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Contact: Scott Gray

Jefferson County Legislature

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Press Release
Opioid Funding

I am pleased to see the Governor's proposal regarding increasing funding for the opioid recovery
and prevention services. The scourge of opioid addiction has impacted families and victims nationwide
and increased efforts are required to aid in prevention and assist with treatment and recovery programs.

This issue is close to me as I live and witness addiction daily and with the right programs and
services, it is possible for people to become clean and live a normal life. Our community is losing too
many young lives to this terrible epidemic.

Governor Cuomo is building upon New York’s commitments to put an end to the tide of opioid
addiction by bolstering support recovery programs by including $26 million for OASAS programming and
enhancing prevention services across the state as well as $120 million to expand respite services.
Treatment services are needed for addiction issues; incarceration for non offensive, non violent addicts
only exacerbates the problem and we are overcrowding our jail versus providing proper detox treatment.

Specifically the Governor proposes

Establish an Opioid Epidemic Surcharge: New York State, like much of the country, is battling a harrowing
opioid epidemic. The Executive Budget imposes a new surcharge of 2 cents per milligram of active opioid
ingredient on prescription drugs, directing all proceeds to the Opioid Prevention and Rehabilitation Fund. This
new fund will expand prevention, treatment, and recovery services, with the express goal of cutting opioid-
related deaths in half by 2021.

Combat Addiction: Over $200 million in funding is being used to address the heroin and opioid crisis. The
Budget includes an increase of $26 million (4.5 percent) in operating and capital support for OASAS to
continue to enhance prevention, treatment and recovery programs, residential service opportunities, and
public awareness and education activities.

Invest in Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: For the fifth year in a row, $120 million
in additional funding will be available to support increased respite services, to provide more employment and
day program opportunities, and to provide additional independent and certified residential services.

I am thankful for this comprehensive plan to expand recovery options and hold drug companies
accountable and look forward to working with the Governor to end the deadly scourge in our state.

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