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Job Quiz Aptitude Trade Vocations 58.33%, Social Science 41.

67%, Science and

results: Engineering 41.67%, Arts and Culinary 33.33%, Education
Job quiz link 33.33%, Health and Medical 25%, Business and Finance
16.67%, Technology and Media 16.67%, Law and Public Service
16.67%, Communications 8.33%

Goal setting: What are My goals for my future career in social science are to take some
your goals for your science classes to prepare myself for the career.
future career?

Provide a brief I want to be a science teacher for secondary school. The work
description of the job. requires good social skills and critical thinkings. It also requires
Include the attention to the students and responsibilities such as teaching the
nature of the work, students the information needed. The nature of the work can be
environment, the duties stressing depending on the students behavior, which is why the
performed, teacher have to have stress tolerance.
responsibilities, average
work week, etc
Career exploration site 1
Career exploration site 2
Career exploration site 3

Describe key skills, skills and abilities: ​The key skills needed are social skills and
abilities, and personality knowledge in education or the area of the subject matter.
traits important for this
career. Personality traits:​ Personality traits important for this job are
integrity, dependability, self control, leadership, stress tolerance,
and adaptability.

What is the average or National:​ Nationally the median salary is average of 58,000.
median salary
range for this career
both nationally and
locally? Local:​ Locally the median salary is also 58000.

What is the outlook for Research shows that new job opportunities are likely in the
the future of this career? future.
Does research show
growth or decline in
Describe the education The degree usually needed is the bachelor’s degree. A teacher
and training certificate or license is needed.
required for this position.
Are there
any licenses or
certifications required?

What is your overall Pros:​ Good median pay of 58,030, Free time during breaks
impression of this
Cons:​ Meetings, license, good social skills

After learning more ❏ still interested

about this career, are ❏ not interested)
you still
interested? Would this This career is a good match for me because:​ ​it fits into my time
career fit with the and interests.
lifestyle you want? Does
it match your interests,
personality, skills and
work values?

List two occupations that similar careers:

are similar that you may 1.​ Registered Nurse (RN)
be interested in
researching. 2.​ Scientist/Biologist