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Class 6


Year 2010

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010


Fill in the blanks with the correct prefix. 

1.  My new shoes didn’t fit well. I felt ______comfortable in them. 
(A)  dis­ 
(B)  in­ 
(C)  un­ 

Choose the odd one out from each set of words. 

2.  (A)  means 
(B)  purpose 
(C)  intention 

3.  (A)  plump 
(B)  fat 
(C)  slim 

4  (A)  effect: effective 
(B)  detect: detective 
(C)  project: projective 

5.  (A)  brick: wall 
(B)  water: rain 
(C)  leather : shoes

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

6.  (A)  happily 
(B)  merrily 
(C)  bravely 

Choose the right spelling. 

7.  (A)  forcible 
(B)  forcable 
(C)  forceable 

Fill in the blanks with the correct word/phrase. 

8.  We ___________ in the opposite direction when we saw Ammu approaching. 
(A)  took off 
(B)  took up 
(C)  took on 

9.  There was just one day left for Christmas. I was __________ to open my presents. 
(A)  uneasy 
(B)  impatient 
(C)  restless 

10.  Atul told us a ___________ story about visiting the moon. 
(A)  short 
(B)  tall 
(C)  long

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010


Fill in the blanks with the correct word/phrase. 

11.  She had to rush. He _____________ for her in the car. 

(A)  had waited 
(B)  is waiting 
(C)  was waiting 

12.  I think you _______ see the doctor. Your cold isn’t getting better. 
(A)  may 
(B)  should 
(C)  might 

13.  The flight to Hyderabad takes ___________ than fifty minutes. 
(A)  less 
(B)  fewer 
(C)  lesser 

14.  Shashi said he would eat the pooris after they ___________. 
(A)  has cooled down 
(B)  had cooled down 
(C)  have cooled down 

Spot the error in the sentence. 

15.  Is the book  /  on the shelf  /  yours or mines? 
(A)  (B)  (C)

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

16.  Myself and Sheba  /  are going shopping  /  this afternoon. 
(A)  (B)  (C) 

17.  In the movie Toy Story,  /  Woody  will be chasing  /  the monsters out of the room. 
(A)  (B)  (C) 

Given below are sets of three sentences.  One in each set is incorrect.  Choose the incorrect 

18.  (A)  Each of us has a new table. 

(B)  All my friends has seen Taare Zameeen Par. 

(C)  Satya and Madhu live close to the theatre. 

19.  (A)  If I would have gone with Nani, I could have seen Dravid. 

(B)  If I had been Tarzan, I would have swung from tree to tree. 

(C)  If I had sketch pens, I would have drawn better pictures. 

20.  (A)  Sara has seen already the puppet show. 

(B)  Sara has seen the puppet show already. 

(C)  Sara has already seen the puppet show.

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010


Read the passages and answer the questions that follow. 
Passage 1 

I was so homesick during my first two weeks at St. Peter’s that I devised a way of 
getting myself sent back home. My idea was that I should all of a sudden develop an attack of 
acute appendicitis. 
When I reported my sickness to the teacher, I was sent to the Matron. I entered the room 
clutching my stomach on the right­hand side and staggering pathetically. 
'What's the matter with you boy?' the Matron shouted. 
'It hurts, Matron,' I moaned. 'Oh, it hurts so much! Just here!' 
'You've been over­eating!' she barked. 
'I haven't eaten a thing for days,' I lied. 
She began prodding my tummy violently with her fingers. I was watching her carefully, and 
when she hit what I guessed was the appendix place, I let out a yelp that rattled the 
'Ow! Ow! Ow!' I cried out. 'Don't, Matron, don't!' 
Then I slipped in the clincher. 'I've been sick all morning,' I moaned. 
This was the right move. Within an hour, the doctor arrived and as he examined me, I did my 
yelping at what I thought were the proper times. 
The Matron returned half an hour later and said, ‘Your mother's coming to fetch you this 
afternoon. ' 
I didn't answer her. I just lay there trying to look very ill, but my heart was singing all sorts of 
wonderful songs. As I was taken home on a ferry, I felt so wonderful to leave that dreaded school 
building that I very nearly forgot I was meant to be ill. 

21.  The boy had been at St. Peter’s for 
(A)  a week. 
(B)  two weeks. 
(C)  a month.

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

22.  The Matron suspected that the boy had appendicitis because 

(A)  he hadn’t been able to eat anything for days. 

(B)  he staggered into the room clutching his stomach. 

(C)  he screamed when she pressed the right side of his stomach. 

23.  The boy’s illness was a __________________. 

(A)  way to get Matron’s sympathy. 

(B)  trick to get Matron to send him home. 

(C)  real attack of appendicitis. 

24.  The sentence I’ve been sick all morning, means that the boy was 

(A)  unwell during the night. 

(B)  unwell always. 

(C)  unwell during the day. 

25.  The boy wanted to go away from school because 

(A)  he missed home. 

(B)  the Matron was strict. 

(C)  he wasn’t feeling well. 

26.  The sentence …my heart was singing all sorts of wonderful songs means that the boy 

(A)  was fond of music. 

(B)  was a good singer. 

(C)  was very happy.

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

Passage 2 

Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Government of India 

27.  Choose the statement that is FALSE. 
(A)  The exhibition is a part of the Commonwealth Games. 
(B)  The exhibition is conducted jointly by India and Canada. 
(C)  The exhibition is open for a longer period during the Games.

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

28.  Rahul wants to go to the exhibition. He is free on Sunday and Monday between 10:00 am 
to 11:00 am. When can he see the exhibition? 
(A)  On Monday, 27 th  of September 2010. 
(B)  On Sunday, 3 rd  of October 2010. 
(C)  On Monday, 4 th  of October 2010. 

29.  Ashwini, one of the athletes, is free between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. When can she visit the 
(A)  On Tuesday, 28 th  of September 2010. 
(B)  On Monday, 4 th  of October 2010. 
(C)  On Thursday, 7 th  of October 2010. 

30.  The exhibition displays works of 
(A)  Canadian artists. 
(B)  Indian artists. 
(C)  Canadian and Indian artists. 

31.  The exhibition will continue for 

(A)  less than three months. 
(B)  more than three months. 
(C)  almost four months. 

32.  During the Commonwealth Games the exhibition will remain open for longer hours 
(A)  so that the athletes can also improve their knowledge of art. 
(B)  to give the artists an opportunity to see the athletes. 
(C)  because a large number of tourists are expected at this time.

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

Spoken Expression 
Choose the correct sentence to complete the dialogue. 

33.  Chanda: When will you get home? 
Mother: At 5.30 pm. Why? 
Chanda: ______________________________. 

(A)  My art class is at 6 O’clock. 
(B)  Oh, I just wanted to know. 
(C)  Can we go out once you’re back? 

Mother: I know that. 

34.  Pranav: I love Horrid Henry. 
Anita: _______________________________. 

(A)  Wow! How could you? 
(B)  Yuck! How could you? 
(C)  Wow! I love it too. 

Pranav: Why not? He’s so cool. 

35.  Aditya: Could you please move? You’re standing on my bag. 
Anvesh: _____________________________. 
(A)  Oh, that’s an old one. 
(B)  Fine, I’ll move. 
(C)  Sorry, I didn’t see it. 

36.  Suresh: Let’s go and watch Avataar. 
Rajesh:  ________________________ 
(A)  We’ve seen it twice already. 
(B)  Sure, let’s book tickets. 
(C)  I love sci­fi movies. 
Suresh: Then why don’t we go to the museum?

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

Written Expression 

Choose the sentence that completes the paragraph. 

37.  S1:  All the kids in the colony showed up for the swimming competition. 

S2:  _______________________________________________. 

(A)  The boys swam like they were climbing into a bus, piling over one another. 

(B)  The girls had no difficulty in beating the boys to the rock and back. 

(C)  Pingu included himself in the challenge and tried swimming a short distance. 

S3:  It was a crushing defeat for them. 

38.  S1:  Our car broke down and stood on the road blocking the highway. 

S2:  _______________________________________________. 

(A)  A man with a bullock­cart appeared on the scene. 

(B)  A man walking past looked at us in anger. 

(C)  It was difficult for other vehicles to go past. 

S3:  He got down, walked across and spoke to us. 

39.  S1:  There is something very funny about learning to play the flute. 

S2:  _______________________________________________. 

(A)  You have to take a deep breath before you start. 

(B)  You try it for ages but nothing happens. 

(C)  That’s how I felt when I listened to Rancho. 

S3:  Then one day you hear a wild, uncontrolled note.

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CLASS 6 | 1st IEO - 2010

40.  S1:  Little Pippi broke the egg into a bowl. 

S2:  ___________________________________________ 

(A)  As she beat it, the bowl fell from her hand. 
(B)  Then she beat it until it was nice and fluffy. 
(C)  As she beat it the fork she was using broke. 
S3:  Finally, she poured it into the pan. 


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Class 6


Year 2011

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2 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011


Choose the best option to fill in the blanks:

1. I have been living in Mumbai ____________ 1990.
(A) for (B) since
(C) to (D) during

2. Neel is so fat ____________ get in through this door.
(A) because he cannot (B) while he cannot
(C) that he cannot (D) until he cannot

3. The teacher let me ____________ home early.
(A) to go (B) go
(C) went (D) gone

4. Akash ____________ Rs. 200 every month from his pocket money to buy a camera.
(A) put forth (B) set aside
(C) set up (D) put off

5. The roads have to be relaid before the monsoon ____________ .
(A) sets in (B) sets out
(C) sets up (D) sets aside

6. The deer was attacked by a ____________of wolves.
(A) brood (B) herd
(C) flock (D) pack

7. A ____________ of sticks cannot be broken easily.
(A) group (B) sack
(C) bundle (D) bunch

8. A ____________ writes about cricket matches for newspapers.
(A) spectator (B) journalist
(C) writer (D) critic

9. Netra wants to become a TV ____________ and host reality shows. She has a pleasing personality
and a good voice.
(A) dancer (B) reader
(C) debater (D) anchor

10. Ananth felt ____________ when he went to the U.S. alone.
(A) home-alone (B) home - grown
(C) homesick (D) homebound

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011

11. You thread a needle. What do you do with beads?
(A) Poke (B) String
(C) Burst (D) Tie

12-14: How many words are wrongly spelt in the sentences given below?

12. Rehana received the prices from the principle.
(A) 3 (B) 2
(C) 1 (D) none

13. Opportunity knocks at your door once only.
(A) 3 (B) 2
(C) 1 (D) none

14. Carnivorous animals hunt for there pray.
(A) 3 (B) 2
(C) 1 (D) none

15. Mr. Sanjay spoke without a ____________.
(A) paws (B) pause
(C) pass (D) posse

16. Robert ____________ television, when he heard a loud explosion.
(A) is watching (B) watches
(C) watched (D) was watching

17. Nehru _____________ to be the Prime Minister of India.
(A) chose (B) was elected
(C) dreamt (D) resented

18. Each state of India ____________ its own language.
(A) have (B) had
(C) has (D) is

19. When the wind blew ____________, the blades of the grass swayed gently.
(A) fiercely (B) loudly
(C) hardly (D) softly

20. When our team won the first prize in the Young World Quiz contest, we felt ____________.
(A) on top of the roof (B) on top of the world
(C) on top of the head (D) on top of the building

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011

21. The new student from Bhopal felt like ____________ in the junior college in Bangalore.
(A) fish in a well (B) fish in a net
(C) fish on a pond (D) fish out of water

22. Dhruv donates a lot of money to the orphanage every year. He is very ____________ .
(A) general (B) generous
(C) warm-hearted (D) genteel

23. I developed severe back pain after a long drive on the ___________ road.
(A) narrow (B) tar
(C) bumpy (D) broad

24. After the death of Mr. Bhatra, a quarrel broke out ____________ his four sons on property
(A) between (B) with
(C) about (D) among

25. Karan walked ____________ the shore with his friend.
(A) beside (B) along
(C) into (D) out of

26. Deepak missed a centum in Maths ____________ a result of carelessness.
(A) since (B) as
(C) because (D) due

27. The result of the entrance test will be declared tomorrow. Hope I clear the test. I am keeping
_______________ .
(A) my hands crossed (B) my eyes closed
(C) my ears opened (D) my fingers crossed

28. Which of these cannot be saved?
(A) Time (B) Money
(C) Energy (D) Happiness

29. When Sona won the ‘Miss Chennai’ title, she felt as proud as ____________ .
(A) an eagle (B) a pigeon
(C) a peacock (D) a parrot

30. This suitcase is not heavy. I can lift it easily. It is as ____________ .
(A) big as a bull (B) as small as an ant
(C) light as a paper (D) light as a feather

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5 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011


31-34 : Read the postcard your friend sent you and answer the questions that

Kathmandu, 20 Oct 2011.

Dear Rohan,
My maiden visit to Kathmandu has been good so far.
The weather is fine with the temperature around 20°C.
We plan to visit the Lumbini gardens, the birth place of Rohan
Gautama Buddha tomorrow. We might enjoy some adventure
sports like rappelling, river crossing, etc.
Rest in my next letter.



31. Rahul enjoyed the weather because it was ___________ .
(A) freezing cold
(B) very hot
(C) moderately cool
(D) humid

32. Maiden visit means ___________ .
(A) travelling with maids
(B) first visit
(C) visiting a hill station
(D) a useless visit

33. Rahul likes adventure sports. This shows he ___________ .
(A) is a sportsman
(B) likes to waste time
(C) is allergic to water
(D) loves challenges

34. Rappelling and river crossing are called adventure sports because ___________ .
(A) only sport stars like them
(B) they are dangerous
(C) they are fun filled and thrilling
(D) they are outdoor activities

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6 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011

35-38 : Read this catalogue of a book shop and answer the questions.
The Papyrus Book Shop
Annual Dussehra Sale!
Name of the book Original price Sale price
1. South Indian Temples 320 250
2. Learn Hindi in 30 Days 120 60
3. An apple a Day-Latest Apple Technology 800 800
4. Classics Retold 500 350
5. Chinese Delicacies 250 180
Hurry! Don’t miss this chance

35. If you are a chef which book would you buy?
(A) An apple a Day-Latest Apple Technology (B) Chinese Delicacies
(C) Classics Retold (D) South Indian Temples

36. Mr. Gopal has decided to go on a pilgrimage. Which book will be useful to him?
(A) Classics Retold (B) Chinese Delicacies
(C) Learn Hindi in 30 Days (D) South Indian Temples

37. Which is the least expensive book?
(A) Classics Retold (B) Learn Hindi in 30 Days
(C) Chinese Delicacies (D) South Indian Temples

38. Which book has not been discounted?
(A) An apple a Day-Latest Apple Technology (B) Chinese Delicacies
(C) South Indian Temples (D) Classics Retold

39-42 : Read the poster and answer the questions.

WE muffle urban noise
We clean the air and water.
We absorb harmful pollutants DO NOT KILL US

39. Trees are
(A) living (B) non-living
(C) semi-alive (D) extinct

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
7 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011

40. Trees save the earth from floods by
(A) preventing soil erosion (B) building dams
(C) dropping its branches (D) cleaning the air

41. This appeal is to create awareness on the importance of
(A) afforestation (B) deforestation
(C) animals and birds (D) parts of a tree

42. Selfless means
(A) living for others (B) selfish
(C) thinking about oneself (D) thinking low of others

SECTION-III : Spoken and written expression

43-50: for the given situations choose the most appropriate expression.

43. Host: Do you prefer something hot or cold?
Guest: ____________________
(A) No, thanks. (B) Cold, please.
(C) Choice is yours. (D) I’ll have both.

44. Your uncle sent a nice gift for you as you came first in the Board Exam. What will you write to
him in your thank you message?
(A) Thanks a ton, I deserve it.
(B) Thanks a million, I knew you would send it.
(C) Thanks a lot, I expected many more such gifts.
(D) Thanks a lot for that pleasant surprise. It was nice of you.

45. Your teacher is talking to her colleague in the corridor. You have to walk past them to go to the
library. What will you tell them?
(A) Please give way, I’m in a hurry.
(B) Please move, I’m in a hurry.
(C) Excuse me, madam. May I get past?
(D) Pardon me, I’m in a hurry.

46. You want to place an order over the telephone for a Pizza. You dial Pizza Hut. What will you
(A) Hello, is it Pizza Hut. I want a Pizza.
(B) Hello, is it Pizza Hut. Pizza please.
(C) Hello, is it Pizza Hut? Could I place an order for a Pizza?
(D) Hello, take down, I want a Pizza.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
8 CLASS 6 | 2nd IEO - 2011

47. You borrowed a novel from your friend and you have misplaced it. How will you apologies to your
(A) Hi dude, lost the Harry Potter book.
(B) Hi buddy, don’t mind, I lost your book.
(C) Hi Viki, I am sorry. I lost the book I borrowed from you.
(D) Hi Viki, I’m sure you won’t mind my losing your book.

48. You are a part of the musical band. Your performance was a great hit and the audience wanted to
perform again. What was the response of the audience?
(A) Encore! (B) Alas!
(C) Adieu! (D) Bon voyage!

49. You want to express your views when two people are discussing. How will you politely do it?
(A) May I interrupt?
(B) Will you listen to me?
(C) Keep quiet and allow me to speak.
(D) May I have the honor of interrupting your conversation.

50. You have gone shopping. You want to try out a pair of jeans. What will you ask the
(A) Can I try these on, please?
(B) Don’t you think I should try these on?
(C) You must allow me to try these on.
(D) You can’t stop me from trying these on.


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Class 6


Set A

Year 2012

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 3rd IEO - SET A


1. The tiger __________ is decreasing rapidly.

(A) calculation (B) circulation

(C) population (D) education

2. Ram and Kumar have had a fight, they __________ spoken to each other for the last two weeks.

(A) will be (B) can’t

(C) aren’t (D) haven’t

3. What’s all that noise? What’s __________________?

(A) occurring (B) happening

(C) going (D) playing

4. What is a doctor’s job?

(A) He promises. (B) He insists.

(C) He prescribes. (D) He proposes.

5. When Steven broke his car’s windscreen while playing cricket, his father ___________.

(A) hit the roof (B) hit the ball

(C) hit the road (D) hit the sack

6. Hockey players earn ______________ money than cricket players.

(A) fewer (B) less

(C) little (D) few

7. I don’t remember _________________ before an exam. My mind goes blank.

(A) everything (B) something

(C) nothing (D) anything

8. We should drink _______________ water during the summer.

(A) full of (B) a lot of

(C) too many (D) much

9. Sohail doesn’t ___________ on with his little sister. They are always arguing.

(A) go (B) carry

(C) get (D) keep

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET A 3
10. When the wildlife experts ________________ that the tiger population was decreasing they started
the ‘save the tiger’ campaign.
(A) discovered (B) unwrapped
(C) explored (D) diagnosed


11. The nurce wraped a bandege round his head.
(A) 1 (B) 2
(C) 3 (D) None

12. He tried to brake the bad habit but unfortunately all his efforts have been in vein.
(A) 3 (B) 2
(C) 1 (D) None

13. One should never loose ones patience.
(A) 1 (B) 2
(C) 3 (D) None


14. ____________ by bus is cheaper than by taxi in a city.
(A) Driving (B) Riding
(C) Tripping (D) Commuting

15. When the tiger roars in the jungle; all the elephants ______________.
(A) howl (B) growl
(C) trumpet (D) scream

16. I’m on holiday, my daily schedule is quite ____________ – we can arrange to meet any time.
(A) adjustable (B) flexible
(C) elastic (D) stretchable

17. During the floods the military constructed a temporary floating ____________ over the river.
(A) pontoon bridge (B) flyover
(C) bridge (D) draw bridge

18. His father works in a company which was the first to _______ Compact discs (CDs) in the
(A) construct (B) fabricate
(C) create (D) invent

19. Let’s have a Chinese ___________ tonight – I’m not in the mood to cook.
(A) take away (B) take in
(C) order in (D) order out

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 3rd IEO - SET A
20. His father used to work overtime to _____________ money for his education.

(A) gain (B) win

(C) raise (D) achieve

21. In spite of telling him how to do it again and again he made _____________ mistake.

(A) many (B) yet another

(C) all (D) little

22. I’m going to Singapore for _____________ day or two.

(A) some (B) the

(C) a (D) none of these

23. It was raining and I was _______________ late for school.

(A) greatly (B) by an hour

(C) entirely (D) almost

24. Her hair wasn’t real. She was wearing a _____________.

(A) hair color (B) wig

(C) curls (D) hair pin

25. What does ‘it slipped my mind’ mean?

(A) Forgot to do something (B) Just remembered to do something

(C) Something went passed my head (D) Cannot understand anything

26. Ali promised to give her a lift if it _____________.

(A) is rained (B) will rain

(C) rained (D) rains

27. It was very hot. ______________, I put on the air conditioner.

(A) Even though (B) But

(C) Even (D) Even so

28. I _________ you can write so neatly and I can’t.

(A) am hating (B) hate

(C) hate that (D) hate it

29. I have a toy aeroplane ________________ a remote control.

(A) which with (B) which has

(C) has (D) having

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET A 5
30. You should eat some breakfast before you _____________ in the morning.

(A) left (B) will leave

(C) had left (D) leave

31. Wow! These apples are very tasty, and they were _______________ ones I could find.
(A) cheapest (B) the cheapest
(C) cheap (D) the cheap

32. If I _________ press this round button, will it start playing the movie?
(A) will (B) __
(C) could (D) would



Every year large numbers of plastic bottles wash up on the beaches. However, this
problem can be solved if the new plan is brought in, as suggested by the scientists.
In the new scheme, fishermen will be encouraged to round up plastic bottles with
their fishing nets. They can then sell these and cash in on the rising price of old
plastic. The recycling centres can then turn toxic waste into packaging.
Scientists believe this scheme will compensate fishermen for the loss of income
due to more and more people turning vegetarian. Scientists aim to bring in this
scheme soon before the fishermen are forced to sell their boats.

33. What does, ‘bottles wash up on the beach’ mean?
(A) Bottles are washed on the beach.
(B) Bottles arrive on the shore, carried by the waves.
(C) Beach is washed by the bottles.
(D) Bottles are left behind by people visiting the beach.

34. Old plastic is made into useful things in a _____________.
(A) fishing net
(B) science lab
(C) recycling centre
(D) beach

35. What is the new scheme?
(A) Fishermen gather plastic bottles and sell them.
(B) Fishermen encourage scientists to use fishing nets.
(C) Fishermen are encouraged to make a circle with the nets.
(D) Fishermen use fishing nets to make around bottle.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 3rd IEO - SET A
36. Which word in the second paragraph means ‘changing habits’?
(A) Compensate
(B) Forced
(C) Turning
(D) Income


There are many types of sharks found in the oceans around the world. Some of them are very
big while others are quite small. You need to be scared of some while others are very calm like
the Zebra shark. They are small, gentle shark that can be kept in an aquarium with other fish.
You may be surprised to learn that some of the largest species of sharks in the ocean are the
nicest ones to encounter. There are 360 different species of sharks in the world. Some of the
sharks we should be scared of are e.g. the Great white sharks. They have attacked more people
than any other shark. Their average length is about 12 feet and weighs about 3,000 pounds.
Great white sharks are also different from others because they can lift their heads out of the
water. Similar to them in length are the Blue sharks. Blue sharks are the fastest swimming
sharks and can even leap out of the water and they can eat almost anything and have attacked
people too. Tiger sharks too have attacked people but they come second to Great white shark
in attacking people. A different type of shark which can swim in salt and fresh water is Bull
shark. It comes after the Blue shark in order, for the number of attacks on people.

37. Which shark does not kill fish or people?
(A) Blue shark
(B) Bull shark
(C) Zebra shark
(D) Tiger shark

38. In attacking people which shark comes second of all?
(A) Great white shark
(B) Blue shark
(C) Bull shark
(D) Tiger shark

39. Which shark can jump out of the water?
(A) Great white shark
(B) Blue shark
(C) Bull shark
(D) Tiger shark

40. Which shark’s average length is 12 feet?
(A) Great white shark
(B) Bull shark
(C) Zebra shark
(D) Tiger shark

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET A 7
SECTION-III : Spoken and written expression


Steve : I live in a big city.
Jill : ___________.
(A) I live near the park (B) So do I
(C) This place is crowded (D) I also

41. Robin : Have they got a house in the city too?
Sam : _______________________________
(A) Yes, they have. (B) Yes, they do.
(C) Yes, have got. (D) Yes, they do have.

42. Imran : Jay has already eaten two burgers, but he is still hungry.
Sam : Ok, I will give him ___________ burger.
(A) some (B) other
(C) another (D) any

43. Clair : We both did an equal amount of work, but he was paid more money than I was.
Bob : __________________________.
(A) That’s average (B) That’s not enough
(C) That’s funfair (D) That’s not fair

44. ‘My computer crashed and I lost all my photos.’
(A) ‘I don’t think I can replace any photos.’ (B) ‘I don’t think I can restore any photos.’
(C) ‘I don’t think I can recover any photos.’ (D) ‘I don’t think I can remake any photos.’

45. Ram : ‘You are ______________ hard today.’
Kumar : ‘Yes, I have an exam tomorrow.’
(A) studying (B) staying
(C) to sleep (D) sleeping

46. Sonia : ‘I can’t understand what you are saying.’
(A) ‘Could you speak slowlier please.’
(B) ‘Could you speak more slowly please.’
(C) ‘Could you speak down please.’
(D) ‘Could you speak low please.’

47. Vikram : ‘I was waiting for your call all day yesterday.’
Sonia : ‘Sorry, I had a bit of a problem _______________ through.’
(A) phoning (B) passing
(C) calling (D) getting

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
8 3rd IEO - SET A
48. What is the indirect speech of the sentence. Ali said, ‘I’m working on the science project’.
(A) Ali said that he will be working on the science project.
(B) Ali said that he is working on the science project.
(C) Ali said that he was working on the science project.
(D) Ali said that he had worked on the science project.

49. ‘You are probably sleepy, because you ____________________.’
(A) are yawning a lot (B) went out for lunch
(C) ate too much chocolates (D) watched a movie

50. ‘He is never late for school or tuition classes.’
(A) ‘He is very prompt.’ (B) ‘He is very timely.’
(C) ‘He is very regular.’ (D) ‘He is very punctual.’


Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
Class 6


Set B

Year 2012

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 3rd IEO - SET B


1. When you were a child, __________________ to England every year for your holidays?
(A) have you gone (B) did you go
(C) are you going (D) were you going

2. I _____________ I ate all the chocolates mum, but I promise I will not eat any more today.
(A) admits (B) was admitting
(C) am admitting (D) admit

3. Arjun __________________ me that you’re thinking of going to the beach.
(A) told (B) said
(C) is telling (D) is saying

4. Vikas __________________ just now.
(A) has left (B) leaves
(C) had left (D) left

5. When I saw the shoe in the shop window, I knew it was exactly what I ______________.
(A) have looked for (B) looking for
(C) looked for (D) had been looking for

6. If Marla phones ________________ you know.
(A) I’m going to let (B) let
(C) I’m letting (D) letting

7. ___________________ my birthday party next Sunday. Can you come?
(A) I would’ve had (B) I’m to have
(C) I’m having (D) I’ll had

8. Helen swam well and ____________ cross the river easily, even though it was raining heavily and
the current was very strong.
(A) can able to (B) can’t able to
(C) was able to (D) is able to

9. My family and I _______________ Srinagar four times during 2008-2010.

(A) visited (B) used to visit

(C) would visit (D) visit

10. The traffic light __________________ green and we drove off.
(A) got (B) turned
(C) shifted (D) switched

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET B 3
11. The children enjoyed ____________________ to the zoo by their teachers.
(A) taking (B) taken
(C) by taking (D) being taken

12. He felt the mosquito ___________________ him.
(A) bites (B) bite
(C) bit (D) bite to

13. He asked where he __________________ put the bag.
(A) shall (B) have
(C) will (D) should

14. Sona asked Robin’s advice ___________ which musical instrument she should learn at school.
(A) on (B) on to
(C) on for (D) to

15. Look at _________________ moon. It’s very bright tonight.
(A) a (B) the
(C) clear (D) full

16. ______________ is one of the many factors involved in having good crops.
(A) A climate (B) Climates
(C) Climate (D) Bad climate

17. ______________ her jewellery is missing from her hand bag.
(A) Any of (B) Some
(C) Any (D) Some of

18. It’s a national holiday today, so there isn’t _______________ traffic on the road.
(A) many (B) much
(C) much of (D) many of

19. My neighbour is one of the kindest people ______________ I know.
(A) whom (B) who
(C) ---- (D) which

20. The organizers are confident that all the teams will behave _________at the tournament.
(A) itself (B) them
(C) themselves (D) their selves

21. Having some computer knowledge is ________________ essential these days.
(A) really (B) nearly
(C) rarely (D) greatly

22. Salma was busy ____________ her craftwork.
(A) to do (B) that she was doing
(C) she is doing (D) doing

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 3rd IEO - SET B
23. When Jack saw Julie ______________ the crowded room he got very excited.

(A) across (B) over

(C) through (D) along

24. ___________ oranges, I also enjoy eating apples and mangoes.

(A) Along (B) Except for

(C) Besides (D) Apart for

25. Louise ___________ on the table and called for everyone’s attention to announce the results.

(A) held (B) placed

(C) put (D) stood

26. There’s no satellite TV signal ___________________ there’s a heavy storm outside.

(A) so (B) due to

(C) as a result (D) because

27. Please turn up the volume of the TV it’s ____________________.

(A) unheard (B) unbelievable

(C) inaudible (D) impossible

28. I have 2 dogs, they are complete opposite in nature. One is tame and the other is ________.

(A) faithful (B) domestic

(C) expert (D) wild

29. My elder brother swims in the deep end of the pool whereas I swim in the ____________ end.

(A) low (B) short

(C) shallow (D) bottom

30. Our building’s watchman is an honest man ________________ I know.

(A) before (B) as far as

(C) until (D) unless

31. I usually go to the terrace to exercise _________________ the morning.

(A) in (B) on

(C) by (D) at

32. Tigers _______________ ever kill humans.

(A) mostly (B) always

(C) usually (D) hardly

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET B 5


Gurab’s visit to Jim Corbett National Park
To see a tiger in the wild is an unforgettable experience. They can be put on top
of the list of the ‘Wonders of the World’.
We waited for the overnight train from Old Delhi station to Ram Nagar. From there
it’s a rough road for three hours to the remote environmentally green Jungle camp
on the banks of Kosi, in the buffer zone of the Jim Corbett National Park. This lies
in the north of India, in the state of Uttarakhand. Jim Corbett National Park is the
oldest national park in India. The park is named after the hunter and conservationist
Jim Corbett, who played a key role in its establishment. The park was established
in 1936 and was originally known as Hailey National Park.
We arrived thoroughly shaken and stirred by the bumpy ride in an open top jeep.
The tented accommodation was clean and comfortable. A mosquito net covered the
bamboo bed. There were no fans to cool us off or even any lamps. There was no
provision for electricity. Only natural resources were used.
One afternoon we rode Ganga the elephant for her daily bath. We rolled up our
trousers and jumped into the water to give her a good scrub. Once Ganga had
dried off in the sun and had given herself a thorough scratch with a branch, we
rode her back.
Late at night, snuggled up with my hot water bottle, listening to the sounds of the
jungle, I knew that whether I got to see a tiger or not, it didn’t really matter. What
mattered was to know that they were still out there in the wild.

33. How many days did Gurab stay in the Jungle camp?
(A) 2 days (B) Overnight
(C) Three hours (D) Don’t know

34. Hailey National Park is the ___________________________.
(A) new name for Jim Corbett National Park
(B) name of the establishment
(C) old name of Jim Corbett National Park
(D) name of the hunter

35. The camp uses only natural resources because _________________________.
(A) it’s an eco friendly camp
(B) it’s close to the river
(C) they have electricity but don’t want to use it
(D) they don’t have fans or lamps

36. Kosi is the name of the _________________________.
(A) elephant (B) jungle camp
(C) conservationist (D) river

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 3rd IEO - SET B
37. How many tigers did Gurab get to see?
(A) Don’t know (B) 3
(C) None (D) Many

Dogs are man’s best friends!

Dog breeds are categorised into different groups, based on the purpose for which
each dog is used. For hundreds of years dogs under the ‘hound’ group have assisted
people in hunting for food and sport. They are tall and use their sharp eyesight to
find prey and run it down to catch it. Some dogs under this group are known as
‘scent hounds’, as they have a keen sense of smell.
Dogs under the ‘working’ dogs group are bred to help people in various things like
protecting people, transporting goods, pulling carts, search and rescue operations,
etc. These dogs are large and powerful.
Some dogs are very small in size and these dogs are very good watch dogs and
have inexpensive maintenance requirements. These are good as pets and come
under the ‘toy’ group. Other types of small dogs which are very sturdy and can
dig the ground when hunting for vermin come under the Terrier group. The word
‘terrier’ is derived from Latin word that means ‘earth’.
Finally, dogs under the ‘herding’ group have assisted humans for hundreds of years
in taking care of flocks and herds of animals. These dogs stalk, bark, push, nip at
heels and help drive livestock into groups.

38. Some dogs come under the terrier group because _________________.
(A) the word ‘terrier’ is a Latin word that means ‘earth’
(B) they can dig the ground when hunting for vermin
(C) they are very small and good watch dogs
(D) they have expensive maintenance requirements

39. For many years herding dogs have helped people by _________________.
(A) being friendly
(B) barking loudly
(C) biting other animals
(D) controlling other animals

40. Are all types of dog used for search and rescue operations?
(A) No, only the large and powerful ones.
(B) No, only dogs in the Terrier group.
(C) Yes, only hound dogs because they have a keen sense of smell.
(D) Yes, especially the dogs that stalk, bark and push.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
3rd IEO - SET B 7
SECTION-III : Spoken and written expression


Steve : I live in a big city.
Jill : ___________.
(A) I live near the park (B) So do I
(C) This place is crowded (D) I also

41. Paul : Was it a big palace?
Simon : Big? It was absolutely ____________________!
(A) charming (B) gorgeous
(C) enormous (D) spotless

42. Paul : Was the food in the hotel as bad as last year?
Simon : Bad? It was absolutely ___________________!
(A) immaculate (B) freezing
(C) boiling (D) disgusting

43. Mother : You’ve been studying for three hours now. Would you like to watch some TV?
Son : __________________________.
(A) ‘I wouldn’t mind’ (B) ‘I wouldn’t love to’
(C) ‘No, there wouldn’t be any problem’ (D) ‘No, that wouldn’t be silly’

44. Akbar : Do you like your new house?
Rohit : Not really. _______________________________.
(A) It’s much small for six people (B) It’s smaller for six people
(C) It’s too small for six people (D) It’s very loose for six people

45. Kish : Where did you find your dog?
Misty : Not far, ________________________________.
(A) he was wandering on the streets near our house
(B) he was wondering on the streets near our house
(C) he was wounded on the streets near our house
(D) he was wounding around on the streets near our house

46. Vikas : What’s your new geography teacher like?
Sanjeev : Well, she’s _____________________ but I like her.
(A) a lot strict (B) much strict
(C) most stricter (D) rather strict

47. Rohit : Can I help you?
Amit : No thanks, I’ll manage to fix it myself.
Rohit : Are you ___________, I can’t help you?
(A) too sure (B) rather sure
(C) quite sure (D) so surely

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
8 3rd IEO - SET B
48. Man : Inspector my car was stolen last night!
Inspector : _____________________ to lock it properly?
(A) Had you remember (B) Did you remember
(C) Have you remembered (D) Do you remember

49. Tourist 1 : Can you read this for me please? I don’t know German.
Tourist 2 : Sorry, I can’t. My German’s completely __________ too.
(A) helpful (B) helping
(C) helpless (D) helper

50. Denise : Wow! This city has completely changed.
Elief : Yes, a lot ________________ since you last came here.
(A) have happened (B) has happened
(C) happened (D) happens


Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
Class 6



Year 2013

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 4th IEO - Set A


FOR QUESTIONS 1 TO 3, MATCH THE WORDS 6. They took charge ___________ building
IN EACH LINE WITH THE OPTION THAT safeguards for women’s rights and succeeded
CAN BE USED WITH ALL OF THEM. __________ doing it.
Example A. in, on
B. at, about
furniture, cake, advice, news
C. of, in
A. unit D. to, at
B. article
C.  piece 7. We were not bored because the plot of the
D. item film was _____________.
A. slow-moving
1. problem, match, game, talk B. moving
A. nervous C. excruciating
B. serious D. fast-paced
C. bright
8. Reena was _____________ after the long
D. heavy
2. order, arrange, buy, provide A. worn out
A. a party B. passed out
B. a meal C. worn down
C. an address D. battered
D. a deal
9. Rebels tried to _________ the government.
3. detect, get rid of, give off, leave
A. overgo
A. a problem
B. overhear
B. an information
C. a challenge C. overrule
D. a smell D. overthrow

FOR QUESTIONS 4 TO 18, CHOOSE THE BEST 10. He had _____________ plan to catch the
A. an emergency
4. To ‘learn the ropes’ means to _________.
B. a daring
A. understand how to tie a knot
C. a true
B. find out how to do something
D. a courage
C. create a pattern
D. try a new method 11. The teacher announced that all students of
5. I’m sorry I can’t stop to chat. I’m a little class ‘Six C’ ______________ to assemble
________ time. in the auditorium after class.
A. pressed of A. are
B. short of B. go
C. without C. should
D. against D. must

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set A 3

12. My tennis lessons are important, but school C. There will
work __________ always. D. They’re
A. come to a head
16. Please could you __________ your headset.
B. comes first
We don’t want to listen to your music.
C. come ahead
D. come and go A. pick up
B. put on
13. I’ve written __________ to the sports club C. put in
for information on future tournaments. D. turn up
A. out
B. off 17. Trinay had __________ taller since her last
C. for visit.
D. up A. growing
14. He lives in a house with no electricity, no B. grow
gas and no __________ water. C. growed
D. grown
A. running
B. rain 18. In the evening you should practise what
C. sparkling ________ during the day.
D. clear
A. you learned
15. __________ all going to see the match. B. you are learnt
A. Their C. you learning
B. They will D. have you learnt


Each soldier weighs about 250 pounds and
PASSAGE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. the warriors do not all look alike; they have
different ears, noses, hairstyles, beards and
Sculpture warriors
moustaches. There are soldiers in different
In 1974, farmers digging a well in Xian,
positions: standing, sitting and kneeling
China, found some pottery which led
and soldiers who look proud, angry, kind
archaeologists to an underground palace for
and even timid.
Emperor Shi Huang. It took about 7,20,000 The designs and the colours of the clothing
workers at least 39 years to build the entire are different as well. Some warriors were
structure and many treasures were buried sculpted wearing armour while others carry
with the emperor. Thousands of terracotta different weapons, such as metal spears,
soldiers have been standing guard for the swords, or wooden weapons.
past two thousand years to protect the The emperor wanted his grave to be guarded
burial site and these sculpture warriors are for all eternity by a replica of his own army.
an amazing sight. These life-size pottery Over time, most of the colour has faded
soldiers have hollow bodies and only the from the uniforms which may have been
legs of the soldiers are solid pottery. originally painted bright red or green.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 4th IEO - Set A

23. The soldiers are made of _________ .
Other things found at the site included life-
A. bronze
size chariots and horses made of bronze. The
B. pottery
horses have large nostrils and big eyes and C. steel
look like they are waiting to go into battle! D. cloth
In reality, however, liquid mercury was used
to keep away intruders.
Many people think that Emperor Shi
Huang’s tomb is the eighth wonder of the The Statue of Liberty
world. The Statue of Liberty that greets people at
New York harbour was a gift of friendship
from France to the United States of America
19. How was the tomb of Emperor Shi Huang
and the official name for it is ‘Liberty
discovered? Enlightening the World’. The statue stands
A. Statues of horses were found near a 305 feet from the ground to the top of the
well. torch and Lady Liberty, as the statue is
B. Farmers were digging a well. often called, is made of copper.
C. Archaeologists found a map of its The idea to build it began in 1865 when
location. Fredric Bartholdi, a French sculptor was
D. A chariot was found on a farm asked to design a statue to celebrate the
birth centenary of the United States in
20. Which of the following is not mentioned in 1876. Bartholdi used a live model to create
the passage? a small version of the statue which was
A. The terracotta soldiers weigh about 250 then used as the design for the real statue.
pounds. The pedestal for the statue was made by
B. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of American workers.
China. The statue cost both France and the United
C. The tomb is the eighth wonder of the States a lot of money and there were many
world. problems with funding and construction.
D. The soldiers have different facial A public lottery was held in France and
in America, Joseph Pulitzer, the owner
of a newspaper, urged people to donate
21. How old is the tomb of Shi Huang? generously though people who lived outside
A. About 250 years old of New York thought that only New York
should pay for it. Soon, however, money
B. About 39 years
began pouring in.
C. About 1974 years old
Bartholdi too had troubles of his own in
D. About 2000 years old
creating the statue and he hired an engineer
22. What do archaeologists think were actually named Gustave Eiffel to help him with
used to guard the burial site of Shi Huang? the statue’s steel skeleton. Later, Eiffel
A. Molten mercury would go on to build the famous Eiffel
Tower in Paris.
B. Soldiers with metal weapons
C. Horses and chariots All these setbacks caused delay and the
statue was not completed until 1884.
D. Sculptures of warriors

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set A 5

B. To celebrate the United States becoming
It was delivered in 1885 in 350 pieces and 100 years old.
took American workers four months to put C. To give France time to raise money.
it together. The statue was dedicated in D. To wait till the Eiffel tower was built.
1886 by President Grover Cleveland.
Since then, the statue has had many repairs 26. Which of the following was a problem during
the statue’s creation?
and improvements. In 1986, a layer of gold
was added to the torch and visitors today A. Politics between France and the United
can view Lady Liberty from the pedestal States
B. The War for Independence
and they can even go into her crown or
C. A copper shortage
torch. The Statue of Liberty stands as a
D. Lack of money
symbol of liberty and is a very special
gift from Paris. 27. Who urged wealthy Americans for not
giving money?
24. The word ‘pouring in’ in the passage means A. President Cleveland
_________ . B. Gustave Eiffel
A. coming in slowly C. Joseph Pulitzer
B. coming little-by-little D. Fredric Bartholdi
C. coming in generous amounts
28. I n w h a t y e a r w a s t h e s t a t u e f i n a l l y
D. coming steadily
25. Why was 1876 chosen as the year to design A. 1884
the statue? B. 1886
A. To allow enough time for shipping her to C. 1888
the United States. D. 1986

Spoken and written expression

F O R Q U E S T I O N S 2 9 TO 3 6 , C H O O S E C. Did you hear that?
30. Seema : Can you help me carry this
Example upstairs?
Steve : I live in a big city. Nithin : ___________
Jill : _________. A. Which floor?
B. Later.
A. I live near the park
C. Sure. Give it.
B. This place is crowded
D. Sure, let me give you a hand.
C. So do I
D. I also 31. Ismat : Is it still raining?
Ranjit : ___________
29. John : Look out or you will hit your head! A. Where’s the umbrella?
Nita : ___________ B. It was at lunchtime.
A. Thanks, that was just in time! C. I love getting wet!
B. Close call. D. Yes. It’s pouring outside.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 4th IEO - Set A

32. Mehdi : Shaun always throws his weight FOR QUESTIONS 37 TO 45, CHOOSE THE
around and bullies others. BEST OPTION TO FILL THE BLANKS.

Karina : Don’t pay attention to him. He’s LOST LUGGAGE
just a ___________ . At airports, when passengers get off the
A. big fish in a small lake plane they (e.g) ____(C)____ their way
B. big fish in a wide sea to the baggage reclaim area to locate
C. big fish in a small pond their luggage.
D. big fish in the wider ocean After some time if there is no ____(37)____
33. Teacher : You should work harder! of their bags they begin to consider
the possibility that their luggage has
Student : ___________
gone ____(38)____. What should they
A. Why? Is there a test tomorrow?
B. I do work.
First, they should not panic. The most
C. There’s no time to waste.
likely ____(39)____ is that the bags didn’t
D. I’ll start today.
make it on to the flight, perhaps because
34. Bus conductor : Is there anyone for Gandhi they were mislaid at the departure airport,
Nagar? or perhaps because the aircraft had already
Passenger : ___________ . ____(40)____ its weight allowance. If the
A. My uncle lives here luggage ____(41)____ to appear, the loss
B. The houses are beautiful must be reported immediately.

C. The next stop is Nehru road ____(42)____luggage should be no
D. I’m getting off problem, provided the baggage slips are
____(43)____ .
35. Teacher : Justin, why are you coughing so
A form, which describes the checked
baggage and its ____(44)____ should
Justin : ___________ .
then be ____(45)____ . Most bags turn
A. Please ma’am, I’m sick
up within a day or two.
B. I’m feeling low
C. Sorry for that
A. go B. get
D. Excuse me, I have a bad throat
C. make D. walk
36. Rita : I think that this is a boring book.
Mita : ___________ 37.
A. Don’t say such things. It’s great. A. indication
B. Actually, I found it quite interesting. B. sign
C. What’s wrong with you? C. natice
D. Do you like films? D. mark

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set A 7

38. 42.
A. lost A. Retracing
B. missing B. Retaining
C. Recovering
C. absent
D. misplaced D. Reinstating

39. 43.
A. example A. retained
B. understanding B. fined
C. clarification C. filed
D. explanation D. returned

40. 44.
A. surpassed A. contents
B. overtaken B. inside
C. exceeded C. filling
D. outdone D. packing

41. 45.
A. lacks A. created
B. omits B. completed
C. avoids C. fulfilled
D. fails D. replaced


C. drew
46. This highly talented artist has an eye for D. developed
49. The training is __________ to start next
A. music
month, but there might be a delay.
B. details
C. figures A. due
D. languages B. bound
C. willing
47. The competition will be at 2 p.m. We should D. expecting
________ our lunch by then.
50. Choose the best reply to complete
A. be finished
each conversation.
B. have to finish
C. have finished Bulbul : What shall we order?
D. have been finishing Twinkle : ________________
A. We’ll have a great time!
48. The decision to introduce music classes after B. Anything is fine with me.
school __________ criticism from many C. We had sandwiches yesterday.
parents. D. Whatever, I don’t care.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
Class 6



Year 2013

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 4th IEO - Set B


6. ____________ the fact that we played well,
Example we couldn’t beat the Vidya Vihar team.
When you were a child, __________ A. Despite of
to England every year for your B. Beside
holidays? C. Besides
A. have you gone D. In spite of
B. are you going
C. did you go 7. Monisha’s team was defeated in the first
D. was you going round of the hockey___________ .
A. play
1. When _______ Delhi? B. game
C. sport
A. had you reach
D. tournament
B. you will be reaching
C. was you reached 8. The birds __________ on the treetops.
D. will you reach A. screeched
2. I’m sorry but the actor is ___________ a B. shouted
meeting. C. scolded
A. for D. shooed
B. on 9. This is a free library. You _______________
C. in
pay for membership.
D. to
A. mustn’t
3. They __________ how to use the new B. don’t have to
machine. C. don’t try to
A. tried D. need not to
B. demonstrated
C. told 10. __________ you need to get up early, you
D. began should sleep now.
A. Since
4. I went to Bangalore ____________ visit the B. Seeing
museum. C. Because of
A. in order to D. Although
B. to pay a
C. go to 11. I ___________ to take a decision without
D. so that thinking carefully about all aspects.
A. remember
5. He doesn’t __________ over at the weekend.
B. refuse
He prefers to go home.
C. reserve
A. work
D. resist
B. play

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set B 3

12. Meera ____________ the watch for four 16. Amrita ____________ going to the park as
years. it was raining.
A. has A. put over
B. has had B. put off
C. is having C. put through
D. has been having D. put across

13. Do you think you ____________ study abroad 17. A place where people wait before they get
in the future? on a plane is called a ___________ .
A. ’ll have A. station
B. ’ll B. hold
C. ’ll be C. terminal
D. ’ll had D. platform

14. Did they have ______________ patterns? 18. He likes to ___________ the supermarket
every morning.
A. much
B. few A. go shopping
C. any B. go to
D. little C. go for
D. walk
15. Trinay ____________ to drop Taran off at
19. I find it __________ to answer the questions
in examinations.
A. invited
A. basic
B. offered
B. difficult
C. insisted
C. light
D. allowed
D. intense


LETTER AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Dad had always said that when he was a
THAT FOLLOW. kid things had been worse, but mum said
that they were better.
FLIGHT OF THE SOLAR DUCKS In the South, all the land was covered
By Charles Morgan in rubbish, but in the North there was
The Gunge Hole, that’s what Dad had no rubbish at all. In the South everyone
named it a long time ago. Aracuria looked worked at recycling waste, but in the North
around. As far as the eye could see there people worked in offices or in fields, or just
was rubbish; discarded tin cans, fridges, spent their time walking on the beaches.
aerosols, clothes, cardboard boxes, old TVs In the South everyone ate the yellow stuff
broken stereos, rolls of waste tubes and, here so that they could not smell the rubbish
and there, chemical bins. The air was filled while in the North they had egg and chips
with flying bin-liners carried on the wind. or beef-burgers and cream cakes. In the
Aracuria knew that things hadn’t always South people lived in chemical bins, but
been like this, but it was very difficult to in the North they lived in houses made of
find out the truth about the past. stone or wood. And no one knew why.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 4th IEO - Set B

High in the air Aracuria could see one of WIND IN THE WILLOWS
the giant refuse transport planes which flew By Kenneth Grahame
over every five minutes, day and night, ‘He must be a very nice animal’, observed
depositing their cargo of rubbish. The the Mole, as he got into the boat and took
really odd thing was that all the rubbish the sculls, while the Rat settled himself
was made by the North and dumped in comfortably in the stern.
the South. The South didn’t dump rubbish
‘He is indeed the best of animals’ replied
in the North.
Rat. ‘So simple, so good-natured, and so
affectionate. Perhaps he’s not very clever
20. Aracuria found it difficult to know about the
- we can’t all be geniuses; and it may be
past because __________. that he is both boastful and conceited.
A. her father wouldn’t tell her about it But he has got some great qualities, has
B. her parents fought about it Toady.’
C. her mother and father said different Rounding a bend in the river, they came in
things sight of a handsome, dignified old house of
D. her parents didn’t remember mellowed red brick, with well-kept lawns
reaching down to the water’s edge.
21. The yellow stuff __________.
‘There’s Toad Hall’, said Rat; ‘and that
A. helped you grow hair
creek on the left, where the notice board
B. made the rubbish smell pleasant
says, ‘Private. No landing allowed’, leads
C. prevented you smelling the rubbish
to his boat-house, where we’ll leave the
D. improved your sight
boat. The stables are over there to the right.
22. The phrase ‘carried on the wind’ means That’s the banqueting-hall you’re looking
__________. at now - very old, that is. Toad is rather
rich, you know, and this is really one of
A. flourish
the nicest houses in these parts, though
B. recycled
we never admit as much to Toad.’
C. blown out
D. discarded They glided up the creek, and Mole slipped
his sculls as they passed into the shadow
23. This story could be described as ______. of a large boat- house. Here they saw
A. a scientific fact many handsome boats, slung from the
B. a historical novel cross-beams or hauled up on a slip, but
C. science fiction or fantasy none in the water; and the place had an
D. a thriller unused and a deserted air.
The Rat looked around him. ‘I understand’,
24. Which part of the country had no rubbish? said he, ‘boating is played out. He’s tired
A. The South of it, and done with it. I wonder what new
B. Aracuria fad he has taken up now?’
C. The Gunge Hole
D. The North 25. Which word best describes Toad?
C. Modest
D. Mellow

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set B 5

26. In line 3, the ‘sculls’ are referred to _____. 28. In line 15, the ‘creek’ is referred to _____.
A. bones A. groaning sound
B. the motor B. narrow inlet of water
C. seats C. boat-house
D. oars D. notice board
27. Rat says Toad Hall is very nice but he 29. Toad ___________ boating.
__________. A. enjoyed
A. wouldn’t want to live there B. did
B. isn’t rich enough to afford it C. never liked
C. wouldn’t let Toad know that D. used to enjoy
D. admits the banqueting hall is old

Spoken and written expression

F O R Q U E S T I O N S 3 0 TO 3 6 , C H O O S E A. about them
D. after them
Steve : I live in a big city. 33. Manoj : Sorry I’m late.
Jill : _________. Friend : ______________.
A. I’ll call you back
A. I live near the park
B. Tell him to go
B. This place is crowded C. Don’t worry about it
C. So do I D. I told you so
D. I also
34. Gita : Hi, are Lata and Shamu there?
30. Robert : I am really keen on jogging. Dad : _____________.
Preetha : Really? I am not so _____________ A. They’re upstairs
it. We could go skating. B. They’re there
C. They’re here
A. fond of
D. They’re out
B. happy of
C. fond off 35. Bob : I like to do the Sunday Mail crossword
D. linking puzzle, it’s quite difficult.
31. Parvathi : That dress is gorgeous! Tim : Oh! I disagree. It’s as easy as _____.
Lakshmi : _______________! A. rolling down a hill
A. It’s mine B. falling off a log
B. Thank you C. falling off a stair
C. It’s green D. rolling a tyre
D. Don’t say that 36. Richard : I enjoy the jam sandwiches at the
32. Angela : I am crazy about all kinds of pop canteen.
music. Peter : Really? Not . I think they’re quite
Robert : I am also mad ______________. _______________.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 4th IEO - Set B

A. ghastly 38.
B. gruesome A. equal
C. delicious B. same
D. scrumptious C. much
THE READY MEAL A. conclusion
B. total
In recent years, readymade meal including
C. sum
instant noodles and pizza have (e.g.)
D. whole
__(D)___ India’s eating _____(37)____.
Indians now spend four times as _____ 40.
(38)____ as before on ready made meals. A. kings
Demand for instant meals has increased B. chiefs
across the country as a _____(39)____, C. captains
but why has India become one of the D. capitals
_____(40)____ of readymade food, second
only in the world to America? 41.
A. element
Convenience is _____(41)____ of the
B. piece
attraction. A recent survey _____(42)____
C. part
that 77 per cent of the purchasers said they
D. share
only bought readymade meals when they
did not have time to cook. People in India 42.
today work ____(43)_____ hours and do A. found
not have time to cook. B. made
The readymade meal boom also reflects C. put
changing social _____(44)____ in the D. gave
country. More people live alone and so
are less likely to be _____(45)____ to
cook. And with families eating together A. hard
less often, readymade meals allow people B. long
to eat what they want when they want. C. wide
D. large
A. amended
B. adjusted A. trends
C. transferred B. flows
D. transformed C. drifts
D. movements

37. 45.
A. ways A. tired
B. forms B. bothered
C. habits C. worried
D. terms D. disturbed

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4th IEO - Set B 7


FOR QUESTIONS 46 to 48, CHOOSE THE For questions 49 and 50, choose
BEST OPTION. the best reply to complete each
46. We met in the auditorium to ___________
music. 49. Yasmin : What time shall we meet?
A. practice Noori : _______________.
B. polish A. It starts at seven
C. provide B. Try and be on time
D. practise C. At the gate
47. We must consider what funds are ______ . D. At six thirty
A. available 50. Sam : Did John finish his homework
B. annual
C. additive
D. approachable Tim : He realised he had chosen the wrong
topic. So, he _____________.
48. She had to write a brief _____________ of
A. chucked it
the speech in her report.
B. cancelled it
A. precise
C. started afresh
B. précis
D. didn’t follow rules
C. precision
D. précising


Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
Class 6


Set A

Year 2014

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 5th IEO - Set A


FOR QUESTIONS 1 TO 8, CHOOSE THE 5. We have _________ of eggs in the refrigerator
BEST WORD/PHRASE TO COMPLETE EACH so baking a large cake is possible.
B. less
Example C. lots
_________ of the guests knew the real D. fewer
6. She has a fantastic memory. She can
A. None remember _________ that she hears and
B. Much sees.
C. Large quantity A. everything
D. Not any
B. something
C. nothing
1. More and more students want to study D. none of the above
_________ in order to experience a different
7. The teacher has _________ knowledge from
the many books she reads.
A. overseas
A. too much
B. university
B. much
C. higher education
C. many
D. migrate D. too many
2. How long _________ out of town? 8. A dinner meeting with the President is
A. has been _________ for him.
B. has they been A. all in a day’s work
C. has he been B. all in a days’ work
D. has I been C. all in day work
D. all in a day work
3. What is a policeman’s job?
D. To jail people
4. I’m a medical student and will _________ The young boy spoted the hipopotamus
in January and can start practising. behind the trees.
A. qualify A. 1
B. accomplish B. 2
C. work C. 3
D. achieve D. 4

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set A 3

9. She loves to go to museums. 14. She’s never learned a foreign language. This
A. 1 course is going to be a _________.
B. 2 A. cake-walk
C. 3 B. challenge
D. None of the above. C. deal
D. calculation
10. Growing a bussiness inwolves a lot of hard
vork. 15. My job is very _________, so I escape to
A. 3 the countryside to get away from it all.
B. 2 A. stressful
C. 1 B. insignificant
D. None of the above. C. relaxing
D. underline
11. This is a new coarse to prepare stewdents
for the exams. 16. Journalists often _________ on subjects
A. 1 which are of interest to most people.
B. 2 A. construct
C. 3 B. report
D. None of the above. C. create
D. invent
B E S T A N S W E R TO C O M P L E T E E A C H 17. Can children _________ themselves as
A. express
Example B. communicate
While she was cooking, the phone C. approach
_________. D. converse
A. is ringing 18. He was advised by a consultant on how to
B. had been ringing be _________ at the interview.
C. rings A. victory
D. rang B. winning
C. successful
D. get passed
12. We are all very _________ about the big
event planned at our university. 19. When I went to the supermarket, I ended up
A. united _________ what I did not intend to.
B. joyous A. bought
C. celebratory B. buying
D. excited C. to buy
D. buy
13. The sound of elephants _________ far away
in the forest was heard the whole night 20. I’m going to the market as we don’t have
long. _________ bread at home.
A. howling A. some
B. neighing B. any
C. trumpeting C. a
D. screaming D. none of the above

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
4 5th IEO - Set A

21. I wonder what can be done to save the C. will not
_________ species. D. won’t
A. endangered 26. She has several toys _________ work on
B. danger solar batteries.
C. dangerous
A. with which
D. almost engendered
B. which has
22. She absolutely _________ her grand- C. which
daughter. D. have to
A. endear 27. S h e h a s s o m u c h t o d o t h a t s h e i s
B. adores hardly _________ with any time in the
C. crazy about morning.
D. fond of A. left
23. If I were him, I’d _________ the police. B. will leave
C. had left
A. tell D. leaving
B. would tell
C. told 28. The school captain is supposed to be
D. have tell the _________ athlete amongst all the
24. _________ she studied hard, she was unable
A. good
to get a good grade.
B. most best
A. All though C. better
B. Although D. best
C. Even
D. Even so 29. If you were to write a story, what _________
you write?
25. I can write really fast however, my brother A. will
_________. B. should
A. can’t C. may
B. couldn’t D. would


PASSAGE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS This enables a child to have lots of free
THAT FOLLOW. time that they can devote to play, which
can build up their creativity. This can
Childhood give children a life that is filled with
excitement and new happenings. Having
Most people believe that the best time of said this, there are times when children
one’s life is childhood. There are a few might find it difficult to buy all the
responsibilities and no bills to worry about. things they want with the insufficient
A child does not have to worry about pocket money they get. Adults surely have
getting a job, making a successful career less restrictions in a few things, when
or doing the household chores. compared to a child.

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set A 5

30. According to the passage, a child does not
have to worry about doing the _________. It can be played on any kind of playground
or wasteland. Also, it requires no special
A. household chores
equipment except for a football, of
B. homework
C. laundry course!
D. accounts In fact, the game of football has changed
the way people spend their leisure time.
31. Adults have less _________.
Every game played is covered by the media
A. independence
extensively. More and more countries have
B. bills
begun to invest large sums of money in
C. restrictions
the game as the returns on investment
D. restricted behaviour
are fantastic. Consequently, footballers
32. Why should children devote time to play? are paid unbelievable sums of money to
Devoting time to play helps the children represent their countries.
A. to be mentally alert
34. What do people like most about the game
B. to be creative
of football?
C. to be fit
D. socialize A. It is easy to understand.
B. It only needs a football.
33. Which word in the second paragraph means C. It can even be played on wasteland.
‘enthusiasm and pleasure’? D. It can make you rich.
A. Creativity
35. What is the meaning of “to have a passion
B. Insufficient
C. Restriction for the game”?
D. Excitement A. A robust sense of tiredness
B. A durable emotion
FOR QUESTIONS 34 TO 37, READ THE C. A sturdiness and resilience
D. A strong feeling of enthusiasm
36. What does the word ‘unbelievable’ refer
Football to?
The game of football is loved by people A. Sums of money
of all ages and all over the world. You B. Mathematical sums
might not find a single nation on the globe C. Summary of things
that does not have a passion for the game. D. Summarising
On inquiry, people have stated that they
37. Football has changed the way people
have plenty of reasons to love the game,
however, the topmost one is that it is simple
A. are passionate
to follow. Another factor in its favor is
B. play games
that you don’t need to be young and rich
C. use their leisure time
to be able to afford to play this game.
D. socialize with one another

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
6 5th IEO - Set A

Spoken and written expression

FOR QUESTIONS 38 TO 45, CHOOSE THE 41. Catherine: ‘I’ve been having a difficult time
CONVERSATION. Robert: ‘It’s not easy to _________ children
these days.’
Example A. bring on
Stephen: ‘Good morning. How can I B. bring to
help you?’ C. bring about
Jill: ‘_________.’ D. bring up
A. I live near the park 42. Vanessa: ‘My father passed away when I was
B. I’d like to find out more about six.’
your weekend getaways Sonia: ‘ _________’

C. This place suffocates me A. Oh! My goodness!
D. I also think the same B. I’m so sorry to hear that.
C. So did mine.
D. I’m afraid it was unfortunate.
38. Amanda: ‘We don’t have any milk in the
refrigerator.’ 43. Peter said, “I’m going for a movie this
Sam: ‘Don’t worry. We have _________
milk powder in the cabinet.’ A. Peter said that he would want to go for a
movie this weekend.
A. other
B. Peter said that perhaps he might go for a
B. another
movie this weekend.
C. enough
C. Peter said that he was going for a movie
D. some that weekend.
39. Catherine: ‘She does not spend enough time D. Peter said that he must go for a movie
on doing homework and yet she expects to this weekend.
get good grades.’ 44. ‘You are probably late to school, because
Bob: ‘_________.’ you _________’.
A. That’s so very partial A. missed the school bus
B. That’s not enough B. have been missing the bus
C. That’s good enough C. ought to miss the school bus
D. That’s not fair D. had missed the school bus

40. ‘Do you think we will be able to complete 45. ‘He offered to lend her some money to pay
the presentation in time?’ her school fees.’
A. ‘I do so think.’ A. ‘He is very generosity.’
B. ‘I don’t think so.’ B. ‘He is very general.’
C. ‘I don’t so think.’ C. ‘He is very genial.’
D. ‘I don’t think absolutely.’ D. ‘He is very generous.’

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set A 7


FOR QUESTIONS 46 TO 48, CHOOSE THE B. To be specific.
BEST WORD/PHRASE TO COMPLETE EACH C. To be confusing and vague.
SENTENCE. D. To avoid talking.
46. Her grades are a great cause for _________ FOR QUESTIONS 49 AND 50, CHOOSE THE
B. concern 49. Robin: ‘Have they finished their homework?’
C. problem Sam: ‘_________.’
D. reason A. Yes, they have
47. Ram and his sister _________ like a house B. Yes, they do
on fire. They have so much in common. C. Yes, have got
D. Yes, they do have
A. go on
B. get up 50. Sonia: ‘I can’t understand why people
C. get by _________ to speak English.’
D. get along A. look ahead
B. tried
48. What does ‘beat around the bush’ mean?
C. feel
A. To be to the point. D. aren’t able

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
Class 6


Set B

Year 2014

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
2 5th IEO - Set B


FOR QUESTIONS 1 TO 8, CHOOSE THE 5. We go by the cycle to school
BEST WORD/PHRASE TO COMPLETE EACH but now we go by the school bus.
SENTENCE. A. use to
B. getting used to
C. used to
Do you want to come with D. to use to
to the airport?
A. me 6. They like to do everything all by .
B. I A. themselves
C. ourselves B. myself
D. himself C. their own
D. alone
1. I recommend you take umbrella 7. Romeo and his brother read
or a jacket. It might rain.
Bible every single day.
A. an
A. a
B. a
B. an
C. the
C. the
D. off
D. of
2. When did you buy this of sheep
8. You , if you sold this phone and
for your farm?
bought a new one.
A. swarm
B. bunch A. would be better off
C. flock B. should be good
D. school C. will be better off
D. should be better off
3. She wakes up at 6 in the morning
and now it has become a habit. FOR QUESTIONS 9 TO 11, HOW MANY WORDS
B. always GIVEN BELOW?
C. never
D. rarely Example
She ocasionally works out at the
4. By the time we arrived at the station, the
gymnasuim over the weekend.
train .
A. 0
A. had left B. 1
B. have left C. 2
C. left
D. 3
D. leaves

Copyright©2015. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
5th IEO - Set B 3

9. The team members of the band decided to 13. The sound of the drums far away
break up. in the forest was quite scary.
A. 1 A. howling
B. 2 B. running
C. 3 C. beating
D. None of the above. D. screaming

10. Faillure or succes does not make a diference 14. She’s just back from a holiday. She has a
relaxed, glow on her face.
to him.
A. fair
A. 3
B. radiant
B. 2
C. bright
C. 1
D. dull
D. None of the above.
15. She was by the way, the child
11. Ther mother was furious, when she found behaved in the absence of his parents.
out that they had missed the school bus
A. bewildered
once again.
B. understandable
A. 1 C. informed
B. 2 D. questioned
C. 3
16. The farmer looked sadly at the vast
D. None of the above.
land that he owned.
B E S T A N S W E R TO C O M P L E T E E A C H B. barren
D. fertile
17. Kathy now knew all about
She did not buy the pearl as it was after she had sowed the seeds and seen
them grow into plants.
A. not shiny
A. germination
B. dull B. communication
C. lacklustre C. examination
D. all of the above D. consumption

18. The principal was upset, when he saw the
12. The stand-up comedian was and children in for the assembly, one
had the crowd laughing all throughout. by one.
A. happy A. jump
B. cunning B. run
C. laugh riot C. ran
D. very funny D. pass

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4 5th IEO - Set B

19. Reema and Ram to watch the C. even
latest news on television. D. although
A. loves
25. When I was a child I could ride a cycle really
B. love
fast, however, my sister .
C. loving
A. can’t
D. to love to
B. couldn’t
20. Epics are made up of and C. will not
facts. D. won’t
A. non-fiction
26. She met her Maths teacher hour
B. truth
C. reality
D. myth A. the
B. a
21. The tests were carried out by the scientists
C. an
under carefully circumstances.
D. about
A. controlled
B. dangerous 27. Emily and are attending the
C. agitated training workshop next week.
D. excited A. I
B. me
22. She is keen on for the exam next
C. myself
D. sister
A. appear
B. appearance 28. A s s o o n a s s h e s a i d s h e w a s a f r a i d
C. appears the spider, one crawled down
D. appearing the wall.

23. If you get good grades, I buy A. to
you the watch you want. B. off
C. about
A. will
B. would D. of

C. could 29. If you freeze water in this tray, you
D. can get decorative ice-cubes.
24. I came to the office in time A. will
forgot to sign the register. B. should
A. and C. may
B. but D. would

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5th IEO - Set B 5



Nicaragua : An Island
If you love seafood, swinging on a hammock as you read a book and the slow pace of life,
then you must visit this small island, called Nicaragua. The seafood here is the freshest, you
could ever get.
For people looking for spectacular beach views and inspiring landscapes, this is the place to come
to. Travelers have said that this is the most blissful place they have ever visited.
There is no particular timing to visit this island as throughout the year it has a wonderful climate.
It is never too hot or cold.
However, it is hit by sudden storms a few times in a year, so it is wise to carry an umbrella with
you. Most hotels have umbrellas that can be borrowed. If you are tired of the familiar tourist
destinations, then this island is where you must bring yourself to. It offers a fantastic family
holiday with so many things to do. Moreover, it has plenty of outdoor stuff such as paragliding,
surfing and deep sea-diving, which children and adults will love.

30. What does ‘spectacular’ mean?
A. Remarkable
B. Mighty
C. Enormous
D. Gigantic

31. It is recommended that you carry an umbrella with you. The reason being .
A. it is hot
B. it can get really sunny
C. it has sudden storms
D. the weather is unpredictable

32. Why is this island considered to be a fantastic holiday destination?
A. It is bright and sunny all through the year.
B. It offers lots of things to do for people of all ages.
C. The local food is fantastic.
D. You will get an opportunity to swing on a hammock.

33. Which word does ‘inspiring’ refer to in the passage?
A. Beaches
B. Hammock
C. Island
D. Landscapes

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6 5th IEO - Set B

FOR QUESTIONS 34 TO 37, READ THE 34. What is the statue in town square symbolic
that FOLLOW. A. The war against enmity.
B. The war against friendship.
The Statue in Town Square C. The money that the town had to spend.
The statue in town square is symbolic of D. The artisans of the town.
the times, when people had to wage a war 35. What is the meaning of ‘chiseled’ from the
against enmity, and restore peace in their context of the given passage?
nation. In fact, it was officially called ‘The
A. To create a replica.
Statue of Peace and Friendship.’ However,
B. A wonderful artisan.
down the years, it began to be referred to
C. To carve and mould.
as ‘The Statue in Town Square’ as that is
D. To create a statue.
where, it is to be found. Every local or
tourist needs to pass through town square, 36. Why was the statue referred to as ‘The Statue
and this is when this enormous, and yet so in Town Square’?
graceful structure, comes to their notice. A. The statue was located there.
The statue is made of the purest of marble B. The statue was named so.
to be found, in this part of the world. It C. The statue symbolized friendship.
took artisans, years and years, to be able D. The statue was square in shape.
to chisel out, the most intricate of details
37. The statue is made of .
on this statue. Although, the statue in town
A. the best marble in the country
square cost a lot of money, it is worth every
B. the purest of all stones
dime. The reason being, it attracts hordes
C. the best marble found in this part of the
of tourists to it, and therefore, ends up
earning a lot of revenue for this town.
D. better marble than found anywhere else

Spoken and written expression

FOR QUESTIONS 38 TO 45, CHOOSE THE 38. Rob: ‘Have you ever eaten something
A. I have
Example B. They have
Stephen: ‘I’m leaving for New York C. I got
D. I do have
tomorrow. Let’s keep in touch.’
Jack: ‘ ’ 39. Ram: ‘You have not been eating well for a
while now.’
A. Why not?
Kumar: ‘Yes, I have .’
B. Don’t forget to drop me a line. A. lost an appetite
C. Change is good for you. B. lost my appetite
C. been losing my appetite
D. I’m so glad you are going.
D. losing appetite

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5th IEO - Set B 7

40. Kavya: ‘Do you think you have enough 43. Peter: ‘What is Mr. Watson doing right
money to go shopping?’ now?’
Anjali: ‘ .’
John: ‘ .’
A. I spent too much last year
A. He reads a book
B. I’m just going window-shopping
C. I don’t think so B. He had read a book at the moment
D. I’ve already bought some things C. He is reading a book at the moment
D. He read this book last month
41. Sonia: ‘What do you do for a living,
Amy?’ 44. I’m filling a job application.
Amy: ‘ .’
A. off
A. I am a police
B. away
B. I am police
C. up
C. I police officer
D. I’m a police officer D. to

42. Wendy: ‘My brother lives in Melbourne.’ 45. Sachin: ‘How is your day going?’
Robert: ‘ ’ Amit: ‘ ’
A. Oh! My goodness! Not Melbourne! A. Fine!. I’m already stressed out!
B. Oh really! Which part of Melbourne?
C. So did mine until a few years ago! B. What are you doing?
D. I’m afraid it’s not a good place for C. It’s a busy day.
students. D. I’m playing tennis tomorrow.


46. What does ‘fast as lightning’ mean? BEST RESPONSE TO COMPLETE EACH
A. To be witty. CONVERSATION.
B. To be specific. 49. Amanda: ‘How often do you eat out?’
C. To be swift. Sam: ‘Well, I eat out every day.’
D. To be dangerous.
A. sometimes
47. The teachers in this school are B. occasionally
towards her, and they understand her very well. C. never
A. trouble D. almost
B. sympathetic 50. Ramon: ‘Hi Kenny, I’d like you to meet my
C. problematic friend Jack.’
D. reasonable Kenny: ‘ .’
48. She has been studying English A. I know another Jack too
2011. B. Nice to meet you, Jack
A. in C. Jack is a very common name
B. since D. Myself Kenny

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1.  (C)  2.  (A)  3.  (C)  4.  (C)  5.  (B)  6.  (C)  7.  (A)  8.  (A)  9.  (B)  10.  (B) 
11.  (C)  12.  (B)  13.  (A)  14.  (B)  15.  (C)  16.  (A)  17.  (B)  18.  (B)  19.  (A)  20.  (A) 
21.  (B)  22.  (C)  23.  (B)  24.  (C)  25.  (A)  26.  (C)  27.  (A)  28.  (B)  29.  (C)  30.  (A) 
31.  (B)  32.  (C)  33.  (A)  34.  (B)  35.  (C)  36.  (A)  37.  (B)  38.  (A)  39.  (B)  40.  (B) 


1.  (B)  2.  (C)  3.  (B)  4.  (B)  5.  (A)  6.  (D)  7.  (C)  8.  (B)  9.  (D)  10.  (C) 
11.  (B)  12.  (B)  13.  (D)  14.  (B)  15.  (B)  16.  (D)  17.  (B)  18.  (C)  19.  (A)  20.  (B) 
21.  (D)  22.  (B)  23.  (C)  24.  (D)  25.  (B)  26.  (B)  27.  (D)  28.  (D)  29.  (C)  30.  (D) 
31.  (C)  32.  (B)  33.  (D)  34.  (C)  35.  (B)  36.  (D)  37.  (B)  38.  (A)  39.  (A)  40.  (A) 
41.  (A)  42.  (A)  43.  (B)  44.  (D)  45.  (C)  46.  (C)  47.  (C)  48.  (A)  49.  (A)  50.  (A) 

1. (C)  2. (D)  3. (B)  4. (C)  5. (A)  6. (B)  7. (D)  8. (B)  9. (C)  10. (A) 
11. (C)  12. (B)  13. (A)  14. (D)  15. (C)  16. (B)  17. (A)  18. (D)  19. (A)  20. (C) 
21. (B)  22. (C)  23. (D)  24. (B)  25. (A)  26. (D)  27. (A)  28. (C)  29. (B)  30. (D) 
31. (B)  32. (B)  33. (B)  34. (C)  35. (A)  36. (C)  37. (C)  38. (D)  39. (B)  40. (A) 
41. (A)  42. (C)  43. (D)  44. (C)  45. (A)  46. (B)  47. (D)  48. (C)  49. (A)  50. (D) 

1.  (B)  2.  (D)  3.  (A)  4.  (D)  5.  (D)  6.  (A)  7.  (C)  8.  (C)  9.  (A)  10.  (B) 
11.  (D)  12.  (B)  13.  (D)  14.  (A)  15.  (B)  16.  (C)  17.  (D)  18.  (B)  19.  (C)  20.  (C) 
21.  (A)  22.  (D)  23.  (A)  24.  (C)  25.  (D)  26.  (D)  27.  (C)  28.  (D)  29.  (C)  30.  (B) 
31.  (A)  32.  (D)  33.  (D)  34.  (C)  35.  (A)  36.  (D)  37.  (A)  38.  (B)  39.  (D)  40.  (A) 
41.  (C)  42.  (D)  43.  (A)  44.  (C)  45.  (A)  46.  (D)  47.  (C)  48.  (B)  49.  (C)  50.  (B) 


1.  (B)  2.  (B)  3.  (D)  4.  (B)  5.  (B)  6.  (C)  7.  (D)  8.  (A)  9.  (D)  10.  (B) 
11.  (A)  12.  (B)  13.  (A)  14.  (A)  15.  (D)  16.  (B)  17.  (D)  18.  (A)  19.  (B)  20.  (B) 
21.  (D)  22.  (A)  23.  (B)  24.  (C)  25.  (B)  26.  (D)  27.  (C)  28.  (B)  29.  (A)  30.  (D) 
31.  (D)  32.  (C)  33.  (D)  34.  (D)  35.  (D)  36.  (B)  37.  (B)  38.  (B)  39.  (D)  40.  (C) 
41.  (D)  42.  (A)  43.  (A)  44.  (A)  45.  (B)  46.  (B)  47.  (C)  48.  (C)  49.  (A)  50.  (B) 


1.  (D)  2.  (C)  3.  (B)  4.  (A)  5.  (C)  6.  (D)  7.  (D)  8.  (A)  9.  (B)  10.  (A) 
11.  (B)  12.  (B)  13.  (B)  14.  (C)  15.  (B)  16.  (B)  17.  (C)  18.  (B)  19.  (B)  20.  (C) 
21.  (C)  22.  (D)  23.  (C)  24.  (D)  25.  (B)  26.  (D)  27.  (C)  28.  (B)  29.  (D)  30.  (A) 
31.  (B)  32.  (A)  33.  (C)  34.  (C)  35.  (B)  36.  (A)  37.  (C)  38.  (C)  39.  (D)  40.  (D) 
41.  (C)  42.  (A)  43.  (B)  44.  (A)  45 . (B)  46.  (D)  47.  (A)  48.  (B)  49.  (D)  50.  (C)

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1. (A)  2. (C)  3. (B)  4. (A)  5. (C)  6. (A)  7. (B)  8. (A)  9. (D)  10. (A) 
11. (B)  12. (D)  13. (C)  14. (B)  15. (A)  16. (B)  17. (A)  18. (C)  19. (B)  20. (B) 
21. (A)  22. (B)  23. (A)  24. (B)  25. (A)  26. (C)  27. (A)  28. (D)  29. (D)  30. (A) 
31. (C)  32. (B)  33. (D)  34. (A)  35. (D)  36. (A)  37. (C)  38. (D)  39. (D)  40. (B) 
41. (D)  42. (B)  43. (C)  44. (A)  45. (D)  46. (B)  47. (D)  48. (C)  49. (A)  50. (D) 

1. (A)  2. (C)  3. (B)  4. (A)  5. (C)  6. (A)  7. (C)  8. (A)  9. (D)  10. (A) 
11. (A)  12. (D)  13. (C)  14. (B)  15. (A)  16. (B)  17. (A)  18. (B)  19. (B)  20. (D) 
21. (A)  22. (D)  23. (A)  24. (B)  25. (B)  26. (C)  27. (A)  28. (D)  29. (A)  30. (A) 
31. (C)  32. (B)  33. (D)  34. (A)  35. (C)  36. (A)  37. (C)  38. (A)  39. (B)  40. (B) 
41. (D)  42. (B)  43. (C)  44. (C)  45. (C)  46. (C)  47. (B)  48. (B)  49. (D)  50. (B)

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