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TUWAANG ATTENDS A WEDDING (E Arsenio Manuel; Saddani Pagayaw)

CHARACTERS: Tuwaang - protagonist in the story

Maiden of Monawon - bride of the young man of Sakadna
Gungutar - a bird who has the power to transform itself into a fowl which Tuwaang decides to
Young Man of Panayangan - a gallant
Young Man of Linawon - a gallant
Young Man of the Rising Sun - a gallant
Young Man of Sakadna - groom of maiden of Monawon who fought Tuwaang
Aunt - aunt of Tuwaang

- a wedding ceremony of the Young Man of Sakadna and his bride,Maiden of Monawon
Social Conditions -
Tuwaang, a God with the power of lightning
- The story was in a festive mood that turned into an exciting duelof the groom and Tuwaang.
Exposition - Tuwaang informed his aunt that he will be attending awedding which was brought
by the wind. While on his way he met a gungutanbird with a dagger like spur. Upon arriving at
Monawon he sits on a golden stoolthen came the young Man of Panayangan with the other
gallants and the groom,the Young Man of Sakadna and the bride which was staying inside a
room.Rising Action - Tuwaang breath magic to produce ancient gong, goldenflute and guitar.
The bride decided to sit beside Tuwaang. Young man of Sakadnachallenges Tuwaang to fight.

Climax - Tuwaang was fighting against the groom while the gungutan bird
had also been fighting against the groom’s men until here were only six gallants
Falling Action - Young man of Sakadna thrusts Tuwaang into the earth and sinksinto the underworld. Tuwaha the
god of the underworld tells him the secret to defeating
his foe. Summoning the golden flute where the Young Man of Sakadna’s life is being
Resolution - Tuwaang used the golden flute to defeat the Young Man ofSakadna. Then he takes
the bride to his home Kaman accompanied by thegungutan bird where he ruled forever.
When the bride decides to sit beside Tuwaang, the groom blushes away.He is shamed. He
decides to fight Tuwaang. Tuwaang is thrown agains a boulder,which turns into dust. Tuwaang
gets hold of his foe, throws him down so hardhat he sinks into the underworld. The kind of
conflict shown is Man Vs Manwhich is under External Conflict

THEME: Jealousy is the theme because according to the story Tuwaang was calledto attend the
wedding but he was chosen to be the groom instead of the youngman of Sakadna. The inability
of the groom to produce the dowry left himembarrassed but Tuwaang decided to save the groom
from embarrassment so heproduced it but instead of being thankful. The groom challenged
Tuwaang intoa duel and Tuwaang emerges as the winner. Instead of the real groom.
Toweringwas closed to be the groom. The story is all about jealousy and love.
The moral lesson of the story of Tuwaang attends a wedding is that attimes it is stupidity to fall
in love. -When Tuwaang and the groom get fight and Tuwaang ends up marrying the bride.
Manuel was born in Santo Domingo, Nueva Ecijato a Filipino-AmericanWar veteran. He earned
his Ll.B. at the University of Manilain 1935, his M.A. atthe University of the Philippinesin 1954,
and his Ph.D. at the University ofChicago in 1969. His numerous awards include the 1989 CCP
Gawad Para saSining, the 1991 National Social Scientist Award, and the 2000 Dangal Alab
ngHaraya Award by the National Commission for Culture and Artsfor a lifetimeachievement in
cultural research.His more-than-half-a-century work in anthropology includes research
anddocumentation of the Manuvu community in Mindanaoand the discovery andpublication of
three ethnoepics from three ethnic groups: the Manuvu, the Matigsalug, and the Ilianon. He also
studied Bagobofolklore and made asurvey of Philippinefolk epics. His work greatly enriched
Philippineanthropology, history, literature, and linguistics

Bidasari is the final-installment of a trilogy of Filipino-language stage plays produced and

written for Magwayen, the premier theater group of the University of the City of Manila. It was
based on the original epic of the same name or title.

The epic love story originally graced the stage in 1999,[1] and once again brought back in
theaters in 2009.


The story revolves around the life of Bidasari, the most beautiful lady in the kingdom of
Indrapura and her love with the generous and attractive prince, Jamil. Torn by war, the wicked
sultana, Lilagretha, tries to sort things out in the sultanate by getting rid of the rebels led by
Armilo. After hearing the oracle, Lilagretha plots Bidasari's death as the latter poses the greatest
threat to her power.

Cast (2009)

 Bidasari. Potagonist of the story.

 Jamil as the ambassador of the Sultanate of Indrapura and the love interest of
 Lilagretha, the evil ruler of Indrapura.
 Garuda, the monster of the forest.
 Zervira, a clumsy fairy and protector of Bidasari.