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FX (entra idelas ® Undertine all the present forms of the verb To Be. wee * Hello, my name is Mat. 1am from Chile. I am seventeen years old. Iam a student. My family is very small. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. My father is a mechanic and my mother is a teacher. They are very good. I love them! * Hi, am Sophie. I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. | live with my family. T've got two brothers. Their names are Paul and John. Paul's five years old and John is a baby. I'm eleven. My hair is black and my eyes are blue. I’m not very tall. I've got a pet. It's a cat. It's grey and funny. @ Complete these sentences using a present form of the verb To Be in the positive or negative form. * Buckingham Palace the most famous place in London. * Punta del Este in France. * Harry andNick___ my friends. Iove them! * Sharks dangerous. +1 fourteen years old.I was born in 1999. * Where my glasses? I can't find them anywhere. *I_____agood student. * My mother beautiful. * My father twelve years old, He's thirty - two! +* My grandparents American. They're from Italy. @ Write short answers to the questions below. * Are you from Peru? * Is your father a vet? * Is your mother an actress? * Are your friends tall? * Is your house big? * Are you happy? * Is your name Peter? * Are your parents clever?