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Segment Youth Segment

Positioning Points of Difference: Trusted brand quality and trendy

Alternatives Your Decision & Justification

They should go with premium footwear only

 Premium Footwear
since their brand is well associated with that
Product  Premium Footwear &
sector rather than accessories which is a new
Fashion Accessories
field for them
 New Brand Name with no
association with Matrix
 New brand name with the
It should be new brand name with association
association of Matrix
to matrix. Since only a new name other than
-“Neo” from Matrix
Brand matrix can attract the youth for trendiness and
 Matrix extension like
association with matrix gives confidence on
Matrix Plus, Matrix Ultra
the brand
 Use Matrix Name itself

 New Stores with new brand

 Matrix Premium Stores New stores with new brand name. This will
 Separate Zone in Matrix only give new image to brand and attract new
Retail Store
Premium Store customers at the same time will not affect
 Separate Zone in Matrix regular matrix customers
Premium Store with
separate salespeople

Outsourcing. Since price is not the major

Sourcing  Manufacturing concern, matrix can outsource it and utilize its
Products  Outsourcing plants to produce the regular matrix products
Among the four expert opinions given which one do you agree with the most? Why?
Vinod Sawhney
This option is very much straight and does not have the possibility of messing up the sales of
matrix. New brand’s distance from matrix will increase its brand image.
Matrix Footwear India Ltd.