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Your October 2017 Neighborhoods

First Newsletter
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October 2017
Welcome to the October 2017 edition of Mike Bonin’s Neighborhoods First

IN THIS ISSUE : Mike talks about housing policy in Pacific Palisades, works to
protect trees in Brentwood, celebrates with neighbors in Ladera, and announces
new safety measures that will allow traffic lanes to be restored in Playa del Contact Our Office
Rey...but first, please take a look at our Neighborhoods First profile of Greg
Ericksen, a dedicated neighbor in West LA who formed an organization that
brings people together to keep public areas of the community clean and free of Connect with Facebook
litter and debris.

You can find out more about Mike , meet your CD11 staff and see the latest Connect with Twitter
videos and updates from the Westside on our website at .
And remember to like Mike's Facebook page to see the latest news about your
neighborhood. Councilmember Mike…


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Greg Ericksen - West LA’s Community Cleanup Czar

If you’ve noticed the
neighborhood around West LA
Tweets by ​@mikebonin
looking a little cleaner than
Mike Bonin
usual, you have Greg Ericksen @mikebonin
to thank. Greg is the founder Tom Ponton and Jerry Hornof are a Dynamic Duo
of West LA Community of Neighborhood Heroes, constantly working to
Coalition, a neighborhood improve parks & neighborhoods - hockey rink,

organization that hosts artificial turf soccer field, gym floor, basketball
hoop, new scoreboard, jogging track, gym
community cleanups to
stations, & Charnock median. Awesome guys!
remove litter and debris from
West LA. Greg is a living
example of the good that can
come from neighbors banding
together, rolling up their
sleeves and getting to work.

We asked Greg about his work 7h

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with the West LA Community
Coalition and about what
advice he would give people who want to make their neighborhood a better,
cleaner place to live.

How did you first get involved the West LA Community Coalition?
West LA is 2.5 square miles with nearly 40,000 people living here. It is comprised
of different ethnicities, economic backgrounds, baby boomers, young
professionals, techies, blue collar laborers, renters, homeowners, and the list can
go on and on. With this rich diversity, there’s also a lack of identity and overall
feeling of community. While there’s great feeling of community amongst
different groups, churches, and organizations in West LA, there’s nothing
overarching that galvanizes community pride and motivates civic engagement.
West LA has hard to define borders and is typically viewed as a pass through to
and from the beach. Additionally, even though we are a westside community and
surrounded by wealthy neighbors/cities like Brentwood, Mar Vista, Century City,
and the City of Santa Monica, we don’t have the same type of advocates raising
funds to improve our public spaces and institutions. That’s what motivated me to
create the West LA Community Coalition.

I started the West LA Community Coalition to Get Things Done; to create a greater
sense of community; and to make ideas happen!

What is the West LA Community Coalition's mission?

The West LA Community Coalition improves the quality of life for our
community by connecting people, resources, and causes to create meaningful,
lasting change. Our goal is to create a greater sense of community for West LA
while also working to generate greater funding and resources for our parks,
library, senior center, and schools.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part of your work in the
The most rewarding part about volunteering in the community is seeing real
change. We’ve been working on revitalizing the West LA Civic Center for over a
year, and slowly, we’ve accomplished some incredible milestones. I’m hopeful in
the next couple of months we’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor library space, and
maybe have a community garden behind Felicia Mahood! Additionally, we’re
organizing our first West LA community potluck—Fall Sweets and Savory Treats
on November 18 at Stoner Park. It’s great to see people getting motivated and

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be more active in their
Although cliché, try to find ways to make small, positive changes in your
community. Say “hi” to your neighbor. Pick up the trash on your street. Attend
community events. Support and get to know your local businesses. We can make
a difference in our community.

How can people help support the West LA Community Coalition?

First, volunteer and start getting involved. We have really simple programs like
“Hi Neighbor” and "Love Your Block" to get West LA residents engaged. Second,
help spread the word. We’d love to connect with as many residents, businesses,
and stakeholders as possible. You can learn all about us and connect to our social
media through our website at .

Street Resurfacing in Westchester

Neighborhood roads in Westchester were repaved by the Bureau of Street

Services in October, with 83rd Avenue receiving a fresh coat of asphalt to give
neighbors a smooth drive. Thank you to the city employees who work every day to
complete these basic and incredibly important improvements for our

Del Rey’s Culver Slauson Park Highest Rated in City

Everyone loves getting positive feedback on a report card, and Mike was very
excited to see that Del Rey’s Culver-Slauson park received stellar marks on a
recent report evaluating parks in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the fall, City Controller Ron Galperin released a report detailing the
conditions at 40 city parks, and the report included a report card that rated each
park on things like the quality and cleanliness of play areas, picnic areas and
athletic fields, among other things. Culver-Slauson park received a grade of 93 -
the highest marks of any park surveyed for the report!

See the rankings and detail about other Westside parks

at .

Great Streets Stats Show Promising Results

The Great Street project on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista is making the street
safer, reducing speeding and the impact on travel times through the corridor has
been minimal.

According to updated LAPD data, as well as new LADOT speed data just released
this month, average monthly collisions on Venice Boulevard are down 22%,
injuries from such collisions are down 10%, speeding is down 15%, and the
average commute time has increased less than one minute. The three-month data
builds off of the early success shown in the one-month data, and is a strong
indication that the pilot program is working as intended.

The collision and injury data were provided by LAPD, which provides the best
apples-to-apples comparison of how the project has affected safety on Venice
Boulevard. The speed data was taken from LADOT speed surveys, which were done
in accordance with state guidelines, and the travel time data was provided by
INRIX, which uses data from GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones and
vehicle fleets to track travel times. I understand that there are a lot of passionate
opinions about the project, but I hope that as neighbors, we can look at the
objective facts provided by this data as conversations about the project continue.

The data is incredibly encouraging, but we're not done making improvements to
this project. Find out more about the data and the ongoing improvements we are
making to the project in the letter Mike sent to neighbors this morning
at .

Mike Talks Housing Policy with Neighbors in Pacific Palisades

Mike helped kick off an engaging panel conversation about homelessness and
housing in Pacific Palisades on October 24. The panel, which was hosted by
the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club , featured information about legislative
efforts to create more housing to address the homelessness crisis, as well as
updates about the programs made possible by voter-approved Measure H and
Proposition HHH.

At the event, Mike spoke about how voters have entrusted the city and the county
with many of the financial tools necessary to move people from the streets and
into housing -- and about what we need to do to infuse every agency tasked with
implementation with a sense of urgency.

The forum was an appropriate occasion to wish a happy birthday to Maryam Zar,
who was the first chair of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on
Homelessness before becoming the head of the Pacific Palisades Community
Council . Through local fundraising, the Task Force hired The People Concern and
has managed to move 50 people from the streets into housing.

LAX Flight Path Museum Honors Three Exceptional Women From Westchester
and Playa del Rey

The Flight Path Museum & Learning Center at Los Angeles International Airport
(LAX) bestowed Honorary Service Awards to Los Angeles Board of Airport
Commissioners (BOAC) Vice-President Val Velasco and another two amazing
women - Karen Dial and Rowena Ake - at their annual Gala on October 5. The
Museum additionally awarded scholarships to college students pursuing careers
in the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

The Honorary Service Awards honor those individuals who have dedicated their
lives to improving their communities in and around LAX. Special plaques will be
placed on Flight Path's Wall of Honor on Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester. This
year’s recipients include three fantastic women who Mike is very happy to call
friends: Val Velasco, Vice President, Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners;
Rowena Ake, Realtor/Business owner; and Karen Dial, President, Drollinger

Congratulations, Val, Rowena and Karen!

Mike Talks About His Back to Basic Car Plan with West LA Community Police
Advisory Board

Mike visited LAPD West LA Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) on October
24 to talk about his “Back to Basic Car” plan to optimize public safety by getting
more officers off desk duty and special assignments and back patrolling our
neighborhoods. Our City is grateful to the officers and volunteers who sacrifice
so much to keep us safe. Thanks to Joyce Cook for inviting Mike to speak at CPAB.

First Ever Ladera Block Party Brings Community Together

The first ever Ladera Block Party was held in late October and it was a great time
for neighbors to come together and enjoy this special neighborhood of the 11th
Council District.

Mike was happy to spend time with neighbors and celebrate the stuff they have
been able to do together -- from the official designation of Ladera to street signs
with the city seal (to help first responders and residents alike with service
boundaries), and so much more. Thank you to everyone who came out on October
22 to make it a great event, and to Ladera all-star Treva Miller for organizing.

Mar Vista’s Disability Community Resource Center Celebrates the Start of a

New Chapter
Mike was proud to join a gem of the Westside for a big milestone on October 20,
as the Westside Center for Independent Living officially unveiled their new name
- the Disability Community Resource Center (DCRC).

DCRC, with its headquarters on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista, is a tremendous

non-profit organization serving (and operated by) people with disabilities. DCRC
provides peer support, information and referrals, individual and systems
advocacy, independent living skills training, and transition support.
Thank you to DCRC, its staff, its board members, and its supporters for being
such a tremendous asset to the Westside, and to Los Angeles!

Fight to Preserve Sycamore Trees in Brentwood

Trees serve an important role in our neighborhoods - giving character, adding

shade, removing pollution from the air and providing the oxygen we breathe.
Mike has made protecting trees in our neighborhoods a priority, and he has been
working with neighbors in Brentwood in recent months to ensure three majestic
sycamores are not unnecessarily and unlawfully removed from a parcel of land
by a developer who wants to build a new home on the lot. Mike is committed to
working with neighbors to petition the Board of Public Works to act to save the
trees from removal.

Celebrating LA's First Indigenous People's Day at Kuruvugna

Mike was very proud to join the Gabrielino/Tongva at Kuruvugna Sacred Springs
at University High to celebrate the contributions of indigenous Angelenos and
commemorate Indigenous Peoples' Day in Los Angeles.

Mike presented a certificate to the Gabrielino/Tongva Springs

Foundation honoring their work over two decades to preserve the springs for
future generations.

Charity Softball Game Raises Money for Homeless Task Force in Venice

For years, the Venice Homeless Task Force has been an inspirational force for
good in Venice, helping connect with homeless people and offering them
assistance as they work to get off the street, and the Venice community came
together for a special charity softball game on October 21 to raise money to
support the Task Force’s work.

The game pitted the Venice Chamber of Commerce against the Venice
Neighborhood Council and featured an impressive amount of action (including a
collision at the plate between Chamber President George Francisco and VNC
Homeless Committee Chair Will Hawkins) and ended in a 12-11 victory for the

Thank you to all who participated in the fun neighborhood event for a worthy
cause and special thanks to Chamber President George Francisco for his hard
work putting this game together!

Neighbors Celebrate the Grand Opening of Helados La Michoacana

Congratulations to Florentino Hernandez on the grand opening of Helados La
Michoacana in West LA at 11813 Santa Monica Blvd. The successful businessman
also owns Juquila Restaurant and supports local Oaxacan cultural festivals. Best
wishes for future success and prosperity.

Spooky Fun at the LAPD WLA Halloween Haunted House

Neighbors in West LA got to enjoy a scary but fun Halloween experience for the
kids this month, at a Haunted House organized by LAPD - West Los Angeles
Division officers at the West LA Municipal Building. The elaborate Haunted House
is a tradition started by Pacific Palisades Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore.

Kudos to the officers and cadets for outdoing themselves this year!

Scattergood Transmission Line - Project Update

The end is in sight for the DWP Scattergood Transmission System project that has
been frustrating commutes on the Westside!
Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power began an
important infrastructure project to improve the reliability of power service on
the Westside. The Scattergood Transmission System is 38 years old, and routine
testing showed that the lines need to be upgraded to continue providing reliable
service to neighbors on the Westside.

The work to upgrade the Scattergood Transmission System has involved lane
closures on Lincoln Boulevard in Playa Vista, Playa del Rey and Westchester, and
Mike’s office has worked with DWP staff to ensure any traffic lane closures that
are needed to protect both workers and drivers are done in ways that will
minimize the impact on commuters. The project is progressing, and work has
been completed on Lincoln/Bluff Creek (near the Lincoln Boulevard entrance to
LMU), as well as on the Lincoln/Jefferson stretch of the project. The next phase of
work will involve lane closures near the Lincoln Boulevard bridge over Ballona
Creek, and that phase is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Find out more about the timeline for the project and lane closures on LADWP’s
Scattergood project website here .

New Sidewalks in West LA

A City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services crew was in West LA in early
October, building a new sidewalk on La Grange Avenue (near Granville Avenue).
Thank you to the hard-working city employees who help make our neighborhoods
even better places to live and enjoy!

New Turns for Venice Boulevard

In the five months since implementation began for the neighborhood street
improvements on Venice Boulevard as part of the Great Streets program for Mar
Vista, hundreds of friends and volunteers have come together to call, text, or
knock on the doors of more than 11,000 Mar Vista residents to ask for their
thoughts and suggestions on how to improve Venice Boulevard. The
overwhelming response from so many of the neighbors was that, while they like
the better crosswalks, bike and pedestrian amenities, and safer and more family-
friendly street configuration, neighbors want the city to improve visibility for
right turns coming off of Venice Boulevard. So in the late evening/early morning
hours of October 24 and 25 (overnight so as not to needlessly impact Venice
Boulevard traffic) LADOT crews began to implement new, better, and more visible
right turn lanes.

These changes are in addition to work we are doing to update our local firetrucks
and ambulances with transponders that allow for easier access along Venice
Boulevard for our first responders and to repaint the bike lanes a green color to
make them more visible. Altogether, the improvements to the Mar Vista Great
Streets program will make Venice Boulevard even safer, while continuing to
reduce traffic and cut down on travel times.

Mike Asks Santa Monica City Council for Air Quality Studies at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Airport (SMO) has long disproportionately impacted Los Angeles
residents through efforts to shift noise and air pollution away from the City of
Santa Monica and onto the people Mike represents. Mike and his staff have
walked the neighborhood streets abutting SMO many times, frequently seeing,
hearing, and smelling the impacts of environmental degradation and pollution
that planes taking off, landing, and idling have on Mike’s constituents.

With runway shortenings at SMO commencing, yet full closure of the airport still
at least 10 years away, Mike recently asked the Santa Monica City Council to move
forward with air quality studies in and around the airport, and that the studies
include the communities of Mar Vista and Venice.

Read Mike’s full letter to the Santa Monica City Council here .

Reopening Rustic Kitchen in Mar Vista

Earlier this year, a fire struck the building at Centinela and Woodgreen,
devastating a number of businesses. Mike pledged to help rebuild and contacted
Building and Safety to cut red tape and expedite the fire repairs. With Mike's
help, Rustic Kitchen reopened in September and Mike joined small business
owners John & Noelle Fanaris and Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce to celebrate
the reopening with a ribbon cutting.

New Mural Will Welcome Visitors to Westchester

Regular readers of this newsletter will remember a story from earlier this
summer about a new mural painted in Venice by Beautify Earth - a great
organization that seeks to celebrate neighborhoods with colorful and engaging
public art. Now, Beautify Earth is hard at work on a new mural on the Drollinger
Building on Sepulveda Boulevard in Westchester.

The “Welcome to Westchester” mural is being completed with the support and
work of David Russell from the Mobile Mural Lab, Drollinger Properties , students
from the nearby Otis College of Design, and Mike.

Mike Celebrates the Grand Opening of Hal’s Playa Vista

Hal’s Bar and Grill has been a local favorite in Venice for more than three
decades, and this month, Mike was very happy to join friends and neighbors in
Playa Vista to celebrate Hal’s new location in CD11’s newest neighborhood. Mike
was happy to be on hand for the celebration at the new Hal’s Bar and Grill on
Millennium Drive, where he congratulated the restaurant’s owner Don Novak on
his recent expansion.

Bureau of Sanitation Responds to Clean Up Debris in Osage Neighborhood of


After receiving reports of illegal dumping on a parkway in the Osage

neighborhood of Westchester, Mike’s staff worked closely with the Bureau of
Sanitation to respond quickly and get the litter and oversized items left on the
parkway hauled away.

Thank you to the Bureau of Sanitation for the rapid response and exceptional
efforts keeping our neighborhoods clean!

Mike Meets with Villa Marina Council

Mike stopped by the Villa Marina Council board meeting on October 10 to speak
with the scores of attendees about issues important to the neighborhood --
development, traffic, public safety, homelessness and a whole lot more. The Villa
Marina community consists of 18 Villas and 685 townhouse-style condos.
Established in 1966, they were the second condo project in Southern California.

Pacific Standard Time at the Getty

The Getty is one of the most renowned jewels in Council District 11, and for the
past months, LA’s most iconic art museum has featured Latin American and
Latino art as part of its Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibition.

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of

Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. Supported by grants
from the Getty Foundation , Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA started in September of
this year and runs through January 2018 at more than 70 cultural institutions
across Southern California, from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, and from San
Diego to Santa Barbara.

Find out more at .

DWP Water Reliability Improvements on Grandview Finished

Work was completed on a project to upgrade Department of Water and Power
infrastructure in Mar Vista last month, providing improved reliability for DWP
customers in the neighborhood. In order to better protect neighbors from water
pipe breaks, the DWP crews installed a new water pressure regulator, which will
maintain safe water pressure in pipe underneath Mar Vista. Thank you to the
DWP crew for completing this important infrastructure improvement, and thank
you to neighbors for their patience as the work was completed.

Del Rey Day, D-E-L R-E-Y D-A-Y, Del Rey Day

Mike was honored to serve as a judge in the Del Rey Spelling Bee on October 16,
part of the annual Del Rey Day at Glen Alla Park. Hundreds of neighbors turned
out to enjoy the food and music and to celebrate Del Rey. The spelling bee,
organized by the education committee of Del Rey Neighborhood Council and
moderated by LAUSD board member Nick Melvoin, showed that kids in Del Rey
sure are great spellers!

Venice Art Walls Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

The Venice Art Walls (which are also lovingly referred to as the “graffiti walls”)
are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The program is curated by the
STP (Setting the Pace) Foundation and is free to graffiti artists, street artists, and
any other creative minds.

Located on the sand near the skate park and bike path at the heart of Venice
Beach, the Art Walls quickly became a famous LA landmark. These historic walls
were originally part of the Venice Pavilion that was built in 1961. The specific
area where these walls are located was called “The Pit” or the “Graffiti Pit”.
During this period, the walls were often painted with graffiti style murals. It was
technically illegal to paint the walls then, but was generally tolerated by the
police and was loved by the community. In 1999, the Pavilion was torn down, but
a portion of the walls were preserved as a living memorial to the high quality
artwork that had been painted on the walls for over twenty-five years. In 2000, it
became legal to paint the walls and the area was renamed the Venice Graffiti
Walls. In 2007, the walls were renamed the Venice Public Art Walls, or the Venice
Art Walls for short, and management given to STP Foundation.

Today, the Public Art Walls are open for artists to come and add their art to the
historic venue each weekend. Interested artists should
visit to learn more about how to apply for a
permit that guarantees a spot to paint.

As we celebrate a decade of this popular gem of the Westside being made official,
it is a great opportunity to remember the important place public art has in
shaping the character and personality of the neighborhoods in which we live.
Thank you to STP and all of the artists who have added their art to the Venice Art

Alternative Safety Measures and Lane Restorations in Playa del Rey

Mike announced on October 18 that he and Mayor Eric Garcetti are making safety
improvements in Playa del Rey that will allow LADOT to restore all traffic lanes to
roads in the neighborhood.

From the beginning of the Safe Streets for Playa del Rey initiative, community
feedback has been a crucial component in creating a safe and inviting
neighborhood, and Mike greatly appreciates the input and the constructive
suggestions neighbors in Playa del Rey offered in recent months. Reducing the
frequency and severity of traffic collisions is one of the top public safety
imperatives for the City of Los Angeles, and the community-supported safety
improvements Mike and the Mayor announced in October will help keep people in
Playa del Rey safe.
Mike is grateful that he and Mayor Garcetti were able to work with LADOT,
neighbors and local businesses to find a way to implement safety measures that
can keep people safe without disrupting traffic patterns.

You can find out more about the announcement in the press release
here: .

Improvements to Paddle Tennis Courts

Work recently completed on a refurbishment project on the Paddle Tennis Courts

at Venice Beach , which included: resurfacing, restriping, new nets for all courts,
net posts & bench repainting, some fence replacement & some wind screening on
west facing courts to prevent sand intrusion as much as possible.

The US Open of Paddle Tennis recently held their US Open Championships at

Venice Beach in early October, and many compliments and accolades were passed
around by players to Recreation and Parks staff regarding the improvements.

Via Dolce Park Approved by Coastal Commission

The Coastal Commission approved City of Los Angeles plans to create an

approximately 6,000 square foot park on Via Dolce, south of Washington
Boulevard in Marina Del Rey. This park is expected to begin construction by the
1st of the year. It will have a small playground area with picnic tables and
benches, and significant native plantings to match the adjacent environmentally
sensitive Grand Canal habitat. Mike was pleased to work with nearby residents of
the Silver Strand and the Marina area to make this park happen.

Red Tape Cleared - Milton Green Street Opening in Del Rey December
The Milton Green Street was designed with neighbors in Del Rey in 2008 in order
to transform an asphalt and treeless street into an environmentally-friendly
“green street.” The project, which is being constructed by the Mountain
Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), will feature trees and shrubs to
improve air quality and provide a home for birds and butterflies and planting
beds to collect polluted water. Mike and his staff have been working with MRCA
and neighbors to cut through the final red tape holding up the project opening,
and last month we got the good news that the final hurdles have been cleared and
the green street will open before the end of the year!

Mike Chats with Young Leaders at Pali High Civic Speakers Series

Mike joined an inspiring group of young leaders from Pacific Palisades on

October 23, as he was the featured speaker at the Pali High Civic Speakers Series.
Mike spoke about his path to public service with the group and shared
information about local government, as well as how young people can get more
involved in local politics. Thank you to Daniel Gottesman for organizing the

LMU Announces Campus at Playa Vista

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) announced in October that the University
has leased more than 50,000 square feet of space for its new LMU Playa Vista
Campus, expanding the university’s Westside presence from Westchester into
Playa Vista. Through a long-term lease agreement with Tishman Speyer at The
Brickyard Playa Vista, LMU will design learning and creative spaces in
preparation for a fall 2018 opening.

LMU Playa Vista Campus will house graduate programs for LMU School of Film
and Television, ranked No. 6 in USA Today’s national film school rankings. LMU
will also offer spaces for academic and creative activities and events, placing
students and faculty members in the heart of L.A.’s tech innovation and
creativity hub.

Rec and Parks Staff Respond to Requests to Trim Pampas Grass in Del Rey

Pampas grass is a tall, billowy plant that can be found in the Del Rey Lagoon area
of Playa del Rey. While fascinating to look at, the tall grass can create a nuisance
for neighbors, as seeds from the grass can easily blow all over a neighborhood
with even a slight wind. Responding to calls from Playa del Rey neighbors, Mike’s
office worked with the Department of Rec and Parks in October to get city staff to
come to Del Rey Lagoon to hand-cut the Pampas grass to keep seeds from
blanketing the area.

Thank you to the neighbors who called to report the issue and thank you to the
hard working city employees who responded!

Mayor’s Youth Council Dances for Health in Westchester

Mike spent some time with the Westside contingent of the Mayor's Youth
Council in October, which produced its own "Get Up and Dance" event at
Westchester Recreation Center to promote physical and nutritional health. It is
easy to be inspired about the future after chatting with smart, creative,
passionate young people interested in public service.

Kudos to Westchester's own fiercely community-minded Miki Payne, who raised

funds to put on the event -- even while recovering from a recent surgery!

Fourth Annual Ladera Fair Celebrates the Neighborhood

Mike spent most of the day on October 7 with neighbors at the Fourth Annual
Ladera Day Faire, celebrating community and local schools. Though just a small
portion of Council District 11, Ladera is a wonderful community with a rich
history, and Mike is excited to see neighborhood events like the Day Faire
continue to provide neighbors in Ladera opportunities to come together and
enjoy their community.

Playa del Rey Women’s Club Hosts First Fall Festival

The Playa del Rey Women's Club held their First Annual Fall Festival on October
14, giving neighbors a great opportunity to start holiday shopping a little earlier
this year. The Festival featured amazing crafts, jewelry and tons of fun activities
for neighbors to enjoy. Mike was excited to stop by and celebrate the first Festival
in what will hopefully continue as a neighborhood tradition for decades to come!

Alexa Gutierrez - CD11's Latina in Pride Honoree

The City Council celebrated Latino Pride Month with a special council
presentation in October, and Mike was very pleased to be joined by Alexa
Gutierrez - a Mar Vista Gardens resident who has been a vocal advocate for
LGBTQ Rights and who has made a profound impact on her high school campus.
Unwilling to tolerate the abuse often waged towards young people on the LGBTQ
spectrum, Alexa worked hard to ensure that her peers at Animo Venice High
School felt safe, welcomed and respected.

Alexa has championed the creation of safe spaces for LGBTQ members of her
community by spearheading her school's Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Club and
serving as the Club’s President for two years. She is also a member of the Mar
Vista’s By Youth for Youth Program, and she is leading her school’s organizing
efforts in the AIDS Walk fundraiser.

Mike is very proud to have bold, inspiring and passionate constituents like Alexa,
and it was a distinct honor to celebrate her contributions to her community.

Mike Honors David King at Annual Good Food Day Presentation

Good Food Day is a national initiative aiming to inspire Americans to change our
diets and our food policies. Every October 24th, thousands of events all around
the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy good food and to
push for improved food policies.

In Los Angeles, Good Food Day serves as the largest civic engagement event
focused on food in the City. Each year, close to 500 Angelenos meet at Los
Angeles City Hall to recognize accomplishments towards advancing good food
and engage new people in the movement.

This year, Mike was proud to have David King, a Venetian with more than 60
years of gardening experience and an inspiring commitment to growing good
food in cities. David has taught public and UCLA Extension classes for the past
decade, and in 2002, he was instrumental in starting The Learning Garden on the
grounds of Venice High School – a community/school cooperative teaching
gardening to all age groups, from preschool to adults.

In 2009, David was the Founding Chair for the Seed Library of Los Angeles , a seed
saving organization that currently has more than 1400 members making it one
of the largest seed libraries in the state. The seed library is a key effort in making
Los Angeles more food secure with locally grown, locally adapted seeds.

Mike was happy to honor David for his impressive contributions to growing good
food in our neighborhoods.

Tragic Traffic Collision Claims Life of Pedestrian in Venice

On the morning of October 25, a motorist driving an automobile struck and killed
Damon Shear - a pedestrian attempting to cross the street at Pacific and Sunset
Avenues in Venice. It is a horrible, tragic death -- one of hundreds that occur
every year as a result of a sickening crisis of traffic fatalities plaguing Los

By all accounts, Mr. Shear was crossing the street legally, with a reasonable
expectation of safety. A motorist stopped his or her vehicle at the crosswalk, as is
required by law. A second motorist, apparently impatient with the driver obeying
the law, sped around and passed the stopped vehicle, hitting the victim at a high
rate of speed. Despite initial reports, the Mr. Shear did not “walk into traffic.”
Apparently, a motorist broke the law and hit the victim. The case is being
referred to the office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Our prayers
are with the family of Mr. Shear.

The intersection has been the scene of serious collisions previously, and in recent
years the City of Los Angeles has increased LAPD presence there to target unsafe
driving behaviors around this intersection, and LADOT has installed "paddles" in
the crosswalk to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians crossing, and has
updated markings approaching the crosswalk so they are more visible.

Additionally, to help pedestrians cross more safely, the City applied for, and
Caltrans awarded, federal money to add flashing beacons and ADA-compliant
access ramps at the intersection -- but Caltrans has yet to actually give the
money to LADOT. (The money is part of a master grant for several dozen
intersections citywide, many with extensive federal requirements, including
environmental clearances and additional levels of review, and Caltrans will not
award the money until it has reviewed, approved and cleared all 36 projects.)

The red tape of federal and state grants is one of the many reasons Mike has
fought so aggressively to fully fund the Los Angeles “Vision Zero” program --
which seeks to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries due to traffic collisions by
providing local, easily accessible funds that can be quickly spent on safety
improvements such as crosswalks with flashing beacons, scramble crosswalks,
pedestrian-activated signals, curb bulb-outs, median island safe harbors, Safe
Routes to School, and much more. More than 250 people die of traffic collisions in
Los Angeles every year -- one of the highest fatality rates for a major urban area
in the United States. Mike and his colleagues secured $27 million for Vision Zero
in this year’s budget, and Mike is pushing LADOT to use the funds to expedite
approved projects and front-fund projects that have been awarded but not yet
received outside funding.

We must end the scourge of fatalities on our streets, and we cannot rest until we

Celebrating Success Breakfast Shares Inspirational Stories

Now in its 22nd year, the Westside Coalition ’s Celebrating Success Breakfast is a
fun and inspiring event, bringing together unique individuals and organizations
who are making a difference on the Westside!

Each year, this event features inspirational stories of people who worked with
service providers to get the help they needed to get off the street. More than a
dozen formerly homeless individuals were honored at the event and they were
joined by more than 500 people from across Los Angeles who are working to
create even more opportunities for homeless people to find the support they

LAWA and Westchester Town Center BID Partner to Expand Homeless

Outreach in Westchester

Los Angeles World Airports and the Westchester Town Center Business
Improvement (BID) are collaborating closely to end homelessness in Westchester.
Starting this month, LAWA and the Westchester BID have been working with the
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to deploy a two person
Emergency Response Team (ERT) to connect with homeless individuals in the
area. These kind of response teams have proven very successful in other areas
where they are used, such as in nearby Manchester Square, where teams have
connected with 160 people living on the street and have already helped find
housing for 35 individuals.

The team will be working in the area on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning
from 9 am to 1 pm. An outreach plan for specific individuals is being
implemented with housing being the long-term goal. LAHSA will be providing
regular progress reports to the BID. Additional analysis regarding any potential
overlap with Manchester Square homelessness is also being done.
Underused City Properties Added to List of Affordable Housing Opportunity

Part of the city’s strategy to address the homelessness crisis on our streets is to
explore converting underused city properties into affordable and supportive
housing for the homeless. Homelessness is a citywide problem, and the city is
looking at housing opportunity sites in every part of Los Angeles to help solve the

The city recently released the next set of underused city-owned properties that
are being looked at for affordable and supportive housing projects . There are
three properties in Council District 1, two properties in Council District 8 and one
property each in districts 10, 13 and 14. These properties are being added to a list
that includes sites in more than half of the council districts in Los Angeles and
could help provide needed housing for people currently living on the street.

Mr. Allen - A Manchester Square Success Story

Thanks to a concentrated and coordinated approach to helping homeless people

in the Manchester Square neighborhood of Westchester find housing, we are
starting to see a meaningful reduction in the number of people living on the
streets of the neighborhood near Los Angeles International Airport. One recent
example of the success we are seeing in Manchester Square is the story of “Mr.

Mr. Allen has been living in Manchester Square for more than two years in a large
RV. He is on limited income and permanently disabled. While living in the
Square, he was the caregiver for his friend who lived in a neighboring RV who
had extreme health issues but refused services. Finally, Mr. Allen’s friend went to
live in an assisted living facility with the help of People Assisting the Homeless
(PATH) . Knowing his friend was safe, Mr. Allen felt ready to work on his own
housing plan and last month, and after working with outreach specialists from
PATH, Mr. Allen got the keys to a new apartment.

Legislation to Provide More Restrooms for the Homeless Advances

The City Council approved legislation Mike introduced to move LA closer to

opening restrooms for people living on the street - addressing a serious public
health crisis in our neighborhoods.

Without access to the basic right of a restroom, people living on the streets are at
a significantly increased risk of contracting diseases like hepatitis A, which are
spread through human feces. Providing safe and clean alternatives to using our
streets, sidewalks and alleys as toilets is a simple, humane and necessary policy
the city must adopt immediately.

Zero Emission Buses Coming to LADOT

Step by step, public transportation in Los Angeles is going electric!

Earlier this month, the Transportation Committee approved legislation Mike

authored with Councilmember Jose Huizar to convert the Los Angeles
Department of Transportation’s fleet of buses to clean, zero-emission electric
buses. This legislation comes on the heels of a similar call to convert to clean
electric buses that Mike championed at Metro, which means that if the City
Council approves the legislation, LA will be home to two of the largest bus fleets
in the country that have committed to transitioning to all-electric buses.
Metro Board Acts to Establish Transportation Demand Management Program

Transportation Demand Management is a strategy to reducing traffic that

encourages businesses and institutions in an area to work together to provide
incentives and resources so that more people use public transportation, and so
the people who do use their cars are not all on the road at the same time.

Transportation Demand Management can be a game-changer for reducing traffic

in especially congested parts of Los Angeles, and Mike, Mayor Eric Garcetti and
the Metro Board considered a policy at the October Metro Board meeting that
advances a push to have Metro establish a countywide Transportation Demand
Management Program. The Metro policy instructs staff to prepare a list of
Transportation Demand Management best practices, identify funding sources,
and eventually make recommendations for how Metro can create a countywide
program. This will not only better enable each of the 88 cities within Los Angeles
county to create their own demand management programs, but will also
encourage Metro to communicate more frequently with existing Transportation
Demand Management programs around the county.

This is the kind of smart, innovative program that Mike had in mind last year
when he formed the Sunset Boulevard Institutional Collaborative to focus on
reducing traffic on that congested corridor.

Victory for Common Sense Government as State Law Reversing Jaywalking

Policy Signed by Governor

Great news for common sense government - last month Governor Jerry Brown
signed a bill authored by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago that reverses a
foolish policy which allowed cops to give jaywalking tickets to people who started
crossing the street during the countdown timer at signalized crosswalks. Thank
you to Governor Brown for signing the bill making it easier for pedestrians to
cross the street in California.

More than a year ago, Mike and Jose Huizar teamed up to shine light on
jaywalking stings, which were saddling people who crossed the street during the
countdown clock with hundreds of dollars in fines!

Metro Expands All-Door Boarding to Westside Buses

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board

unanimously approved the expansion of all-door boarding for Metro Rapid lines
720 (Wilshire Boulevard) and Metro Rapid 754 (Vermont Avenue) to provide
speedier trips for riders and reduce the time buses have to dwell at bus stops.
Riders will be able to board at any door of a bus— front, middle or rear – and will
pay their fare by using the TAP fare validator installed at each door. Riders will
no longer need to line up and wait to board at only the front of the bus. Metro will
implement all-door boarding on Metro Rapid Line 754 in June and on Metro Rapid
Line 720 in December 2018.

Expanding the use of all-door boarding is one of the ways Mike has discussed to
improve Metro service and make public transportation more reliable and
attractive to Angelenos looking to get around LA without a car.

Mike and Colleagues Raise Flight Path Noise Concerns

In early October, City Council President Herb Wesson, Mike and Councilmember
Marqueece Harris-Dawson sent a letter to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta
regarding their concerns over the impact of the Metroplex flight system
implemented over the Los Angeles region. The Metroplex program rerouted
flights arriving at LAX to effectively funnel the flights in a way that has caused
significant noise issues for the three Councilmember’s constituents living under
the new flight path.

Representative Karen Bass of the 37th Congressional District hosted a community

“Quiet Skies” meeting on Saturday, October 7th in order to provide her
constituents with information about the recent FAA changes to flight paths.
Council District 11 staff worked closely with Congresswoman Bass' office to help
provide detailed updates, listened to community concerns and reiterated how the
public can participate in the LAX Community Noise Roundtable.

Read more about Metroplex in the Los Angeles Times coverage of Representative
Bass’ meeting at
20171022-story.html .

Meetings Held to Discuss Future Airport Police Facility Near LAX

Late last month, LAWA’s External Affairs team hosted a meeting with key
Westchester stakeholders about a new Airport Police Facility planned for the
community. With a new station, LAWA Police, which has been operating out of a
temporary facility, will be able to respond faster to emergencies.

Mike’s staff, community members, and LAWA project team members collaborated
and shared feedback about the proposal, which would locate the new police
station to the north of the Airport. The meeting covered conceptual design
criteria and site considerations and was informational in nature. As this project
moves forward, Mike’s office will keep the community abreast of upcoming
decisions and will plan for additional ways to ensure the community's interests
are reflected in final plans for the site.

LAWA Moves Forward With Zero-Emission Buses for Airport

Los Angeles World Airports recently moved toward the purchase of up to 15 all-
electric, zero-emission buses to further reduce air pollution at Los Angeles
International Airport (LAX). The buses, which will be battery-operated and will
measure 60 feet, will be used to transport passengers between airport terminals
and remote gates. Once in service, the new buses will join one of the largest
airport clean vehicle fleets in the nation, in which approximately 60 percent of
LAX’s fleet are powered by an alternative fuel.

Zero-emission vehicles are good for our health, and LAWA’s new electric buses
will mean cleaner air for the neighborhoods Mike represents near LAX. Mike is
glad to see LAWA join Metro and the Port of LA in making the use of clean air
vehicles the standard in LA.

UPDATE: Planning Committee Considers Short Term Rental Rules

New city rules governing short-term rentals are making their way through the
legislative process. The City Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee met in
October to hear from members of the public about the proposed rules, and will be
hearing the item again soon, before moving the item to City Council for full

The specifics of those draft rules received a lot of input from neighbors who
attended the October 24 committee hearing, and the pen; decided to hold the
rules in committee so the Planning Department could come back with other
options for rules that strike the right balance.
Click here to find out more and sign up to receive notifications about future
hearings where short-term rental rules will be considered.

Affordable Housing Linkage Fee Advances

Los Angeles is in dire need of more affordable housing, and one strategy the City
Council is considering to help create more housing that working class people can
afford is a “linkage fee.” A linkage fee would require developers of certain
market-rate housing projects to either include affordable housing on-site, or
contribute a small amount of money to a fund that supports new affordable
housing production. San Francisco, Boston, and West Hollywood are among the
cities that already have similar linkage fee programs in place.

On October 11, the Planning and Land Use Committee approved a draft
ordinance establishing a linkage fee, which estimates say could raise between
$94 to $114 million for affordable housing annually. The linkage fee will next be
considered by the full City Council, likely in the next few weeks.

Find out more about the linkage fee in the LAist’s coverage of the October 11
committee vote .

Venice Local Coastal Plan Meeting Announced

T he Coastal Act of 1976 ushered in an era of significant new land use planning
policies in California. The Act recognized the need to rely on local government
and their local land use planning authority. By relying on local government, the
Coastal Act aimed "to
​" to achieve maximum responsiveness to local conditions,
accountability, and public accessibility." The Coastal Act requires that coastal
communities prepare a Local Coastal Program (LCP) in order to establish the kind,
location, and intensity of land and water uses appropriate to its portion of the
coastal zone. ​

In order to comply with the Coastal Act, Venice is required to have a Local Coastal
Program (LCP) for its coastal zone. A multi-year effort to prepare, adopt, and
certify the Venice LCP as the coastal planning tool for the area is now underway.
Once certified by the California Coastal Commission, the LCP will be
implemented by the City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning, in
partnership with the California Coastal Commission.

The Venice LCP Team is hosting a Workshop Series on Sea Level Rise Planning on
Saturday, November, 4th from 10:00AM-noon. This event will be held at
Westminster Elementary School (1010 Abbot Kinney Boulevard).

The event will focus on introducing aspects of the sea level rise vulnerability
assessment. This workshop will also serve to solicit input and discussion on
community assets and other considerations for adaptation planning in the
context of the City’s LCP update effort.

Your participation is crucial in developing the Venice Local Coastal Program. If

you would like some background information, you can visit this webpage as well
as review a presentation from the August 2016 Public Workshop presented by
AdaptLA, titled, ‘Helping Coastal Communities Plan for Climate Impacts’ Linked

Please visit the Venice LCP website at

series-nov-4-2017.html to find out more and RSVP.

Find Out More About the City Council's Work to Put Neighborhoods First

Rec and Parks to Stop Using Chemical RoundUp Near Playgrounds Thanks to
Mike’s Legislation

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks is heeding Mike’s call to curb
the use of Monsanto's "Roundup" pesticide in our parks.

As the result of legislation Mike authored, which was prompted by the work of
local activists in Pacific Palisades, the department has agreed to stop using
Roundup (which the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies as a
probable carcinogen) within 100 feet of children's play areas, recreation centers
and dog parks.

Mike wants to see the department stop using Roundup entirely, but this is an
important and significant first step.

Read more in KPCC's coverage of Mike's legislation here .

Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This is the 30th year that October has been recognized as Domestic Violence
Awareness Month, and as the Council's liaison to the city's Domestic Violence
Task Force, Mike was honored to host a council presentation on October 24
celebrating the work the Task Force does to make our city a place where victims
are supported, where they are believed and where they are safe from their

During the presentation, Mike focused on a specific and often under-considered

aspect of domestic violence - LBGTQ relationship violence. Abusive partners in
LGBTQ relationships use all the same tactics to gain power and control as abusive
partners in heterosexual relationships — physical, sexual or emotional abuse,
financial control, isolation and more. But abusive partners in LGBTQ
relationships also reinforce their tactics that maintain power and control with
societal factors that compound the complexity a survivor faces in leaving or
getting safe in an LGBTQ relationship. For generations, as members of the LGBTQ
community found safety by staying in the closet, they were at increased risk of
becoming victims of abuse, including emotional abuse, which could take the
form of outing a partner as a means of control. LGBTQ victims of abuse are also
more susceptible to physical abuse, as abusive partners relied on society’s refusal
to recognize their relationships and the extreme lack of resources designed to
support LGBTQ domestic violence victims. These tragic aspects of LGBTQ partner
violence are exactly why LAPD Detective Yvonne Ortiz, who we honored with the
Marjorie Braude award, is a heroine.

Detective Ortiz serves as LAPD’s Domestic Violence Coordinator and the Law
Enforcement liaison to the Task Force. Detective Ortiz was nominated for this
honor because of her phenomenal work and collaboration on addressing intimate
partner violence in the LGBTQ community. Our neighborhoods are fortunate to
have public servants such as Detective Ortiz, who is always willing to take that
extra step to ensure safety for survivors of intimate partner violence and their
families, and Mike was happy to present her with the Marjorie Braude award.

Mike Demands Better Solutions to Save Water from Construction Sites

Gallons and gallons of water have been piped from a construction site in Venice
as part of a process known as “dewatering” - which is necessary for subterranean
construction - especially in coastal areas - to occur. Dewatering can lead to a
significant and regrettable loss of freshwater, and Mike has taken action to
instruct the Department of Water and Power and Department of City Planning to
work together to develop better ways to save water when dewatering is

While the subterranean development often makes good use of space in our
otherwise crowded metropolis, we need to explore all available options for reuse
and recapture of the pumped water during the construction process. Despite
California having recently recovered from a prolonged drought, we must make
every effort to continue to conserve.

Eric Bruins Joining Team Bonin as New Transportation Policy Director

Mike is very excited to welcome a new Transportation Policy Director, Eric Bruins
to the Council District 11 team.

Eric has an extensive background working on regional transportation policy and

played a key role in securing funding for traffic safety and complete streets in
Measure M. With a background in regional parks planning and open space
conservation, Eric 's career has focused on creating safe, healthy, and sustainable
communities for people to enjoy. Most recently serving as the City of Culver
City’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, Eric managed planning studies, safe
routes to school education programs, and capital improvements to make Culver
City’s streets safer and more inviting for people who walk and bike. Before
working for Culver City, Eric was the Planning & Policy Director for the Los
Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, where he led campaigns for more equitable
funding and better planning for biking and walking throughout Southern

Eric takes over for Paul Backstrom, who moved on to a position with Metro after
years working with Mike. Congratulations, Paul on your new role and welcome

Find out about just some of the events happening in your neighborhood in the
next month!

Venice Arts 24th Anniversary Gala

Saturday, November 4; 5pm
Venue (address)

SoCalGas Playa del Rey Gas Storage Facility Open House

Saturday, November 4; 10am
8141 Gulana Ave. Playa del Rey

Venice LCP - Workshop Series on Sea Level Rise Planning

Saturday, November 4; 10am
Westminster Elementary School (1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.)

35th Annual Holiday Home Tour

Sunday, November 5; 11am
Westchester Elks Lodge (8025 W Manchester Ave.)

Re-dedication of Sylvia Levin Plaque

Monday, November 6; 6pm
1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd

Cedars-Sinai's Playa Vista Grand Opening

Tuesday, November 7; 5pm
12746 W Jefferson Blvd.

Heroes of Hope Race for Research

November 12; 11am
12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa del Rey

LAUSD, NCWP, SpeakUP Facilities Forum for the Westside Communities

November 13; 6:30pm
Westchester High School (7400 W Manchester Blvd)

Badge of Heart Turkey Giveaway

Saturday, November 18; 10am
LAPD Pacific Station (12312 Culver Blvd.)

LAPD Hiring Seminar

Saturday, November 18; 9am
Ahmanson Recruit Training Center (5651 West Manchester Avenue)

Thursday, November 23

5th Annual Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot

Thursday, November 23
More information at:

Do you have an event you would like listed? Email to

submit events.

LA Goes Pink - Liz Tate Cancer Fundraiser

This month, LA turned pink.

On October 26, Mike was proud to co-host a fundraiser to battle breast cancer in
memory of his friend Liz Smagala Tate .

Liz was the 37 year-old mom to a 3 month-old baby boy when she was diagnosed
in May 2013 with stage IV triple negative breast cancer. As she did in all aspects
of her life, Liz fought the cancer with fierce determination and incredible spirit.
When she turned 38, she and her husband, Phillip Tate , turned her annual bash,
Lizapalooza, into a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation , the
world’s largest private funder of breast cancer research and the nation’s highest-

Phil and Liz's friends are continuing her fight with LA Goes Pink. This
fundraising event was held at the United Talent Agency’s Artist Space in the Arts
District of Downtown Los Angeles, and raised $250,000 for BCRF.

Thank you to all who supported the event and who keep Liz’s memory - and the
memories of the far too many other mothers, sisters and daughters who have
been lost to this disease - alive.

Thank you for reading the October issue of Mike Bonin's Neighborhoods
First Newsletter.
For more about Mike and Council District 11, please
v i s i t .

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