Place/Birth Religion Sex Health Height/Weight Address Mobile E-Mail Web Site : Bandung/ 18th March 1964 : Moslem : Male : Excellent : 170 cm/ 72 kg :Jl. Muararajeun Kulon 56, Bandung 40122 Indonesia : 62-818-658980;62-858-61625868 : & : &

y y National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) Bandung, Electrical Engineering, Bachelor on Telecommunication Engineering (S-1). Business Management Post-Graduate School (STMB) Telkom Bandung, Magisterial Management (MM) Telecommunication Business (Biztel), Cum Laude Graduate (3.71 from 4.0) with Theses ´Role of Grameen Telecom Stakeholder at Bangladesh on Strategic Managementµ

Technical : y IT Infrastructure and Architecture y Network Design and Implementation y Voice/Data Communication y Telecommunications Facilities (satellite, wireless/BSS/Core, fibre, microwave & cable) y International standards (X.25, IEEE 802.3-802.6, G.703, Open System Interconnect etc) y Proprietary vs open systems networks y Multi-vendor inter-connectivity and administration y Video-wall and Projection System y Network Management Systems (OSS) and Billing/CRM Systems (BSS) y Network Security y Content Management Systems (CMS) Non-Technical: y Senior Manager on Manager on Account, Product & Business Development, Project, Engineering and Project Support & Quality y Business Process Champion y Lecture/Tutor/Trainer/Coach

y y y y y y y Networking Design and Implementation Specialist Lecture/Writer Operation Systems & Transmission Customer Technical Support, Engineering Coordinator. IT System Architecture and Network Infrastructure Manager Network Services Senior Manager. Senior Manager on Account, Business Development, Project, Engineering and Project Support & Quality Head of Program Management Office.

CDMA. Services Launch. Product/Business Development. sales/marketing. including new product rollouts. Partner. which enhanced project operations. Packet/IP. with a focus on building marketing network to Indonesia Service Provider. Bid/Quotation. Selected Achievements: y Interfaced. customer relationship development. and other third party. commitments and project launch timelines. INC. 2. 3.WORK EXPERIENCE: DIVISION HEAD. SENIOR MANAGER. Design. OSS and Network Security technology. On-Sales and After-Sales Account/Sales. Closing Contract. WIMAX etc. Partner. . PROGRAM MANAGEMENT OFFICE. UMTS.. marketing and operations.Jakarta. ACCOUNT. finance. 2. organization.Jakarta. Indonesia Oversee all sales/business development. Hold P&L and budget responsibilities. Project Management and Engineering Support (including Customer Assessment/Engagement. May 2008 ² April 2009 SAMPOERNA TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA . commitments and project launch timelines. CSM & TLKM) with strong background Wireless/Cellular. product development and project management. I have responsible for coordinating and synchronizing activity for whole company management on strategic planning for project. Succeed on managed external and internal project schedules. Smooth and fast project execution for ~500 sites using CDMA450 technology with strength and decisive management on Sub-Con. IT. New Products Management/Development. PROJECT. coaching. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. ISAT. Smooth and fast project execution for ~600 sites with authority to manage P&L with Sub-Con. order fulfillment. Selected Achievements: y Reduce TSEL EDGE Trial implementation cost from > $ 1 Million to ~ $ 500K. Service Delivery and SLA Management) for GSM. Indonesia Government USO Bid etc. November 2002 ² April 2008 MOTOROLA. NSS and BSS Implementations: 1. project execution and quality functions. operating. Indonesia Lead 3 divisions with 3 GM + 12 Manager with total 35 staffs. contract negotiations. Pre-Sales. y TSEL GSM West Java: 1. and other third party. procedure and documentation. Succeed on managed external and internal project schedules. ENGINEERING. Developed and implemented a nationwide Project Management remodel program for existing process & activity. Responsible for managing all aspects of STI technical strategy. y Hutchinson/CAC UMTS Project: y y . Additionally. and adjust various sales plans and programs for Telecommunication products. Achieve and Maintain Project & Quality Process Improvement for Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia including process document acquisition using prominent in-house web-based technology. PROJECT SUPPORT AND QUALITY. Marketing.) for Motorola customers (TSEL. with planning. and other organizations to meet company requirements and create positive relationship with all STI stakeholder using creative communication plan and channel eg. Wireless Broadband (WIFI. Provide cross-functional team training. key account management. 3. planning. and mentoring. implement. security & risk management and project management.

y Established company·s first ever Information Systems Infrastructure at Unit KSO Divre-III Telkom for more than 1000 users spread at most of West Java Area at 8 Regional Branch Offices including Office Automation. SENIOR MANAGER. Billing Systems and others OSS. NAP related. June 2001 ² October 2002 MWEB. INFORMATION SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE. 3. overseeing total annual revenues exceeding $5 million. Indonesia Managed 12-staffs comprised of ~150 corporate and ~300K consumer/personal customers. planned and implemented data communication networks and Operation Support Systems (OSS) for AT&T NS-ID customer. CUSTOMER TECHNICAL SUPPORT. y Designed and Build Business Process documents later adopted as company-wide standard for Business and Operation Management. scope/quality and time. 2. Plan. The business capability are not only on Indonesian traditional ISP but also on Data Center Management. Implement and Operate of Information Systems at Unit KSO DivreIII Telkom. Succeed on Proof Of Concept (POC) 1st Indonesia 3G (WCDMA) Pilot Project and Implementation. dimensioning and implementation of Billing Systems with Increased Revenue Assurance of Billing by 200% in 1998. ² Jakarta. scope/quality and time SUPERVISOR.May 2001 Ariawest International ² Bandung. local loop. socialize and implement Business Process for Network Management System refer to Tele Management Forum (TM Forum) document using Telecommunication Operation map (TOM) as best practice of well known Telco Providers. Motorola Bravo Award for successful project management cycle with best achievement on project cost. Indonesia Built and developed IS Infrastructure Network for DIVRE-3 Telkom as Local Partner of Joint Operational Scheme (KSO/Kerja Sama Operasi) . y Ariawest IT Award for successful project management cycle with best achievement on project cost. January 1997. NETWORK SERVICES. transit traffic. and other third party. Achieve and Maintain Quality Audit TL-9000 Certification for Network Services Motorola Indonesia including process document acquisition. Cibitung. Partner. Customer Care Siskamaya. MANAGER. y Planning. communications and liaison efforts with commitment on internal SLA. Selected Achievements: y Team consistently ranked #1 in company sales/performance for three consecutive years. Network security & risk management for one of Indonesia biggest operator especially on Network Security Audit and Forensic. Its include teams of which have capability on IP and Telco related business. Senior Business & Operation Manager of Network Service Division which handle portfolio and technical aspect of the business. etc. y Impacted other business unit revenue by over 200% through continual support. JUNE 1994 ² JANUARY 1997 AT&T Network Systems/Lucent Technologies Indonesia. Indonesia Designed. Telco and IP consultation.y y 1. Smooth and fast execution with authority to manage P&L with Sub-Con. Selected Achievements: y Create. . Disaster Recovery. INC. Satellite Hub/VSAT & radio link integrator.

Feb2010 Part Time Lecture at Telkom Management Institute. 7. AT&T/Lucent Global Multicultural Management. 2. Motorola Product Management Life Cycle. Institute of Education-University of London Doctoral School Conference (doctoralschool. Motorola. 2008-now WIMAX Development. 1993 Cellular Evolution. AriaWest Built In Training. 2008. 11. Public Lecture. Seminar Nasional ´Techno-Economy dalam Pembangunan Ekonomi di Indonesiaµ. Information System Bureau. " International Conference on Open Source for High Education (ICOSic 2010). 2008 Cellular & WIMAX Technology Roadmap. Telkom from Jakarta to Bandung with consist of various Operation Support Systems . Bandung. Ariawest International & Motorola Account Management-Selling System. September 1991 ² May 1994 Sekolah Tinggi Telekomunikasi Telkom (STTTelkom). 2007 y y y y y y y . Motorola Digital Six Sigma. ITENAS. 6. 4. 1999 Wireless Technology. y Planning and engineering on Indosat Core Billing Data Communication. Merpati Nusantara Airlines. Audit and Certifications. 8. Motorola PUBLICATION/ARTICLES: y y y y y y y y y y y VSAT technology for reservation. February 1991 ² September 1993 PT. 1997 Y2K. 2000 Telecommunication Operation Map. Motorola Quality Assurance. 2008-now Part Time Lecture at Prasetya Mulya Business School. Infokomputer Magazine. 9. SPEAKERS/LECTURES: y ´M-learning readiness in higher education: The case of the Informatics department at Widyatama University management strategyµ. Lecture. Jun-2010 ´E-learning Policy in Higher Education Management Strategyµ. STI. AriaWest Built In Training . AriaWest Built In Training. M-Web. Motorola Achieving Results Through People. STTTelkom tutorial.Selected Achievements: y Planning and Engineering on moving of National Network Control Centre (NNCC) PT. Public Lecture. Merpati Nusantara Airlines Magazine. Jakarta. 1991 Data Communication and Terminal Emulation for mainframe. Universitas Indonesia. March-2010 ´Penerapan Techno-Economy pada UKM di Indonesia dengan Replikasi Program Telematika Pedesaan Grameenµ. Electronic Department. 1992 Personal Communication Services (PCS). 10. Carrier Planning. 3. AriaWest Built In Training. Indonesia PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES: 1. Pikiran Rakyat Motorola Essentials Management for Emerging Leaders. 12. Global Success Seven Habit. ITENAS. Indonesia Data Communication Staff Coordinator (Supervisor). 2002 Company Business Process Alignment & Certification. Motorola Tango Business Simulation. 2001 Network Standard Operation Procedure.pdf). 2005 Project Documentation 2008 Career Path and Development for Graduate Student. 1995 Data Communication. Covey Landamatics. 5. DR Lev Landa Project Management for IT and Telco.

Universitas Indonesia. 1991-1994 . Universitas Indonesia. 2005 IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation Strategy. M-Web. Public Lecture.y y y y y y y On Job Training for Graduate Students assigned by Depnaker. lecture. Speaker at National Seminar at Ministry of Parpostel. 2006 Wireless Broadband & WiMAX Roadmap. 2001 Telecommunication Electronic & Data Communication. Guest Lecture. STTTelkom. Speaker Coordinator. Speaker Coordinator. 2002 In-House Training for Young Manager. Speaker Coordinator. Motorola. Motorola. Post Graduate of Computer Science. 2005 Battle of CDMA and GSM. 2006 Motorola In-House Training on Leadership and Management.