What protocols does LoadRunner support?

The Vuser types are divided into the following categories: All Protocols: a list of all supported protocols in alphabetical order. Application Deployment Solution: For the Citrix protocol. Client/Server: For DB2 CLI, DNS, MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle (2-tier), Sybase Ctlib, Sybase Dblib, and Windows Sockets protocols. Custom: For C templates, Visual Basic templates, Java templates, Javascript and VBscript type scripts. Distributed Components: For COM/DCOM, Corba-Java, and Rmi -Java protocols. E-business: For FTP, LDAP, Palm, Web (HTTP/HTML), Web Services, and the dual Web/Winsocket protocols. Enterprise Java Beans: For EJB Testing and Rmi-Java protocols. ERP/CRM: For Baan, Oracle NCA, Peoplesoft-Tuxedo, Peoplesoft 8, SAPGUI, SAP-Web, and Siebel (Siebel-DB2CLI, Siebel-MSSQL, Siebel-Web, and Siebel-Oracle) protocols. Legacy: For Terminal Emulation (RTE). Mailing Services: Internet Messaging (IMAP), MS Exchange (MAPI), POP3, and SMTP. Middleware: Jacada and Tuxedo (6, 7) protocols. Streaming: For MediaPlayer and RealPlayer protocols. Wireless: For i-Mode, VoiceXML, and WAP protocols.
What is extended log in load runner?

We have to set run time settings before run the script, in run time settings we have to set log ( there are two options, 1 is send messages when error occurs and second one is always send messages). In second option we have to select whether it is standard log or extended log. In standard log it will create log file with some details(information) but in extended log we can select parameter subsitituion, data retured by server and advanced trace, based on our selection only the log files will be created. If you want detailed information related to test run then only you have to choose extended log with parameter substitution and other options. It will helpful to know full details of that test run with that extended log file.

What is VuGen.

VuGen is a loadrunner component used to generate vuser script i.e here we record a business operation performed by a single user.
What is Elasped Time in Load Runner?

In LoadRunner Analysis, you have to set Elapsed time for getting transaction response time related to elapsed time. For this you have to use Filter Icon in the Analysis result file. For ex: the test run is 1 hr but you want the transaction response time from 25 min to 55 min in that one hr. In Elapsed time you have to set FROM and TO period so that

. What is 'Correlation' in Loadrunner? Correlation is the identifying and resolving data which are ..50. Save the results..500. Host is a Computer or Machine How many types of graphs have Load Runner ? There are 5 graphs on Load Runner. What is vuser script? Action that a vuser performs during a scenario are described in a Vuserscript. now increase the load to 5. Remote Command Launcher is used to Start the application from the Host. Initially run the application with one user.you can get the transaction response time in that period only.15.It also has function which record the performance of the sever during the scenario How many types of vuser are available .100..1000 slowly. 1) Hits per second graph 2) pages download per second graph 3) Transaction response time (under load) graph 4) Transaction response time (percentile) graph and 5) Network delay time graph How you set maximum number of vuser that a host can run. DB Virtual Users SAP Virtual users WEB GUI RTE(Remote Terminal Emulators) What do you mean by Remote Command Launcher(RCL)..... unique for each run of the script or each iteration of an action. These dynamic data differ in each replay from the original recording and causes the replay to fail.

Name = Flight_210" . ENDITEM Use the "Control +F" Search for all the occurrences of "Flight_210" in the Server Response Snapshot of Recording A( go to . you will find the system will break down for a particular number of virtual users.During the process. <List of Attributes>. ENDITEM. Scan for correlation ."Value=on".this gives you a list of data that need to be OR 1 Compare two scripts recorded identically. "Recording A . and two recordings of the book flight process have entries for their Flight Numbers as below and we have determine the value to be correlated is Flight Number: Flight_210 and Flight_212(in the vugen script). "Recording B .Name = Flight_212" . What are all the functions available in Loadrunner to do the corrlation? Wdiff This is a Loadrunner tool which can be user to spot the dynamic data to be correlated. using windiff determine the differences(Dynamic Value) that will require correlation 2."Value=on".TreeView -->Server Response Snapshot). Assuming our application under test has a book flightsbusiness process. From there start decreasing the load and u will find the bottle neck for the application so that u can call for the quality meeting.(Remember the escape character where necessary in the boundary names) Replace all occurrences of dynamic value with parameter name in curly braces .text between the left and right boundary. This is a built in loadrunner function that can be used to find and save occurrences of a text string (text to be correlated within the Web page) to a parameter. LAST). web_reg_save_param (const char *ParamName. How do we do the correclation? Establish items to be correlated (dynamic value) Find the left and right boundary of the occurrences of the dynamic value Add a web_reg_save funtion to parameterise all occurrences of the dynamic value.Replay to verify correlation was successful 1. .

After submitting. like entering his name address and the examination he is taking. you will get a registeration ID . Controller . VU Generator .Search for the number of occurrences of your left boundary until you find your dynamic value. you need to parameterize the changing values.For generating VU Script for the type of Vuser under test like DB Vuser/Web Vuser 2. "ORD=<no of occurrences from above>"). according to the requirement. "LB= <left boundary>". Now you have to parameterize the student name. Those values has to be correleted. "RB=<Right boundary>". Load Runner Agent is the mediator between Load Runner Controller and the Host.For viewing execution results Based on exp with loadrunner 5. Suppose I have to register 5 students. A better live example.Analysis . You have completed the script now. 3. What do you mean by creating vuser script? Capturing the end-user activities into automated scripts. 1. A script has to be recorded for one student. . which is unique. What components have you used in load runner? 1. Add the web_reg_save_Function("Parameter Name". and you have to submit the details. Completed feeding details now. What is load runner Agent. This number of occurrences is passed to the web_reg_save function as the ORD.0 While the script is running we find some values that may be need to be correlated? Is it possible to do manual correlation for those values? When u wanted to run the script 'n' no of times. Replay to verify correlation was successful. there will be some unique values which will be generated by the system itself. But sometimes. Replace all occurrences of dynamic value with parameter name in curly braces. 5.For creating scenarios 3. 4. 2.

making any sort of chnage is not possible. Hope u all might've got my explanation. once u got that now this is sure that u have to put the manula correaltion somewhere before this occurance. Well while execution si going on. hope things might be clear What is the system requirementfor 10. Also replace each occurance of "P-101" from script. So navigate to Data folder try to find "P-101" in files t1. take data left and right of "P-101" from t7 files.ie. But.registeration Id. you cannot parameterize the unique Id generated by the system.his corresponding details. Now the next question is how to find the correct position of the where web_reg_save_param function need to be used and what teh boundary values. So try to find the first occurance of that "P-101" in teh script. when it finds a unique value.000 vusers can depend upon the Memory footprints of the VUSER. correlation is done to instruct Loadrunner. so determine the Memory footprint and then you can go about the testing for 10. So for that start moving above in script where u got the first occurance of "P-101". But yes after it stops its possible. For example the Web http/html protocol can take less resources compared to a Oracle-NCA Vuser or a winsock Vuser.. It displays the Reg Id. t2.000 Vusers running concurrently? The capability of the system to handle 10. not to stop the execution of the script. So you cannt correalte it while execution is going on. . generally u find it html/data info pages. So we scan for unique or dynamic values using scan for correlation. so the feasiblity of finding "P-101" in above files is there.u will get the LB and RB from teh t7 file.let it be "P-101".000 vusers.t10.. so that every student will have their own details. in the script u came across soem uique generated id. regarding manual correlation. let consider in script where "P-101" occur the name of html page t11 exist. so now u ahve to use web_reg_save_param function just before the function which conatain the name of file t7. lets consider you find "P-101" in t7 as t8 to t10 were jpg files. Also the transactions can be run as threads or processess>>Believe me this makes a lot of difference. 3. select it and say correlate.

Here values are replaced by data.How should I start usingLoad Runner" Here is the common process?in ?Load Runner : 1. It can be application server specific.lrs.. What is . Plan the Load Test 2. Automatic correlation is where we set some rules for correlation. when you want to run a script for multiple Vusers then you have to a create a scenario for those scripts or script with multiple users. What are all the types of correlation? Manual & Automatic Co-relation Manual correlation? . it is local host or remote host. which are created by these rules i obtain the dynamic value in the script but which place is suitable for apply the web_reg_save_param function in the script What is injector in load runner? Injector is nothing but load generator in LR. There you have to specifiy the load generator i. for this you have to add the load generators by giving their IP addresses and before for this you have to install load generators on those machines which are to be used as injectors. What is LR-function.What are the only means of measuring performance? Transactions are the only means of measuring performance.Correlation is used to obtain data which are unique for each run of the script and which are generated by nested queries. this is also called LR function because all general functions start with lr. Create Scenarios . Create Web Virual Users 3. Can anyone please tell me "The procedure followed in load runner. it means that from which system you have to ramp up the Vusers to run the script. Load runner save the information in a scenario files. It is a general function which is accessed by all types of users.e.

Analysis from the logs. Performance testing tool. DB server box e. Hard ware/software requirements and location a. b. Load generator 7. a. 8. Perf results analysis. ignore think time. Business critical transactions 3. Application server box c. Fix the bottle neck problems. Re run the perf test.. Software specifications c. a. choose the numbers of virtual users to run the application simultaneously. Scripts authoring d. Business requirements and business critical transactions identification a. Areas need to tune after performance run. Run the generated script in the load runner controller. Identification of optimistic tool b. Results analysis from the tool 5. Objective from each run 6. Location of application and perf testing 4. a. a. DB server d. Procedure/kinds of perf testing need to be performed. While doing this run time settings are to be modified according to the specifications required. Business requirement. Scripts design process c. Define objectives and goals 2. ignore content in theapplication etc. Application server level b. Identifying bottle necks during perf testing. let all the virtual users begin from the same point. Hardware specifications b. 1. b. Analysis of results from the perf tool b. In run time settings.?Run Scenarios 5. Points to consider after stopping the application: .4. Identify the objectives/goals from performance testing. Once you click start scenario the load test begins. Types of Perf runs b. How do we do Performance and Load testing using LoadRunner? LOAD TESTING: First generate the script using virtual user generator or astra quick test. Analyze the System Under Load. a. a. Eg.

but you have to add Vusers depending on the ur LoadRunner license for how many Vusers it supports What is parameterigation Parameterization is passing the set of data to anapplication.0 supports . They help in finding out the troubled area in our scenario which causes increased response time. 2. your place of birth etc. How can we execute winrunner script in load runner. Which version of Load Runner supports . application server monitors. for example if you scripted the navigations like entering the data of your data of birth. There we have to set the number of Vusers to run for that script. Then you can create a scenario in what ever way you want it. 3. network delay graphs. we can say there are network problems and if hits per second flattens. we have to parameterize the fields when we want to run the script with multiple users. database server monitors and 4. In VuGen u hv option in files to Add File to Script. network monitors.. If throughputs flattens. throughput.NET applications using Load Runner 5.NET based applications. then suppose if u want to run the script one again (if the data is unique) or when you want to run the script with multiple users in controller.1. we say connection/network problems. etc. What are the Monitors in LoadRunner? 1.NET applications? Can we do performance testing of . The measurements made are usually performance response time. . web server monitors. You have to parameterize those fileds for safe run. check that all the virtual users passed the applicationwithin the specified Response Time. 2. hits/sec.. The number of throughputs and hits per sec have to increase as the number of virtual users increases. How can set the number of virtual users in Load Runner? When Creating Scenario in Controller we have to add the particular script which we want to run. Browse the script of winrunner and add to VuGen.is it possible or not?is yes how we can execute? Yes we can execute winrunner script in load runner.0? Loadrunner 8.

the actions they perform and the machines on which they run<br> What is the vuser in the scenario? The vuser is virtual users nothing but those who simulate the real users. but when the application passes this TollGate of functional testing. When load runner is used? As we all know that functionality testing helps ensuring that the product/application works fine according to the requirements and the client verifications are validated.loadrunner reduces the personnel requirement by replacing the humun users with the vusers(virtual users). An Product of Mercury.The virtual users who take the place of real users operating client software.it allows you to effectively control all vusers from single point of control<br> What is scenario? A scenario defines the events occurring during each testing session.<br><br>3. <br> What are the advantage of using load runner? The load runner advantages are<br><br>1. Select those scenarios that mostly emulate the user when the application usually go online. many test cases are written to ensure that the components functions as intended. such as IE sending requests using the HTTP protocol to IIS or Apache web servers. It is comprised ofGenerator.How to identify the scenario in Loadrunner Basically what can be done in this situation is that we can: Prioritize them according to most used scenarios Select those that would cause heavy database usage. What is load runner? Load Runner is an Load automation Tool used to determine the Load of an application. Here comes the load testing which ensures that the application performs without breakdown for the required users as indicated in the CS ( customer specificatio ) document.<br><br>2.<br><br>Though it is costly we can get more precise information of the above. there is always question of what will happen to the application/product when multiple users are accessing them. For this we need to ensure proper loadtesting is done using automation as we . This is always done by single user and depending upon the complexity of the application or the product. Controller & Analysis. Usage of this Tool we can find the Load of an Application and the Bottlenecks of the same of different Layers.numarous vusers run on a single computer loadrunner reduces the hardware requirements. It also defines and controls the number of users to emulate.

hits/sec. application server monitors. database server monitors and 4. While doing this run time settings are to be modified according to the specifications required. there are other load testing tools in the market but Mercury stand in forefront. network delay graphs. They help in finding out the troubled area in our scenario which causes increased response time. Points to consider after stopping the application: 1. The number of throughputs and hits per sec have to increase as the number of virtual users increases. check that all the virtual users passed the application within the specified Response Time. In run time settings.all know we cannot ask 50 real users sitting b4 a computer and click is done. moreover all the areas of concerned will not be covered. the maximumno of users execute in this scenario is 1. choose the numbers of virtual users to run the application simultaneously. let all the virtual users begin from the same point. 2. If throughputs flattens. How to call winrunner script in Loadrunner? 1. 2. ignore think time. The measurements made are usually performance response time. we say connection/network problems.Execute the Scenario Note: As you can work with only one instance of the winrunner at a time. 2. throughput. ignore content in the application etc. we can say there are networkproblems and if hits per second flattens. web server monitors. Eg. etc. 3.Enable the check box for GUI Winrunner(Mandatory to run the WR Script) 4.Select Host->Details options from menu 3. Here the loadrunner is used. What are the Monitors in LoadRunner? 1. How do we do Performance and Load testing using LoadRunner? LOAD TESTING: First generate the script using virtual usergenerator or astra quick test. . Once you click start scenario the load test begins.Create a scenario by replacing the VUser script with the GUI WinRunner script. One such loadtesting automated tool is loadrunner which is used to emulate the behaviour of real time user.. network monitors. Run the generated script in the load runner controller.

How to test GUI scripts for more than 1 Vusers? More than one Vuser can be tested using the Load runner Controller.?Run Scenarios 5. "LB=outboundFlight value=". LAST).But there is no specific graphs was like ur asking.transaction responsetime. Which Corelation Functions have you used? we used the following funciton for correlation web_reg_save_param for ex: web_reg_save_param("outFlightVal". According to Market analysis 70% of performance problem lies with what? . Create Scenarios 4.How to identify the scenario in Loadrunner Basically what can be done in this situation is that we can: Prioritize them according to most used scenarios Select those that would cause heavy database usage.How should I start using Load Runner" Here is the common process in ?Load Runner : 1. Hi!! Can anyone please tell me "The procedure followed in load runner. Analyze the System Under Load. Create Web Virtual Users 3.We can simulate vusers using this tool and run a scenario using the controller and test scripts based on many vusers How many graphs are ther in Load runner? wat are they? explain about their graphs and for what those graphs are using? Any number of graph like no of vusers. Select those scenarios that mostly emulate the user when the application usually go online. Plan the Load Test 2. "RB= checked >".

..3. 2-script windows(list of all the vuser script) 3-rendezvous windows.9).. Depend on the Testing what you are performing ? IN Performance Testing : The breakdown of responses from server to client more than the expected message quote IN Load Testing/Stress Testing: The outof Memory Problems Object Locks at code level Tables lock at database level Compatability of the Production version with the auxiliary systems and etc. What are the element in the load runner controller.5. . Sorting we can sort all the vuser in the vuser list..Performance problem are based on server capacity. What is filtering and sorting. In order to their vuser ID(1. 1-host windows(list of machine)..8. 5-output window( display error and notification message). What are the 5 icons appear in the buttom of the controller windows.6.. database problems...2.exam you can filter vuser only those who are in ready state. deployment problems etc.4. Where you insert the rendezvouspoint .7. 4-transaction windows(display all the transaction) . What is scenario wizard hrough scenario wizard we can create a new scenario. We can filter the information display only those items that meet the selected criteria(filter box) .

LR-AUTO). Syntax. Think time( to simulate the real time user wait time) . 1-vuser-init 2-action. Syntax. What is the load runner start-transaction and its syntax. Vugen contain the 3 section . Parameterization( Providing the user inputs to the application) 2. Transaction names( to get the response time) 4. 3-vuser-end. t will start the transaction on the script. It will end the transaction. Correlation(handling dynamic server responses) 3. What is vuser-end section. Lr-start-transaction("transaction name"). How vugen create a vuser script. What are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script . Record a log off in to the server (vuser stoped). How you edit the script . By recording the activity between client and server. While editing the script we have to inserting the transaction point and rendezvous point . What is stand-alone mode Running the script without using controller How you enhance the basic scrip The important steps needs to carried to enhance a basic script 1. What is the load runner end transaction and its syntax. lr-rendezvous("rendezvousname"). Lr-end-transaction("transaction name". Syntax.Rendezvous point insert in to the script to calculate the peak load of the server.

This is auto generated while installing Load Runner. What are the load runner testing process .GUI Vusers are not so much to generate load on a system but to test end -to end performance associated with various business processes. a script is then parameterised. Recording a DB V user is as simple as perfoming a business process while having launched the LR Vugen. This creates a script which is used by LR to perform the recorded business process. How many section database vuser script have.This process involves replacing hard coded data values in the script with parameters which refers to tables external to the script.this means that fewer GUI vusers can be run per workstation than the other types of vusers due to the overload of the client. vuser script contains 3 sections vuser_init: contains the login statements of the script vuse_actions: contains acton statements performed by vuser vuser_end:contains log off statements How you develop the database vuser script . Values can then be placed in these tables allowing Vusers to perform a single business process . once recorded . . What is GUI vuser and on which platform it will run. and is infact limited to one GUI v user per workstation. What is MS-windows Microsoft's operating system software 'Windows'. It is different from WinRunner which is Mercury testing tool for GUI. How you load a load runner Agent. Text check( validating the server response pages for the request).5. DB Vuser performs operations against a database server. but with different data each time. GUI Vusers actually perform the actions using the client.

What is load runner controller Load Runner Controller easily a siand effectively manages all the scenarios from a single point of control. 5-analysis the test result. . 4.running the scenario. 1-planning the test. 3-creating the scenario. 2-creating the vuser script.There are 5 steps.

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