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Your July 2017 Neighborhoods First
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July 2017
Welcome to the July issue of Mike Bonin's "Neighborhoods First Newsletter!”

IN THIS ISSUE : Mike's second inauguration celebratory tree giveaway kicks off
with a great first event, free smoke detectors are distributed in Pacific Palisades,
new signs point to Ladera, and early data is made available about the effects of a
street safety project in Mar Vista... b u t f i r s t , please read this month's Contact Our Office

Neighborhoods First Profile about a wonderful South Brentwood neighbor who
has made her community better by getting involved.
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Councilmember Mike…


You and 371 other friends like this
Marylin Krell and South Brentwood Residents Association
Neighborhoods are great
because of people like Marylin
Tweets by ​@mikebonin
Mike Bonin
Marylin moved to Brentwood Tom Ponton and Jerry Hornof are a Dynamic Duo
nearly two decades ago, and of Neighborhood Heroes, constantly working to
since arriving, she has been a improve parks & neighborhoods - hockey rink,

dedicated friend, neighbor and artificial turf soccer field, gym floor, basketball
hoop, new scoreboard, jogging track, gym
advocate for her community.
stations, & Charnock median. Awesome guys!
Marilyn’s community advocacy
has been mostly channeled
through SBRA - the South
Brentwood Residents
Association - a neighborhood
group that has been serving the
community since 1975.
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Marylin served as President of
the SBRA for eight years, and
not only helped the group become a major force for good in the neighborhood, but
also made sure neighbors throughout South Brentwood knew that they have a
venue where they can get more engaged in their community.

With her term as President ending recently, Marylin agreed to answer a few
questions about her life, her work and what she sees in the future for Los

Q: Why did you decide to make Brentwood your home?
After remarrying and moving from Del Mar, CA to LA, my husband and I moved to
a home in Hollywood Hills. We had a fabulous view of the city lights...but we saw
no neighbors, no active community. After living there for a few years, I visited
Bobbi, my college roommate who had just moved to South Brentwood. I loved the
activity and joyfulness of Brentwood... the families, bike riders, runners... I
missed that. We bought the condo right across from Bobbi and we have been
neighbors for the last 18 years.

Q: How did you get involved with SBRA?
Shortly after we moved to Brentwood, I met Nancy Freedman at a wedding and
she asked me if I missed anything about Del Mar. I told her I missed being
involved in the community, as I had been chair of the Del Mar Design Review
Board for four years and loved it. She told me there was an opening on the San
Vicente DRB; Cindy Miscikowski appointed me and I have been vice chair for 16

After serving on the DRB for a few years, SBRA president Bette Harris and past
SBRA president Jackie Raymond asked if I would like to become an SBRA board
member. I thought it would be a great way to meet people and become more
involved in my community.

Q: Of the great things SBRA has done in your time with the group, of what are
you most proud?
This is a hard one! I am most proud of the growth SBRA has had in the 8 years of
my presidency. I am very proud of the wonderful board we have and their
contributions to so many aspects of our organization. We now send postcards to
each of our 18,000 residents...most of whom had never before heard that there
was an organization representing them. We changed our name to SB Residents
Assn. from SB Homeowners Assn. to indicate that we welcome residents who live
in multifamily as well as single-family homes. We produce a beautiful magazine-
quality newsletter with the support of our sponsors and advertisers. We have a
terrific Facebook
page and a
great website . Our well-attended Annual Meetings
feature topics such as the VA, Homelessness, and our terrific recent panel on the
future of Transportation, which included Councilmember Bonin. We are starting
a Neighborhood Watch Program with informed neighbors who are becoming
more involved and active. I am most proud of the community connectedness we
have developed.

Q: What lessons from your work on behalf of the community do you think
future generations could learn from?
I send out informational emails to over 600 residents who have become like
friends. I have learned of their compassion for each other. This was most evident
five years ago when an arsonist set fire to a project being constructed on
Gorham. Five nearby apartment units had to be evacuated. Neighbors
(strangers!) generously pitched in with offers of lodging, clothing for the
children and the two pregnant women, and money to help cover the cost of
relocation and purchases of items that had to be replaced. At our 2012 Annual
Meeting, we invited the firefighters who heroically fought the fire where we and
the survivors of the fire thanked them. This is what a community should and can
be: there for each other.

Q: What do you think is the most important issue facing your neighborhood,
and Los Angeles?
I hate to say this, but it is still traffic. When I moved to Brentwood from
Hollywood Hills, people told me that they never went east of the 405. I was
amazed because that was the only part of LA I knew. But now, we don’t often go
east of Bundy. We have a unique challenge in LA as we are so spread out and
housing here is so expensive. I spoke with a nurse last week who told me she lived
in Riverside and works in Santa Monica. Takes her two hours to get to a job she
loves. I wish I had an easy answer. Public transit will help…I love to take the Expo
downtown…but the problem won’t be resolved any time soon I’m afraid.

Final thoughts:
There are so many CD11 constituents living in so many areas, I hope people
realize how important our community groups are to our government. When
people work on issues of importance to them and have a councilmember who
listens to their concerns, that is how things get done. It has been a great pleasure
and privilege for me to work closely with our extremely competent and engaged
Councilmember Bonin and his staff. I plan to continue to work for my
community in other ways in the future…because it feels so good to make a

You can find out more about the South Brentwood Residents Association
at .

Mike Kicks Off Second Inauguration Celebration with Tree Giveaway at
Palisades Farmers Market

Mike is foregoing a traditional "swearing in ceremony" for his second
inauguration and instead celebrating the start of his second term with a series of
tree giveaway events at Farmers Markets throughout the district (find out more
about the events in the "Before You Go" section at the bottom of this newsletter).
Mike hosted the first event on Sunday, July 30 at the Palisades Farmers Market.

More than 150 neighbors stopped by Mike's booth at the Palisades Farmers Market
to pick up free shade trees, and to chat with Mike about what they would like to
see him focus on in his second term as a Councilmember. Thank you to everyone
who stopped by and made the first tree giveaway event a tremendous success!

Pedestrian Lighting Installed in West LA

Thanks to an Active Transportation Grant, the city is investing in making the
neighborhood near the Bundy Expo Line station safer and easier for pedestrians
and cyclists to use. With that grant, city employees are installing 24 curb
extensions, 58 Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant sidewalk access ramps,
77 bike racks, 188 trees, a new landscaped median at the intersection of
Tennessee and Granville, and other neighborhood improvements.

Mike stopped by the worksite on June 22 to thank the crew from the Bureau of
Street Services and Bureau of Street Lighting for their hard work, and to help
them finish installing one of 32 new, energy-efficient pedestrian lights in the

Thank you to our hard-working city employees who complete projects like this,
which make our neighborhoods safer and better places to live, work and enjoy
every day!
Cool Streets Come to the Westside!

As heat increases throughout the region, the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street
Services is beginning to install a new "cool streets" in neighborhoods around Los
Angeles. In July, a street in the Kentwood neighborhood of Westchester got the
new, lighter street treatment.

By using a lighter colored asphalt mix, we can reduce the "heat island" effect that
makes hot summer days unbearable. A similar cool street installation was
recently added in Canoga Park, and residents reported a noticeable difference in
temperatures in the area.

Mike was excited to join Street Services employees as they installed the cool
street in Westchester, and he is looking forward to bringing this innovative
approach to addressing the impacts of climate change to more neighborhoods on
the Westside!

Mike Announces Changes to Road Safety Projects in Playa del Rey

About two months ago, the City launched two different projects, both designed to
improve safety in parts of Playa del Rey. Mike said at the time that we would
evaluate them and make changes based on community feedback - and he meant
it. That’s why earlier this month Mike asked the Department of Transportation to
add a lane back on eastbound Culver Boulevard, and that is why on July 25, Mike
announced that he was making more changes in response to what he has heard.

In a video message to constituents, Mike addressed the controversy surrounding
the lane reductions on Vista Del Mar, which had to be installed urgently to limit
the city’s liability before Summer. He announced that thanks to Supervisor
Janice Hahn, parking would be expanded at Dockweiler beach - allowing for
parking to be removed from Vista Del Mar and two lanes of traffic to be restored
to the street.
Mike also announced that he would form a “Playa del Rey Road Safety Task Force”
to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the safety projects on Culver
Boulevard, Pershing Drive and Jefferson Boulevard. The task force will be
composed of neighbors who have supported the project and were engaged from
the start, neighbors who have criticized the project and were unaware of it
before, local small business people, and safe streets advocates. It will also
welcome the input of other residents, of commuters, and agencies or entities that
can bring expertise or financial resources to the table -- such as the County or
some of the South Bay cities. Mike will ask the Task Force to make short-term and
long-term recommendations, based on data, community feedback, and available
financial resources. Mike will ask them to make a report 90 days after the
changes on Vista Del Mar have been made.

For more about Mike’s Playa del Rey road safety announcements or to watch his
video announcement, please
visit .

Now Entering: Ladera!

In early July, the Department of Transportation began to install neighborhood
designation signs in the community of Ladera, and on July 13, Mike got to install
the final sign. Ladera, which Mike is proud to represent, is beautiful and quiet
neighborhood, nestled between parts of Inglewood and unincorporated Los
Angeles County, connecting Mike’s district with the Eighth District. A few
months ago, at the neighborhood's request, the City Council officially designated
the name "Ladera" and authorized signage to indicate the neighborhood is part of
the City of Los Angeles.

Thank you to Treva Miller, Jeannette Bronson and the other Ladera leaders who
made this happen.

Pop Up Office Hours at the Mar Vista Farmers Market
July 23 was a beautiful day to host another of Mike’s "Pop Up Office Hours" events
at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market ! "Pop Up Office Hours" events are part of Mike’s
continuing effort to bring government to our neighborhoods and to make sure
people can connect with their local representative without having to trek

These "Pop Up Office Hours" events have been one of Mike’s favorite things to do
since he began his first term, and he is always energized and inspired by the
ideas and passion of neighbors throughout the Westside. Thank you to everyone
who stopped by Mike’s booth at the Farmers Market to say hello and share your
ideas for making our neighborhood a better place to live, work and enjoy.

Addressing Crime Incidents in Brentwood

A recent series of crimes in Brentwood has alarmed neighbors and Mike is taking
action to help make sure the LAPD is able to keep people and their property safe.

After receiving reports of break-ins and other crime activity, Mike reached out to
Dennis Kato, Commander of LAPD’s West Bureau, and he was very appreciative
that Commander Kato agreed to increase police presence in Brentwood. While the
increased police presence will help in the short-term, Mike is still working with
his colleagues on the City Council and leaders at LAPD to get more able-bodied
officers out from behind desks and into neighborhoods where they can keep us
safe. Mike’s “Back to Basic Car” proposal would mean more cops patrolling
neighborhoods, which would stop crimes like those that happened recently in
Brentwood, before they happen.

LAPD Carnival Brings Community Together in Del Rey
The Los Angeles Police Department brought the summer fun to our
neighborhoods this year, with carnivals hosted by West LA and Pacific Divisions.

Mike stopped by the Pacific Division Carnival in Del Rey to check out the fun rides
and games and was happy to see and thank the men and women of our police
department who help keep us safe. The event supports local LAPD youth
programs while building relationships with the surrounding neighborhood.

Thank you to the women and men of the Los Angeles Police Department for
helping create welcoming communities, and for keeping our neighborhoods safe!

West LA Streets Resurfaced

Thank you to City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services for the resurfacing
work they recently completed in West LA/Sawtelle on Corinth Ave between Santa
Monica Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue, and Massachusetts Avenue
between Corinth and Sawtelle. These basic city services are essential to our
neighborhoods and I’m grateful for the hard working women and men who make
them possible.

Open House Offers Neighbors Information and Early Data for Great Streets
Project in Mar Vista
The first round of data is in for the Great Streets pilot project on Venice
Boulevard in Mar Vista! On July 22, the Los Angeles Department of
Transportation hosted an open house to present information about the Great
Streets project in Mar Vista, and additionally released information on the
impacts of the design changes to the road, intended to remake it into “Mar Vista’s
Main Street.” This data, coupled with community feedback, will help shape
changes and improvements to the project.

The data, which LADOT unveiled at the Open House at the Windward School and
which is available at , is
informative. It shows that dangerous speeding has been reduced , and there has
been a 90% decrease in the number of people driving faster than the 40 mph
speed limit . This initial batch of data shows a marginal increase in travel times
through the corridor . The largest average increase is for eastbound traffic
between 3 p.m.and 6 p.m., which has gone up an average of 37 seconds. At most
other times of the day, there has not been a dramatic increase in travel times.
The most significant increase detected was a less than a 2-minute delay during
the average eastbound evening commute. At no time during the day did the
average commute between Beethoven and Inglewood boulevards take more than
4 minutes. (Again, these are averages, meaning some individual commutes have
been worse, and some have been better.)

To evaluate the project, LADOT has procured a contract with the data company
INRIX. INRIX uses data from GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones and
vehicle fleets to provide current and historical travel time, speed, and vehicle
volume data. This cutting edge data source will allow us to measure traffic
changes more quickly and accurately compared to traditional data collection
methods. LADOT will be making additional data reports at the 90-day and 6-
month marks for the pilot project.

Mike thanks everyone who attended today’s Open House and provided feedback
in person. If you were unable to attend and want to share your thoughts or
suggestions, please email:

Ducklings’ Home Saved in Santa Monica Canyon
Thanks to neighbors in the Santa Monica Canyon neighborhood of Pacific
Palisades and Mike’s Palisades-area Deputy Lisa Cahill, a flock of ducklings’ home
has been saved! The ducklings' (which have been featured in the Palisadian Post a
few times) were living in a county controlled storm drain near Santa Monica
Canyon, which was scheduled for regular maintenance. Crews were sent to
remove any debris from the channel, but one man's debris is another duckling's
habitat, and it became clear that removing the debris would create an issue for
the baby ducks. That is when neighbor Greg Willis got in touch with Lisa to
express his concern. Lisa worked with our friends in the county and was able to
delay the maintenance until the ducklings were fully fledged. Since they are
already familiar with the ducklings and the maintenance isn’t required until the
next rainy season, it just made sense to wait until the ducklings were ready to fly
away from home on their own.

Thank you, Greg and Lisa for stepping in and saving the ducklings’ home!

New Mural Comes to Iconic Venice Corner

The Venice Boardwalk is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Southern
California, and the world-renowned area got a colorful new addition in July.

Thanks to the organizations Beauty Activists, Beautify Earth and, artist Trek ‘Thunder’ Kelly, recently completed a
mural in Windward Circle, which depicts a gorgeous and serene sky. According to
Thunder, the mural is an homage to our world’s natural beauty, and a
recapturing of our streetscape into one that is not only meant to be more vibrant,
but more noticed.

This wall should begin to convince others, the muralist hopes, that there are
opportunities to influence change and create a vibrant beautiful landscape
Street Resurfacing in Pacific Palisades

Streets in Pacific Palisades got a fresh coat of asphalt last month, prompting one
neighbor to comment “it looks so nice, it looks photoshopped!” Mike appreciates
the work of the Bureau of Street Services, who are helping deliver the essential
basic services that keep our neighborhoods looking like touched-up photos!

Google Playa Vista Renovation of Spruce Goose Hangar Celebrates Milestone

Google celebrated the "topping off" of construction of its new facility at the
former Howard Hughes Hercules Hangar at Playa Vista in July, set to open next
year. Workers have nearly completed the process of adapting the facility into a
media and technology production hub.

Google outgrew its 100,000 square feet of space in Venice, and is expanding into
Playa Vista. The enormous airplane hangar is three times the size of its Venice
workspace. The 319,000-square-foot hangar is where Howard Hughes assembled
a giant wooden seaplane called the Spruce Goose. The hangar was built in 1943
for aircraft assembly and has more recently been used for soundstages, set
design and various elements of production.

Second Left-Turn Lane Added to Manchester Boulevard
New turn lanes were added from Manchester Boulevard to Lincoln Boulevard in
July, helping to dramatically improve traffic congestion in Westchester.

The new turn lanes fulfill a promise made to Westchester, and Mike was very
happy to be able to deliver this simple fix that will help traffic flow on major
roads in the community. Neighbors have been asking for this improvement to
help the flow of traffic in Westchester for years, and Mike was glad to have DOT
include the request as part of the mitigations around the community-initiated
Safe Streets for Playa Del Rey project.

Proud Bird Reopens in Westchester

The Proud Bird restaurant has been an integral part of the fabric of Los Angeles
for generations. When the business was considering closing up shop,
overwhelmingly positive feedback and support from the community drove John
Tallichet, son of the original founder David, to reconsider, and the newly
renovated food bazaar and event center reopened recently.

The restaurant is best known for the planes on display, but Proud Bird doesn’t
just offer planes. It also features a wide variety of food to suit many different
palates, and the views of landing planes on the south runways of LAX can’t be
matched. A special events venue has also been completely renovated. Mike is very
glad this unique piece of LA’s history will live on for future generations.

Firefighters Give Away Smoke Detectors in Pacific Palisades
The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction initiative (also
known as ) was in Pacific Palisades last month, going door-to-door
to educate people about fire safety and to install free smoke alarms where they
were needed. The program is an exceptional community service,
and Mike thanks the men and women of the fire department who helped make
Pacific Palisades safer with their work.

Clean and Green Picks Up Debris on La Tijera Boulevard

The Clean and Green program provides approximately 500 middle school and
high school youth the opportunity to gain environmental work experience by
putting them to work cleaning up debris and keeping neighborhoods looking
great. The team was out in Westchester in July, picking up the area on La Tijera
Boulevard, between 74th Street and 79th Street. Spending nearly 40 combined
hours working on the corridor, Clean and Green collected 81 trash bags full of
2,430 pounds of debris. They maintained 8 trees on the corridor and trimmed
more than 7,000 square feet of weeds from the walkway.

Thank you, Clean and Green for your work!

New Lighting Helps Brighten Sepulveda Tunnel
Neighbors in Brentwood who use the Sepulveda tunnel under Mulholland Drive
will be able to see a little easier, thanks to new energy-efficient LED lighting
recently installed by the Bureau of Street Lighting. Thank you to the neighbors
who helped make this brighter lighting possible by working with Mike's office
and the Board of Public Works!

New Venice Chamber of Commerce Board Members Sworn-In

The Venice Chamber of Commerce is an organization of local business leaders
who actively serve as advocates for the ever-growing Venice business
community. Through dynamic networking events and diverse committees, the
Venice Chamber supports the interests of area businesses and contributes to
improving the vitality of the local economy; positioning Venice as the “creative
soul” of Los Angeles.

On July 26, Mike's Venice-area Field Deputy Taylor Bazley joined the Chamber for
a celebration and swearing-in of new Chamber Board members. The new
members join a great team, which has helped promote local businesses and
create a climate where economic activity in Venice can thrive. Congratulations to
both the returning and new board members!

You can find out more about the Venice Chamber of Commerce and the July 26
event at .

Second Manchester Square Outreach Day Connects Homeless with Services and
Housing Opportunities

More than a dozen homeless service providers gathered on a Tuesday afternoon
in mid-July to engage with homeless individuals living in the Manchester Square
neighborhood of Westchester. This is the second event in a series of monthly
outreach events to create necessary pathways to housing for those living on the
streets. Medical, mental health, legal services, and disability benefits advocacy
resources were present to engage with the 25 individuals who attended the event.
The event was helpful, as 10 individuals began applications for food stamps, cash
aid, and disability income, five people made dental appointments with Venice
Family Clinic, and 30 individuals were able to get access to basic hygiene service
allowing them to each take a shower. The City of Los Angeles also piloted their
mobile vet clinic for the homeless to bring spay and neuter services to the
animals in Manchester Square.

Thank you to all of the service providers who made this possible, as well as to
representatives from the Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council, who came to
the event with donated pet supplies and to serve lunch.

Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness Helping Connect People in Need
with Homes

A few years ago, concerned neighbors in Pacific Palisades banded together to
take action to address the growing homelessness crisis in their neighborhood.
The group, branded as the "Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness" (PPTFH)
has worked closely with Mike's office, local service providers, local law
enforcement and other agencies, and has focused on connecting the people they
see living on the streets of their neighborhood with available services and
housing opportunities. PPTFH is a shining example of what is possible when
neighbors work together to tackle complex problems, and the group's exemplary
work was on display recently, as LA Times columnist Steve Lopez covered the
story of how PPTFH got one woman living on the streets of Pacific Palisades the
care she needed.
Read Lopez's column here:
lopez-palisades-homeless-07302017-story.html .

The Cleanest Fleet in America - LA Metro Advances Plan to Invest in Electric

Mike and his colleagues on the Los Angeles Metro Board of Directors voted on a
proposal authored by Mike, Mayor Eric Garcetti , Janice Hahn , Hilda Solis and Ara
James Najarian to endorse a strategic plan to completely convert the fleet to
electric vehicles, and work aggressively toward the goal of doing so by 2030.
Metro is also poised to buy 95 electric buses for two lines and to install the
charging infrastructure needed to keep them running.

This action is enormously significant for the future of clean transportation, not
only because millions of people get around LA on Metro buses, but also because
Metro is the third largest transportation agency in the United States, operating
in the second largest city in the nation. When Metro takes bold action to
incorporate electric buses into our fleet, we are creating a market for new EV
technology and showing entrepreneurs and innovators that advancing and
improving on the current EV technology is a smart investment. Especially given
the intertwined history of Los Angeles and automobiles, Metro has a unique
opportunity to prove that "if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere."

Riders First! Mike Chairs New Committee Focused on Passenger Experience
Mike convened and chaired the first meeting of the Customer Experience
Committee of Los Angeles Metro on July 20. The Customer Experience Committee,
which was created by Mayor Eric Garcetti , is composed of Yvette Lopez-
Ledesma , Tafarai Bayne , Kurt Christopher Hagen , David Meyers, Jacquelyn
Dupont-Walker , Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia , and Mike.

The mission of this new panel is to bring a renewed focus at Metro to all aspects
of the passenger experience. Does Metro service feel safe? Are our buses clean?
Does service arrive on time and get you to your destination quickly enough? Is
the experience enjoyable? Is there convenient service in your neighborhood?
Does service run late enough? Can you get to a stop or station safely? The
Committee will be looking at the entire experience, door to door, and focusing on
two goals: improving service for existing Metro customers, and making Metro a
more attractive option for those who choose not to use the service.

This committee will hold hearings around the County of Los Angeles, at different
times and on different days, to hear from the diverse range of voices served by
the system. If you have thoughts or ideas about how to improve the rider
experience, or issues the committee should consider at the committee, please
send them to .

Crenshaw Line Construction Over 405 Freeway Begins Tonight

Fifteen nights of full and partial closures on the 405 freeway will begin tonight
(Monday, July 31), to accommodate construction of a bridge for the new Metro
Crenshaw/LAX Line.

The lane closures are needed for the safe removal of the wood framing used to
build the 800-foot-long bridge that spans the 405, Hyde Park Avenue and La
Cienega Boulevard.

The nightly full and partial directional closures will be from 10pm to 5am,
Monday through Friday. The freeway will be fully open during the weekends.

Closure Schedule:

July 31 to Aug. 4: northbound lanes will be completely closed between Century
and La Tijera Blvd.
Aug. 7 to Aug. 11: partial closure of the north and southbound High Occupancy
Vehicle (HOV) lanes and the 1 and 2 lanes.
Aug. 14 to Aug. 18: southbound lanes will be fully closed between the La
Cienega off-ramp and La Tijera on-ramp.

If traveling southbound, exit the 405 at the Florence/Manchester off-ramp,
proceed south on La Cienega and return to freeway via the Olive Street on-
Motorists heading to Los Angeles International Airport can remain on La
Cienega to access Century Boulevard or re-enter the 405 and use the
westbound 105 and Sepulveda Boulevard to reach LAX.
If traveling northbound, exit at the Florence/Manchester off-ramp, turn left
(west) on Manchester, turn right (north) on La Cienega, then left on Centinela
and then left on La Tijera and continue to the northbound 405 on-ramp.

Terminal Renovation Plan Approved

As Los Angeles World Airports and Los Angeles Metro work together on projects
that will transform how we get to and from LAX, the airport is working with
airlines to make sure the passenger experience is transformed at the terminals as

The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved plans in July for Delta
Air Lines to spend up to $1.9 billion for upgrades to the Terminals 2 and 3,
including renovated concourse buildings and new ticketing buildings. The
terminal renovations are the latest exciting announcement about how LAX is
becoming both a world-class airport and a first-class neighbor.

Planning Department Hosts Planning 101 Trainings
Have you ever wondered how a property’s zoning affects what can be built there?
Or what kind of businesses are allowed to be close to residential areas, and what
kinds of businesses aren’t? Or how the Planning Department is thinking about
addressing population increases in LA? Answers are on the way! The Los Angeles
Department of City Planning and the Department of Neighborhood
Empowerment will be hosting a series of Planning 101 Trainings throughout the
month of August to provide an overview of the basic elements of planning, land
use and zoning. This training will focus on making the often-complicated world
of land use and entitlement processes understandable for neighbors who want to
better comprehend what is happening in their neighborhood.

If you are new to the Neighborhood Council System, new to the planning process
or you would just like to get a refresher course, please join DCP and DONE at the
West LA Training on August 16 at the Westchester Municipal Building (details

Wednesday August 16, 2017
Westchester Municipal Building
7166 W. Manchester Ave, Community Room
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Affordable Housing Bus Tour Coming to West LA

Believe it or not, many affordable housing projects are the best-looking
properties on the block. On Saturday, August 5, Thomas Safran and Associates
are going to prove it to West LA by hosting a bus tour of affordable housing
properties on the Westside. The bus tour is part of an effort to break stigmas
associated with affordable and homeless housing projects, and to show neighbors
that affordable housing can fit well in a neighborhood.
Find out more about the tour and RSVP at
11am-pickup-at-felicia-mahood-multipurpose-center .

Find Out More About the City Council's Work to Put Neighborhoods First

A Public Bank for LA?

You could soon become the partial owner of a bank!

Mike was excited to join with his colleagues Herb J. Wesson Jr., Paul Krekorian,
Gilbert Cedillo and Paul Koretz in taking the steps necessary to explore the
creation of a state-chartered publicly owned bank for the city of Los Angeles. An
institution like this could invest in affordable housing, community-building
projects, low interest student or small business loans, and more.

This is an idea Mike has supported for a long time, and he called for it when we
took steps a few months ago to divest from Wells Fargo. There's a lot of research
to be done, a lot of hurdles to jump, and a lot of details to sweat, but a People's
Bank could be a huge benefit to Los Angeles.

July Small Business Spotlights

Local small businesses provide more than jobs for people on the Westside - they
are part of what make neighborhoods great. Each week, Mike chooses a local Mom
and Pop business to feature on social media in his " Small Business Spotlight ."

Sparky’s Pet Grooming, West LA
The West LA pet salon is bright, roomy and spotlessly clean, with a state-of the-
art air purification system that eliminates airborne bacteria and flying pet hair.
All grooming is done in plain view – if you like, your pet need never leave your

Sparky's specialty is special-needs pets, and animals with physical limitations
such as advanced age or blindness are handled with the greatest of care and love.
Sparky's highly trained staff provide a soothing, relaxing, therapeutic experience
for pets (and their people).

Check out Sparky's West LA location at 11960 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
90025 or find out more online at

Proud Bird, Westchester

Proud Bird has been an integral part of the fabric of Los Angeles for generations.
When the business was considering closing up shop, overwhelmingly positive
feedback and support from the community drove John Tallichet, son of the
original founder David, to reconsider, and the newly renovated food bazaar and
event center reopened recently.

The restaurant is best known for the planes on display, but Proud Bird doesn’t
just offer planes. It also features a wide variety of food to suit many different
palates, and the views of landing planes on the south runways of LAX can’t be
matched. A special events venue has also been completely renovated. Mike is very
glad this unique piece of LA’s history will live on for future generations.
Check out Proud Bird at 11022 Aviation Blvd. or find out more online

Vickis Lunchbox, West LA

This West LA-based small business is a family-run operation that provides school
and summer camp hot lunch programs and catering services throughout the
Southern California area. From modest beginnings more than 16 years ago,
Vicki’s Lunchbox was founded on a simple, yet important premise: kids deserve
nutritious, tasty and healthy lunches consisting of fresh and high-quality

Vicki’s Lunchbox currently serves thousands of lunches per day, and each lunch
is prepared with individual care and a homemade touch. Vicki's food helps guide
children to make healthy food choices will empower them to make smart
nutrition and lifestyle decisions throughout their lives.
Find out more about Vicki's Lunchbox at

Do you have a favorite business you want to nominate to be featured in Mike's
Small Business Spotlight? You can make a nomination for the “Small Business
Spotlight” at this link .

Summer Interns Take in Educational Day at City Hall
Every year, students and other ambitious young people temporarily join Team
Bonin to gain valuable experience while helping Mike and his team serve
constituents on the Westside. This year, six summer interns have been working
hard to answer phones in each of Mike's offices, and to connect people on the
Westside with city services or people who can help answer their questions. The
summer interns joined Mike in City Hall on July 28 to see a Council meeting in
action, to tour city facilities, and to have lunch with the Councilmember. Thank
you, Juwan Trotter, Parina Mazhar, Madeline Kay, Matt Levy, Issac Arandia and
Amir Ebtehadj for your great work this summer!

Mike Promotes Tricia Keane and David Graham-Caso to Deputy Chiefs of Staff

In a move designed to build on the momentum of his first term, Mike announced
last month the promotions of Tricia Keane and David Graham-Caso to each serve
as Deputy Chief of Staff.

David and Tricia will succeed Laura McLennan, Bonin’s outgoing deputy chief of
staff, who will join the Government Affairs team at Los Angeles World Airports.
Along with Chief of Staff Chad Molnar, and District Director Debbie Dyner-
Harris, the four will form Bonin’s senior leadership group.

Keane and Graham-Caso have both served on Bonin’s team since his
administration began in 2013 - Keane previously led Bonin’s planning and land
use team and Graham-Caso has been Bonin’s communications director and
environmental policy advisor.

Find out more about Tricia, David and their recent promotions
at .

Find out about just some of the events happening in your neighborhood in the
next month!

LA Animal Services Volunteer Orientation
August 3; 5:30pm
West LA Animal Shelter
11361 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, 90064
More information and


Friday, August 4; 7-9am
Venice Farmers Market
500 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 90291


Friday, August 4; 4pm-6pm
Glen Alla Park
4601 Alla Rd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Sunday, August 6; 9-11am
Brentwood Certified Farmers Market
741 Gretna Green Way, Los Angeles 90049

Pet Adoption
Sunday, August 6; 11am-2pm
Westchester Park
7000 Manchester Blvd.
More info and RSVP:

Venice Local Coastal Program Public Workshop
August 8, 2017; 2:30pm-9pm
Abbot Kinney Memorial Branch Library
501 Venice Boulevard, Venice 90291


Saturday, August 12; 10am-12pm
Playa Vista Certified Farmers Market
6400 Seabluff Dr, Los Angeles 90094


Sunday, August 13; 11am-1pm
Mar Vista Farmers Market
3826 Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Planning 101 Training
Wednesday, August 16; 6pm-9:30pm
Westchester Municipal Building
7166 Manchester Blvd., Westchester 90045


Sunday, August 20; 11am-1pm
Westchester DT Triangle Farmers Market
6200 W. 87th ., Los Angeles 90045


Wednesday, August 23; 8:30am-10:30am
Westchester Park Certified Farmers Market
7000 W. Manchester Ave., LA 90045


Sunday, August 27; Time to be determined
West LA Certified Farmers Market
11330 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90025

Do you have an event you would like listed? Email to
submit events.

An Act of Hope

Planting a tree is an act of hope, an investment in our shared community, and a
promise to our children. That’s how Mike views public service, and that’s why he
views his second term, which began July 1, as an opportunity to work with
neighbors to shape the future of our neighborhoods and of our city.

With that in mind, Mike has decided to forgo a traditional inaugural party and
instead will be hosting a series of shade tree giveaways at neighborhood farmers
markets over the next six weeks. The shade tree giveaways will coincide with
Mike’s trademark “Pop Up Office Hours,” where Mike and his staff “bring City
Hall to our neighborhoods” by setting up a tent and meeting with any constituent
who has a concern.

Find out more about the upcoming series of events
at and find out when Mike will be in
your neighborhood in the calendar section above.

Thank you for reading the July issue of Mike Bonin's Neighborhoods
First Newsletter.

For more about Mike and Council District 11, please
v i s i t .

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