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Faculty of Business and Law

Academic Year: 14/15

Examination Period: Resit

Module Leader: Hilary Drew

Module Code: UMPD76-15-3
Work Item Code: ?

Duration: 2 Hours

Standard materials required for this examination:

Examination Answer Booklet Yes

Multiple Choice Answer Sheet No

Type of paper e.g. G3, G14 No
Graph Paper
Number of sheets per student No

Additional materials required for this examination:

Details of additional material supplied by UWE:

To be collected with Answer Booklet (please delete as appropriate) No

Details of approved material supplied by Student:

To be collected with Answer Booklet (please delete as appropriate) No

University approved Calculator Yes

Candidates permitted to keep Examination Question Paper Yes

Candidates are NOT permitted to turn the page

over until the exam starts

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Instructions to Candidates:
Candidates must answer any TWO questions.

1. How can MNCs design effective and equitable reward

systems for international assignees?

2. According to Adler (1994), women are not interested in

international assignments. To what extent is this
statement is a good explanation for why there are more
male expatriates than females?

3. To what extent should MNCs take responsibility for

unethical practices in their supply chain? How can the
international HR function support organisations to
manage these ethical challenges?

4. What is expatriate failure? To what extent can MNCs take

appropriate steps to prevent international assignments
ending in failure?

5. Outline and critically analyse some of the key debates

around future developments in IHRM.

6. Multi-national organisations may fill key overseas

positions with staff from the parent company or employ
local managers to fill key positions in their own countries.
Some firms may seek to recruit from global labour pools,
in order to select the most appropriate person for the job.
Critically evaluate the implications of ethnocentric,
geocentric and polycentric approaches to staffing.
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