above self" and Mike was happy to
join in the celebration of his work.
Homeless Outreach Program with Proven Record of Success Coming to Venice

Mike and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl , working with community-based organizations

and neighbors and Venice Forward, are launching a proven, successful program
to get people off the streets of Venice and into housing and services.

The program, known as Venice C3 (County-City-Community Partnership), will

focus on men and women in the area around Third Avenue and Rose Avenue in
Venice where there is a concentration of individuals living on the sidewalks
struggling with housing, mental illness, and substance abuse.

Read more about the program here: .

Westside Coalition Celebrates Success at Annual Breakfast Event

"Mommy, where are we sleeping tonight? Are we going camping on the beach
again, or are we going to ride on the bus?"

That was the heartbreaking question that Jeremiah, a toddler, asked his mother,
Janice, who was homeless in Venice until recently, when she found help
from Upward Bound House and the St. Joseph Center . Janice now has a job and an
apartment, and she has been able to tell her young son, "we have somewhere to
stay and we'll be together every night."

Janice was one of 21 formerly homeless residents of the Westside who were
honored on October 21 at the Westside Coalitioon's annual Celebrating Success
breakfast. The breakfast -- easily the most moving and inspiring event Mike
attends every year -- debunked a lot of stereotypes about homelessness with true
stories from the streets. They are stories of despair turned to hope. They are
stories of lives transformed.

Guests at the event also heard from Sarah, who became homeless at age 16 and
began living on Venice Beach when her mother lost her job, and could not make
rent payments. While living on the beach, she discovered Safe Place for Youth
(S.P.Y) and eventually took job training classes from Venice YouthBuild , a
program of Venice Community Housing . She now lives in an apartment in West
LA with her mother and daughter, works as a paralegal, and is planning to
become a legal aid lawyer.

They heard from Rico, a veteran who lived on the streets of Venice for 20 years,
struggling with alcoholism and depression. Three years ago, St. Joseph Center
helped him turn his life around and get off the streets. For years, he said, he
refused help -- probably being labeled by many as "service resistant" -- and later
realized his refusal to accept shelter was a result of Post Traumatic Stress

Mike also saw Brenda at the event, who lived in Del Rey before losing her job,
becoming homeless, and living in parks here on the Westside. She lives in Del Rey
again, in permanent supportive housing opened last year by PATH - Making it

The event’s honorees were joined by clients of OPCC Santa Monica , Edmund D.
Edelman Westside Center , CLARE Foundation , New Directions, Inc. , Venice
Family Clinic , Salvation Army Westwood Transitional Village , Chrysalis and Didi
Hirsch Mental Health Services .

These are the stories of the people living on our streets. They are the stories of
our neighbors. They are stories that demonstrate that, with the support of our
local social service agencies -- and with housing available -- people are turning
their lives around and moving off the streets and into permanent homes.

These stories are just some of the many reasons Mike is so determined to help
address homelessness. They are just some of the many reasons Mike is hopeful
that we will find the will, the way and the funds to build substantially more
homeless housing through the city.

Who are Our Homeless? Women Make Up One-Third of People Living on the

One in three homeless people in Los Angeles County are women, according to
data released earlier this year . And those homeless women face incredibly heart-
wrenching levels of violence in shelters and on the streets, according to a report
recently released by the Downtown Women's Action Coalition . The report
outlines a grim life for women living on the street, with one-half of all homeless
women living on skid row suffering an attack in the past year, and more than a
quarter of women on skid row suffering sexual assault. And it is not just the
horrific life on the street - many homeless women are survivors of domestic

Responding to the tragic statistics, the Los Angeles Homeless Services

Authority has begun working with local service providers to provide more shelter
space designated specifically for women and designed to prevent the abuse so
many homeless women suffer on the street. While shelter can offer a short-term
solution, officials agree that the construction of more permanent supportive
housing is the only sustainable way to address the ongoing tragedy we see on the
streets of Los Angeles.

Steve Lopez: "No One is Ever Permanently Lost"

Los Angeles is facing an unprecedented homeless crisis, and the problem is

particularly acute in Venice. Earlier this month, Mike spent some time with Steve
Lopez of the Los Angeles Times , talking about his proposed solutions, and how his
personal experiences shapes his perspective on the crisis and his commitment to
address it .

Council Advances New Rules Regarding Living in Vehicles in Los Angeles

The City Council is moving forward with a proposal by Mike and his
colleague Marqueece Harris-Dawson , chair of the Homelessness & Poverty
Committee, to regulate living in vehicles in Los Angeles. The council struck a
reasonable and balanced approach. While city officials are continuing to work on
a framework for Mike’s proposal to create a “Safe Parking” program for people
enrolled in services and seeking housing (modeled after a successful program in
Santa Barbara), the City will prohibit living in a vehicle near residences and
schools, while allowing it in other areas.
Many people living in their vehicles, including families, are clinging to the
bottom rung of the economic ladder, and previous city policies, which completely
banned vehicular dwelling, have been found unconstitutional by the courts. The
compromise legislation addresses the concerns raised by neighbors and parents
who complained about large, unfamiliar vehicles parking in front of their homes
and their children’s schools.

The council directed the City Attorney to draft an ordinance codifying the
compromise proposal, and the Planning Department and the City Attorney are
crafting the Safe Parking Program.

New Trains Speeding Expo Line Frequency

Love the Expo Light Rail Line but hate waiting for a train? We've got some great
news for you!

Last week, Expo expanded capacity on the line by 33% and increased the
frequency of the trains to every 6 minutes. So, instead of five trains with 15 cars
heading down the tracks every hour, there will now be 10 trains with a total of 20
cars per hour. As new cars arrive and Metro balances the fleet demands across
the system, LA Metro will add a car to each of the two-car trains to fill-out the
capacity of the Expo line even more.

The Expo Line is shattering expectations since opening in May, with more than
two-thirds of riders new to the train line and more than 40 percent of them
saying they have switched to transit from driving alone.

I'm thrilled that the Expo has been such a great success already, and I'm excited
for what the future could hold for public transit in LA.

Mike Discusses the Future of Transportation in LA at Lincoln Federation Panel

The Lincoln Federation , a non-profit organization that advocates for
entrepreneurs in LA’s tech community - hosted a panel discussion on October 19
to talk about the future of transportation in Los Angeles.

Mike was pleased to join LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds and CEO
of Grid Logistics David Alba on the panel, which was hosted by Hilary Norton of
“ FAST - Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic ” and focused on how technology, such
as ride-sharing services, can help bridge the “first/last mile gap” that prevents
many people from using public transportation.

Mike also discussed the improved access to public transportation that Angelenos
will enjoy if Measure M is approved by voters on November 8.

Metro Bike Share Coming to the Westside!

Earlier this month, the Metro Planning and Programming Committee approved
funding to expand Metro Bike Share in 2017. Operated by Bicycle Transit
Systems, Metro Bike Share opened in downtown L.A. in July . Next year, Metro
would expand bike-share to new service areas in Pasadena, San Pedro,
Wilmington, and thanks to Mike's efforts, the program will also be coming to

Metro is making a big commitment to expand bicycling in L.A. County as part of

the program, and the addition of Metro bike-share will increase availability of
bikes in Venice, which already has five Santa Monica Breeze bike share
stations. Metro’s Venice bike-share system will have 15 stations and likely 150-
200 bicycles to rent for trips around the neighborhood.

Find out more about the expansion of bike share in LA in this LA Streetsblog
piece .
Eating Well at LAX - Good Food Purchasing Policy Moves Forward

Thanks to the work done by the City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti , every
department in Los Angeles is now required to have a “ Good Food Purchasing
Policy ” as part of broader sustainability plans. Los Angeles World Airports was
recognized for their LAWA Good Food Purchasing Policy, which supports
environmental sustainability, fair labor, animal welfare, nutrition, and
investments in the local economy, at the Council’s recent celebration of “Good
Food Day in LA.”

In partnership with concessionaires, HMS Host and the Hudson Group, LAWA
leads the LAX Harvest Food Donation Program, which has donated more than
150,000 pounds of food to local non-profit organizations for distribution to those
in need. LAX was also ranked #1 among US airports for providing healthy food
options by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in 2015. Delaware
North, a concessionaire partner at LAX, offers free-range chicken and beef,
organic produce, and locally-produced food ingredients through their managed

Congratulations to LAWA on the deserved recognition for the success of their

Good Food Purchasing Policy!

FAA Hosts Metroplex Town Hall

Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) signed documents

for Southern California Metroplex project , which will replace dozens of existing
flight paths to and from LAX and Santa Monica Airport with new satellite-based
procedures. The new flight paths could potentially have noise impacts on
Westside neighborhoods that are not used to air traffic, and Mike has been
outspoken in urging the FAA to do a better job detailing the potential impacts to

The FAA is implementing the project in phases between November 2016 and April
2017, and the FAA hosted a public information briefing on October 26 at Palms
Middle School to provide information on the project and to answer questions
from neighbors.

North Airfield Safety Upgrades Begin

In mid-October, Los Angeles World Airports completed construction on the latest

runway at Los Angeles International Airport to receive safety improvements, and
a fourth and final runway project began on October 24.

The north runway will be shortened in this final phase, so that construction can
be done on the east end and connecting taxiways. The runway will be completely
closed in January, with all construction work expected to be finished in June.

Find Out More About the City Council's Work to Put Neighborhoods First

Mike and LAFD Unveil New Technology Helping to Protect Neighborhoods from

With record-high heat and increased fire risks throughout the region, Mike
and Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas hosted an event October
14 to demonstrate how new technology is helping Los Angeles firefighters save
lives and protect property.
One of Mike’s first actions as a Councilmember was legislation calling for first-
responders to be equipped with tablet technology, and the program is making an
incredibly positive difference in the way we protect our neighborhoods.

Mike and Chief Terrazas demonstrated an app that is excellent example of how
the technology can help firefighters battle brush fires. The tablet-based app
(called “ WiFire ”) is state-of-the-art technology developed by the University of
California San Diego, in collaboration with the LAFD, which performs data-driven
predictive modeling and analysis of fires that have a high potential to rapidly
spread. The technology allows first responders to get ahead of a fire and evacuate
people in harms way.

Read more about the exciting new app that is helping fight fires

Job Creation Report Approved by Council

Every year, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce publishes an update on
economic activity in our neighborhoods, and Mike was very pleased to see
that the economy on the Westside has continued to expand at a faster rate than
the City overall . Council District 11's 4.8 percent increase in overall employment
makes it the fastest growing Council District this year!

Despite the recent growrth in jobs on the Westside, the City of Los Angeles needs
to do more to incentivize job creation. This month, City Council in approving a
landmark report from the Council’s ad hoc Committee on Comprehensive Job
Creation, which outlines a series of recommendations to boost job creation in LA.

The committee, chaired by Mike’s colleague Paul Krekorian , recommended:

Creation of a “Business Advancement Team” to provide businesses with direct

information about city programs and incentives and to rapidly respond to
urgent issues;
Creation of a “Small Business Commission” that will include small business
owners, representatives from business advocacy organizations and industry
experts, who will give the City Council recommendations and guidance on
policies that affect businesses;
Creation of a business portal website to guide startups and give permitting
and licensing information to entrepreneurs;
Streamlining the process to quality for the City’s Local Business Preference
Program and reforming the city’s procurement process to make it easier for
local businesses to bid on city contracts;
Locking in permit fees for a project once it is approved to provide more
certainty to business owners.
Olympics Update - State Legislation Approved and Second Phase of
Application Submitted

The proponents of Los Angeles’ bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games announced a
milestone in the application process in October, submitting the second of three
phases of its application to the International Olympic Committee.

The second phase of the application features the bid committee’s partnerships
with local stakeholders, which are designed to ensure a low-risk, efficient and
fiscally responsible delivery of the 2024 games. The application contains a new
agreement with the University of Southern California to host the Media Village
and Main Press Center on the institution’s campus, located in the heart of LA
2024’s Downtown Sports Park. The second phase of the application also now
includes the Riviera Country Club in the Pacific Palisades as the venue for the
Olympic golf tournament.

In addition to the submission of the second phase of the application, LA 2024 also
announced that the California State Legislature has approved legislation
guaranteeing that the state will cover up to $250 million of liabilities if the event
were to go over budget.

Mike has been one of a number of councilmembers who have expressed

reservations about the financial implications of hosting the Olympics and has
committed to ensuring that taxpayers are protected from cost-overruns if the
Games are to come back to LA.

October Small Business Spotlights

Local small businesses provide more than jobs for people on the Westside - they
are part of what make neighborhoods great. Each week, Mike chooses a local Mom
and Pop business to feature on social media in his " Small Business Spotlight ."
Literati Cafe - West LA

The West LA cafe serves organic coffee and tea, as well as fresh salads,
sandwiches, soups, entrees and pastries. Literati's clientele lives up to the cafe's
name, and you will often see customers typing on laptops as they enjoy a
delicious treat or beverage.

Stop by Literati Cafe at 12081 Wilshire Blvd. (the corner of Wilshire and Bundy)
and finish your screenplay or novel, or just enjoy the wonderful menu at this
West LA favorite! Find out more at

J.Nichols Kitchen - Del Rey

J. Nichols Kitchen is a family-owned business that has been serving the Marina
Del Rey and Del Rey communities since 1974. The original owners immigrated
from Greece, coming to the United States to start a new life for their family. Now
their children continue the legacy and run the business.

With an impressive menu of American and diner food, an excellent local

reputation and lots of loyal regulars, J. Nichols Kitchen was recently voted #1
Breakfast on the Westside by the The Argonaut newsweekly , as well as #3 for Best
Service and #3 for Best Contemporary Cuisine in the annual poll.

Stop by J Nichols Kitchen in the Villa Marina Marketplace Mall at 4375 Glencoe
Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.
Vintage on Venice - Mar Vista

The happy neighbor who nominated Vintage on Venice wrote that "the owner,
Marty, is a Mar Vistan who always gives back by supporting local events. She
deserves to be showered with attention." I agree. Vintage on Venice is located on
the "Great Streets" section of Venice Boulevard in downtown Mar Vista, and it is
one of the shops that gives the area a "small town downtown" feel. It is a great
place to find something special for everyone, and offers unique antiques,
resurrected items and, of course, great vintage decor.

Check out Vintage on Venice at 12218 Venice Blvd in Mar Vista, or find out more
online at

Moore Dancing - Brentwood

This Brentwood small business - LA's first cardio dance studio - was founded by
Tiffany Moore in 2011. Tiffany has created an environment where fun and fitness
unite and where working out doesn’t feel like work. Moore Dancing offers a wide
variety of classes and Tiffany and her team have made it their mission to create a
space where people from all walks of life can come together and dance and get
exercise, regardless of experience.

Check out Moore Dancing at 11943 Montana Ave or find out more online
at .

Do you have a favorite business you want to nominate to be featured in Mike's
Small Business Spotlight? You can make a nomination for the “Small Business
Spotlight” at this link .

Election Info - Locate your polling place and find important information about
voting in the November 8 election!

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8 to make their voices heard
in a series of important federal, state and local elections. In addition to deciding
who our next president and senator will be, voters will get to answer important
questions about local transportation and homelessness. Below, please find
answers to some important questions about the election, as well as some helpful
links to keep handy as you prepare to vote.

Where do I vote?
You can find your polling place on the Los Angeles County registrar's website.

When will polls be open?

Polls will open at 7am and close at 8pm. As long as you are in line to vote by the
time polls close, you will be allowed to vote.

What if I vote by mail but haven't returned my ballot yet?

Vote by mail ballots can be returned to any polling place on Election Day and will
be counted if completed correctly.

How do I report a problem at my polling place?

If you have a problem at your polling place, the League of Women Voters
recommends reporting problems to your county's elections office. In Los Angeles
County, you can contact the Registrar of Voters Public Information at 562-466-
1310 or 1323. You can also call the Secretary of State's Fraud Hotline toll free at
800-345-VOTE (800-345-8683).

How can I check if I'm registered?

Contact your county elections office. The Secretary of State's Office has a contact
list and links to counties that allow residents to check their registration status
online. If you're a Los Angeles County resident, you can check your registration
status here or call 800-815-2666.

What if I have other questions about voting?

Reach out to your county elections office. A list with contact information is
available on the secretary of state's website , or contact the state elections
division at 916-657-2166. Voter hotlines have also been set up in different

(800) 345-VOTE (8683) - English

(800) 232-VOTA (8682) - Spanish
(800) 339-2857 - Chinese
(888) 345-2692 - Hindi
(800) 339-2865 - Japanese
(888) 345-4917 - Khmer
(866) 575-1558 - Korean
(800) 339-2957 - Tagalog
(855) 345-3933 - Thai
(800) 339-8163 - Vietnamese
(800) 833-8683 - TTY/TDD

SeePolitical - Unbiased Information About the Statewide Propositions

SeePolitical is a nonprofit organization that produces fun, unbiased animations

demystifying state ballot propositions and creating original content explaining
the electoral process. The organization was founded by former CD11 staffer Nate
Kaplan, and it has a great series of videos about some of the statewide
propositions on the November ballot.

Check out the videos and learn more about SeePolitical


Find out about just some of the events happening in your neighborhood in the
next month!

Bill Hearing Night

11/1/2016; 6pm to 9pm
Westchester Family YMCA (8015 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045)

Venice Arts 23rd Anniversary Gala

11/5/2016; 5pm - 8pm
1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA

West LA/Sawtelle Community Cleanup

11/5/16; 8:30am - 11:30am
WLA Civic Center Mall & Surrounding Area (1645 Corinth Avenue)

Pop Up Office Hours in Mar Vista

11/6/16; 10am - 12pm
Mar Vista Farmers Market (3826 Grand View Blvd.)

Westchester Mental Health Guild's 34th Annual Holiday Home Tour

11/6/16; 11am – 4pm
Tickets available at:

11/8/16; 7am - 8pm
F ind Your Polling Place Here

Venice POW/MIA Mural Restoration Fundraiser

11/11/16; 6pm
Venice Beach Suites & Hotel (1305 Ocean Front Walk)

West LA/Sawtelle Community Cleanup

11/12/16; 8:30am - 11:30am
GR2 Gallery (2062 Sawtelle Blvd.)

Del Rey Residents Association General Meeting - "Housing Affordability

and Homelessness in LA"
11/17/16; 7pm - 9pm
Westside Neighborhood School (5401 Beethoven St. Los Angeles 90066)

United Way 10th Annual HomeWalk

11/19/2016; 7am to register and 8am walk begins
Grand Park (200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012)

Badge of Heart 2nd Annual Turkey Giveaway

11/19/2016; 10am - 12pm
Pacific Community Police Station (12312 Culver Blvd)

Pico Youth & Family Center 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless
on Venice Beach
11/24/2016; 12pm - 2pm
Ocean Front Walk & Market

The 4th Annual Banc of California Turkey Trot

11/24/2016; 8am - 9am
15777 Bowdoin St, Pacific Palisades 90272

Have an event you would like listed? Email to submit

Westside resident Rob Cribbett captured this fantastic photo of a full rainbow
over Playa del Rey on October 28. Post your favorite photos from around the
Westside and tag @MikeBoninLA on Twitter or @MikeBoninCD11 on Facebook for
a chance to see your work featured in our monthly newsletter!

Thank you for reading the October issue of Mike Bonin's Neighborhoods
First Newsletter.

For more about Mike and Council District 11, please

v i s i t .

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