Pakistan¶s Current International Image-Rogue State Exporting Global Terrorism & Nuclear Proliferation: It would be a travesty of truth to subscribe

and agree to the official United States depiction of Pakistan and its military ruler. The truth that is emerging post-9/11, is that: * Pakistan was the cess-pool of Islamic Jehadi global terrorism whose most diabolic visitation was on the United States. * The 9/11 bombers were in one way or the other linked to Pakistan¶s official machinery and patronage. * Post-9/11 arrests of the Al Qaeda hierarchy and others have been in Pakistan, only due to sheer persistence of the American FBI operating inside Pakistan. * As if exporting Islamic Jehadi terrorism was not enough, evidence has emerged in the United States of Pakistan exporting nuclear weapons know-how and materials to North Korea, even after 9/11, under General Musharraf¶s regime. Pakistan¶s international image today is not only of a µfailed state¶ but also that of a ³rogue state´ caught blatantly in exporting global terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Shameless denials by Pakistan on both these counts add to Pakistan¶s foreign policy predicaments. Pakistan and the United States-Denouement Inevitable: Promiscuous relationships are never of long duration. The history of Pakistan-United States relations is an ample indicator. Pakistan¶s current promiscuous relationship with the United States is on more shakier foundations than the past. General Musharraf may have discarded the Taliban but he has not been able to discard the Islamic fundamentalist parties of Pakistan. They were his ³natural allies´ and of the Pakistan Army. In the Army controlled elections that have taken place in October, the Islamic fundamentalist parties have emerged victorious in unprecedented strength. But for American intervention, the Prime Minister would have been from these parties. One swallow does not make a summer and therefore one Pakistan General cannot deliver a moderate, democratic and stable Pakistan to serve United States national interests. Pakistan¶s foreign policy planners cannot ignore the United States in a unipolar world. Pakistan¶s µChina card¶ is not operative in this context. The election results in Pakistan should be an ample indicator to the United States that Pakistan cannot be rescued from the morass of Islamic fundamentalism. Islamic fundamentalist parties have already made the following demands in the opening session of the Pak National Assembly, in November 2002: * Pakistan must withdraw the use of its military bases by the United States armed forces

html . Pakistani officialdom was represented at this funeral by the entire civil hierarchy of Baluchistan. Ashraf Jahangir Qazi.. export of terrorism and nuclear proliferation .* United States must withdraw its military forces from Pakistan * Their governments in the provinces of NWFP and Baluchistan will not permit US military forces to conducts military operations on the Pak-Afghan border. Pakistan today is controlled by Islamic fundamentalists. Denouncement is inevitable as Pakistan finds it increasingly impossible to curb growth of Islamic fundamentalism. * Pakistanis must µself determine¶ the nation's domestic policies. so as to ensure that the Kashmir issue is kept alive with American support. after it completes its mission in Iraq.WMD. No more evidence was required as by the Pakistani officials attendance at the funeral of Kansi. who was involved in CIA killings and who was executed in USA and his body brought to Quetta. http://www. The scenario above does not permit a proximate Pak-USA engaged relationship. Panel discussions on Pakistan TV have aired fears that after Iraq. It should not be viewed as inconceivable that the United States demands Pakistan¶s accountability over its nuclear proliferation. Pakistan may be the next target of the United States for the same reasons. sequentially.southasiaanalysis. and American ire is kept at bay. Pakistan¶s major foreign policy predicament would now be as to how to keep United States engaged with the local Pakistan Army Corps Commander and the Pakistani Ambassador in USA.

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