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Class 5


Year 2010

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010


Fill in the blank with the correct suffix. 
1.  The magic___ said Abracadabra and Gita disappeared. 
A.  ­ian 
B.  ­ion 
C.  ­st 

Choose the odd one out from each set of words. 
2.  A.  hurry 
B.  trot 
C.  hasten 

3.   A.  sparse 
B.  dense 
C.  thick 

4.  A.  geese : flock 
B.  wolf : pack 
C.  fish : fins 

5.   A.  thermometer : mercury 
B.  ruler : length 
C.  scale : weight 

Choose the right spelling. 
6.   A.  disguize 
B.  disguise 
C.  disguys 

Choose the correctly spelt word that completes the sentence. 
7.  My BSA champ bicycle is my most __________ possession. 
A.  valuabel 
B.  valueable 
C.  valuable 

Choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined phrase or word. 
8.  Noddy’s car was stolen. He asked Mr. Plod to look into the matter. 
A.  enquire 
B.  investigate 
C.  detect

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010

Fill in the blanks with the correct word/phrase. 
9.  After drinking sugarcane juice at the exhibition, Lina was _______ for a week. 
A.  laid down 
B.  laid up 
C.  laid before 

10. The questions were strange. Timon faced ______ while trying to solve them. 
A. obstacles 
B. happiness 
C. difficulties 

11. The two families started fighting ___________the hen laid an egg on the other side of 
the fence. 
A.  and 
B.  because 
C.  yet 

12. They began pulling at the book. ____________, the cover came off. 
A.  However 
B.  Still 
C.  Therefore 

13. I don’t want to watch Finding Nemo. I _____________ the movie. 
A.  have see 
B.  had seen 
C.  have seen 

14. He ________likes Tom and Jerry. He watches it all the time. 
A.  really 
B.  completely 
C.  fully 

Choose the part of the sentence that contains an error. 

15. Gayathri, who came late, / got into the class / across the window. 
A  B  C 

16. The new principal, / drove at the street / in his battered old car. 
A  B  C 
17. He trying to finish / the crossword puzzle / in less than an hour. 
A  B  C

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010

Given below are sets of three sentences.  One in each set is incorrect.  Choose the 
incorrect sentence. 

18. A.  Vijaya has lot of biscuits and cakes in her drawer. 
B.  Anuradha borrowed a few books from the library. 
C.  Very few children like to read ghost stories at night. 

19. A.  The play will be on Tuesday. 
B.  I am seeing her every day. 
C.  My birthday is next week. 

20. A.  My teacher always speaks in English. 
B.  I have studied here since two years. 
C.  Chinnu lived in Hyderabad for six years. 


Read the stories and answer the questions that follow. 

The Thief and the Bell 
A man tried to steal a large bronze bell. It was too heavy to carry. He had a screwdriver, a 
hammer and a pair of scissors in his bag. He tried to break up the valuable bronze with a 
hammer. But this made such a din that the thief feared he would be heard and discovered 
by the authorities. So he hastily stuffed his ears with cotton. 

21. The thief used _________ to break the bell. 
A.  a pair of scissors 
B.  a screwdriver 
C.  a hammer 

22. The man tried to break the bell into pieces because these are 
A.  easy to sell. 
B.  easy to carry. 
C.  easy to hide. 

23. The thief stuffed his ears with cotton because 
A.  he didn’t like the noise he made. 
B.  he didn’t want others to hear the noise. 
C.  the noise was disturbing his work.

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010

24. The thief stuffed his ears with cotton. He was being ______ 
A.  wise. 
B.  foolish. 
C.  careful. 

Little Sasha and Misha the Bear 

"May I go and pick mushrooms, grandma?" asked Sasha. "Yes, but don't go too far into 
the forest. You may get lost." Looking for mushrooms, Sasha wandered deep into the 
forest, and could not find her way back. 

After a while, she saw a hut that belonged to the bear, Misha Ivanovich. Sasha told him 
that she was lost. “Very well then, stay here and help me,” said Misha. The bear made her 
work very hard. Sasha soon thought of a plan to escape. She baked some Russian cakes 
and asked Misha to take them to her grandparents. 

"Don't try eating any piroshky!" said Sasha. "I am going to climb a tall tree and watch 

When the bear wasn't looking, Sasha hid under the piroshky in the basket. Misha picked 
up the basket and set off. Every time he stopped to rest and put a paw into the basket, 
Sasha would call out, “I can see you!” “What good eyes she has!” 

Soon he reached Sasha's grandparents' house. "Is anyone home?" he shouted. The dogs in 
the village barked at him. As he ran away, Misha dropped the basket. Sasha's 
grandparents saw her. They were very happy. 

25. Sasha went into the forest to 
A.  collect firewood. 
B.  make piroshky. 
C.  collect mushrooms. 

26. Sasha’s grandmother asked her not to go deep into the forest because 
A.  she could be eaten by bears. 
B.  she could lose her way. 
C.  she was a little girl. 

27. Piroshky are 
A.  cakes. 
B.  mushroom. 
C.  fish.

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010

28. Sasha escaped from the bear by 
A.  running away from the hut. 
B.  climbing up a tree. 
C.  hiding in the basket. 

29. Sasha did not want Misha to eat any piroshky because 
A.  she didn’t want the bear to find her inside the basket. 
B.  they were a present for her grandparents. 
C.  she did not want to share them with him. 

30. Every time Misha tried to eat piroshky, Sasha saw him because 
A.  she was sitting on a tall tree. 
B.  she was sitting under the piroshky. 
C.  she had very good eyesight. 

31. Sasha's grandparents were happy because 
A.  she had sent them piroshky. 
B.  the dogs had chased Misha away. 
C.  she had returned home safely. 

32. This is a story from 
A.  India. 
B.  China. 
C.  Russia. 


Spoken Expression 
Choose the correct sentence to complete the dialogue. 
33. Mother: Your dance classes begin tomorrow. 
Sonu: But I want to learn music not dance! 
Mother: ______________________________ 

A.  Don’t be silly, you’ll enjoy it. 
B.  Oh, what a pest you are! 
C.  Don’t start this now. 

Sonu: How would you know?

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010

34. Rose: You’ve given me the wrong pencil. I asked for a Nataraj. 
Shopkeeper: _______________________________ 

A.  I’m sorry, this is a better one. 
B.  I’m sorry, here’s the one you want. 
C.  I’m sorry, I can’t give it to you. 

Rose: Thanks! How much? 

35. Jai: Veeru, This is my uncle. 
Veeru: Hello uncle! 
Uncle Rao: ___________________________________ 

A.  Hello Veeru, are you Jai’s classmate? 
B.  Hello Veeru, what can I do for you? 
C.  Hello Veeru, there’s mud on your shirt. 

36. Jalal: More ice­cream? 
Raj: __________________________ 

A.  No thanks, I’m full. 
B.  No, thanks. I’m doing well. 
C.  No, thanks. I’m off. 

Jalal: You sure? I’m going to eat some more. 

Written Expression 
Choose the sentence that completes the paragraph. 
37.  S1: Nitya heard a sound near her window. 
S2:  __________________________ 
S3: Her uncle and aunt came running into the room. 

A.  So she hid under the blankets. 
B.  Then the curtains moved and she screamed. 
C.  Then she saw a long, white hand on the table.

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CLASS 5 | 1st IEO - 2010

38.  S1: Petros the pelican found the houses in the city very beautiful. 
S2:  __________________________ 
S3: But the harbor was even better. 

A.  They were bright and colourful. 
B.  He decided to live in one of them. 
C.  It was close to the harbor. 

39.  S1: Nikhil’s summer holidays had begun. 
S2: __________________________ 
S3: But his mother planned to send him to one. 

A.  He did not want to visit his grandparents. 
B.  He did not want to go for swimming lessons. 
C.  He did not want to attend a summer camp. 

40.  S1: Lions, one of the big cats found in India, are fast disappearing. 
S2:  __________________________ 
S3: Once the king of the forest, today they need protection. 

A.  These majestic cats inhabited large parts of India. 
B.  Excessive hunting and scarcity of food have reduced their numbers. 
C.  Being large carnivores, they need huge spaces to roam around. 


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Class 5


Year 2011

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2 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

Section-I : Word and Structure knowledge

Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word.

1. There is very _________ space left in the suitcase.
(A) little (B) few
(C) much (D) none of these

2. _________ people joined the protest against child labour.
(A) Few (B) Several
(C) Much (D) of these

3. Oh no! Vishnu’s wallet is lying on the coffee table. He _________ have left it here
last night.
(A) could (B) must
(C) would (D) none of these

4. Don’t climb the wall without a rope. You _________ fall.
(A) must (B) need not
(C) might (D) none of these

5. Mom lit the candle and the _________ filled the room.
(A) cent (B) sent
(C) scent (D) none of these

6. The robbers had a hidden _________ of diamonds and jewellery.
(A) cash (B) cache
(C) kache (D) none of these

7. Potato chips are not _________.
(A) crisp (B) crunchy
(C) juicy (D) none of these

8. Foreigners feel Indian food is very _________ .

(A) creamy (B) crunchy

(C) spicy (D) none of these

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3 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

9. Rich food is always

(A) sweet (B) salty

(C) creamy (D) none of these

(10-12) : How many words are misspelt in these sentences?

10. A person who cannot reed or write is an iliterate.

(A) 3 (B) 2

(C) 1 (D) No error

11. Chintu has a mischeivous look on his face.

(A) 3 (B) 2

(C) 1 (D) No error

12. Our class leader is very strickt and unbiased.

(A) 3 (B) 2

(C) 1 (D) No error

13. If you are in the pink of your health, you are ________ .

(A) sick (B) hale and healthy

(C) tired (D) none of these

14. When you are in seventh heaven, you are ________ .

(A) dead and gone (B) very happy and excited

(C) on the 7th floor (D) none of these

15. My dog is bigger than your dog. The larger dog is _________ .

(A) yours (B) mine

(C) ours (D) none of these

16. Keshav speaks English fluently but I cannot follow _________ accent.

(A) its (B) his

(C) my (D) none of these

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

(17- 25) : Spot the error in the sentences and mark the part that has
the error.

17. Shashank / thinked / of a new plan.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

18. Tushar / re-strung his / olden guitar.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

19. Nihal sympathized / for the old beggar / and gave him Rs. 10.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

20. The sun / rose / in the east.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

21. I met / an European tourist / at the IPL cricket match.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

22. The bomb squad / searched the baggages / thoroughly.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

23. While he was / in the US in the early 90’s / he has learnt Spanish.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

24. Aneesh broke off / when he failed / in the exam.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

25. Arpitha is / suffering by tuberculosis / since 2010.
(A) (B) (C) (D) No error

(26-30) : Choose the correct option.

26. Children who are obese are healthy.
(A) True (B) False
(C) NOT sure (D) None of these

27. The opposite of brave is
(A) courageous (B) cowardly
(C) unbrave (D) none of these

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

28. The opposite of arrive is
(A) depart (B) go
(C) arrived (D) none of these

29. Mr. Varun was demoted on hearing this he was _________
(A) sad (B) satisfied
(C) happy (D) none of these

30. Your father is about to pay the bill in a restaurant but he realizes that he has not
got his wallet. How will he feel at that moment?
(A) Happy (B) Surprised
(C) Embarrassed (D) None of these

Section-II : Reading

A. Read the following news items and choose the appropriate

31. Students of Plato International School went around the fort and museum as part
of a heritage walk organized by the Heritage club.
(A) A walk to remember (B) A walk into the past
(C) Walk the talk (D) None of these

32. All flights from Delhi in the morning were delayed by more than two hours due to
the heavy fog.
(A) Fog, mist and snow (B) Flights cancelled
(C) Heavy fog delays air-traffic (D) None of these

33. After a span of 20 years, actor Rishi Kapoor comes back as a hero on the big
(A) Rishi makes his debut (B) Rishi hangs his boots
(C) Rishi makes a comeback (D) none of these

34. J.K Rowling writes another book called Hogwarts after Harry.
(A) Latest Harry Potter book out on the stands
(B) Rowling does not rest
(C) New movie is released
(D) None of these

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

B. Study the table and answer the following:

Name of the Magazine Description Price

Chef’s Delight (A) A monthly magazine for International Chefs Rs. 120

Teen Trumpet (B) A fortnightly magazine for boys and girls Rs. 60

The Green Warriors (C) For the eco-friendly people Rs. 40

35. Mrs. Seetha has two adolescent children. Which magazine would she like to place
an order for?
(A) (B) (C) (D) None of these

36. Ayush is pursuing a course in Hotel Management, which magazine should he ideally
subscribe to?
(A) (B) (C) (D) None of these

37. An article on Saplings and its care, would ideally feature in which magazine?
(A) (B) (C) (D) None of these

38. A fortnightly magazine is published _________ .
(A) once a week (B) twice a month
(C) every night (D) none of these

C. Read the following text box, appearing on the back wrapper of a
book titled Fate of the missing mouse. By Julianne

1. Stories on Computers can also be thrilling.

2. The suspense is well maintained.

3. The climax is hilarious.

39. The book can be classified under the category of
(A) mystery (B) history
(C) tragedy (D) none of these

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7 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

40. Climax is
(A) the beginning of the story
(B) an introduction written by someone famous
(C) the final scene
(D) none of these

41. The story is hilarious so it makes you _________ .
(A) laugh (B) cry
(C) tired (D) none of these

42. Mouse in the title refers to _________ .
(A) the hero (B) a cartoon character
(C) the computer accessory (D) none of these

Section-III : Spoken and written expression

Choose the best option to complete the dialogue.

43. Rekha : Did you get the message from your sister?
Roshan : ___________________________
(A) Yes, I have got the message. (B) Yes, I am not sure.
(C) No, I am busy now. (D) None of these.

44. You miss a line when your teacher is dictating notes. What would you say?
(A) Tell that again (B) Pardon
(C) Repeat ma’am (D) None of these

45. Salil: Did you win the match against St. Peter’s this morning?
Mustafa : No, we lost.
Salil : ___________________________
(A) Wow! Congrats! (B) Cheer up! There is always a next time.
(C) Shame on you! They are an easy team! (D) None of these.

46. Do you have a lucky number?
(A) Yes, I do. It’s eight. (B) Yes, I don’t.
(C) I will not know. (D) None of these.

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8 CLASS 5 | 2nd IEO 2011

47. What kind of food do you like best?
(A) I like breakfast. (B) I prefer dinner.
(C) I like Chinese food. (D) None of these.

48. Mr. Humphrey : It was nice meeting you, Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown : ___________________________
(A) Call me up later or send me an e-mail.
(B) Give me your business card.
(C) Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again.
(D) None of these.

49. You are invited to my birthday party.
(A) Sorry, I won`t come.
(B) I might come, but don’t get your hopes up high.
(C) Thank you. I will certainly make it.
(D) None of these.

50. Tourist : Can you direct me to the Gurudwara?
Boy : ___________________________
(A) Sorry, I won’t. I won’t help strangers.
(B) No. I don’t know who you are.
(C) Certainly. Go down the lane and turn right.
(D) None of these.


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Class 5


Set A

Year 2012

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2 3rd IEO - SET A


1. The Olympic Games ______________ place every 4 years.
(A) get (B) have
(C) give (D) take

2. I read a lot of General Knowledge books, they are a good source of ________.
(A) informing (B) informative
(C) information (D) informed

3. Playing games with friends is very ______________.
(A) entertained (B) entertaining
(C) entertainment (D) entertains

4. Dogs can always ______________ the person because of their powers of smell.
(A) identified (B) identity
(C) identifiable (D) identify

5. Riya has lived in Chennai ______________ 10 years.
(A) for (B) about
(C) since (D) ago

6. The weather is very dry. It hasn’t rained since __________.
(A) 10 days (B) last Friday
(C) many days (D) about one month

7. It’s very ______________ when you are caught telling a lie.
(A) pleasing (B) embarrassing
(C) exhausting (D) teasing

8. Neither my dad ______________ my mum could come to the school function.
(A) with (B) or
(C) and (D) nor

9. My brother drew a picture yesterday. It was ok, but not ___________ mine.
(A) good as (B) as good as
(C) better as (D) best as

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET A 3
10. I’m sorry, we didn’t have electricity all yesterday, therefore I __________ not do
my homework.
(A) must (B) would
(C) should (D) could

11. The Minister said that we will have ___________ powercuts now because the new
power station has opened.
(A) any (B) more
(C) fewer (D) some

12. Doctors say overweight people should not eat ______________ food.
(A) crunchy (B) boiled
(C) oily (D) crispy

13. My uncle has a shop in _________ small village by the river Ganga.
(A) a (B) the
(C) an (D) none

14. Everyone likes my uncle because he is _________ honest man.
(A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) none

15. I kept a box of sweets on __________ table last night. It’s empty now.
(A) none (B) a
(C) an (D) the

16. Most days I reach school on time. I am ______________ late.
(A) normally (B) rarely
(C) generally (D) regularly

17. People should not drive ______________ on the road.
(A) carelessly (B) carefully
(C) careless (D) careful

18. Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsman in the world; he plays all his shots
(A) more wonderfully (B) wonderful
(C) wonderfully (D) most wonderful

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4 3rd IEO - SET A
19. Vassan always sits ______________ the table to eat his food.
(A) on (B) in
(C) above (D) at

20. Hari ran ___________ the road to catch the falling kite on the other side.
(A) in (B) across
(C) through (D) for

21. People have to go ______________ the long bridge to reach the temple on the
(A) over (B) through
(C) in (D) between

22. We will go on a picnic next week ______________ it rains.
(A) when (B) until
(C) unless (D) because

23. Vassan doesn’t leave the table ______________ he finishes all this food.
(A) because (B) however
(C) without (D) until

24. All the athletes had to practice very hard __________ they wanted to win a medal
in the London Olympics.
(A) due to (B) because
(C) therefore (D) although

25. I’m ______________ a very interesting book these days.
(A) have read (B) will read
(C) read (D) reading

26. Rijul told me that he has ______________ Dragon fruit in Sri Lanka.
(A) eat (B) ate
(C) eaten (D) eating

27. Ashok’s school is closed today therefore he ________ have to wake up early.
(A) doesn’t (B) mustn’t
(C) can’t (D) hasn’t

28. Vikas couldn’t finish the question paper __________ in the 3 hours he had.
(A) ideally (B) absolutely
(C) completely (D) wholly

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET A 5
29. What do you do with a torch? You ______________.
(A) shine it (B) turn it
(C) show it (D) glow it


with my friends / going on holiday / I was / looking forward to
1 2 3 4

(A) 4, 1, 2, 3 (B) 1, 3, 2, 4 (C) 3, 4, 2, 1 (D) 2, 3, 1, 4

30. all your / in one basket / don’t put / eggs
1 2 3 4

(A) 4, 1, 2, 3 (B) 1, 3, 2, 4

(C) 3, 1, 4, 2 (D) 2, 3, 1, 4

31. late / better / never / than
1 2 3 4

(A) 3, 1, 4, 2 (B) 1, 2, 4, 3

(C) 4, 2, 1, 3 (D) 2, 1, 4, 3

32. is a / best friend / man’s / a dog
1 2 3 4

(A) 2, 1, 3, 4 (B) 4, 1, 3, 2

(C) 2, 3, 4, 1 (D) 4, 1, 2, 3

33. lining / every / silver / cloud has a
1 2 3 4

(A) 4, 3, 1, 2 (B) 3, 2, 4, 1

(C) 2, 4, 3, 1 (D) 1, 2, 4, 3

34. a man / makes / practice / perfect
1 2 3 4

(A) 2, 3, 4, 1 (B) 1, 4, 3, 2

(C) 4, 1, 2, 3 (D) 3, 2, 1, 4

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 3rd IEO - SET A
Section-II : Reading


A man-eating tiger is a tiger that has been forced because of reasons beyond
its control to start eating human beings. In nine cases out of ten either the
tiger is wounded, or in the tenth case is very old. Human beings are not the
natural prey of tigers and it is only when tigers are incapable of chasing or
hunt they are forced to eat human flesh to live.
When a tiger is suffering from one or more painful wounds (which can happen
when it is careless while killing a porcupine, its teeth are missing or defective
or its claws are worn down), it is unable to catch its natural food which is an
animal and is forced to kill human beings.

35. Are all tigers man eaters?
(A) Only the ones who are wounded.
(B) Only the ones who are careless while killing a porcupine.
(C) Only the ones who are wounded or old.
(D) Only the ones who have missing teeth.

36. What does the phrase ‘claws are worn down’ mean?
(A) Claws are not sharp. (B) Claws are dirty.
(C) Claws are missing. (D) Claws are not worn up.

37. What should the tiger be careful of?
(A) Humans (B) Porcupines
(C) Getting wounded (D) Having bad teeth

38. Choose the appropriate heading for the passage above.
(A) Old and wounded tigers are lazy. (B) Why do tigers become man eaters?
(C) Porcupines kill tigers. (D) Should humans give food to tigers?


Speed thrills but kills

(A) you should be careful when having thrills (B) thrill kills you
(C) driving fast is dangerous (D) thrills give you speed

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET A 7

Driving faster can cause disaster

40. Disaster means
(A) getting fined (B) success
(C) reaching early (D) great harm



Steve : I live in a big city.
Jill : ___________.

(A) I live near the park (B) So do I
(C) This place is crowded (D) I also

41. Pallavi : Can you post this letter for me, please?
Vikas : ______________.
(A) Yes, the post box is in Defence Colony, but I will do it
(B) Yes, sending an email is faster than a letter
(C) Yes, it is nice to write a letter with your name on the envelope
(D) Yes, I’ll write a letter too, but I don’t have a stamp

42. Dev and Veena are talking on the phone.
Dev : Hello, Can I help you?
Veena : ______________.
(A) Yes, you are a good boy. You always help others
(B) Yes, I’d like to speak to Helen, please
(C) Yes, can you hear me? I can hear you
(D) None of these

43. You can turn off the TV. I’m ______________ it.
(A) watching (B) not watching
(C) listening (D) not changing

44. Let’s go out now. It ______________ raining anymore.
(A) is (B) will be
(C) wasn’t (D) isn’t

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
8 3rd IEO - SET A
45. Please don’t make so much _________, I’m trying to study.
(A) sound (B) music
(C) noise (D) shouting

46. ‘Ssh … I’m ______________ because I don’t want to wake the children.’
(A) shouting (B) answering
(C) announcing (D) whispering

47. ‘Well done! You did it!’ My parents ______________ me on coming first.
(A) awarded (B) promised
(C) congratulated (D) warned

48. I phoned Oliver at home, but ______________.
(A) there were no answer (B) there was no answer
(C) there were no answers (D) there was no answers

49 Srini : ‘What did you do to your finger?’
Shalini : ______________
(A) ‘I cut myself when I was sharpening the pencil.’
(B) ‘I cut me when I was sharpening the pencil.’
(C) ‘I myself cut when I was sharpening the pencil.’
(D) ‘I cut when I was sharpening the pencil.’

50. Kapil : Are you going to Rijul’s birthday party on Sunday?
Rachna : No, I didn’t get ______________.
(A) invite (B) invited
(C) inviting (D) invitation


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Class 5



Year 2013

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 4th IEO - Set A


FOR QUESTIONS 1 TO 10, CHOOSE THE BEST 6. They had one hour to do it, but the students
WORD OR PHRASE TO COMPLETE EACH have __________ finished the work.
B. already
C. never
I have a _______ friends in my D. still
A. many 7. Seema arrived in Patna two days ________.
B. few A. already
C. much B. since
C. yet
D. lots
D. ago

1. I was looking out of the window ________ 8. Many of Manish’s classmates __________
someone called my name. an interest in joining the campaign.
A. while A. suggested
B. when B. expressed
C. as C. described
D. so D. concurred

2. We _________________ that our school had 9. You will get good marks, ________ you study
once been a hospital. hard.
A. invented A. if
B. discovered B. at the time
C. reviewed C. unless
D. reminded D. suppose

3. _________________ I was playing tennis, I 10. You haven’t completed your homework,
broke my arm. ________ we cannot go to the match.
A. While A. at first
B. When B. therefore
C. As C. however
D. During D. because
4. __________ a car they also have a bike. FOR QUESTIONS 11 TO 13, MATCH THE
C. Except for
D. Apart
furniture, cake, advice, news
5. I ____ walking when the weather was fine. A. unit
A. agreed B. article
B. loved C. piece
C. wanted
D. item
D. decided

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set A 3

11. listen to, talk to, think about, look up
A. the radio We had to manage the boat ourselves
B. a friend and I had no previous experience.
C. the weather ____(16)____ I began to feel more
D. a book confident. ____(17)____ suddenly, we hit
a rock and I fell over. I hadn’t hurt myself
12. offer, give, take, ask for but felt very embarrassed.
A. a response
B. an answer 14. A. One morning
C. advice B. At first
D. a solution C. In the beginning
13. best, close, mutual, school D. Once upon a time
A. family 15. A. Firstly
B. friend B. At first
C. couple C. Slowly
D. teacher D. Then
16. A. After a while
B. Lately
Boating Holiday C. Little later
I went boating for the first time last summer. D. Shortly
____(14)____, a boy asked if I would like to
go on a houseboat with him. ____(15)____ 17. A. Moreover
I thought this was a wonderful idea but after B. Finally
a while I wasn’t too sure. C. Then
D. Later


AN ADULT WITH THEM ON THIS 18. The other entrance is ___________ .
A. near the cafe
The sign says that ___________ . B. opposite the cafe
C. adjacent to the cafe
A. children less than 5 years old D. around the cafe
cannot go on this ride alone
19. If you try to use the closed gate will you be
B. children in groups of five or more punished?
must have an adult with them A. Yes
C. adults are not allowed on this ride B. No
D. none of these C. May be
D. Can’t say

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 4th IEO - Set A

20. This sign ___________ .
After much research, he decided the berries
A. is a warning
were safe to eat. He put one into his mouth
B. gives permission
C. gives information and tasted the sharp, tangy flesh. Little
D. is an order black seeds were at the centre of the fruit.
He carefully, savoured the tartness of the
PERFORMANCE IS OVER wild gooseberry.
Then he began waiting an hour to see if
21. The sign ___________ . there was any sort of reaction, just in case
A. is a suggestion he’d made a mistake. After a while, when
B. is a warning
he found that he had no stomach pains or
C. is a request
D. gives information any other reaction, he ate a few more and
then got a bag and collected all the berries
he could find. He rinsed them and ate a
few more, but he crushed most of them to
BERRIES FOR GOPAL make juice. The juice did not need sugar
Gopal paused to take in the smell and scene and tasted sweet and natural. This is how
around him as he walked down the street. Gopal became interested in plants and
He often took this route after school, but learned about them from school and on
did not remember seeing the creepers that
the internet.
covered the bushes near the road.
He supposed they might have always been
there, but the recent rains had probably 22. What did Gopal see as he walked along the
made them bigger and healthier for they had road?
grown larger and longer. Now, the creepers
seemed to cover everything and bunches of A. Flowers
dark berries could be seen among the deep B. Vegetables
green leaves. The berries looked delicious, C. Money plants
small and red though some were larger and D. Wild vines
23. Why was Gopal careful about picking and
Gopal watched the creepers spread and
eating the wild fruit?
grow everyday on his way to and back from
school and finally one day he decided to A. They might be poisonous.
taste the abundant tiny fruit. However, first B. They might make him fat.
he wanted to be sure they were edible and C. They might not be delicious.
took some home to his grandmother who D. They might cause infections.
said they were a kind of gooseberry. Later
that day, Gopal checked on the internet to 24. How did Gopal decide that the fruit was
correctly identify the plant. He found that safe?
there were whole pages dedicated to edible A. They looked delicious.
wild fruits and plants, as well as imposter B. He did a lot of research.
plants that looked similar but were actually C. He watched a programme on TV.
bad for you. D. He consulted a doctor.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set A 5

25. Why did Gopal wait after eating some of the 26. How did finding the wild fruit change
fruit? Gopal?
A. He was letting them react. A. He started appreciating nature more.
B. He was making sure he didn’t get sick. B. He ate more healthily.
C. He was making juice. C. He got bitten by a snake.
D. He was collecting more berries. D. He stopped buying store food.

Spoken and written expression

B. ago
Wet Walk
C. since
The wettest walk in the (example) D. after
____(A)_____ is probably the one Dhamu
and Somnath did a few years ____(27)____
A. passed
when they walked to Cherrapunji from
B. stayed
Calcutta during the monsoons . To prepare C. spent
for the trip they ____(28)____ a day standing D. had
in a lake. But they were more comfortable
there than at Cherrapunji ____(29)____
A. because
they weren’t tired or hungry there. They
B. but
began their 1.126 km walk ____(30)____
C. therefore
8th December 2005 and ____(31)____ in
D. so
Cherrapunji 47 days later. A plane took
them straight home from there. 30.
Dhamu had his 27th ____(32)____ during A. in
the trip and he was amazed when Somnath B. at
gave him a small ____(33)____ cake with a C. on
D. for
candle inside. Somnath said ____(34)____
moment for him was when Dhamu’s face lit 31.
up when he ____(35)____ that cake. A. got
The strange things is that more men B. reached
____(36)____ walked on the moon than to C. went
Cherrapunji. D. arrived
Example 32.
A. world A. celebration
B. country B. anniversary
C. planet C. wedding
D. earth D. birthday

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 4th IEO - Set A

A. celebration Arvind : Well, I bought some CDs and a
B. celebrative new ringtone for my mobile phone this
C. celebratory morning.
D. celebrating
Mani : You really like your mobile, don’t
34. you? What’s the worst experience you’ve
A. greater ever had with a computer?
B. good Arvind : Once, when I had to hand in a
C. best
really important essay the next day, my
D. better
computer ____(43)____ and I ____(44)____
35. the whole document.
A. saw
Mani : Hadn’t you ____(45)____ a backup
B. looked
C. watched copy?
D. realised Arvind : No. Anyway it turns out
the computer had a virus so the copy
probably would have been infected
A. did
B. have too.
C. was Example
D. has
A. look

Arvind : So how often do you (example)
____(C)____ your email? 37.
Mani : At least once a day and sometimes A. received
more. If I’ve ____(37)____ any messages B. arrived
I usually answer them straightaway and I C. retrieved
always ____(38)____ my friends messages D. accessed
on their birthdays.
Arvind : I use my computer mostly for word
____(39)____. A. give
B. send
Mani : Don’t you ever ____(40)____the
net? C. emit
D. put
Arvind : Sure, in fact I ____(41)____ a
fantastic website just the other day. It was 39.
the official site of the film A.I. You can
A. producing
actually chat to a robot on the site!
B. processing
Mani : And do you ever buy things
C. writing
____(42) ____?
D. working

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set A 7

40. 43.
A. navigate A. dropped
B. sail B. crashed
C. travel C. hung up
D. surf D. closed

41. 44.
A. arrived at A. missed
B. reached B. lost
C. came across C. disappeared
D. visited D. rubbed out

42. 45.
A. online A. done
B. on hold B. made
C. connected C. produced
D. remotely D. prepared


EACH SENTENCE. 49. I asked for her help and she ____________
me well.
46. The group tried to _____________ the barriers
in their path. A. adviced
B. suggested
A. overlook
C. advised
B. overcome
D. suggest
C. overwhelm
47. I told her I prefer travelling by train ____.
A. than flying PARK CLOSES AT 6 PM
C. to flying WHEN IT CLOSES AT 4 PM
D. to flight
50. The park ___________ .
48. She ______________ to wear glasses. She
A. closes early during winters
can’t see the letters well enough. B. closes early only in December
A. should C. closes at 6 pm on all days
B. can D. closes later in December

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Class 5


Set A

Year 2014

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 5th IEO - Set A


FOR QUESTIONS 1 TO 16, CHOOSE THE 5. I don’t know many words in French, therefore
CORRECT WORD/PHRASE TO COMPLETE I need to __________ my vocabulary.
EACH SENTENCE. A. accelerate
B. step up
Example C. enlarge
Potato chips are _________. D. enhance
A. creamy
6. Does this drink _________ apple juice? If
B. silky it does, I don’t want it because I don’t like
C. crunchy apple juice.
D. smooth
A. contaminate
B. consist
1. I thought I’d done well in my exams, but C. contain
I was ________ disappointed with my D. contribute
7. If I disagree with my best friend, he gets a
A. vitally bit _________ and starts fighting with me.
B. generally A. aggressive
C. bitterly B. ambitious
D. mainly C. arrogant
2. Does the optician near your house have a D. aloof
good ________ of spectacle frames or just 8. I’ll turn the tap off when the tank is full.
a few? Tell me when the tank _________.
A. offers A. is overflow
B. collection B. will overflow
C. grouping C. overflowed
D. category D. overflows

3. This term, the school curriculum will mainly 9. Luckily, the firefighters _________ out the
________ on education, and not so much on fire very quickly or else the whole house
sports. would have burnt down.
A. emphasize A. switched
B. promote B. put
C. pressure C. turned
D. importance D. blow

4. The principal had to ________ the lesson to 10. Teacher: Are we all here? _________
inform us to leave the school building quickly. everybody arrived? Shall we start?
A. interconnect A. Is
B. interrupt B. Have
C. intercept C. Has
D. intersect D. Are

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set A 3

11. Thank God! I found the homework file. 16. Raj tells people he’s the head boy of the
I _________ been looking for it since last school, but _________ he’s only a class
night. prefect.
A. had A. hopefully
B. have B. unfortunately
C. has C. obviously
D. was D. actually

12. Shop advertisement: We have the lowest price FOR QUESTIONS 17 TO 19, REARRANGE
in town. We promise to _________ any price THE WORDS TO FORM MEANINGFUL
offered by our competitors. SENTENCE.

A. beat Example
B. bet cat / the / curiosity / killed
C. betting a b c d
D. bite A. a c d b
B. c d b a
13. To reach school on time I set _________ C. b d c a
from home at 6 am every morning. D. d b a c

A. up
17. always / arrives / late / she
B. off
a b c d
C. in A. a b cd
D. on B. b c da
C. d a bc
14. I went shopping and bought _________ apples
D. d c ba
and some oranges.
A. a little 18. every / he goes to / week /the cinema
B. much a b c d
C. a few A. b d a c
B. d a c b
D. no
C. a c d b
15. Isabel is brighter than the rest of the class. D. d a b c
Some people say she’s the _________
19. heavily / India / it rained / throughout
intelligent girl in the whole school.
a b c d
A. more A. a cbd
B. most B. c bda
C. mainly C. c dab
D. much D. c adb

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 5th IEO - Set A


ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAT FOLLOW. They can grow to a length of about 12.5
feet (3.8 m) and height at shoulders, up to
Indian Rhinoceros 6 feet (1.8 m).
The Indian rhinoceros lives primarily in The prominent horn for which these rhinos
northern India and Nepal. These massive are so well-known has also been their
beasts have some noticeable physical dif- downfall. Many animals have been killed
ferences from their African relatives. Their for this hard, hair-like growth, which is
segmented hide looks like a formidable revered for medicinal use in China, Taiwan,
coat of natural body armor. It functions a Hong Kong, and Singapore. The horn is also
bit like one also: Flexible skin between the valued in North Africa and the Middle East
thicker hide "plates" allows them to shift as as an ornamental dagger handle. There are
the rhinoceros moves.
only about 2,000 Indian rhinos left in the
As their Latin name Rhinoceros unicornis wild. They are an endangered species.
suggests, Indian rhinos have only one horn.
Like other rhinos, these animals have sharp
hearing and a keen sense of smell. They 20. How long can the rhinos live?
may find one another by following the A. 12.5 years
trail of scent each enormous animal leaves B. Many years
behind on the landscape. An Indian rhino C. Thirty years
can move very quickly when aroused. Their
D. Forty years
charges have been clocked at 30 miles
(48 kilometers) an hour. They can weigh 21. Rhinos graze through _________.
up to 2000 kg. Despite their bulk, they are
A. tunnels
nimble and can jump or change direction
B. tall grass
C. water
The Indian rhino is a grazer that travels
D. aquatic plants
established, tunnel-like paths through its
tall grass habitat. It grasps tall grasses with 22. They can find each other by _________.
its prehensile (gripping) lip. In addition to
A. trails
grass, rhinos eat fruit, leaves, and sometimes
farm crops. They are often around water B. hearing
and sometimes consume aquatic plants. C. scent
These herbivorous mammals and their D. listening
average life span in the wild is about
23. Besides being very heavy, they can change
40 years. These animals forage in the cooler
temperatures of morning and afternoon to _________ very quickly, while chasing.
avoid exerting themselves in the unbearable A. direction
mid-day heat. When the sun is high, they B. colour
often wallow or submerge themselves in C. sight
water. D. ways

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set A 5

24. Indian rhinos are similar to _________
Metro train ticket counter
Please have ready the exact fare for your
A. African
B. North African
C. Nepalese
D. Chinese 27. The sign says that _________.

25. Their horns are used as an ornament in the A. you need to keep your ticket ready for

_________. checking

A. Middle East B. all metro journeys cost exactly the same

B. China C. you need to have the exact amount of
C. India money to buy the ticket
D. Hong Kong D. you have to be ready for your journey

26. Apart from having good sense of smell,
Internet café
rhinos also have sharp _________.
Between 9 am and 9 pm,
A. hair
minimum charge ` 20 per hour.
B. nails
C. body plates
D. hearing 28. The sign says that _________.
A. you can only use internet for ` 20
AND CHOOSE THE CORRECT EXPLANATION B. a charge of ` 20 is added each hour
FOR IT. C. you can only use internet for an hour
D. each customer will have to pay at least
` 20
Learn to play the piano with your children,
The sign says that _________.
4 lessons a week.
A. children less than 5 years of age
cannot go on this ride alone 29. The sign says that _________.

B. children in groups of five or more A. watch your children to play the piano
must have an adult with them B. parents and children can learn together
C. adults are not allowed on this ride C. we’ll look after your children while you
D. children under five feet height must learn the piano
have an adult with them
D. group piano lessons for children only

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 5th IEO - Set A

Spoken and written expression

F O R Q U E S T I O N S 3 0 TO 3 6 , C H O O S E Hari: That’s funny, _________ was I.
C. so
Example D. either
Steve: I live in a big city.
34. Nephew: Hurry up uncle, we’ll miss the
Jill: _________. train.
A. I live near the park Uncle: Yes I know, we’ll miss the train
B. So do I _________ we leave at once. Let’s go.
C. I also A. until
D. My house is big B. unless
C. if
30. Anil: Hey, you know Sachin Tendulkar is D. in case
coming to our school to meet our team.
35. Parent: How is my daughter doing in
Omar: Really! You mean _________ Sachin class?
Tendulkar? I’ll get his autograph.
Teacher: Your daughter’s reading is the best
A. a
in the class. Her writing, _________ needs
B. one
C. what
D. the A. but
B. besides
31. Tony: I’ve couriered the parcel with the C. moreover
balloons. D. however
Hamid: _________ it arrive in time? I hope
it does before the birthday party. 36. Alison: Where is Amy? Do you happen to
know whether she went out alone?
A. Shall
B. Won’t Sarah: I’m _________.
C. How A. scared I didn’t see her go out
D. Will B. sure I’ve never seen with people
C. afraid I didn’t see her go out
32. Salman: What would you like to be, my
D. going to see
Imran: If I _________ choose anything, FOR QUESTIONS 37 TO 45, CHOOSE THE
I think I’d want to be an actress. BEST OPTION TO COMPLETE EACH GAP.
A. could
B. can Dear Ishan,
C. would Thanks for your lovely email. I _____
D. should (37)_____ it last night. You asked me
33. Hari: Hey Vassan, where were you born? _____(38)_____ my family, so here’s
some information about my family.
Vassan: I was born in Delhi.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set A 7

C. does
I go to a small school in my village and so D. do
_____(39)_____ my brother, Ajith and my
sister, Sitara. I love my school, and they 40.
do too. I don’t like Maths and Ajith doesn’t A. neither
_____(40)_____. I prefer arts and so does B. both
Sitara. You said you enjoyed painting and C. either
I do _____(41)_____. You also said you D. to
didn’t like cricket. We all hate it also ! 41.
My father loves it and so _____(42)_____ A. too
my mother, but they only watch it on TV, B. neither
they _____(43)_____ play. C. even
I’m _____(44)_____ camping with D. either
my school next week and I think you 42.
_____(45)_____ that you are going this
A. also
week. Write to me about your trip, after B. too
you get back. C. do
Your friend, D. does
Viren 43.
A. only
B. never
C. always
A. get
D. all ways
B. see
C. checked 44.
D. sent A. going
38. B. went
A. about C. go
B. for D. gone
C. of 45.
D. on
A. tell me
39. B. told
A. did C. said
B. was D. say


FOR QUESTIONS 46 AND 47, CHOOSE THE A. strange quiet
B. strange quietly
C. strangely quiet
46. Last night there was no moon, it was very
dark and _________ outside. D. strangely quietly

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
8 5th IEO - Set A

47. The Japanese have made a new train which FOR QUESTIONS 49 AND 50, CHOOSE
travels at very high speeds. It is _________ THE BEST REPLY TO COMPLETE EACH
train in the world. CONVERSATION.
A. faster 49. Ram: This supermarket charges too much
B. most fastest for parking your car.
C. faster of all Raju: I think the best solution is to go to
D. the fastest another supermarket.
READ THE SIGN AND CHOOSE THE Ram: I agree then they will quickly _________
CORRECT EXPLANATION FOR IT. their stupid policy.
A. decide
Central Park B. refuse
Do not climb the trees – Danger of falling C. change
branches. D. plan
50. Sunil: Oh, do you really have to go? Stay a
48. The sign says that _________. bit longer and have tea.
A. do not climb the trees, as it is dangerous Kavita: Well, I _________ go. I have to go
B. there is a danger of falling on the for my tuition classes, I’ll get late.
branches A. would
C. check loose branches before you climb B. should
D. do not climb the branches but the trees C. could
are okay D. might

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1.  (A)  2.  (B)  3.  (A)  4.  (C)  5.  (A)  6.  (B)  7.  (C)  8.  (B)  9.  (B)  10.  (C) 
11.  (B)  12.  (C)  13.  (C)  14.  (A)  15.  (C)  16.  (B)  17.  (A)  18.  (A)  19.  (B)  20.  (B) 
21.  (C)  22.  (B)  23.  (B)  24.  (B)  25.  (C)  26.  (B)  27.  (A)  28.  (C)  29.  (A)  30.  (B) 
31.  (C)  32.  (C)  33.  (A)  34.  (B)  35.  (A)  36.  (A)  37.  (B)  38.  (A)  39.  (C)  40.  (B) 


1.  (A)  2.  (B)  3.  (B)  4.  (C)  5.  (C)  6.  (B)  7.  (C)  8.  (C)  9.  (C)  10.  (B) 
11.  (C)  12.  (C)  13.  (B)  14.  (B)  15.  (B)  16.  (B)  17.  (B)  18.  (C)  19.  (B)  20.  (B) 
21.  (B)  22.  (B)  23.  (C)  24.  (A)  25.  (B)  26.  (B)  27.  (B)  28.  (A)  29.  (A)  30.  (C) 
31.  (B)  32.  (C)  33.  (C)  34.  (A)  35.  (B)  36.  (A)  37.  (C)  38.  (B)  39.  (A)  40.  (C) 
41.  (A)  42.  (C)  43.  (A)  44.  (B)  45.  (B)  46.  (A)  47.  (C)  48.  (C)  49.  (C)  50.  (C) 

1. (D)  2. (C)  3. (B)  4. (D)  5. (A)  6. (B)  7. (B)  8. (D)  9. (B)  10. (D) 
11. (C)  12. (C)  13. (A)  14. (B)  15. (D)  16. (B)  17. (A)  18. (C)  19. (D)  20. (B) 
21. (A)  22. (C)  23. (D)  24. (B)  25. (D)  26. (C)  27. (A)  28. (C)  29. (A)  30. (C) 
31. (D)  32. (B)  33. (C)  34. (D)  35. (C)  36. (A)  37. (B)  38. (B)  39. (C)  40. (D) 
41. (A)  42. (B)  43. (B)  44. (D)  45. (C)  46. (D)  47. (C)  48. (B)  49. (A)  50. (B) 
1.  (C)  2.  (A)  3.  (C)  4.  (B)  5.  (C)  6.  (D)  7.  (D)  8.  (B)  9.  (A)  10.  (C) 
11.  (D)  12.  (B)  13.  (C)  14.  (A)  15.  (A)  16.  (B)  17.  (C)  18.  (A)  19.  (B)  20.  (B) 
21.  (D)  22.  (C)  23.  (D)  24.  (C)  25.  (A)  26.  (C)  27.  (B)  28.  (D)  29.  (C)  30.  (D) 
31.  (A)  32.  (B)  33.  (C)  34.  (D)  35.  (C)  36.  (B)  37.  (A)  38.  (C)  39.  (D)  40.  (A) 
41.  (D)  42.  (C)  43.  (B)  44.  (A)  45.  (D)  46.  (B)  47.  (D)  48.  (B)  49.  (A)  50.  (D) 


1.  (B)  2.  (B)  3.  (A)  4.  (B)  5.  (B)  6.  (B)  7.  (D)  8.  (B)  9.  (A)  10.  (B) 
11.  (B)  12.  (C)  13.  (B)  14.  (A)  15.  (B)  16.  (A)  17.  (C)  18.  (C)  19.  (D)  20.  (C) 
21.  (C)  22.  (D)  23.  (A)  24.  (B)  25.  (B)  26.  (A)  27.  (B)  28.  (C)  29.  (A)  30.  (C) 
31.  (D)  32.  (D)  33.  (C)  34.  (C)  35.  (A)  36.  (B)  37.  (A)  38.  (B)  39.  (B)  40.  (D) 
41.  (D)  42.  (A)  43.  (B)  44.  (B)  45.  (B)  46.  (B)  47.  (C)  48.  (D)  49.  (C)  50.  (B) 
1.  (A)  2.  (B)  3.  (C)  4.  (C)  5.  (A)  6.  (C)  7.  (B)  8.  (B)  9.  (C)  10.  (B) 
11.  (B)  12.  (D)  13.  (D)  14.  (B)  15.  (C)  16.  (A)  17.  (B)  18.  (A)  19.  (A)  20.  (C) 
21.  (D)  22.  (B)  23.  (D)  24.  (A)  25.  (C)  26.  (A)  27.  (D)  28.  (A)  29.  (D)  30.  (A) 
31.  (B)  32.  (B)  33.  (B)  34.  (C)  35.  (A)  36.  (B)  37.  (A)  38.  (B)  39.  (D)  40.  (B) 
41.  (D)  42.  (C)  43.  (B)  44.  (B)  45.  (C)  46.  (C)  47.  (B)  48.  (A)  49.  (C)  50.  (D) 

11.  (C)  2.  (B)  3.  (A)  4.  (B)  5.  (D)  6.  (C)  7.  (A)  8.  (D)  9.  (B)  10.  (C) 
11.  (B)  12.  (A)  13.  (B)  14.  (C)  15.  (B)  16.  (D)  17.  (C)  18.  (A)  19.  (D)  20.  (D) 
21.  (B)  22.  (C)  23.  (A)  24.  (C)  25.  (A)  26.  (D)  27.  (C)  28.  (D)  29.  (B)  30.  (D) 
31.  (D)  32.  (A)  33.  (C)  34.  (B)  35.  (D)  36.  (C)  37.  (C)  38.  (A)  39.  (C)  40.  (C) 
41.  (A)  42.  (D)  43.  (B)  44.  (A)  45.  (C)  46.  (C)  47.  (D)  48.  (A)  49.  (C)  50.  (B) 
1.  (B)  2.  (B)  3.  (A)  4.  (D)  5.  (C)  6.  (A)  7.  (C)  8.  (A)  9.  (B)  10.  (B) 
11.  (A)  12.  (A)  13.  (D)  14.  (A)  15.  (C)  16.  (C)  17.  (A)  18.  (C)  19.  (B)  20.  (A) 
21.  (A)  22.  (C)  23.  (D)  24.  (A)  25.  (A)  26.  (A)  27.  (C)  28.  (C)  29.  (C)  30.  (D) 
31.  (D)  32.  (B)  33.  (A)  34.  (D)  35.  (A)  36.  (C)  37.  (D)  38.  (A)  39.  (A)  40.  (B) 
41.  (A)  42.  (B)  43.  (C)  44.  (B)  45.  (C)  46.  (C)  47.  (A)  48.  (B)  49.  (D)  50.  (A)

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

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