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Cues/data family nursing problem

◊ The family lives in a two-room houseFamily size beyond what family resources
(about 3mx4mx5m dimension) of lightcan adequately provide
materials situated in a congested urban a.) Inability to recognize the presence of
community about 3 kilometers from the problem due to inadequate knowledge
health center. b.)Inability to make decisions with respect to
◊ Family income 500 php per day. taking appropriate health actions due to lack
◊ Family with 7 children of/or inadequate knowledge/insight as to
◊ Father, construction worker and alternative courses of actions open to them.
mother, doing laundry.
◊ Their house is situated along the street
Accident hazards due to wrong placement
of house
a.) Inability to recognize the presence of
problem due to inadequate knowledge
◊ They do not have a toilet. Mrs. Dela Poor home/environmental condition/
Cruz said that, "Most of the people here sanitation- presence of breeding or resting
do not have a good toilet so we just dig sites of vectors
a pit. I also taught the kids to do the a.) Inability to recognize the presence of
same." the problem due to lack of inadequate
b.) Inability to provide a home environment
conducive to health maintenance and
personal development due to limited physical
◊ Mrs. Dela Cruz stated that, "Mae is notUnhealthy lifestyle and personal habits/
defecating worms anymore but just practices due to poor personal hygiene
recently, thesa is defecating worms a.) Inability to provide adequate nursing
again" and that she gave the same care to the sick, disabled, dependent or
medication prescribed during their last vulnerable/at-risk member of the family due
consultation. She added that her son to lack of or inadequate knowledge and skill
lito, 4 yrs. Old, and Carlo, 7 yrs. Old, in carrying out the necessary interventions/
are now also defecating worms and she's treatment/procedure/care.
been giving the same medicines b.) iInability to provide a home environment
(mebendazole and pyrantel pamoate)counducive
to to health maintenance and
them. "I make it a point that they takepersonal
a development due to lack of/
bath everyday to prevent infection." inadequate knowledge of preventive measures.
added Mrs. Dela Cruz

◊ Harry James has gained 0.5 lbs for the

Faulty?unhealthful nutritional/eating
last two weeks and is now weighing 9.5 habits or feeding technique practices due to
lbs. Mrs. Dela Cruz verbalize "I am stillinadequate food intake both in quality and
breastfeeding the baby but I just cannot
afford to buy the vitamins… I think it a.) Inability to recognize the presence of the
is not time for the baby to start eatingcondition or problem due to lack if or
solid food. He is still small." inadequate knowledge.
b.) Inability to make decisions with respect
to takinf appropriate health action due to
inaccessibility of appropriate resources for
care, specifically, cost constraints or
economic/financial inaccessibility.
h respect to
due to lack

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ted physical

family due
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ive measures.

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