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Written by D.T.Yarbrough

"Hello, Peter. Go right in. He's expecting you." said Maggie the receptionist. "Hello, Maggie. It's good to see you again," Peter replied. Peter opened the door and walked in. "Hello J.C.," he said. "It's been awhile." "Hello, Peter. Have a seat. How have you been?" asked J.C. "No complaints, and how are you," Peter replied. "I've been better. This job is becoming very difficult for me," said J.C. "I know why you called me here. The rumors are going around that we are downsizing," said Peter. "Yes, unfortunately that is the reason. What you probably don't know is that the board has decided to implement a forced retirement program, starting with the oldest employs," said J.C. "Why now, after all these years?" asked Peter. "It all because of the swine flu epidemic that began a few years ago. Today, we outnumber our clients by 4 to 1," J.C. said. "I blame advertising. We're just not getting the word out like we use to and our competitor is the devil himself when it comes to this business." "What about the old man?" asked Peter. "Well, he does still have controlling interest. He had them add a father clause. To answer your question, my father will not be retiring," said J.C. "You mean our father," replied Peter. "Of course. He's been like a father to us all," said J.C.

"What will I do. I've had this same job for what seems like forever," said Peter. "Oh. You'll be retrained. A rebirth, so to speak. Think of it as a reincarnation," said J.C. "Do I have to turn in my wings?" Peter asked. "I'm afraid so. No more flying for you," J.C. replied. A commotion in the outer office could be heard. "Jesus Christ, who do you think I'm here to see, the Righteous Brothers." Maggie stuck her head through the door. "Someone here to see you, Sir," she said to J.C. as she smiled at me. I had known Maggie since she first came here. Mary Magdalene wasn't your typical secretary. "Tell Gabriel to hold his trumpet. I'll be right with him," said J.C. "You've been a real saint through all of this," he said to Peter. "Speaking of saints, they've begun a protest. They just marched into the lobby," said Maggie. "Oh, how I wanted to be in that number," thought Peter. "We're considering outsourcing some of the jobs around here. You may be able to get your Gatekeeper job back in a few decades. It won't have the same benefits, wings and eternal life, but the work is steady and the pays not bad if you live in India. With today's cameras and communication equipment, you could do it from anywhere," said Jesus.

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