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Job Quiz Aptitude Science and Engineering: 91.

results: Health and Medical: 75%
Job quiz link Social Science: 75%
Business and Finance: 50%
Law and Public Service: 50%
Trade Vocations: 50%
Education: 41.67%
Communications: 25%
Technology and Media: 16.67%
Arts and Culinary: 16.67%

Goal setting: What are My goals for my future career as of now are focused on
your goals for your becoming a Physical Therapist. If I do become a physical
future career? therapist, I want to eventually create my own Physical Therapy

Provide a brief In physical therapy, you work with patients with an injury or a
description of the job. recent surgery to help get them and their bodies back to normal
Include the function and strength. This can be done in a home, hospital,
nature of the work, office, school. Things that are done in these places to help the
environment, the duties patients include exercise, stretching, massaging, shock therapy,
performed, repetitive motions, icing, and sometimes laser treatment.
responsibilities, average
work week, etc
Career exploration site 1
Career exploration site 2
Career exploration site 3

Describe key skills, skills and abilities:

abilities, and personality For this career, you must be able to detect pain in a patient, be
traits important for this able to hold a conversation with patients, be resourceful.
Personality traits:
Be understanding and calming, patient, nice and slightly

What is the average or National:

median salary $85,400
range for this career
both nationally and
locally? Local:
What is the outlook for Research shows a growth in hiring in this career field.
the future of this career?
Does research show
growth or decline in

Describe the education For this position, you are required to graduate from high school,
and training get your bachelors, masters, doctoral or professional degree and
required for this position. some states require a license.
Are there
any licenses or
certifications required?

What is your overall Pros:

impression of this I will get to be working with athletes and I like the idea of
occupation? continuing my exposure to the athletic field because I too am an

The only things that I don’t like about this job is that I will be
working with people who are there because they are elderly or
overweight. Instead I want to be working with athletes.

After learning more ❏ still interested

about this career, are ❏ not interested)
you still
interested? Would this This career is a good match for me because:
career fit with the I would like to continue to have exposure to the athletic field since
lifestyle you want? Does I will no longer be able to participate in sports. I know what it is
it match your interests, like to have an injury so I want to help people overcome their’s. I
personality, skills and enjoy learning about the human body and I do like biological
work values? sciences. I do think that this fits my personality, interests, skills
and work values.

List two occupations that similar careers:

are similar that you may 1. Athletic Trainer
be interested in
researching. 2. Nutritionist/Dietitian