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MarchMarch 20172017 NeighborhoodsNeighborhoods FirstFirst
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MarchMarch 20172017
WelcomeWelcome toto thethe MarchMarch issueissue ofof MikeMike Bonin'sBonin's "Neighborhoods"Neighborhoods FirstFirst Newsletter!”Newsletter!”
ININ THISTHIS ISSUEISSUE:: CicLAviaCicLAvia comescomes backback toto thethe Westside,Westside, MikeMike celebratescelebrates openingopening dayday
forfor locallocal LittleLittle Leagues,Leagues, andand wewe rememberremember BillBill RosendahlRosendahl onon thethe anniversaryanniversary ofof
hishis passing passing
butbutbutbut firstfirstfirstfirst,,,, pleaseplease readread thisthis month'smonth's NeighborhoodsNeighborhoods FirstFirst ProfileProfile
aboutabout anan organizationorganization thatthat needsneeds youryour helphelp toto continuecontinue itsits crucialcrucial missionmission ofof
feedingfeeding thosethose inin need.need.
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Councilmember Mike…
CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels -- FeedingFeeding ThoseThose inin NeedNeed
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Today Today in in America, America, one one in in nine nine seniors seniors -

TodayToday inin America,America, oneone inin ninenine seniorsseniors -- anan astonishingastonishing 55 millionmillion peoplepeople -- isis atat riskrisk ofof hunger.hunger. RightRight herehere inin ourour ownown neighborhoodneighborhood therethere areare hundredshundreds ofof peoplepeople whowho areare notnot ableable toto shop,shop, cookcook andand prepareprepare mealsmeals eithereither becausebecause ofof illnessillness oror age.age. MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels hashas helpedhelped feedfeed thesethese neighborsneighbors inin needneed forfor decades,decades, andand herehere onon thethe Westside,Westside, wewe areare veryvery fortunatefortunate toto havehave CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels servingserving clientsclients inin ourour communities.communities. WhileWhile muchmuch ofof CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon Wheels’Wheels’ fundingfunding comescomes throughthrough privateprivate donations,donations, anan importantimportant partpart ofof thethe fundingfunding comescomes fromfrom programsprograms thatthat areare paidpaid forfor byby thethe FederalFederal Government.Government. WithWith thethe newnew administrationadministration proposingproposing toto cutcut muchmuch ofof thisthis funding,funding, wewe askedasked CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels ExecutiveExecutive DirectorDirector PamPam FriedenFrieden aa fewfew questionsquestions aboutabout herher organizationorganization andand howhow wewe cancan helphelp makemake suresure itit continuescontinues itsits importantimportant

Tweets by ​ @mikebonin Mike Bonin @mikebonin Tom Ponton and Jerry Hornof are a Dynamic
Tweets by ​
Mike Bonin
Tom Ponton and Jerry Hornof are a Dynamic Duo
of Neighborhood Heroes, constantly working to
improve parks & neighborhoods - hockey rink,
artificial turf soccer field, gym floor, basketball
hoop, new scoreboard, jogging track, gym
stations, & Charnock median. Awesome guys!
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PleasePlease telltell usus moremore aboutabout thethe workwork thatthat CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels does.does. WhatWhat isis youryour organization'sorganization's mission?mission? CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels waswas createdcreated toto provideprovide nutritiousnutritious mealsmeals atat anan affordableaffordable priceprice toto personspersons whowho areare confinedconfined toto theirtheir homeshomes duedue toto illness,illness, accident,accident, convalescenceconvalescence oror age.age. TheseThese homehome delivereddelivered mealsmeals provideprovide thethe meansmeans forfor ourour clientsclients toto livelive anan autonomous,autonomous, dignifieddignified lifelife eveneven whenwhen homebound.homebound.

WhoWho doesdoes CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels serve?serve? HowHow manymany peoplepeople havehave youyou servedserved sincesince beingbeing foundedfounded inin 1974?1974? MondayMonday thruthru FridayFriday ourour wonderfulwonderful volunteersvolunteers deliverdeliver aa hothot dinnerdinner andand aa coldcold snacksnack toto thethe doordoor ofof seniorsseniors andand othersothers thatthat areare isolated,isolated, livingliving alonealone andand unableunable toto shopshop oror cookcook forfor themselves.themselves. MealsMeals cancan bebe tailoredtailored toto meetmeet thethe needsneeds ofof thosethose requiringrequiring aa specialspecial dietdiet (i.e.(i.e. lowlow salt,salt, diabetic,diabetic, renal,renal, oror pureed)pureed) oror whowho havehave allergies.allergies. WhileWhile thethe vastvast majoritymajority ofof ourour clientsclients areare seniorsseniors (88%),(88%), wewe alsoalso serveserve youngeryounger peoplepeople whowho livelive alonealone andand becausebecause ofof seriousserious illnessillness oror disabilitydisability cannotcannot prepareprepare theirtheir ownown meals.meals. CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels hashas aa policypolicy ofof non-non- discriminationdiscrimination inin allall programsprograms andand NoNo oneone shallshall bebe excludedexcluded onon thethe basisbasis ofof race,race, color,color, nationalnational origin,origin, sex,sex, sexualsexual orientation,orientation, religion,religion, age,age, maritalmarital status,status, veteranveteran andand militarymilitary status,status, oror disability.disability.

SinceSince wewe onlyonly beganbegan usingusing computerscomputers inin 2014,2014, thethe numbernumber ofof clientsclients servedserved sincesince 19741974 isis notnot readilyreadily available.available. WhatWhat wewe cancan telltell youyou isis thatthat generallygenerally wewe havehave aroundaround 8080 toto 100100 clientsclients atat anyany oneone time,time, andand sincesince 20082008 wewe havehave delivereddelivered closeclose toto (or(or moremore than)than) 20,00020,000 mealsmeals eacheach year.year.

WhoWho wouldwould youryour clientsclients turnturn toto ifif fundingfunding forfor thethe programprogram isis cutcut off?off? ThisThis questionquestion requiresrequires twotwo responses.responses. FirstFirst withwith regardregard toto wherewhere ourour clientsclients wouldwould turnturn ifif MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels werewere notnot anan option,option, andand second,second, aa commentcomment aboutabout thethe naturenature ofof ourour funding.funding.

First,First, ifif MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels werewere notnot available,available, manymany wouldwould suffersuffer fromfrom

malnutritionmalnutrition andand depressiondepression andand eventuallyeventually endend upup inin aa carecare facility.facility. DidDid youyou knowknow thatthat thethe costcost ofof oneone yearyear forfor anan individualindividual toto receivereceive MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels isis lessless thanthan oneone dayday inin thethe hospital?hospital? HelpingHelping thosethose whowho can’tcan’t carecare forfor themselvesthemselves toto staystay healthyhealthy andand remainremain atat home,home, andand outout ofof carecare facilitiesfacilities whenwhen appropriate,appropriate, savessaves billionsbillions inin MedicareMedicare andand MedicaidMedicaid costs.costs. It’sIt’s aa win-winwin-win forfor ourour families,families, ourour communitycommunity andand ourour nation.nation.

Second,Second, withwith regardregard toto funding,funding, sincesince CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels receivesreceives nono directdirect governmentgovernment funding,funding, wewe relyrely onon thethe generositygenerosity ofof ourour WhileWhile thethe majoritymajority ofof ourour clientsclients paypay aa nominalnominal feefee forfor meals,meals, wewe subsidizesubsidize atat leastleast 30%30% ofof thethe costcost ofof everyevery mealmeal servedserved andand oftenoften muchmuch more.more. OurOur volunteersvolunteers helphelp keepkeep thethe costcost low,low, andand contributionscontributions fromfrom thethe communitycommunity makemake upup thethe difference.difference. WeWe cannotcannot serveserve mealsmeals withoutwithout thethe community’scommunity’s

HowHow cancan peoplepeople helphelp supportsupport youryour greatgreat work?work? FirstFirst andand foremost,foremost, wewe askask ourour communitycommunity toto pleaseplease considerconsider makingmaking aa donationdonation toto CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon Wheels.Wheels. WeWe areare aa 501501 CC 33 organizationorganization andand youryour donationdonation isis taxtax deductible.deductible. WeWe serveserve aa largelarge areaarea onon thethe westsidewestside ofof LosLos AngelesAngeles fromfrom PicoPico Blvd.Blvd. toto LAXLAX andand fromfrom LaLa CienegaCienega Blvd.Blvd. toto thethe oceanocean deliveringdelivering mealsmeals inin thethe 11th11th districtdistrict toto thosethose livingliving in:in: DelDel Rey,Rey, MarinaMarina DelDel Rey,Rey, MarMar Vista,Vista, PlayaPlaya deldel Rey,Rey, PlayaPlaya Vista,Vista, Venice,Venice, andand Westchester.Westchester.

Secondly,Secondly, theythey cancan donatedonate theirtheir timetime oror ItIt takestakes overover 550550 volunteervolunteer hourshours perper monthmonth toto deliverdeliver mealsmeals toto thethe homebound.homebound. OurOur primaryprimary rolerole forfor volunteersvolunteers isis deliveringdelivering meals.meals. ForFor individuals,individuals, therethere areare aa numbernumber ofof volunteervolunteer opportunitiesopportunities including:including: deliveringdelivering mealsmeals (either(either drivingdriving oror servingserving asas thethe personperson whowho takestakes thethe mealmeal toto thethe door),door), helpinghelping withwith socialsocial mediamedia postings,postings, answeringanswering phonesphones andand providingproviding clericalclerical assistanceassistance oror computer/technicalcomputer/technical expertiseexpertise inin thethe VolunteersVolunteers cancan alsoalso helphelp withwith fundraisingfundraising eventevent plans,plans, oror withwith marketingmarketing andand brochurebrochure

BusinessesBusinesses couldcould considerconsider ourour Adopt-A-RouteAdopt-A-Route programprogram oror couldcould allowallow usus toto useuse theirtheir copiercopier facilitiesfacilities forfor producingproducing donationdonation appealappeal letters.letters. DonatingDonating smallsmall giftsgifts thatthat cancan bebe givengiven toto clientsclients oror volunteersvolunteers onon specialspecial occasionsoccasions isis alsoalso veryvery muchmuch appreciatedappreciated byby both.both.

Thirdly,Thirdly, referrefer ourour IfIf youyou knowknow ofof peoplepeople whowho areare alone,alone, strugglingstruggling andand needneed assistanceassistance withwith mealmeal preparation,preparation, telltell themthem aboutabout thisthis option,option, andand ifif needneed be,be, helphelp themthem getget registered.registered.

ForFor moremore informationinformation onon anyany ofof thesethese options,options, wewe encourageencourage peoplepeople toto contactcontact ourour officeoffice byby callingcalling 310-559-0666.310-559-0666.

FindFind outout moremore aboutabout CulverCulver PalmsPalms MealsMeals onon WheelsWheels atat http://www.mealsonwheelsculverpalms.org CicLAvia CicLAvia - - Culver Culver to to Venice Venice

CicLAviaCicLAvia -- CulverCulver toto VeniceVenice

Neighbors Neighbors on on the the Westside Westside got got a a special special treat

NeighborsNeighbors onon thethe WestsideWestside gotgot aa specialspecial treattreat onon MarchMarch 26,26, asas thethe 20th20th CicLAviaCicLAvia camecame toto thethe Westside.Westside. CicLAviaCicLAvia isis aa free,free, day-longday-long eventevent thatthat turnsturns majormajor thoroughfaresthoroughfares intointo openopen streets,streets, freefree ofof automobileautomobile traffic,traffic, andand onon Sunday,Sunday, MarchMarch 2626 neighborsneighbors gotgot toto exploreexplore aa pathpath fromfrom downtowndowntown CulverCulver City,City, throughthrough MarMar VistaVista andand DelDel Rey,Rey, toto VeniceVenice byby foot,foot, byby bike,bike, andand byby otherother formsforms ofof non-non- motorizedmotorized transport.transport. ThereThere waswas art,art, games,games, foodfood trucks,trucks, andand many,many, manymany opportunitiesopportunities toto makemake newnew friends.friends.

ThankThank youyou toto everyoneeveryone whowho mademade thisthis CicLAviaCicLAvia -- thethe 20th20th sincesince LALA startedstarted hostinghosting car-freecar-free eventsevents inin 20102010 -- aa hugehuge success!success!

TrafficTraffic ImprovementImprovement onon SunsetSunset -- LaneLane RestripingRestriping CompletedCompleted

- - Lane Lane Restriping Restriping Completed Completed Mike’s Mike’s work work to to address address

Mike’sMike’s workwork toto addressaddress traffictraffic atat oneone ofof thethe worstworst traffictraffic chokepointschokepoints inin LosLos AngelesAngeles -- SunsetSunset BoulevardBoulevard inin BrentwoodBrentwood -- continuedcontinued inin March.March. FollowingFollowing throughthrough onon aa commitmentcommitment hehe mademade toto thethe community,community, MikeMike joinedjoined aa crewcrew fromfrom thethe DepartmentDepartment ofof TransportationTransportation onon MarchMarch 1010 toto redrawredraw lanelane markingsmarkings forfor thethe laneslanes thatthat allowallow peoplepeople toto accessaccess thethe 405405 freewayfreeway fromfrom eastboundeastbound Sunset.Sunset.

Previously,Previously, accessaccess toto bothboth thethe northboundnorthbound andand southboundsouthbound 405405 waswas inin aa singlesingle lane,lane, whichwhich oftenoften causedcaused backupsbackups downdown SunsetSunset ifif (like(like usual)usual) therethere waswas congestioncongestion onon thethe freeway.freeway. ThanksThanks toto thethe lanelane restripingrestriping MikeMike helpedhelped completecomplete lastlast month,month, therethere isis nownow anan addedadded lanelane dedicateddedicated toto thethe northboundnorthbound accessaccess ramp,ramp, whichwhich willwill helphelp traffictraffic movemove fasterfaster duringduring typicallytypically congestedcongested timestimes ofof thethe

ThisThis lanelane restripingrestriping isis justjust oneone partpart ofof aa massivemassive undertakingundertaking MikeMike launchedlaunched toto helphelp reducereduce traffictraffic onon SunsetSunset Boulevard,Boulevard, andand MikeMike isis excitedexcited aboutabout continuingcontinuing thethe workwork inin thethe future.future.

NewNew TrashTrash CansCans forfor NeighborhoodsNeighborhoods ThroughoutThroughout thethe WestsideWestside

Mike’s Mike’s efforts efforts to to keep keep our our neighborhoods neighborhoods clean clean and

Mike’sMike’s effortsefforts toto keepkeep ourour neighborhoodsneighborhoods cleanclean andand asas picturesquepicturesque asas thethe residentsresidents ofof thethe WestsideWestside deservedeserve tooktook aa bigbig stepstep forwardforward inin March,March, asas newnew trashtrash canscans werewere installedinstalled inin neighborhoodsneighborhoods throughoutthroughout thethe Westside,Westside, includingincluding aa numbernumber ofof locationslocations inin Westchester,Westchester, WestWest LALA andand Venice.Venice. NewNew trashtrash canscans havehave beenbeen placedplaced at:at:


HastingsHastings AveAve


WW ManchesterManchester AveAve


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS lala CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SS LaLa CienegaCienega BlvdBlvd


SawtelleSawtelle BlvdBlvd


VeniceVenice BlvdBlvd


StanwoodStanwood DrDr

29172917 SawtelleSawtelle BlvdBlvd


WW GatewayGateway BlvdBlvd


WW MindanaoMindanao WayWay


BrookhavenBrookhaven AveAve


WashingtonWashington PlPl

601601 WashingtonWashington BlvdBlvd

35063506 PacificPacific AveAve

TreeTree TrimmingTrimming inin PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades

Trimming in in Pacific Pacific Palisades Palisades Eucalyptus Eucalyptus trees trees along along Sunset

EucalyptusEucalyptus treestrees alongalong SunsetSunset BoulevardBoulevard werewere trimmedtrimmed inin mid-March,mid-March, fulfillingfulfilling aa commitmentcommitment mademade toto neighborsneighbors fromfrom PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades whowho calledcalled toto requestrequest somesome attentionattention fromfrom thethe UrbanUrban ForestryForestry DivisionDivision ofof thethe BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet Services.Services. TheThe treetree trimmingtrimming improvesimproves thethe aestheticaesthetic ofof thethe commutecommute forfor peoplepeople inin thethe

Palisades,Palisades, andand alsoalso helpshelps ensureensure healthyhealthy growthgrowth ofof thethe treestrees andand reducesreduces thethe riskrisk ofof fallingfalling branchesbranches causingcausing safetysafety issuesissues onon SunsetSunset Boulevard.Boulevard.

ExpositionExposition BoulevardBoulevard inin WestWest LALA RepavedRepaved

Boulevard in in West West LA LA Repaved Repaved Exposition Exposition Boulevard Boulevard in in West

ExpositionExposition BoulevardBoulevard inin WestWest LALA gotgot somesome neededneeded attentionattention fromfrom thethe BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices lastlast month,month, withwith aa freshfresh coatcoat ofof asphalt.asphalt. TheThe newlynewly repavedrepaved streetstreet willwill givegive aa smoothsmooth rideride forfor neighbors,neighbors, asas wellwell asas thosethose whowho parkpark atat thethe newnew ExpoExpo LineLine stationstation atat ExpositionExposition andand Bundy.Bundy.

NewNew ParkPark toto OpenOpen onon WilshireWilshire

New Park Park to to Open Open on on Wilshire Wilshire Wilshire Wilshire Boulevard Boulevard is

WilshireWilshire BoulevardBoulevard isis gettinggetting aa newnew park!park!

AsAs partpart ofof anan agreementagreement reachedreached byby Mike,Mike, nearbynearby neighborsneighbors inin BrentwoodBrentwood andand WestWest LA,LA, andand thethe folksfolks whowho areare buildingbuilding aa newnew officeoffice buildingbuilding atat WilshireWilshire andand Granville,Granville, therethere willwill soonsoon bebe aa one-acreone-acre areaarea ofof greenspacegreenspace forfor thethe communitycommunity toto enjoyenjoy onon WilshireWilshire Boulevard.Boulevard. TheThe newnew park,park, asas wellwell asas thethe buildingbuilding nextnext toto it,it, isis supportedsupported byby thethe SouthSouth BrentwoodBrentwood ResidentsResidents Association,Association, thethe BrentwoodBrentwood HomeownersHomeowners Association,Association, thethe BrentwoodBrentwood CommunityCommunity CouncilCouncil andand thethe WestWest LALA SawtelleSawtelle NeighborhoodNeighborhood Council.Council. MikeMike isis excitedexcited forfor thethe communitycommunity toto getget aa newnew placeplace toto enjoyenjoy thethe outdoorsoutdoors andand lookslooks forwardforward toto seeingseeing thethe parkpark constructedconstructed inin thethe comingcoming months.months.

MarMar VistaVista ArtArt WalkWalk

Mar Mar Vista’s Vista’s increasingly increasingly regular regular Art Art Walks Walks are are a

MarMar Vista’sVista’s increasinglyincreasingly regularregular ArtArt WalksWalks areare aa greatgreat celebrationcelebration ofof communitycommunity andand aa fantasticfantastic timetime forfor friendsfriends andand neighborsneighbors toto discoverdiscover somethingsomething newnew aboutabout theirtheir neighborhood.neighborhood. AnotherAnother terrificterrific MarMar VistaVista ArtArt WalkWalk waswas heldheld onon MarchMarch 3,3, andand MikeMike joinedjoined dozensdozens ofof friendsfriends andand neighborsneighbors atat thethe event,event, wherewhere impressiveimpressive creationscreations werewere onon displaydisplay atat storefrontsstorefronts alongalong VeniceVenice BoulevardBoulevard inin downtowndowntown MarMar Vista.Vista.

LittleLittle LeagueLeague OpeningOpening DayDay inin DelDel ReyRey

League Opening Opening Day Day in in Del Del Rey Rey Culver Culver Marina Marina Little

CulverCulver MarinaMarina LittleLittle LeagueLeague hostedhosted openingopening dayday ceremoniesceremonies onon MarchMarch 11,11, celebratingcelebrating anotheranother yearyear ofof givinggiving kidskids anan opportunityopportunity toto learnlearn aboutabout teamworkteamwork andand thethe valuevalue ofof gettinggetting outdooroutdoor exercise.exercise. MikeMike waswas onon handhand forfor thethe communitycommunity celebration,celebration, whichwhich waswas mademade eveneven moremore specialspecial whenwhen MikeMike presentedpresented thethe leagueleague aa checkcheck forfor $2,500$2,500 toto helphelp covercover thethe costscosts associatedassociated withwith gettinggetting thethe league’sleague’s fieldfield renovatedrenovated andand readyready forfor thethe upcomingupcoming season.season.

Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's AssociationAssociation ofof GreaterGreater LALA EventEvent

Association of of Greater Greater LA LA Event Event Mike Mike joined joined with with the

MikeMike joinedjoined withwith thethe Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s AssociationAssociation ofof GreaterGreater LosLos AngelesAngeles andand thethe NeighborhoodNeighborhood CouncilCouncil ofof Westchester/PlayaWestchester/Playa onon MarchMarch 88 forfor aa specialspecial communitycommunity forumforum titledtitled "Alzheimer's"Alzheimer's && BrainBrain Health."Health." TheThe forumforum featuredfeatured aa resourceresource fairfair

withwith communitycommunity partnerspartners andand serviceservice providers,providers, aa trainedtrained Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s carecare counselorcounselor andand aa presentationpresentation byby Dr.Dr. EdmondEdmond Teng,Teng, Co-Director,Co-Director, KatherineKatherine andand BenjaminBenjamin KaganKagan Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's DiseaseDisease TreatmentTreatment Dev.Dev. ProgramProgram atat thethe UCLAUCLA EastonEaston CenterCenter forfor Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s DiseaseDisease Research.Research. TheThe forumforum waswas anan excellentexcellent opportunityopportunity forfor anan importantimportant discussiondiscussion aboutabout whatwhat wewe cancan dodo toto keepkeep ourour brainsbrains healthy,healthy, howhow toto respondrespond whenwhen aa lovedloved oneone beginsbegins toto experienceexperience memorymemory loss,loss, andand learnlearn ofof resourcesresources availableavailable toto caregivers.caregivers.

ForFor moremore informationinformation aboutabout thethe Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s AssociationAssociation ofof GreaterGreater LosLos AngelesAngeles andand whatwhat resourcesresources areare availableavailable toto youyou andand youryour neighbors,neighbors, pleaseplease visitvisit

TalkingTalking TrafficTraffic atat thethe BrentwoodBrentwood HomeownersHomeowners AssociationAssociation AnnualAnnual MeetingMeeting

Association Association Annual Annual Meeting Meeting As As he he has has done done in in

AsAs hehe hashas donedone inin pastpast years,years, MikeMike joinedjoined thethe BrentwoodBrentwood HomeownersHomeowners AssociationAssociation atat thethe group’sgroup’s annualannual meetingmeeting toto talktalk aboutabout importantimportant issuesissues inin thethe MikeMike focusedfocused hishis presentationpresentation toto thethe groupgroup onon thethe ongoingongoing workwork hehe hashas launchedlaunched toto reducereduce traffictraffic onon SunsetSunset Boulevard,Boulevard, andand hishis continuedcontinued effortsefforts toto getget institutionsinstitutions alongalong thethe corridorcorridor toto commitcommit toto reducingreducing thethe traffictraffic theythey contributecontribute toto thethe gridlock.gridlock.

CelebratingCelebrating NowruzNowruz inin WestWest LALA

Celebrating Nowruz Nowruz in in West West LA LA Mike Mike hosted hosted West West LA

MikeMike hostedhosted WestWest LALA Iranian-AmericansIranian-Americans forfor thethe 2nd2nd AnnualAnnual FestivalFestival ofof FireFire atat WestWest LALA CivicCivic CenterCenter BandshellBandshell andand PlazaPlaza inin March.March. TheThe ancientancient traditiontradition -- wherewhere celebrantscelebrants jumpjump overover aa seriesseries ofof firesfires toto warmwarm andand re-energizere-energize themselvesthemselves forfor thethe newnew yearyear onon thethe eveeve ofof NowruzNowruz -- hashas enduredendured forfor moremore thanthan 3,7003,700 years.years. MikeMike waswas proudproud toto co-sponsorco-sponsor thethe eventevent andand wisheswishes aa happyhappy newnew yearyear toto everyoneeveryone celebratingcelebrating Nowruz!Nowruz!

PlayaPlaya VistaVista SpringSpring FairFair

Mike Mike was was excited excited to to join join neighbors neighbors in in Playa

MikeMike waswas excitedexcited toto joinjoin neighborsneighbors inin PlayaPlaya VistaVista inin MarchMarch forfor thethe secondsecond annualannual SpringSpring Fair!Fair! TheThe FairFair waswas hostedhosted atat PlayaPlaya Vista’sVista’s wonderfulwonderful ConcertConcert Park,Park, andand featuredfeatured foodfood trucks,trucks, activityactivity tablestables suchsuch asas faceface paintingpainting andand artsarts andand craftscrafts forfor children,children, musicmusic fromfrom aa locallocal DJ,DJ, aa gamegame area,area, andand petpet activities.activities.

RoseRose AvenueAvenue ResurfacedResurfaced inin VeniceVenice

Avenue Avenue Resurfaced Resurfaced in in Venice Venice Rose Rose Avenue Avenue in in Venice Venice

RoseRose AvenueAvenue inin VeniceVenice waswas repavedrepaved byby thethe BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices inin March,March, repairingrepairing potholespotholes andand makingmaking thethe streetstreet looklook likelike TheThe repavingrepaving workwork waswas partpart ofof aa seriesseries ofof streetstreet resurfacingresurfacing workwork throughoutthroughout thethe WestsideWestside inin thethe pastpast month,month, andand itit furthersfurthers Mike’sMike’s commitmentcommitment toto getget thethe basicbasic servicesservices neighborhoodsneighborhoods relyrely onon delivered.delivered.

RusticRustic CanyonCanyon GroveGrove PlantingPlanting

Rustic Rustic Canyon Canyon Grove Grove Planting Planting Neighbors Neighbors from from Pacific Pacific Palisades

NeighborsNeighbors fromfrom PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades camecame togethertogether onon MarchMarch 2525 toto plantplant newnew treestrees inin thethe eucalyptuseucalyptus grovegrove inin RusticRustic Canyon,Canyon, andand toto tendtend toto landscapinglandscaping needsneeds inin thisthis cherishedcherished areaarea wherewhere neighborsneighbors cancan connectconnect withwith nature.nature.

MySafeLAMySafeLA FireFire SafetySafety WalkWalk inin WestdaleWestdale

Smoke Smoke detectors detectors save save lives, lives, and and the the Los Los Angeles

SmokeSmoke detectorsdetectors savesave lives,lives, andand thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles FireFire DepartmentDepartment hashas aa programprogram calledcalled “MySafeLA,”“MySafeLA,” whichwhich helpshelps makemake suresure workingworking smokesmoke detectorsdetectors areare installedinstalled inin homeshomes throughoutthroughout thethe TheThe bravebrave menmen andand womenwomen ofof ourour firefire departmentdepartment werewere outout inin forceforce inin thethe WestdaleWestdale neighborhoodneighborhood ofof MarMar VistaVista inin March,March, goinggoing door-to-doordoor-to-door toto speakspeak withwith peoplepeople aboutabout thethe importanceimportance ofof workingworking smokesmoke andand carboncarbon monoxidemonoxide detectors,detectors, andand toto helphelp neighborsneighbors checkcheck smokesmoke alarmalarm coveragecoverage andand batteries.batteries. AsAs partpart ofof thethe program,program, crewscrews alsoalso replacedreplaced smokesmoke alarmsalarms olderolder thanthan aa decade.decade.

ForFor moremore info,info, visitvisit

ChildChild TraffickingTrafficking ForumForum inin WestchesterWestchester

Trafficking Forum Forum in in Westchester Westchester Los Los Angeles Angeles is is sadly sadly one

LosLos AngelesAngeles isis sadlysadly oneone ofof thethe internationalinternational capitalscapitals ofof humanhuman trafficking,trafficking, anan issueissue thatthat tragicallytragically affectsaffects kidnappedkidnapped childrenchildren fromfrom aroundaround thethe globe.globe. OneOne ofof Westchester’sWestchester’s mostmost activeactive locallocal organizations,organizations, thethe RotaryRotary ClubClub DistrictDistrict 5280,5280, hostedhosted aa specialspecial communitycommunity forumforum onon MarchMarch 44 toto focusfocus attentionattention onon thisthis importantimportant topictopic andand toto