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This agreement of sale is made and executed this________ day of ______2016 at
Hyderabad by and between:

1.The First party/Vendors : (a) Smt.Asmatara Begum aged____ years ,W/O
______________, R/O _____________________ , Defendant number 108 in C.S
14/58 (b)Smt.Laikunnisa Begum aged_____years,W/O______________,
R/O________________, Defendant number 109 in C.S 14/58 are legal heirs of Late
called the Vendor/First party,which term shall mean and include their
heirs,executors,legal representatives,administrators and assignees.


2. The Second Party/Vendor : Shri.SAIBABA.BOLLU S/O
Shri.BHIMESWARA RAO aged about 60 Years, Occupation Agriculturalist,
R/O______________________ here in after called the Second party which
term shall mean and include his heirs,executors,legal
representatives,administrators and assignees.


3. The Third Party: Society or Company_____________here in after called the
Vendee, which term shall mean and include his heirs,executors,legal
representatives,administrators and assignees.
1. The First Party (a) Smt.Asmatra Begum (b) Smt.Laikunnisa Begum the
absolute owners of the total land having share 50% each in the total share of 19
acres 24 guntas of land in survey number 163/6 of Hydernagar village, Balanagar
Mandal, RangaReddy District. They acquired the said land through succession of
late Smt.Zeibunnisa Begum W/O late Mohommod Himayathuddin Khan alias
Nawab Himayath Nawaz Jung Bahadur.The late Smt.Zeibunnisa Begum
acquired said land being legal heirs of Khurshid Jha Paigah.The Heirs of the said
Paigah have filed civil suit number CS 14/1958 before the Honorable high court
of AP claiming various extents of the lands in the city of Hyderabad and the
above mentioned land the honorable high court passed a preliminary decree on
28-6-1963. In the said civil suit before the Honorable high court of AP
,Hyderabad, Smt.Zeibunnisa Begum here in is a party as Defendant number 107
as per the preliminary decree. Smt.Zeibunnisa Begum has been allotted the
share of 19 acres 24 guntas and item number 38 of schedule IV fell to her share
by virtue of orders in application number 139/71 dated 31-1-1976 by the receiver
cum commissioner and in view of the preliminary decree in CS 14 of 1958 on the
file of honorable high court of AP Hyderabad. The final decree is yet to be passed
in the civil suit.The said share of land 19 acres 24 guntas fell to their legal heirs
Vendors/Party one (a) Defendant Number 108 Smt.Asmatara Begum (b)
Defendant number 109 Smt.Laikunnisa Begum at the ratio of 50% land for
each as they are only successors in the said family according to the Honorable
high court orders.

RangaReddy District.Later the second party Saibaba.Smt.Asmatara Begum and (b) Smt.Laikunnisa Begum and the Vendor/Second Party Shri Saibaba.Laikunnisa Begum and the Second party Shri.Zeibunnisa Begum accepted the terms and admitted party number:2 Saibaba. Balanagar Mandal. According to the Oral Agreement dated on _______ with a commitment to clear and sell the said land bearing survey number 163/6 to an extent of 19 acres 24 guntas of Hydernagar.Asmatara Begum and (b) Defendant number 109 Smt. The Vendee.Bollu started work to clear the pending litigation with his own expenses and spent about Rs. The Vendee______________ Society or Company also accepted to clear the pending litigation in connection with CS 14/58 on the file of honorable high court with their own expenses.Saibaba._______ till date.The first party Smt.Bollu.Asmatara Begum (b)Smt. . The Vendee.Saibaba.Zeibunnisa Begum. The Vendors/First Party (a)Smt.Bollu and pursuant to that the second party Shri.Bollu as total sale consideration. Society or Company___________ offered to purchase the total extent of Land of 19 acres 24 guntas from Vendors/First Party (a) Smt.Laikunnisa Begum Rs. The Vendors here by states that pursuant to the preliminary decree in CS Number 14 of 1958 dated 8-6-1963 and as per the orders in application number 139 of 1971 dated 31-1-1976.Zeibunnisa Begum.Saibaba.Bollu made a Oral Agreement (MOU) Dated on ___________ with party number one Smt. Hyderabad with his own expenses and service.the society or Company__________________________ to purchase the land of 19 acres 24 guntas for a total sale consideration of Rs.Zeibunnisa Begum and party number:2 Shri. for a sale consideration of _________ .______________ to the Vendors/first party (a) Smt. the society or Company____________________ agreed to pay Rs.Bollu as a partner and allotted a share of ____ % in her land.Asmatara Begum (b) Smt. The Vendor/Second party Shri. 4. 5. referring the proceedings of the district collector RangaReddy District to effect mutation of above mentioned land in favor of the vendors/first party. _______________.Zeibunnisa Begum to become a partner of her to clear the land by investing his money and his intellectual means. 6.Bollu made a Oral Agreement (MOU) dated on_______ with legal heirs Defendants First party (a) Defendant number 108 Smt.the Government of AP issued memo number 28908/JAI2004 dated 5-11-2004.Saibaba. The act of mutation is pending before the Revenue authorities.______________ to the Vendor/Second party Shri Saibaba. 3. after the death of Smt.2. As for the agreed terms between party number:1 Smt.Bollu accepted the offer made by the Vendee.Laikunnisa Begum to continue the same terms and conditions of the OralAgreement (MOU) dated on ______ made with their mother Late.

the society or company __________ paid an advance amount of Rs.the society or company__________ paid an advance amount of Rs._________ to Vendors/first party(a) Smt.demarcation of the land from Revenue department with their own expenses.7.The Vendee. The Vendee . 11.Asmatara Begum (b) decree . The Purchaser/Vendee. survey.Bollu further assure that as the litigation is pending. 12. IDPL Society and others with their own expenses. 10.Bollu at the time of this agreement and the rest of the balance shall be paid at the time of the registration of the land out of the sale consideration. that there are no sale agreements or any other legal proceedings pending in respect of the schedule land except the litigation in CS Number 14/1958 on the file of the Honorable high court of AP.possession and registration works.Asmatara Begum (b) Smt. the society or Company_________ here by Covenants with and assures the Vendor/First party that he is entering in to the sale transaction with his eyes wide open and with full knowledge of this litigation pertaining to the pendency of the CS.Laikunnisa Begum here by state.Asmatara Begum (b) Smt.the tenants M/S DurgaMatha House Building Construction society Ltd. 13.______________ is agreed to be paid at the time of the registration of the land out of the sale consideration.Asmatara Begum (b) Smt. The Vendors/First party (a)Smt.Laikunnisa Begum here by assured that the schedule property was acquired by them through succession and hence they are the absolute owners of the said property. 9.the society or Company______ also agreed to take the possession of the land by doing mutation.______ to the Vendor/Second party Saibaba. The Vendors/First party and the Vendor/Second party assures the third party Vendee_________ that they will cooperate in all aspects with the Vendee such as mutation. 15.Laikunnisa Begum and the remaining balance amount of Rs. The Vendors/First party (a)Smt.the society or company__________ agreed to clear the pending litigation including final decree in CS 14/1958 on the file of Honorable high court with their own expenses.the society or Company_________ further agreed to take the position of the land from illegal occupants.The Vendee. The Vendee. the provisions of limitation act are not invoked to this agreement. . The Vendors/First party and the Second party also here by assures that their land is not a government land and an assigned land and provisions of act 9 0f 1977 are not attracted.Laikunnisa Begum and the Vendor/Second Party Saibaba. 8. The Vendee. The Vendors/First Party (a)Smt. 14.Number 14/1958 on the file of honorable high court of AP. The Vendee also further accepted to settle agreement holders to take position of the land with their own expenses.

Balanagar Mandal.RR District bounded by : East : Land belonging to Jung Family West : Land belonging to Fareedunnisa Begum North : National High Way South : Land belonging to IN WITNESSES THEREOF the Vendor and Vendee herein hereby affix their signatures on this instrument with free will and consent before the witness below on the above date. 3. 2. . 4. VENDEE VENDOR/FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY WITNESS : 1. SCHEDULE OF PROPERTY Agricultural dry land bearing Survey.No 163/6 ad-measuring 19 acres 24 guntas situated in the village limits of Hydernagar.