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Your June 2017 Neighborhoods First

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June 2017
Welcome to the June issue of Mike Bonin's "Neighborhoods First Newsletter!”

IN THIS ISSUE : Mike makes a series of efforts to protect the environment, a

community rallies to save a beloved newsstand, safe street projects continue, fun
neighborhood gatherings happen throughout the district, the city completes
street resurfacing, and a whole lot more... b u t f i r s t , please read this month's Contact Our Office
Neighborhoods First Profile about a neighbor in Venice who helped create a
special celebration of LGBT pride in his community.
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The Pride of Venice
In Spring 2016 the Los Angeles
LGBT community lost a
Tweets by ​@mikebonin
longtime sanctuary on the
Mike Bonin
Westside when The Roosterfish, @mikebonin
the only remaining gay bar Tom Ponton and Jerry Hornof are a Dynamic Duo
west of the 405, closed. of Neighborhood Heroes, constantly working to
Mourning their loss, the improve parks & neighborhoods - hockey rink,

community banded together to artificial turf soccer field, gym floor, basketball
hoop, new scoreboard, jogging track, gym
host the first-ever LGBT Pride
stations, & Charnock median. Awesome guys!
Celebration in Venice history,
and out of that effort, Venice
Pride was born. In honor of
LGBT Pride month, we asked
Grant Turck, one of Venice
Pride’s founders and the driving
force behind much of the
group’s good work, a few 7h
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Q: How did you get involved with Venice Pride?

From starting a Gay-Straight Alliance 15 years ago as a high school senior in
Madeira, Ohio to challenging anti-gay policies at Pepperdine University—a
private citizen in 2004, advocating for LGBT inclusion by disrupting the status
quo has been a priority ever since I came out. Venice Pride began a little over a
year ago after the closure of the Roosterfish - which was the last remaining gay
bar here on the westside. The Roosterfish wasn’t just a bar - it was a place for
people to meet each other, a safe space where people could be themselves without
fear of what other people may think of them. With the closure of the Roosterfish,
our community lost a place for us to be ourselves. That was offensive to me and
my friends. So in about 39 days I hatched the idea of finding a new way for the
LGBT community to connect offline and remain included and visible on the

Q: Tell us a little about the things Venice Pride has accomplished in the past
two years.
Venice Pride actually only celebrated our one year anniversary as a nonprofit on
Monday. It's extraordinary when you think about what our 13-member, all-
volunteer board and the Westside community has been able to accomplish in
concert with the support of city leaders like Mayor Eric Garcetti and
Councilmember Mike Bonin. Since last year we have reached a global audience of
more than 1.5 million people across all our channels. Here are a few more
Inspired the L.A. Rams and Chargers to come out as official sponsors of Venice
Pride this year - respectively the first and second ever NFL teams to openly
support a gay pride event.
Partnered with the British Consulate to support their Love Is GREAT campaign
which champions LGBT rights around the globe.
Dedicated the stretch of beach between Parks and Breeze Avenue the Bill
Rosendahl Memorial Beach in honor of the first openly gay person elected to
L.A. City Council.
Supported the opening of The Birdcage in Santa Monica—first post-
Roosterfish gay bar on the Westside

Q: Of the great things Venice Pride has done in the past two years, of what are
you most proud?
Endless things to be proud of when it comes to Venice Pride. I am particularly
proud of the Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower – a public art installation on
Venice Beach at Brooks Avenue. Visibly situated on one of the most popular parts
of California’s golden coast, the painted tower represents a global symbol of
inclusion and diversity. It will be on display through September 4, 2017 and I
encourage everyone to visit the tower, have fun with it and share your experience
online with #venicepride. The tower has been a year in the making and it’s
incredibly rewarding to see all that hard work make a positive impact on our
community. Special thanks to L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Artist and
Board Member Patrick Marston and Dunn Edwards Paints who all made this
powerful statement possible. On June 9th we launched the Saving LGBT
Lives campaign to help LGBT people escape state-sponsored violence by
purchasing a Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower Tee . For every t-shirt sold now
through August 1, 2017 we will donate $5 to American Friends of Rainbow

Q: Why is celebrating LGBT Pride Month so important?

LGBT Pride Month serves as an annual reminder to those who would deny our
community equal protection under the law that “We’re here! We’re united! We’re
fabulous! Don’t mess with us!” Visibility was imperative in the fight for marriage
equality. And it will continue to play a vital role in the battle for full equality
across the nation in areas like workplace discrimination and religious freedom.
We’ve made great strides forward, but now is not the time for complacency.

Q: Why is celebrating LGBT Pride in Venice so important?

Believe it or not there is a sizable LGBT community that exists West of the 405
and outside of West Hollywood. Venice Pride exists to reinvigorate that
community through annual events like the Venice Pride Sign Lighting & Block
Party in June alongside on-going events and programming throughout the year.
Given Venice is also the number one tourist destination in the City of LA, we also
believe there’s a responsibility to leverage that visibility in the fight for equality
in other states when appropriate.

Q: What can people look forward to in the future of Venice Pride?

We have a several exciting initiatives in the works, one of which is sports related.
The best way to be the first to know about any of our upcoming events is to sign-
up for our monthly news email on our website at .

Save the Brentwood Newsstand! Mike Joins Neighbors in Effort to Save

Beloved Community Newsstand
Marck's Brentwood Newsstand - a beloved newsstand in Brentwood -- is being
evicted from its location in front of a Whole Foods Market . After hearing the sad
news about this treasured community institution, Mike joined neighbors in an
effort to save the neighborhood newsstand, visiting with Marck and writing a
letter to Whole Food’s corporate office in Austin.

This newsstand is a vital source of information and community for its customers,
especially in this age when digital resources outnumber paper. Brentwood
Newsstand’s owner, Marck Sarfati, has requested to stay at his current location
so that he may continue to care for his aging father, Nic Sarfati, a Holocaust
survivor. Mike’s letter to Whole Foods’ corporate management asks that they
work with Marck to explore ways to allow Brentwood Newsstand to continue
serving people in Brentwood and bringing customers to the store’s doorstep.

Please click here to sign the petition to save Marck’s Brentwood Newsstand.

Celebrating Mar Vista at the Mar Vista Neighborhood Association Block Party

Hundreds of Mar Vista neighbors came out to enjoy the Mar Vista Neighborhood
Association (MVNA) potluck picnic on a beautiful summer day on June 25. Mike
was happy to be one of the Mar Vistans gathered at the annual event, and was
especially pleased to be able to honor Susan Black-Feinstein for her work to
promote public safety as organizer of the Peerless Neighborhood Watch.

Thank you, MVNA and Susan for all you do to make Mar Vista a wonderful place
to live, work and enjoy!

Annenberg Pet Space Opens in Playa Vista

The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is now open in Playa Vista!

Mike was very happy to welcome the Annenberg PetSpace to Playa Vista last
month. The new facility will be a great community space for pet lovers of all ages
to play, adopt pets, and learn about the unique bonds people have with animals.

Check out the video here to learn more.

Town Hall Educates Neighbors about Natural Gas

For more than 70 years, a former oil and natural gas production field in Playa del
Rey has been used as a gas storage field by the Southern California Gas Company.
While the geology of the site allows SoCalGas to store natural gas beneath the
Ballona Wetlands, residents in the neighborhoods of Playa del Rey, Playa Vista,
Marina Del Rey, Venice and Westchester have made numerous complaints to the
city about odors, potentially unpermitted activities, and significant hillside soil
erosion that may threaten the stability of homes on the bluffs above the facility.

Concerns about the Playa del Rey facility have grown in the wake of the 2015
Aliso Canyon Disaster in Porter Ranch, where a blow-out at a much larger
SoCalGas storage facility caused harm to neighbors’ health and did severe
damage to the environment and climate. In recent months, Mike has worked with
concerned neighbors and organizations to educate people in Playa del Rey and
nearby communities about operations at the Playa del Rey facility, and on June
17, Mike co-hosted a town hall forum to help residents learn more about natural
gas, how it is stored and the ways that operations at the SoCalGas facility could
affect neighbors. In addition to presentations and question-and-answer sessions
with Mike’s staff and public health experts, Westside neighbors at the forum
heard from residents of Porter Ranch about their experiences living through the
Aliso Canyon disaster.

Mike’s priority is keeping people safe and he plans to continue working with
neighbors to ensure that health and safety are protected from any potential
threats at the Playa del Rey gas storage facility.

Shiny New Bleachers for the Westchester Recreation Center

Shiny new bleachers have been installed in the Westchester Rec Center! This
improvement will benefit families and fans of the Westchester Recreation Youth
Coed Basketball League, Girls Play Los Angeles Basketball League, Girls Volleyball
Clinics - and everyone else in the neighborhood who loves the Westchester Rec

Mike was happy to thank the hard-working City of Los Angeles Department of
Recreation and Parks staff and the dedicated community volunteers who made
this improvement possible, not only for getting the needed new bleachers
installed, but also for getting it done in time for Summer Day Camp.

Raul Sanchez of Casa Sanchez Honored at Immigrant Heritage Month


The City Council celebrated Immigrant Heritage Month in Los Angeles this
month, and Mike was very happy to welcome Raul Sanchez, owner of the Del Rey
eatery Casa Sanchez Mexican Restaurant , to City Hall for the celebration.

Casa Sanchez offers more than excellent food and a terrific mariachi show - the
restaurant is also a tremendous neighbor. Raul frequently supports local
organizations, including the Mar Vista Family Center , Helper Foundation , Los
Angeles Boys & Girls Club at Mar Vista Gardens, Saint Gerard Majella Catholic
Church , and LAPD Pacific Division . Raul even helped feed volunteers for the 2016
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.

Raul employees more than 100 people in the Del Rey area. Thank you Raul and the
entire team at Casa Sanchez! You are an inspiring example of the important role
immigrants play in our neighborhoods.

Pacific Palisades’ Maryam Zar Confirmed as Newest Member of Commission on

the Status of Women

Women and girls in Los Angeles have a new advocate in City Hall, Pacific
Palisades neighbor Maryam Zar!

Maryam is a dedicated and compassionate neighbor in Pacific Palisades, the chair

of the Pacific Palisades Community Council , vice-chair of the Westside Regional
Alliance of Councils and, as of June 6, the newest member of the City of Los
Angeles Commission on the Status of Women .

Maryam's appointment to the Commission was unanimously confirmed by the

City Council, and Mike is confident that she will be an exceptional voice for
women and girls in Los Angeles. Thank you, Mayor Eric Garcetti for this great
appointment and congratulations again, Maryam!

West LA Sanitation Yard Hosts Annual Open House

Mike is always thrilled to stop by the WLA Sanitation Yard at the yard’s annual
open house to see hundreds of young kids having a great time learning more
about how the hard-working women and men of LA Sanitation keep our city

Every summer, LA Sanitation hosts its wildly popular open house at the West LA
Yard. Thousands of excited kids lined up on June 25 to ride the trucks and operate
the equipment. Parents and neighbors enjoyed the free food, mulch, compost and
tree giveaways.

Colorful Lifeguard Tower Comes to Venice

A colorful addition appeared on Venice Beach in June, as Mike, neighbors and
Supervisor Sheila Kuehl celebrated LGBT Pride Month by finishing painting a
rainbow Pride-colored lifeguard tower at Brooks Avenue in Venice.

The location of the pride tower is significant, as the portion of beach where the
tower stands was dedicated as the “Bill Rosendahl Memorial Beach” in memory of
Mike’s predecessor and friend. The legacy Bill left the Westside was honored as
the beach was dedicated as part of this year’s Venice Pride celebration.

Make sure to check out this month’s Neighborhoods First Profile (above) to find
out more about Venice Pride.

Playa del Rey Street Safety Improvements Pilot Phase Continues

In recent weeks, crews from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation have
been implementing two separate but related projects that will help make streets
in Playa del Rey safer by slowing down cars as they speed through the
neighborhood. The changes, which use proven engineering fixes to address
unsafe street conditions and make roads safer for everyone who uses them, have
proven controversial, with many in the neighborhood thankful for the safety
upgrades and others (from Playa del Rey as well as nearby South Bay cities)
frustrated with an increase in traffic.

As these improvements are explored, Mike, his team and DOT staff will continue
to work with neighbors to get more input so we can continue making our streets
safe and efficient, in a way that works for Playa del Rey. Also, at the end of next
month, about 30 days after all the changes have been installed, the Department
of Transportation will be holding a meeting to present information on the
impacts of the changes, to get additional input, and to discuss potential future
Mike sent a letter last week to neighbors in Playa del Rey, as well as anyone who
has contacted him about the recent changes. You can read Mike’s full letter
here: .

Venice Japanese Cultural Center Summer Festival Brings Neighbors Together

Events like community carnivals offer a tremendous opportunity for Mike to

meet with neighbors and talk with people who don’t have the time to get
downtown to raise issues with their local representative. Mike was happy to join
neighbors in Del Rey at the annual Venice Japanese Cultural Center Summer
Festival on June 24.

The festival featured food, games, ondo dancing and a wide variety of martial
arts demonstrations. Thank you to all who joined and made this great celebration
of Japanese culture possible!

Westchester/Playa Historical Society Celebrates Grand Opening of Exhibition

Neighbors gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the Westchester/Playa

Historical Society Room on Sunday, June 18. The Historical Society's exhibition
room is located in the Westchester Triangle and will be open during Sunday
Westchester Farmers Markets. Pictures and items from the historical society's
archives, including some amazing looks at how the community has grown in the
past 75 years, were on display. The Historical Society room was made possible
through a generous donation from the Drollinger Charitable Foundation.

West LA Community Cleanup Clears Debris from Bundy Triangle Area

The Bundy Triangle is a small park located between Bundy Drive, Ohio Avenue
and Santa Monica Boulevard, which has been fenced-off in response to
community concerns with safety in the area. Last month, the LA Conservation
Corps and West LA/Sawtelle Neighborhood Council partnered to clean up the
triangle area, and volunteers and Conservation Corps workers collected litter and
debris, giving the area the attention it needed.

Mike’s office is working with neighbors who have organized under the banner
“Friends of the Bundy Triangle” to explore other community uses for the small
park. Stay tuned to newsletters in the future for more news about the future of
the Bundy Triangle!

New Theater Announced for Palisades Village

Neighbors in Pacific Palisades got exciting news in June, as it was announced

that Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas would operate the Palisades Village’s Bay Theater
once the new commercial district opens.

Cinépolis is a world-class cinema exhibitor that offers guests enhanced movie-

going experiences through its “Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas” and “Cinépolis”
theater concepts. The Dallas-based theater chain opened its first theater in Del
Mar, CA in July 2011 and has some of the top performing theaters in the country,
currently operating a total of 16 theaters with a presence in Southern California,
Florida, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Its Mexico-based parent
company, Cinépolis, is the fourth largest movie theater exhibitor in the world.

A revived community movie theater has been at or near the top of many
Palisadian’s wish list for the Palisades Village project, and it is welcome and
exciting news that Cinépolis will be coming to the neighborhood.
Council Votes to Advance Plans for Community Use of Old Fire Station 62 in
Mar Vista

Mar Vista deserves an inviting place for the community to meeting and enjoy,
and Mike is working with neighbors to deliver such a venue for the neighborhood.
On June 20, the City Council voted to approve an option to lease Old Fire Station
62 to the Friends of Historic Old FS 62, a grassroots group of neighbors who have
worked for a decade to preserve old Fire Station 62 as a community center.

Years ago, Councilman Bill Rosendahl promised the facility would be converted to
a community center, but fundraising was difficult because the Friends did not
have site control. Mike’s action changes that. Thanks to the Council vote, the
nonprofit will have three years to raise funds and complete building
rehabilitation. Upon completion of buildout, the lease will extend for operation
of a community center that would provide senior services, neighborhood disaster
preparedness, meeting space for community council, community organizations
and nonprofits, and satellite office space for Mike’s Field Staff.

Thank you to the neighbors who are making this exciting progress possible!

Drollinger Company Celebrates 70 Years of Making Westchester a Great Place

Drollinger Properties celebrated 70 years of success in the Westchester

community this past June. A pioneer woman of her time,
Ella Drollinger constructed Westchester’s first large commercial building in
1943. As the area grew, her son Howard Drollinger, Jr. continued to ensure the
revitalization of the central business area, and her granddaughter Karen Dial
continues the stewardship of the company today. Drollinger's business model of
success through community partnership and investment truly led the
transformation of the area from bean fields and farmland, into the thriving
neighborhood we call Westchester today, and serves as an inspiration to us all.
Mike's Deputy Anna Kozma was on hand at the event to present Ella Drollinger's
granddaughter Karen Dial with a certificate of recognition from the City to
congratulate and celebrate this milestone achievement as Westchester's oldest
and largest property management firm.

Great Streets Pilot Phase Seeks Community Input

Back in 2014, Mike and Mayor Garcetti launched the Great Streets Initiative in
Mar Vista to improve a stretch of Venice Boulevard with the intent of creating an
inviting, safe and vibrant “small town downtown” for the neighborhood. The
Great Streets Initiative has the potential to transform the fast and dangerous
Venice Boulevard into the model of what a great neighborhood street can and
should be. It will do so, in part, by improving pedestrian and bicycle access and
making Mar Vista safer and more welcoming to local families. City crews have
worked over the past several weeks to that end, adding new signalized
crosswalks, and removing a lane of traffic on each side of the boulevard to build
new protected bike lanes and provide greater separation between cars and people
who walk or cycle in our neighborhood.

This plan was designed through community dialogue and meant to make all
residents and visitors of Mar Vista safer. Since the installation of the recent
improvements began, Mike and his staff have gotten tremendous positive
feedback, significant negative feedback, and lots of constructive suggestions for
improvement. Neighbors and parents with children have approached Mike or his
staff at the Farmers Market or the local coffee shop, raving about how much
safer the street is, and saying they have barely noticed any traffic impacts.
Others have posted on social media claiming significant traffic impacts.

LADOT, the mayor’s office, and Mike’s team are listening to all of the feedback —
and we will be closely monitoring actual data on traffic and safety. The
Department of Transportation will also be holding a meeting next month to
present information on the impacts of the changes, to get additional input, and
to discuss potential future changes. Details and invitations for the DOT meeting
will be sent soon.

You can find out more about the Great Streets Initiative and how you can voice
your opinion about the changes in the recent letter Mike sent to neighbors. Find
the letter and an interactive survey
at .

Sidewalks Repaired in Westchester

Neighbors in Westchester will be able to walk a little easier, thanks to a series of
sidewalk improvements completed on Airlane and Oglesby Avenues in June. The
sidewalk repairs came as a result of requests from neighbors with disabilities
who were having a hard time getting around the neighborhood. Under the
recently-approved sidewalk repair program, sidewalk repairs requested by people
with disabilities get special priority, and employees of the Bureau of Street
Services, Department on Disability and the Bureau of Engineering all worked
hard to get these Westchester sidewalks fixed.

Mar Vista Art Walk Brings Community to “Small Town Downtown” Area of the

On June 1, Mar Vistans got to see how the Great Streets project could transform
Venice Boulevard into a “small town downtown” where people came together to
enjoy the neighborhood. Hundreds of neighbors flocked to Venice Boulevard to
experience the 7th quarterly Mar Vista Art Walk, a regular event that seeks to
activate the street and sidewalk along Venice Blvd between Inglewood and
Beethoven in support of the Great Streets Initiative.

The first Mar Vista Art Walk was held December 2015, and each event has
engaged artists of all ages and mediums to create a celebratory and aspirational
vision of Main Street Mar Vista, which utilizes art to strengthen the sense of
community through beautification and place-making.

Thank you, Lenore French and the volunteers who helped make this June 1 Art
Walk a terrific success!

Resurfacing in West LA Repaves Streets Near Olympic and Barrington Avenues

Neighbors in West LA got some welcome attention from the Bureau of Street
Services in June, with major thoroughfares in the community, including
Barrington Avenue (from Olympic Boulevard to Exposition) and Olympic
Boulevard (from Colby Avenue to Stoner Avenue) getting repaved. Thank you to
the city employees for completing the work quickly and continuing to deliver the
basic services our neighborhoods rely on!

Mike Joins Mandeville Canyon Association at Annual Event

Founded in 1939, the Mandeville Canyon Association is dedicated to improving

safety and security, and maintaining the quality of life for people who live on the
long, narrow road into the hills of Brentwood. Mike has been proud to partner
with the Mandeville Canyon Association on neighborhood improvement projects
like the “People’s Path” walkway, and he was excited to join the group for their
annual event on June 19 to offer updates on fire safety programs. Thank you,
Kathleen Durbin and the rest of the Mandeville Canyon Association for
everything you do to improve your neighborhood!

Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club Honors Centenarians at Community

The Pacific Palisades Woman's Club hosted a celebration in early June for 55
Palisadians who are older than 90, and six whom have reached their centennial
birthdays! Mike was happy to stop by and share his congratulations with the
group and to present special certificates to the centenarians.

Keeping Cars Off of the Venice Beach Boardwalk

The work to keep Venice Beach - a great neighborhood, business district and one
of the most visited tourist attractions in Southern California - safe continued in
late June, with a series of protective “K-rails” installed to restrict vehicle access
to the boardwalk. The concrete barriers are being added as a way of physically
preventing cars from entering the boardwalk area, and after consulting with the
Police and Fire Departments, Venice Beach Superintendent Bob Davis was able to
begin installing k-rails at Horizon Avenue, Clubhouse Avenue, Park Avenue,
around the Sunset Avenue parking lot, Dudley Avenue and Ozone Avenue.

Thank you, Bob and the entire Rec and Parks staff at Venice Beach for your
amazing work to keep Venice a safe, fun and vibrant community!

Helping Cut Red Tape for Mar Vista Small Businesses to Rebuild After Fire
In early May, a fire devastated a building on S. Centinela Avenue that is home to
small businesses, including a pizzeria, a dry cleaners and a pool supply company,
among other businesses and restaurants. Mike pledged to help victims rebuild
after the fire, and has been working with the Los Angeles Department of Building
and Safety to cut red tape and expedite necessary permits to repair and
reconstruction work could begin.

Mike appreciates the work of the brave firefighters who helped extinguish the
blaze and minimize damage.

Celebrate Safely - Fireworks are Illegal in Los Angeles

With Independence Day in just a few days, Angelenos will join together in a
celebration of America with neighborhood barbeques, parades and fireworks
shows. As you celebrate this year, however, please make sure to do so safely.
Every year, fireworks cause an average of nearly 18,500 fires, and handheld
fireworks like sparklers account for more than one-quarter of all emergency
room fireworks visits. Additionally, using fireworks in neighborhoods where they
are not permitted has a devastating affect on pets, small children and men and
women (including and especially veterans) suffering from post-traumatic stress

Please be a good neighbor and do not use illegal fireworks as you celebrate the
Fourth of July responsibly.

Also, due to the holiday, all trash collection scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday of next week will be postponed by one day. If your collection
day is normally Tuesday, your collection day will be Wednesday. If your
collection day is normally Wednesday, your collection day will be Thursday... etc.
Please note that Monday's collection schedule is not affected.
Manchester Square Service Fair Connects Westchester-Area Homeless with
Support and Services

On Thursday, June 22nd, representatives from city & county agencies and
homeless-service nonprofit organizations hosted a “Homeless Connect Day” in
Westchester - a morning of outreach to homeless individuals that provided basic
needs like a meal and hot shower, but also a connection to services to begin the
housing placement process.

Homeless Connect Days break down the barriers to housing that many experience
when trying to access the social safety system. At the June Homeless Connect
Day, representatives from the California DMV were on hand to help individuals
apply for identification, and other agencies including County Department of
Public Social Services, LAX Community Relations, Los Angeles Homeless Services
Agency, LA Department of Transportation and representatives from Mike’s
office, the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Office of City Attorney Mike
Feuer were all on hand. Nonprofit agencies PATH, St. Joseph Center, Lava Mae and
Shoes for the Homeless were also present providing hot showers, shoes and
navigating homeless patrons through the network of housing placement.

In total, 55 homeless people connected to services, including 22 people who made

their first contact with service providers at the June event.

The next Homeless Connect Day will occur July 18th. Please reach out to Los
Angeles World Airport’s Christina Miller at for more
details or to find out how you can help.

VA Building 209 Officially Opens, Offers New Beds for Homeless Veterans
In 2016, more veterans were placed into permanent housing in greater Los
Angeles than in the entire state of Texas or all of New England. While the work
that has been done in inspiring, there is still a lot of work to do.

That continued work took a big step forward in June, with the long-awaited
opening of Building 209 on the West LA VA Campus. On June 16, neighbors and
officials gathered to celebrate the official opening of the building, which
provides permanent supportive housing for 54 previously homeless veterans.

Read more about Building 209 and the ongoing effort to house homeless veterans
in the recent OpEd by Ann Brown, the director of the VA Greater Los Angeles
Healthcare System:
veteran-homelessness-its-the-beginning-of-the-end-guest-commentary .

Homeless Count Numbers Demonstrate Demand for Solutions

Staggering and sickening news emerged at the end of May, as we learned that
even as we are housing and providing services to more people than we ever have,
homelessness in Los Angeles County continues to climb - dramatically. The most
recent statistics from the annual Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Homeless Count find that homelessness has increased 20% in the City of Los
Angeles - and 23% in the County of Los Angeles.

Mike released the following statement in response to the Homeless Count


“The sheer human misery is mind-boggling, and the impact on virtually every
neighborhood in Los Angeles is tremendous. I am deeply grateful that voters have
granted both the city and the county the financial resources to combat this crisis.
All of our plans and all of our programs need to happen urgently. We need to
build. We need to house. We need to serve. We need to shelter. And it is
abundantly clear that we will need not end homelessness until we stop creating
homelessness through lack of economic opportunity, a slashed safety net, and
skyrocketing housing prices. We will not end the homelessness crisis in Los
Angeles until we end the housing crisis in Los Angeles. No matter what, I am not
giving up.”

Learn more about the homeless count results at

article=235-lahsa-posts-2017-homeless-count-data .

Los Angeles Looks to Electrify Bus Fleets to Reduce Pollution

Mike and his colleagues on the Metro Board of Directors are working to make the
way we get around Los Angeles cleaner and more sustainable. In June, a Metro
committee considered steps toward integrating 95 zero-emission, electric buses
into Metro's bus fleet - a significant step toward Metro's goal of running a 100%
zero emission bus fleet by 2030.

The final decision about which manufacturer will provide the electric buses will
be made at next month’s full board meeting, and new electric buses are expected
to appear in the fleet by 2020.

Read more about the significance of the Metro decision in a recent Los Angeles
Times editorial at:
buses-20170620-story.html .

City Action to Clean the LADOT Bus Fleet

In addition to the Metro action committing to electric buses, Mike also took
action at the end of June to increase the number of clean buses operated by the
City's Department of Transportation. Legislation Mike co-authored with his
colleague Jose Huizar calls on the Department of Transportation to further its
work to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by committing to a 100% electric bus fleet
by 2030. Read the motion Mike co-authored
here: .
New Ground Transportation Plan Approved by City Council

There were big steps forward this month on efforts to transform LAX into a world
class airport and first class neighbor by creating a consolidated rental car center,
a people mover to terminals, a rail connection, two new intermodal
transportation centers for pick-ups and drop-offs, and a lot more. And all of this
comes as major upgrades are happening to our terminals.

The Landside Access Modernization Program, or LAMP will connect the LAX
Crenshaw Metro line with the Central Terminal Area (CTA) of the airport via an
automated people mover. LAMP gives travelers and workers at LAX a modern,
streamlined travel experience and promises to reduce vehicular traffic that often
snarls the CTA today.

Mike’s team is working very closely with leadership at LAX, community

stakeholder groups and area business improvement districts have shepherded
feedback into a comprehensive plan to ensure LAMP is an all-around success for
the district and the region.

Find out more about LAMP at .

Linkage Fee Could Help Provide Funding for Needed Affordable Housing
We need a sustainable source of funding for the city’s affordable housing trust
fund, and an effort to create this source of funding has been methodically
advancing through the city’s legislative process.

Last month, the City’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee
considered a proposal first offered by Mayor Eric Garcetti, which would create a
fee to be paid by developers of new market-rate residential and commercial
buildings to help fund more low-income housing. The program would levy a $5
per square foot fee on new commercial development and $12 per square foot fee
on new market-rate residential development. Residential projects with five or
fewer units would be charged $1 per square foot. Certain kinds of development,
such as grocery stores, smaller homes and affordable housing projects, would be
exempt from the fee.

The linkage fee would raise about $100 million a year and that money, combined
with existing tax credits and grant programs, could pay for between 700 to 1,000
units a year of new affordable housing. The fee isn’t a “silver bullet” for
addressing the affordable housing crisis in our neighborhood, but it is useful and
important tool we need as we continue working to create the housing Angelenos
need. Mike strongly supports the Linkage Fee and is eager to vote on it when it
comes before the City Council in the coming months.

Read more about the linkage fee in the Los Angeles Times ’ recent editorial
story.html .

Debate Over Short-Term Rental Rules Continues

The effort to create rules for how people are allowed to advertise and rent short-
term rentals in Los Angeles continued in June, with the proposed regulations
heard in the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee.
The draft rules are intended to create a clear distinction between “honest home
sharing” and “illegal short-term rentals,” in LA neighborhoods by only allowing
people to rent their primary residence (regardless of if they are home or out of
town). The rules would strictly forbid renting more than one property on short-
term rental sites - something that has led to a loss of needed affordable housing
as landlords took affordable units off the rental market so they could rent them
on short-term sites. These rules would be enforced by creating a registration
system that requires hosts to register their rental property with the city, and list
a valid registration number with advertisements on rental platforms.
Additionally, the draft regulations would limit the number of days a host could
rent a property on short-term rental sites at 180 days.

After hearing hours of testimony from people both for and opposed to the draft
regulations, the Committee asked for more information from the City Attorney
and Planning Department and held the draft regulations in Committee. The
Committee will consider the regulations again over the summer and the full City
Council will then have an opportunity to vote on the new rules.

Mike Acts to Stop Controversial Tower From Moving Forward in Mar Vista

Mike took action in June to require further review of an oversized project that
would tower over Mar Vista. After a proposal for 12444 Venice Boulevard was
approved by the City Planning Commission over the objections of Mike’s staff and
neighbors in Mar Vista, Mike acted to require the Planning Commission to
conduct further review of the project, which would be the tallest building on
Venice Boulevard between downtown LA and the ocean if allowed to be built as
large as it is currently proposed.

As he has committed to do repeatedly in the past months, Mike is standing with

neighbors who simply want to see the developer behind the project respond to
community concerns about the proposal's size and scale. Mike supports more
housing and thinks Venice Boulevard is an appropriate location for it, but the
height of this project is incompatible with the neighborhood and a jarring
contrast with the nearby properties.

The proposal will be reheard at the City Planning Commission on July

13th ( ).
Find Out More About the City Council's Work to Put Neighborhoods First

LAFD Helicopters Legislation Heard in Public Safety Committee

Having the necessary equipment ready to use in an emergency can be a literal

matter of life and death.

On June 21, Mike’s legislation asking for answers about why a maintenance
backlog grounded helicopters that could have been used during simultaneous
brush fires last month was heard in the Council's Public Safety Committee.
Unfortunately, the Committee was not presented the answers Mike’s legislation
requests. Mike is going to continue pressing for answers until this critical safety
issue has been more adequately addressed, and he appreciates the assistance and
support of neighbors in Brentwood who are partnering with his office to make
sure the brave first responders at Los Angeles Fire Department have the
resources they need to protect lives and property in Los Angeles.

Mike and Mayor Partner to Commit to Paris Climate Agreement

As news broke that President Donald Trump would withdraw the United States
from the Paris Climate Agreement, imperiling the planet by retreating from an
agreement that was designed to keep Earth habitable, leaders in Los Angeles
signaled their commitment to the Agreement and pledged to continue addressing
the serious threats created by climate pollution.

Mike submitted legislation at the May 31 City Council meeting that instructs the
City of Los Angeles to adopt the stipulations of the Paris Climate Agreement, even
as the administration abandons the accord. The legislation helps fulfill Mayor
Eric Garcetti’s commitment that the City of Los Angeles would assert
environmental leadership and honor the provisions of the accord, regardless of
the actions of the Trump administration, and the legislation is the latest action
Mike has taken to stand up to the Trump Administration and protect our

Mayor Garcetti last November rallied 71 US mayors, whose cities are home to tens
of millions of people, to sign an open letter calling on the then-president-elect to
stay in the agreement.
Read more about Mike’s legislation
at .

Council Approves Justice Fund Support for Immigrants Facing Deportation

The City Council took a bold step forward in June to protect residents of Los
Angeles under threat of being torn away from their families. On June 23, the
Council approved an allocation of $2 million to the LA Justice Fund, which will be
used to help provide legal defense for people facing deportation.

“No one in America should have to face legal trouble as dire and complicated as
deportation proceedings without a lawyer. The Los Angeles City Council has done
the right thing -- the humane thing -- by today approving $2 million that will go
toward the L.A. Justice Fund,” said Hector Villagra, Executive Director of the
ACLU of Southern California.

Mike was proud to vote in favor of the funding allocation and spoke passionately
during the Council debate about how Los Angeles should not judge people facing
deportation by their darkest moments, but instead should do everything we can
to keep families together and thriving.

Work Begins on Road Map to 100% Clean Energy for LA

Los Angeles is leading the way to the clean energy future.

Last year, Mike and his colleague Paul Krekorian partnered to get legislation
approved that calls on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to develop
a road map charting the course to 100% clean energy in Los Angeles. The idea
behind this approach is focused on identifying important decisions and
investments that need to be made as LA forges ahead toward a completely clean
energy portfolio.

The work to create this “road map” began in June, as LADWP convened a diverse
and inclusive group of stakeholders, environmentalists, energy experts and
academics from local institutions to begin developing a plan to help LA reach its
goal. LADWP General Manager David Wright kicked off the meeting before
introducing the National Renewable Energy Lab, which has been selected to
convene the group developing the plan and will manage the project moving

The working group will continue meeting throughout the coming months and is
aiming to have early versions of a plan in 2018.

City Council Votes to Divest $40 Million from Wells Fargo

The City Council took steps in late June to fully divest from all holdings with
Wells Fargo Bank, making a powerful statement about the City's objections to
predatory lending, environmental injustice, and the travesty that is the Dakota
Access Pipeline.

What started as a grassroots campaign to divest from one bank became a broader
effort laying the groundwork for an overhaul of how the city manages and
invests its money, aiming for a new banking services contract that will have
built-in oversight to protect Angelenos.
Mike seconded the motion to begin the process of divesting from Wells Fargo,
which was sponsored by Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell.

DWP to Explore Cleaner Alternatives to Natural Gas for Coastal Power Plant

Exciting, fantastic news out of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power in
June - LADWP will shelve plans that would have further tied us to fossil fuels and
will instead look at repowering the plants with clean energy!

The decision relates to three power plants - including the Scattergood Power
Plant on the Westside - that currently burn natural gas to generate power, but
will need upgrades in the near future. While original plans called for the power
plants to be renovated with upgraded natural gas technology, environmentalists
and neighbors organized to ask DWP to look at clean energy alternatives instead
of chaining the Department’s future to a fossil fuel like natural gas.

The DWP announcement is an exciting step on the road to completely clean

energy in Los Angeles and Mike is very appreciative for the grassroots effort that
helped encourage DWP to make clean energy a priority. Congratulations to the
Sierra Club's The My Generation Campaign, Food & Water Watch - California and
the LADWP board and staff!

Read more about this exciting development in the Los Angeles Times’ coverage
story.html .

Safe Exchange Zones Created in LA Neighborhoods

Neighbors will have a new venue to help them buy and sell goods through online
forums, thanks to a program started by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Starting in June, the LAPD established a series of "safe zones," where people can
meet to conduct online transactions. The safe zones can be found in the lobbies of
nine LAPD stations (including Pacific Division ), as well as nearly a dozen Ralphs
grocery stores. Buyers and sellers should look for the "Exchange Zone" signs,
which also note the areas can be used for child custody transfers. The lobbies and
zones are available 24-7 and you can find all of the locations listed
at .

Mike Votes Against DWP Contract

Mike was one of three council members to vote no on the approval of

a controversial new contract for Department of Water and Power employees on
June 28. Mike and his colleagues David Ryu and Mitch O'Farrell each expressed
concerns with the lack of outreach and public review of the contracts before the
Council was asked to vote.

The contract includes six raises over the next five years for the roughly 9,000
members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18.
Workers will see raises of at least 13.2% and as much as 22.3% by October 2021,
depending on inflation.

Read more about the contract here:

ln-dwp-contract-vote-20170627-story.html .

City Council Votes to Protect Renters From Eviction

In a move that will better protect renters from eviction, the City Council took the
first steps toward making it more difficult for landlords to kick people out of
their apartments without a reason. Currently, unless a rental unit was protected
by rent control laws, landlords could ask tenants to move out with 30 days notice
without needing to provide any justification. Under the proposed rules the
Council voted to study in June, landlords would be required to provide reasonable
justification before being allowed to initiate an eviction process.
The Council action approved in June requests that the city attorney and the
Housing and Community Investment Department prepare recommendations on
how the city could proceed. Once the report with recommendations is prepared,
the Council will then have to tell the city attorney to draft an ordinance, which
would require a separate vote.

Find out more here:

protections-20170626-story.html .

June Small Business Spotlights

Local small businesses provide more than jobs for people on the Westside - they
are part of what make neighborhoods great. Each week, Mike chooses a local Mom
and Pop business to feature on social media in his " Small Business Spotlight ."

Sor Tino’s Restaurant - Brentwood

The Brentwood restaurant "brings Italy to our doorsteps" by offering traditional

Florentine dishes from an open kitchen with a pizza oven, small and large
distressed wood tables, and a warm and friendly interior. Owner Agostino
Sciandri, a successful restauranteur with other highly=praised restaurants in LA,
Miami and Las Vegas has made Sor Tino a local favorite and neighbors in
Brentwood love this relaxed trattoria.

Check out Sor Tino at 908 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049
or .

Darya Restaurant - West LA

Darya serves amazing Persian cuisine and is a well-known favorite for neighbors
in West LA. The restaurant was opened in 1996 by Ali and Shawn Satout and has
been receiving stellar reviews ever since. Customers who frequent Persian
cuisine, and those who are trying it for the first time both rave about the food at
Darya. Check it out at 12130 Santa Monica Blvd, in West Los Angeles, CA 90025 or
find out more online at .

Playa Pita - Playa del Rey

This Playa del Rey Lebanese restaurant comes highly recommended by neighbors
who rave about the shawarma, the vegan pita sandwiches and the delicious

According to one of the restaurant's happy customers, the owner uses his
mother's recipes, which have been passed down over generations. "It is always a
treat to see what daily special mom has come up with," wrote a happy customer
when nominating Playa's Pita for the Spotlight. "Organic foods are used to
prepare delicious meals for vegans as well as meat eaters. I love the chicken
shawarma & mom's almond cookies are a perfect compliment to a cup of java.
Along with being tasty, the food is also heart healthy."

Check out Playa's Pita at 8501 Pershing Dr, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293.

Ristorante Peppone - Brentwood

This legendary Italian eatery has been serving happy customers in Brentwood
since 1976, and the small, romantic and absolutely superb setting is a favorite for
locals and visitors alike.

Peppone has received prestigious awards, including the Wine Spectator Grand
Award, as well as recognition from the Zagat Guide. Locals love the delicious
menu filled with traditional Italian staples, the attentive and professional
service, and the intimate atmosphere. Make sure to check out Ristorante Peppone
at 11628 Barrington Ct in Brentwood.

Sinners and Saints - Venice

This Venice dessert shop is based on a fantastic concept - half of the shop is
dedicated to "devilishly decadent" desserts, while the other half offers "gluten-
free delights." Whether you are in the mood for cookies, tarts or cupcakes, you
will be impressed with any option you choose.

Customers love the desserts they get at Sinners and Saints, and the shop is highly
rated on Yelp. With the treats as delicious as they are are Instagram-ready, it is
no surprise that this Venice bakery is sought-after by locals looking for an
evening treat, as well as by folks who need desserts for local events.

Stop by Sinners and Saints at 2547 Lincoln Blvd. or check them out online

Do you have a favorite business you want to nominate to be featured in Mike's

Small Business Spotlight? You can make a nomination for the “Small Business
Spotlight” at this link .

Find out about just some of the events happening in your neighborhood in the
next month!

City Inaugural Ceremony

7/1/17; 7pm
Los Angeles City Hall

Artists and Fleas Venice

7/1/17 (and every Saturday in July)
Abbot Kinney Boulevard
More info:

Palisades Will Rogers 5k and 10k

7/4/17; Registration begins at 6:30am
Palisades Recreation Center (851 Alma Real Dr.)

Westchester Fourth of July Parade

7/4/17; 11am
Loyola Boulevard from Westchester Park to LMU

69th Annual Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade

7/4/17; 2pm
Pacific Palisades

LAPD Pacific Division Carnival

7/23/17; 6pm
Culver Boulevard (between Centinela and Inglewood)

Skirball Cultural Center Sunset Concert

7/27/17; 8pm
Skirball Cultural Center (2701 N Sepulveda Blvd)

Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space

Throughout July; Tue-Fri, Sun 10am–5:30pm; Sat 10am–9pm
The Getty Center (1200 Getty Center Drive)

Have an event you would like listed? Email to submit


The Next Chapter Begins

Last week, with his husband Sean and his son Jacob at his side, Mike took the oath
of office for a second term as Councilmember for the 11th District, beginning July
1. Please find Mike’s full message to constituents below.

“I am enormously grateful to you, the residents of our incredibly talented and

forward-thinking district, for entrusting me with the honor, privilege, and
sacred obligation of serving another term – this one for 5 ½ years -- and for
returning me to office with more votes than any council candidate citywide.

“In this next term, I will work as hard as I did in the first, filling potholes, holding
pop up office hours in our neighborhoods, and fighting for common sense
government reforms. I will champion progressive policies to protect our water
and our environment, to build a multimodal transportation system, and to end
homelessness. I will continue to fight for affordable housing, for clean money
campaign finance rules, and for improved city services. And I will continue to
strive for social justice, and for a Los Angeles that is fair, equitable, and
welcoming to all.

“I will remember that my job is not just to serve the Los Angeles of today, but to
shape the Los Angeles of tomorrow. I will work hard to keep faith with our
children, and to focus on what kind of city and what kind of neighborhoods we
are creating for them. We must leave them a city with housing affordable enough
to live in, an environment clean enough to play in, and an economy strong
enough to thrive in. I want to leave them a city where they feel safe in any
neighborhood, on any playground, or crossing any street.

“Los Angeles is a special city – a collection of diverse neighborhoods, a patchwork

of amazing people with big dreams. Together, we are the best, and can do
tremendous things. Accomplishing those things won’t be easy, but nothing
worthwhile ever is, and I’m ready to get to work. You’ve given me your vote, and
now I’m giving you my all. I look forward to continuing to work together to move
Los Angeles forward, do good, and get things done.”

Thank you for reading the June issue of Mike Bonin's Neighborhoods
First Newsletter.

For more about Mike and Council District 11, please

v i s i t .

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