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Taylor J Hopkins


HAIR: Dirty Blonde HEIGHT: 5’8” EYES: Hazel VOICE: Baritenor

The Producers Leo Bloom Phoenix Thr. Co.
Godspell Jesus Phoenix Thr. Co.
Spring Awakening Moritz Stiefel Hole In The Wall Thr.
A Chorus Line Chorus, u/s Mark, Greg, DonVillage Players Thr
The Right To Remain Silent Prisoner AMDA, NY
(A Musical Revue) (Dir. Igor Goldin
Chor. Keith Andrews)
Merrily We Roll Along Tyler and Others Arena Theater
(Dir.Mark Lewis)
Music In The Air Dance Team/Chorus Music By The Lake
The Last 25 Years Soloist , Dancer Little Thr. Of Manchester
Crimes of the Heart Barnette Lloyd Arena Theater
(Dir.Rick Snyder )
Great Expectations Herbert Pocket Arena Theater
The Odyssey Alcinous/ Phemios Arena Theater
Nickel and Dimed Philip, Pete Arena Theater
Musical Theater Program, AMDA-NYC
Bachelors of Music in Voice, Minor In Theater, Wheaton College, IL

ACTING: Gail Dennison, Dan Daily, Diane Ciesla, Ray Virta, Mark Lewis
MUSICAL THEATRE: Thomas Morrissey, Stacy Lee Tilton, Thomas Mills, Philip George,
Elaine Petricoff
DANCE: Casey Colgan, Cynthia Murry-Davis, Jena Van Eslander, Laurena Barrows, George
Nieves, Billy Johnstone, Michelle Hart-Haviland,
VOICE: Carolyn Hart, Marika Kraus, Mary Hurlbut

SPECIAL SKILLS: Dance: Tap/ 7yrs, Jazz/ 6yrs, Ballet/ 4yrs, Ballroom/ 4yrs
Vocal Range: G3-G5, Dialects: British RP, Modern London, Southern, German, Sight
Reading, Harmonizes well, Drawing and design, Modeling experience, Can lick his elbow