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Theme: Asia 2020 where all entries must be infused with contemporary Asian Elements.
CATEGORIES Individual or Group (Maximum of 2 Participants) in: • Fashion • Home Decor • Furniture • Eco-Home Designs SPECIFICATIONS OF ART PIECES & SUBMISSION 1) Round 1 Online Submission: • Participants are required to build a model of any scale based on the 4 themes. The award ceremony will take place during the Presentation Ceremony on 12th March 2011. Avelife will subsequently notify winners on details. The Judging Panel may exercise sole discretion to make or withhold an award.

JUDGING CRITERIA All entries will be assessed according to the following criteria and most importantly , entries MUST be commercial and marketable: • Creativity o Artistic Flair o Creative Intensity o Freshness in Creative Elements • Aesthetics o Attractiveness of Design and Layout o Colour-combination and Sensitivity o Symmetry of Art Piece • Articulation of Theme o Clarity of Theme o Intellectual Depth o Invocation of Imagination • Methods and Technical Processes o Degree of expertise in chosen field o Craftsmanship o Complexity PUBLICITY, EXHIBITION AND SHOWCASING OF WINNING ENTRIES All entries shall be the property of Avelife. Avelife retains the right of exhibition, publication and production of all materials submitted without putting the organizers under any obligations whatsoever to the entrants concerned. The winning entries will be used for publicity showcasing by Avelife, where appropriate. DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF ENTRANTS Participation in the competition imply the unconditional acceptance of the contents of the competition rules. All entrants are not permitted to publish nor have their submissions published prior to the notification of the jury’s final decision. There will be a briefing for the selected finalists on the details and specifics of the competition. Avelife would notify participants on the dates after application. Attendance is compulsory.

• Participants to submit a photograph of their models of
their finished products by 26th Feb 2011 at 2300 Hours by email.

• The total file size of submissions shall not exceed 3MB. • All submissions to be emailed to
Asda2010@avelifefoundation.org 2) Round 2 Submission of Selected Entries: • Avelife will notify shortlisted entries.

• Photos of Finalist models be placed on our Avelife
fanpage by 2nd March 2010. • Final judging will comprise of: - 30% facebook Avelife fan page based on number of "Likes" - 70% Judges Decision

• Finalists are required to bring their models down on the
finals on 12th March 2010, Saturday. • No original parts of plants/animals to be used on all selected works. Only artistic reproductions are allowed. • Selected entries for finals, 80% of art piece should be made from sustainable materials.

JUDGING PANEL The judging panel will consist of representatives from various educational institutions, governmental agencies as well as corporate partners and other supporters. The decision of the judges and the panel shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. PRIZES Tertiary Institutions (Polys, ITEs, JCs, Unis) Best of Show: $2000 CTC Travel Vouchers & Trophy Second Prize: $1200 CTC Travel Vouchers & Trophy Third prize: $800 CTC Travel Vouchers & Trophy 3 Good effort Prizes: Cash Vouchers from Frolick, Olive Ventures & Simply Living Secondary Institutions (Sec Schools) Best of Show: $1000 Cash & Trophy Second Prize: $600 Cash & Trophy Third prize: $400 Cash & Trophy 3 Good effort Prizes: Cash Vouchers from Frolick, Olive Ventures & Simply Living

Eligibility Competition is open only to students residing or studying in Singapore educational institutions.

DISCLAIMER Avelife holds no responsibility for the damage of works, injury or death to happen towards the participants during the competition and the Awards Ceremony or after.

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