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Music Class Participation Rubric

(Grades 1-8)

Mark ✓+ ✓ = -

Descriptor Exceptional Good Unengaged Needs Improvement

Indicators Participation exceeds “Good” Every student should achieve a “Good” Participation deviates from the “Good” Participation shows extreme deviation
standard in one or more of the rating for every class period by standard in one or more of the following from the “Good” standard in two or
following ways: showing the following indicators ways: more of the following ways:

● Enthusiastically participates in ● Actively participates in group ● Is off-task during individual or ● Refuses to participate/Off-task
group activities and individual activities group activities or does not behavior disrupts activities
participate and disrupts other students
● Singing, playing, or movement ● Makes an effort to sing, play, or
shows exceptional mastery of move as prescribed ● Does not follow directions for ● Off-task behavior during
skills singing, playing or movement singing, moving, or playing
● Makes an effort to respond to (singing in a silly voice, using disrupts the activity
● Responds thoughtfully to teacher and classmates by instruments improperly, etc.)
questions or offers creative answering questions or offering ● Responds to teacher or other
suggestions suggestions ● Demonstrates poor students with inappropriate or
sportsmanship by expressing disrespectful responses.
● Demonstrates good ● Demonstrates good difficulty sharing, arguing with
leadership by helping or sportsmanship by taking turns classmates, or making negative ● Demonstrates poor
encouraging others, sharing effectively or being supportive comments regarding the sportsmanship by expressing
positive or constructive of classmates performance of the class difficulty sharing, arguing with
feedback about class classmates, or making
performance, or sets a negative comments regarding
behavioral example for others the performance of the class
to follow or of individual students