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Item no.: 0000-2475.

R0 Risk Assessment for Repair of Date: 2007-07-05

Issued by: Technology Mankiewicz ALEXIT Painting Class: II
Type: SWI Page 1 of 1

L: Likelihood S: Severity R: Risk Evaluation:

1. Unlikely. No knowledge of any such cases. 1. No or insignificant damage. 1–8 : Low risk. (Green) No or acceptable risk.
2. Not likely to occur but may occur. 2. Minor damage or illness. First aid treatment. 9–15: Medium risk. (Yellow) Attention
3. Now and then, occurs occasionally. 3. Serious damage or illness. Loss of working hours. needed.
4. Likely, could occur more than once. 4. Serious damage or illness. Disablement. 16-25: High risk. (Red) Correction needed.
5. Frequently, could occur regularly. 5. Fatality or Major Injury of one or more persons.

Operation under assessment Phase under assessment

Replacement & Repair
Repair of Mankiewicz ALEXIT Painting 960166 and Recoating Blades on
Site, 934953

No Conditions/limits under assessment Residual Hazard L S R Reference

SWI 960166.R1 and
1 The rotor is locked while working on the blade Fall because the blade can hit the lift 1 5 5
SWI 934953.R0

2 Grinding too long White fingers 1 1 1

3 Grinding while wearing PPE Exposure to dust 1 2 2

SWI 960166.R1 and

4 PPE is used when working with isocyanides Asthma and breathing difficulties 1 2 2
SWI 934953.R0

5 Grinding Knee injury 2 1 2

6 Grinding while wearing PPE Exposure to dust 1 2 2

SWI 960166.R1 and

7 PPE to protect the eyes is used when working with liquid materials Eye injury 1 1 1
SWI 934953.R0

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