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It’s Time to Cut the Wasteful Spending It’s Time For Accountability


It’s Time to Respect the Taxpayers

It’s Time for Change
On October 25th Elect Ted BERGER

Here’s Ted Supporting our Toronto Police

People come first with Ted BERGER
Ted BERGER will be a Full-Time Councillor for All the People
Ted BERGER will Support the Immediate Elimination of the Personal Vehicle, and Land Transfer Tax

Ted BERGER will Vote Against Any Salary Increase for Councillors and Mayor over the next 4 Years
Ted Berger Supports the Initiatives of the Better Ballots Committee in the Reform of the Municipal Elections Act by 2014

Ted BERGER Supports the Reduction of 44 Councillors to 22 Ted BERGER Supports the Contracting Out of Garbage Collection Ted BERGER Supports the Re-implementation of D.A.R.E. – The Drug Abuse Resistance Program Ted BERGER Supports the Neighbourhood Block Safety Program, and Youth Activity Centers
Ted Berger will Lobby for Increased Funding for More Subsidized Housing from All Levels of Government

Ted BERGER Will Make the TTC an Essential Service Ted BERGER Supports the Improvement of Customer Service at City Hall Ted Berger Will Advocate that All Meetings of Council Should be Open to the Public “NO CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS” Ted BERGER Supports the Improvement of Cleanliness, Safety of our Streets, Parks, and Bus Shelters Ted BERGER Promotes Proactive Actions, rather than Reactive Actions, in-order to avoid the increased costs to taxpayers. Ted Berger Will Not Support Any Action of Council that has Not been Fully Consulted with the Communities Affected

Here’s Ted at

Professional & Volunteer Iniatives
Ted BERGER has 25 Years of Experience in Politics, Business and Volunteering Ted BERGER was Elected as a Trustee to the York Region (District)School Board During His Term in Office, He Lobbied for, and Brought to Reality, the Vaughan Secondary School in Thornhill ($17.5 million)

Caribana 2010

Here’s Ted with 2 of his supporters

He was Responsible for the Creation of the Board’s First Race Relations Committee, and Policy Ted BERGER has 2 Children, and 4 Grandchildren. He has Been a Resident in Ward 1 - Etobicoke North for Over 12 years Ted BERGER is a Graduate from York University with a B.A. and Served on the Alumni Committee for 10 years Ted BERGER is a Community Advocate of Equality and Multiculturalism His Strengths are Customer Relations, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, Research, Computers, and Marketing.

Ted BERGER as a Volunteer in his last 25 years, has served:
Access & Equity Committee, City of Toronto Health & Safety Committee at Sprint Canada

Community Relations / Parks & Recreation Committees – City of Vaughan & York District School Board Children's Aid Society of Toronto Boy's Scouts of Canada Muscular Dystrophy Association (M.D.A.) Canadian Blood Donor for 15 years Toronto International Film Festival Volunteer

To Join the Ted Berger Campaign

Here is Ted BERGER with another supporter

Here is Ted BERGER with one of his supporters

A Sign for your Lawn/Business please call:

(416) 464-3294
Email:, or go to
Donations Payable to: “Campaign Ted Berger” Mail To: 50 Panorama Court Apt. 1807 Etobicoke, Ont. M9V 4A9 75% of each Personal Donation between $25 - $750 will be rebated by the City of Toronto

Here’s Ted BERGER with Candidate for Mayor Rob Ford

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