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DATE: ____________________

EMPLOYEE NAME: _____________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________

Dear Mr. / Ms. __________:

We are pleased to inform you that we are engaging your services as a

_________________ effective _______________. The following are the terms and
conditions of your employment with this Company:

1. COMPENSATION – You will receive a gross daily / monthly rate of

_______________________________ (P_________) subject to withholding tax, SSS,
Philhealth and Pag-ibig contributions, and other government mandatory deductions. In
addition, this Company will pay the mandatory 13th month pay at the end of each
calendar year.

2. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – You will perform the following duties and
responsibilities that your position necessarily entails:


3. PROBATIONARY PERIOD – You will be on probation for a period of six (6) months
commencing on your first day of work with this Company. During the probationary
employment, you will be working on a trial basis to determine your fitness for

4. REGULARIZATION OF EMPLOYMENT – By or before the end of the six-month

probationary period, depending upon your satisfactory service and performance on the
work assigned to you and upon the recommendations of your immediate
supervisor/manager, you will become a regular employee of this Company entitled to all
company benefits and privileges enjoyed by regular employees.

5. SERVICE INCENTIVE LEAVE – Upon regularization, you will be entitled to five (5)
days service incentive leave for each year of actual employment. You are expected to
accrue leaves before you can apply for it. Since leave credits are not convertible to
cash, you are strongly encouraged to use all leave credits during the calendar year
earned. Any remaining accrued leave not used shall be forfeited.

6. PLACE OF WORK – Your primary place of work will be at _____________________.

7. HOURS OF WORK – You shall render a minimum of eight (8) hours of work per day
and report for work at least five (5) days per week.
8. OVERTIME WORK – In case the demands of the business or this Company would
require you to work more than your regular work schedule, you may be required to
render overtime work and shall be entitled to corresponding overtime pay.

9. HOLIDAY PAY – You will be entitled to holiday pay, computed based on law, for work
rendered on regular/special holidays.

10. NIGHT DIFFERENTIAL – If your regular work schedule/shift falls between 10:00pm
to 6:00am, you will be entitled to receive a night differential pay.

11. DECORUM – You shall observe and comply with all existing company rules and
regulations as well as those which may hereafter be issued; you shall devote your entire
working time to the benefit of this Company; and you shall not take any interest that is
conflicting or inimical to the same.

12. RESIGNATION – In case you intend to resign from this Company, you are required
to notify this Company at least thirty (30) days prior to the effectivity of your resignation;
otherwise, failure on your part to do so will render you liable for damages. However, it is
within the sole discretion of this Company whether or not to accept such resignation
earlier than the expiration of said period.

13. TERMINATION – This Company reserves the right to terminate or cancel this
Contract after observing due process for gross violation of the rules and regulation of
this Company and for other just and valid causes provided under the Labor Code of the

If you agree with the above terms and conditions, please indicate your conformity by
signing on the space provided below for this purpose.

Very truly yours,


General Manager

I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have read and have fully understood the foregoing terms
and conditions of my employment with this Company and that I accept the same