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First we thank to All Mighty Allah who gave us the strength and courage to perform our jobs. We dedicate our Final Assignment of Introduction to Business to our Parents who made us capable to reach to the current positions.

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All praise belongs to ALLAH, the Compassionate and, the Merciful, who enables us to achieve and accomplish all of our objectives. And I would also like to Thanks our Teacher Prof. RAFIQ , who helped us a lot.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY««««««««««««««««««««« .6 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS«««««««««««««««««« 6 IDEA ................................................................................................................... 7 INNOVATION.................................................................................................... 7 LOCATION ........................................................................................................ 8 BUSINESS COST ............................................................................................... 8 PROJECT COST ................................................................................................. 9 PROJECT FINANCING.................................................................................... 10 MARKET CUSTOMER .................................................................................... 11 TARGET CUSTOMER ..................................................................................... 12 BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS ......................................................................... 12-13 LOGO««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« 14
PRODUCT AND BRAND NAME«««««««««««««««««............. ..14

MARKET SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS««««««««««««««« . 15 SIZE AND SCOPE OF THE MARKET ...... ««««««««««««««15 MARKET ATTRACTIVENESS«««««««««««««««««« .. 15 PEST ANALYSIS«««««««««««««««««««««««... .. 16 COMPETITORS«««««««««««««««««««««««««17 SCOOPY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES««««««««««««««« 18 RAHAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES«««««««««««««««.. 18 SAVOR FOODS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES«««««««««««.. ..19 ECHO ICE CREAM PRODUCTS AND SERVICES«««««««««.. «20 CHAMAN ICE-CREAM PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ................................. 20 WHAT COMPANY PRODUCT FEATURES««««««««««««« . 21 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES««««««««««««««««««««21 STRATEGIES««««««««««««««««««««««««....... 22 MARKETING MIX««««««««««««««««««««««. 22-24 [Magalicious ice cream] Page 4

COMPETITIVE GRID««««««««««««««««««««« 25-26 CUSTOMER ANALYSIS«««««««««««««««««««« «.27 POTENTIALCUSTOMERS««««««««««««««««««« 28-32 SWOT ANALYSIS««««««««««««««««««««««.. 33-34 MARKETING OBJECTIVES AND GOALS«««««««««««««...35 MARKETING PROGRAM OBJECTIVES««««««««««««««..35 MARKETING STRATEGY..««««««««««««««««««««35 TARGET MARKET«««««««««««««««««««««««..36 MARKETING PROGRAMS«««««««««««««««««««« 37 PRODUCT/SERVICES/BRANDS TACTICS«««««««««««««..37 CUSTOMER AWARENESS AND LOYALTY««««««««««««...37 PRODUCT PACKAGING AND DEVELOPMENT«««««««««««37 PRICING TACTICS«««««««««««««««««««««««..38 SALES/DISTRIBUTION TACTICS««««««««««««««««.... 28 COMPETITORS DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS«««««««««««« 38 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION TACTICS«««««....39 ADVERTISEMENT«««««««««««««««««««««««..39 IMPLEMENTATION AND CONTROL«««««««««««««««.. 40 MARKETING DEPARTMENT«««««««««««««««««««40 TIME LINE««««««««««««««««««««««««««....40 CONCLUSION«««««««««««««««««««««««««..41

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Executive Summary
Business Plan is a discipline that tells us the proficiency of the market operations and strategies of overall corporate sector. A Business Plan has been assigned to us by Introduction to business Instructor as a Final Project. We have a plan to open an ice cream Poular, our basic need is to provide a good quality of our product to customer, we are launching a new flavor for kids, younger¶s, teen agers and as well as for sugar patients who are specially restricted to use any type of sugar stuff so therefore we have introduced an ice-cream which is sugar free but when we tasted it. It tastes like Sweet. And by this way we think that we will create a good impression on the people by serving them. This will also have an effect on our income because before this there was no such type of ice cream in the market. Launching of Magalicious ice cream; this plan will throw light on the

introduction of the business, industry, and competitor and customer¶s analysis, Company¶s SWOT analysis, its marketing goals and objectives, marketing strategy Pricing, product/service/brand tactics, sales and distribution tactics communication Tactics, its budget, implementation and control, contingency plan etc. The basic purpose of conducting this research is to enhance the practical as well as analytical knowledge about the marketing knowhow. With the help of this knowledge we prepared a comprehensive marketing plan having all essentialities like Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion Strategies. In fact we fulfilled all the key points and rations of this marketing plan acquiring the prosperity of knowledge and skills And finally positive outcomes of plan and the conclusion,

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Introduction to Business
Magalicious ice cream(ice-cream with different flavors), which we are offering are most wanted by customers because they will get satisfaction after consuming it, our ice-cream flavors are of high quality, reasonable price. We have introduced new flavors in Pakistan such as bubble, jelly, and special ice cream for sugar patients which has no sugar but tastes like sugar. Our target market is not only confined to the kids but also to young and teen-agers .We will sell the ice-cream in scoops.

Our idea is to build our own chain of Ice-cream Poulars, available for customers in different atmosphere at any time.

We want to create a uniform and more earning business of Ice-cream Poular. We will provide more facilities on cheaper rates. ³We are the lions to rebel with any profit seeking institution in matter of market survival.´

Current Market Situation:
Pakistan is an important territory of Asia. It is the Junction of Central Asia, Middle East and South Asia. It is strategically very important so there must be a mature marketing environment. But its environment is less aware as how much it should be. Now in Pakistan PKR 110 million are spent as a Fun Money. In Pakistan people have a little tendency to spend on ice cream. They take Carbonated Beverages, Juices and Snacks as to make a fun. PKR 8 million are spent on ice cream annually that includes all the Branded and Unbranded ice cream. Wall¶s has 68% market share and rest of the 32% includes all the Branded and Unbranded ice cream. Now there is plenty of awareness about Ice cream as a fun and ice cream also has a psychological effect on the mind of people that it makes the somber mood happy. The entrance of Omore is the Eye Witness that Ice cream industry of Pakistan is making progress day by day and Wall¶s is leading the market. It¶s in a strong Position among its competitors having a lot of innovation in national and international brands. In fact it is far away from competition. [Magalicious ice cream] Page 7

Maglicious Ice-cream Pakistan has a vast Production Plant in Temple Road near Mall Road lahore. This unit produces 13,000 Liters Ice cream per day and supplies it all over the Lahore . The Ice cream requires -18°C temperature and has a Life time value of 10 minutes out of freezer.

Our main branch will on mall (temple road )near Abid Market in a basement. Because its our own property and I will finalize that our first business will start on our own place «..

Business cost :The cost evaluation of the project is nearly 50,00,000. Following is a look on expenses. Construction charges:

Temple Road








Lawrance Garden


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Business Cost:The cost evaluation of the project is nearly 5,000,000. Following is a look on expenses. Construction charges: Things including in project cost: Land, Building material, Labour is included in the above mentioned cost. There will be two portions given us follows : stylish Bachelor area Separate Rooms Family area Separate Rooms

Project Cost:
Particular Land, Building Chair & Table Lcd¶s Price -----------50,000 400 fan Fans, energy savers & split 80 e.saver 30,000 split Quantity ------50 tables 200 chairs 5 30 fan 170 e.saver 10 split 100 10 -----10 10 Total 37,00,000 2,32,400 2,50,000 12000 fan 13600 e.saver 3,00,000 split 3,00,000 1,00,000 20,000 12,000 60,000

Sanitary cost Reception office Cutlery Curtains Staff, security

3000 10,000 20,000 1200 6000

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Project financing:
Our project financing is as follows. Equity 70% Property involved 30% Followings are the partners of this private company

Share Name Capital Furqan Ahmed Muazzam Sardar Usaman Hanjra Muhammad Qaisar Awais Arshad 30% 20% 20% 20% 10% 20% 15% 15% 15% 05% Equity

Personal Property 10% 05% 05% 05% 05%

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Market customers :
Lahore is the big city and it is called the city of Foods so, many of the people come to Lahore for having a taste in very good areas Like ³Food Street´.

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Target customers:
Our target customers will be those people who want a new taste in yummy icecream and are strangers to this city.

Break Even Analysis:
90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 initial 1st 2nd 3rd stage year year year

expenses assests gained future value

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Following is revenue and expenditure chart. 100 80 60 40
expenses revenue income

0 1st nd 3rd 4th Qtr Qtr Qtr Qtr

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The straight line in logo shows the innovation and growth Product and brand Name:

Magalicious Ice cream

Product Packaging and Development: After manufacturing the product we will place the product in specially designed plastic cups and then put the product in the freezer to avoid melting. The cups are designed in such a way that the open end of the cup is covered with the plastic cover to avoid leakage and to look smart.

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MARKET SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS The market of ice cream is growing but it goes to boom stage especially in summer and trend goes down in winter let¶s have an idea about current market situation of ice-cream industry.

Market Definition Our target market is not confined to children but any individual of any age group can consume and use it, mostly people ranging from 4-45 years are our target customers and are part of our target market.

Size and Scope of the Market As we will be operating in twin cities having huge population so our product will be having wide scope and growth opportunities and a huge market our target market ranges from age 4-45. Market Attractiveness We have decided to attract our market by following ways Product We are offering quality product and services seldom given by any other competitor around the town. Our specialty is new flavors and sugar free ice cream. Price We are charging the a bit low prices as compared to our competitors do so it¶s likely that customer will switch towards our¶s just for try.

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Place We are selling our product at the places where customers feel convenience to buy (twin cities and attached villages).

Promotion In the beginning we are only going to have big boards at the face of the shops and ten sales men on bicycles for selling as well as for promotion of our products product and the brand name is displayed on the pack Inshallah when the business will flourish then in future we are going to introduce van services and retail outlets at different points of the twin city. PEST Analysis: There are main four factors  Technological  Political  Economic  Socio-cultural We discuss in those topics as follow 

Technological Because of too much advancement in IT technology is changing every day so it is important for us to have the new technology to cope with time other wise competitor will beat us and will be far back from them so it is important to have latest technology according to requirement and to compete competitor. 

Political Due to political and legal instability in Pakistan Market of the product may go down because of increase in general price level (inflation) and due to increase in oil prices.

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Economic It is more likely that when oil prices shoot up and there will be inflation in the country people may not have purchasing power to buy the things because ³more money chases fewer goods in case of inflation´ 

Socio-cultural Because of the fact that the Pakistani youth is shifting towards the western culture (Paradigm shift) so we have to consider the improvements in our products with the passage of time to meet the requirement of changing culture.

Competitors There are many different ice-cream manufacturers around the town but our strong and healthy competition is with these following: 1. Scoopy Ice-cream 2. Echo Ice-cream 3. Rahat Bakers 4. Savor foods 5. Chaman Ice-Cream

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Scoopy Products and Services Main factory is in Rawat near chakbeli road they sell the ice-cream on the bicycles (mobile service), on retail shops and in carriage vanes they are having very low market share. There Flavors are as follows: 

Vanilla  Chocolate  Strawberry  Mango

Rahat Products and services They are having three shops in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore. Market is quite high.

They are offering Flavors as follows:  Kulfa  Mango  Chocolate Chip  Pine Apple  Pista  Strawberry  Vanilla  Tutti Fruti [Magalicious ice cream] Page 18

Savor Foods Products and services They are selling the ice-cream on their food corner they are having four outlets two in Rawalpindi And one in Islamabad Market share is high. Rawalpindi out lets  Double Road Islamabad Outlets  Blue Area

Flavors are as follows:  Vanilla  Pineapple  Kulfa  Strawberry  Mango  Orange  Crunch  Chocolate  Pista  Tutti fruiti

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Echo Ice-cream Products and services Their main Factory is in ³LALAZAR´ near Tulsa Road their market share is Low. They sell the ice-cream via mobile van and cycle service.

There Flavors are as follows  Chocó Dip  Line Bar  King Kulfa  Break Kulfa

Chaman Ice-Cream
The main branch of chaman ice-cream located on Mall Road since they have started .  Vanilla  Pineapple  Kulfa  Strawberry  Mango  Orange  Crunch  Chocolate  Pista  Tutti fruiti

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What Company¶s Products features Magalicious ice-cream Company will not only giving products but also services. Our product features are quality, quantity, a lot of flavors plus an additional flavor called magalicious special and sugar free ice cream called sugar. a bit Low price compared to competitor our services features are that we will also provide ice-cream at our shop we will be having a lounge in our shop where we will serve ice-cream to our customers in winter and in summer we will serve ice-cream to our customers in open air designed specially for customers And in near future we will going to start the van service in twin cities for our consumers¶ convenience.

Goals and Objectives Our objectives and goals are as follows. 

Convenience: Our objective is to provide our customers great convenience even if they are present in villages our products will be available for them at stores near by their homes our sales man will also go to different sectors at different timings to sale ice-cream and we will also move towards van as well for customers¶ convenience 

Technology: Our objective is to cope with change that is why we are having modern and latest technology for designing and packaging our products, capable of providing efficiency and productivity of work and we will keep on changing along with time.

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Market share and growth Our objective also include to increase market share and market growth 

Profit Our objective is to earn 10% of the profit

Strategies As we are going to be new in market so our strategies are going to be of making the name of our product in the market, developing in market and penetrating.

Profits We decided to earn10% of gross profit and our company profit will be based on sales (Margin)

Marketing mix  Product As our product is going to be new in market so it will under go the process of making image but it¶s not having yet, our products are having unique attractive and decent packing, styles, features and set of characteristics 

Price Our price is economical so that a person of lower class can also afford

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Place We will be providing our products/services in cities as well as in villages near to these twin cities where people were having problem in getting the product when they want. In coming future we will be starting up vane service as well as mobile ice-cream shop. We currently will provide our products/services on bicycles in different sectors. 

Promotion We will currently be using the big board at the face of our shops and sales men on bicycle, product and brand name is present on the product for promotion but Inshallah in near future we are going to use the following advertising / promotional source. 

Electronic Media 1. TV 2. FM Radio 3. E-marketing

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Print Media 1. News papers, Magazine 2. Billboards 3. Banners 4. Wall chocking in school colleges and universities

Ability to compete:  We have no rent to pay for building  We have new variety of flavors such as bubble gum, jelly and sugar free  Our price is economical

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Competitive Grid:


Product (Scoop Flavor)  Vanilla



Price(one scoop) Rs/- Prices Small Scoop 15 14

Scoopy Ice cream 

Chocolate  Strawberry  Mango Large  Mango Small Scoop 45 16 42 14 Medium 30 28

Echo Ice-cream 

Chocó Dip  Vanilla  Line Bar  King Kulfa  Choc bar  Break Kulfa  Strawberry Large 48 42 Medium Scoop 32 28

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Kulfa Rahat Bakers  Mango  Chocolate Chip  Pineapple  Pista  Strawberry  Vanilla  Tutti Fruti  Almond  Vanilla Savor Foods  Pineapple  Kulfa  Strawberry  Mango  Crunch  Chocolate  Pista  Tutti fruitii Large 45 42 Medium 30 28 Small scoop 15 14 Large Scoop 33 42 Medium scoop 25 28 Small scoop 18 14

Chaman Ice-Cream 


Kulfa Mango Chocolate Chip Pineapple Pista Strawberry Vanilla Tutti Fruti Almond

Competitor Price
Two Scoops Four Scoops


Our Price




[Magalicious ice cream]

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Customers Analysis Our main Customers are going to be as follows y y y y y Retail shops Marts Sole Proprietor markets Local Hotels and Restaurants Potential customers

Retail shops, Marts, Sole Proprietor market Local Hotels and Restaurants: They buy Ice-cream manufactured by companies which give them less margin for them , they buy from shops far from their outlet, but we are going to give them more margin profit and provide them facilities of delivering them ice cream at their shops. We are going to make shops situated in GHOUS Bakery In Mazang & Al-Noor Bakery in Shadman near China Chok & Imran¶s Baker¶s In Jail Road near Fazal Din Pharmacy which will facilitate customers as well as suppliers. Since our business is new just now so we currently have less budget and will not be able promote our products and services via promotional ad or any other marketing program except big board of Magalicious Ice-cream on the face of our shops. People who will have a look on this board at the face of the shop will get attracted by our beautifully designed board and come at our shop to eat in our decorated lawn in evening or in our lounge at day timings, as well as to buy/purchase After experiencing positive post purchase behavior, quality of product and service and cool and calm atmosphere most of the people will return back with a good experience and will then come back to us to take the product/service again if this will continue for some time then hopefully they will become our loyal customers and will attract the potential customers as well through viral marketing We Have decided that we will give special packages to our loyal customers as well as membership and free coupons for the customer long term value purpose because we are

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of the view of 8020 rule that if we will satisfy 20% of our customers then they will provide 80% profit to company through viral/word of mouth marketing Q1 Do you like Ice-cream?


50 40 30 QUESTION 01 20 10 0 Yes No Partial

One or two people said that they don¶t like ice-cream rest of the people said that they like the ice-cream so we can conclude that there is a big market for an ice-cream and also have growth chances because of high scope

Q2 If µYes¶ then which flavor you like the most?



15 QUESTION 02 10


0 Chocolate Vanilla Other

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Mostly People like the tutti-frutti ice-cream. The percentage of tutti-frutti icecream is very high, rest of the people like the chocolate and strawberry ice-cream. So we can conclude the ratio of vanilla and other flavors is low.

Q3 Which Brand you like the most?

QUESTION 03 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Rahat Savour Scopy Echo Other


Mostly customer like ³Rahat and Savor´ ice cream, the percentage of ice-cream is very high. They are loyal of those products. Rest of the people said that they like scoop, echo and the other ice-cream. So we can conclude that there is a big market rahat and savour ice-cream.

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Q 4 Are you satisfied with your existing brand?

35 30 25 20 QUESTION 04 15 10 5 0 Yes No partial

Mostly people said that they satisfied for the existing brand. The percent of satisfied customer is very high. Rest of the people said that they don¶t satisfy the existing icecream. So we can conclude that our product survive in this market. Q5 Do you give response to promotional Ads?

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No partial QUESTION 05

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Mostly people said that they don¶t change their behavior for the promotional ads, because people are satisfied for their product. The percent of promotional ads is very low. Rest of the people said that they attract for the ads. So we can conclude that they don¶t attract for the ads.

Q6 When you purchase something do you really need it?

25 20 15 QUESTION 06 10 5 0 Yes No partial

No, mostly said they don¶t need for the product. When they see the product they buy it. The percent is very high. Some customer said when they product need it they buy. Rest of the customer said that they buy on the partial basis .So we can conclude that there is larger number of customer who purchases the product when they don¶t need it.

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Q7 on what basis do you use a product/service?

16 14 12 10 8 QUESTION 07 6 4 2 0 Brand Price Attractive Ads

Majority of the customer agreed that they select our product on the bases brand and price. The percentage of brand and price is very high. Some customer agreed on the quality basis. But some of them were agreed that they select on the bases of attractive ads and convenience. So we conclude those majority customers are brand and price conscious. Q8 When do you buy?
Q U E S T IO N 08

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Daily Weekly Monthly A nnually others
Q U E S T IO N 08

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Customer said they buy the product on the weekly basis. The percentage of weekly basis is very high. Some customer said they buy on the daily and monthly basis. Are relatively low than annually and others basis. So we can conclude that maximum customer buy product on weekly basis.

SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths  Convenience  Technology  Cope with Change  Human Resource Weaknesses  Low popularity Compared to Competitors  Consumers¶ loyalty towards competitors¶ brand  Low budget Opportunities  Private property  No building Rent  Our own Farm house  New flavours Threats  Suicide bombing at popular places so people avoid to come out  We should face high prices of raw materials  Distribution of the final product as business will expand with greater pace in the future. [Magalicious ice cream] Page 33






Low 1)Convenience Compared

popularity Our Own property to




popular places (political & legal



2) Human Resource


loyalty No building Rent

Low market



in to

towards competitors¶ brand



3) Modern Technology

Low budget

Our own Farm house

Low market share

4) Ability to Cope with Change

New flavours


Alliance Low market growth

with Macdonald

[Magalicious ice cream]

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MARKETING OBJECTIVES AND GOALS Our overall market objective include to capture market share and market growth in addition to this we planned to earn 10% profit, market penetration, cope with the change promotion from as much means (electronic + print media) provide quantity quality uniqueness of the product as well as convenience to buy and use the product. and to satisfy the needs and the wants of the customers.

Marketing Program objectives Our marketing program objectives are how we are going to manage the 4p¶s (Product, price, place, promotion) How we can manage these 4p¶s to get the desired output in form of high market share and the growth etc. MARKETING STRATEGY The marketing strategy is ³Market development´.

After having a look on the grid, we can say that we fall under category of Market development strategies. As we know that the market for ice-cream exists and the product is also available in market, so we have to adopt market development strategies.

[Magalicious ice cream]

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Target market Our target market will be people ranging from age 4-45 years

Customers prefer our products because  Good Taste  Same quality as our competitors  Economical prices (1-2 rupee below than competitor)  Attractive packaging.  Segmentation (different flavors)  Our special Offer ³Magalicious Special´  Special packages to our loyal customers  Evidence that customers want our product  And sugar free ice cream Our survey questionnaire was designed in such a way that we intended to know what the needs are and wants of customers and is there any product for our market so after analysis and interpretation of survey questionnaire it is proved that customers want our product and there is a big market of our product so it¶s evidence.

[Magalicious ice cream]

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MARKETING PROGRAMS Product/Services/Brands Tactics When we compare our services and products to there is some main points on which Magalicious ice-cream company products are having benefits and advantages these point are as follows: 

Better quality  Better services (In lounge, lawn, restaurants and hotels, in your street)  Vane and mobile services in villages near to/within twin cities  Special Packages for loyal customers  Sugar free ice cream Customers Awareness and Loyalty At present we are only going to have big boards at the face of the shops and a sales men on bicycle for selling as well as for promotion and awareness of our products and the brand name is displayed on the pack but Inshallah In near future we will be starting vane services. In near future we are going to use the following advertising / promotional source.

Electronic Media  TV  FM Radio  E-marketing  Company Websites Print Media  News papers, Magazine  Billboards  Banners  Wall chocking in school colleges and universities [Magalicious ice cream] Page 37

Pricing Tactics 

Company Product Price Small Scoop Medium Scoop Large Scoop 14 Rs/28 Rs/42 Rs/- 

Cost and margins Sales= cost + profit 100%= 70% + 30% 

Customers Willingness to pay Yes our customers are willing to pay because our target market is buying the product from our competitor at price a bit more (1-2 rupee) than our price so it is obvious that customers are willing to pay this price.

Sales/Distribution tactics  Mobile service (person on bicycle)  Vane service  Promotional Alliance  E-marketing  Web site

[Magalicious ice cream]

Page 38

Competitors¶ distribution channels Distribution Incentives (Push Verses Pull) ³Push´ here means to attract customers by advertisement and ³Pull´ Means to attract the customers via properly managing 4p¶s (product, price, place, promotion) Means pulling the customers via:  Attractive packaging and features of the product  Economical or reasonable price of the product  Convenience  Awareness and promotion of the product  Mobile and vane services Our company is dealing with ³PULL´ Distribution incentives Integrated Marketing Communication Tactics Advertisement  Television (Geo,ARY) The timing of the ads are designed in such a way that we will be giving ads at those timings when mostly people (target customers) are watching TV or Listening Radio and they can have a look on the ad and will get the message that we are conveying

The rest of the points below are self explanatory 

News papers & Magazine (specially designed for kids)  E-marketing

[Magalicious ice cream]

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IMPLEMENTATION AND CONTROL Marketing department will be responsible for implementation and control of the plan Marketing department will include: 

General Manager Marketing  Director marketing  Marketing manager  Customers relation manager  Sales men Time Line

Month 10 April 2010 15 April 2010 20 April 2010 25 April 2010 Procurement


Start up of production process Product launch Start up of Mobile service & Advertising through electronic media (FM & TV & E-marketing)

30 April 2010 5 May 2010 10 May 2010

Advertising through print media Product Launch on hotels and restaurants Start of vane service

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We successfully accomplished the assigned project on Business Plan. While seeking knowledge for this we learnt a lot practical knowledge. We observed the problems; the businesses have to actually face in the markets. The rise & falls and ups and downs of the companies in the corporate sector. We developed a Marketing Plan based upon the ground facts. We observed the depth of every aspect of newly launched product, its overall strategies, its foregoing as well as on ongoing threats, its Strengths, Weaknesses and Current Opportunities in the competitive market. We also examined the performance of our rivals just to triumph over them and to conquer their strengths. This plan discloses all the anticipations of the group functioning on the project.

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