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B a d a n H u k u m : S K . M e n t e r i H u k u m d a n H a k A s a s i M a n u s ia R e p u b lik I n d o n e s ia T g l. 1 7 N o p e m b e r 2 0 1 1 N o . : A H U - A H . 0 1 .0 8 - 1 0 1 0

S T A T U S : T E R A K R E D IT A S I “ A ”
P r o g r a m S t u d i K e a h lia n : T e k n ik O t o m o t if, T e k n ik E le k tr o n ik a , T e k n ik K o m p u te r d a n In f o r m a t ik a
J l. S id o a r jo K r ia n T e lp . ( 0 3 1 ) 8 9 8 5 1 8 8 F a x . (0 3 1 ) 8 9 8 4 9 6 3 E - m a il : s m k k r ia n _ 2 @ y a h o o .c o .id

SMK KRIAN 2 TAHUN 2017 / 2018

Mata Diklat : Bahasa Inggris Hari / Tanggal :

Kelas/ Semester : XI / 1 Jam Ke : 1 (Satu)
Bidang Keahlian :Semua Bidang keahlian Waktu : 90 menit


1. Alex : You look unhealthy, Boy.
Bryan : Yes, I get a headache and a stomachache.
Alex : You should go to a doctor. Come on, I will accompany you.
Bryan : Ok.
The underlined words show ....
a. Agreement b. Disagreement c. Advice d. Necessity e. Plan
2. A : tomorrow I'll attend my friend's birthday party. ……?
B : I suggest you to wear a long dress, you'll look graceful in it
a. What should I wear c. can you help me e. Why didn’t I think of that?
b. Thanks but that didn’t work d. That’s really a good idea
3. Daniel : This place is too noisy. I need to find a quiet one to do my work.
Sinta : ... You can also find many references there.
a. you can sleep here c. Why don't you turn on the computer? e. You could go to the street over there
b. How about the library? d. You shouldn't turn on the radio
3. Alvin :”I guess I take the wrong bag. This just looks like mine.”
Bono :”.... Maybe the owner is looking for it now.”
a. I suggest that you bring it d. I wouldn’t give it back if I were you
b. You’d better give that back to the owner e. Take my advice and just bring it
c. I think you should report that
4. Amir : I am not good at English.
Budi : ..........................
Complete the dialogue above with an advice .....
a. Do you like English ? c. I must take an English course e. Why don’t you take an English course
b. You must sleep often d. I should practise English every day
5. Mr Bean : Hello, Miss Smith. Would you like a cup of coffee? I'm just making some.
Miss Smith : Oh, yes please, that would be lovely. Thank you.
The underlined expression expresses ...
a. Offering something c. Accepting an offer e. Refusing an offer
b. Offering help d. Declining an offer
6. Marta : It’s very hot here……
Sinta : Sure. No problem
a. Could you close the door? c. May I leave now? e. Would you mind if I turn on the fan?
b. Would you turn off the fan? d. May you leave now?
7. Adhi : I'm very tired of having non- stop walking for an hour. I feel thirsty.
Dhina : ...
Adhi : That's very kind of you.
a. Can you give me a bottle of milk? d. Would you like to have some cakes?
b. Do you want to have some cake? e. Can I open the door?
c. Would you like some mineral water?
8. Reza : Hmmm. It's almost 12 a.m now.
Anwar : ...?
Reza : No, thanks. I dislike eating meat quite much.
a. What would you like to have for lunch d. Could you bring something to eat
b. Would you like some steak for lunch e. would you like to drink?
c. Why don't we eat at the restaurant
9. Tim : What do you think about the film?
Amy : ... . The ending is too obvious.
a. . It's amazing b. It's confusing c. It's surprising d. It's disappointing e. it’s delicious
10. Anang : What is your opinion about your school?
Fajar :…
a. I can’t say about it c. the best one I have ever seen e. it’s a small place
b. I’m afraid I can’t do that d. my parents ask me to study there
11. Dona : I think the government should give more attention to the education.
Norman : I think so. Because the school fee is too expensive for the poor to pay.
The underlined words are used to express ….
a. Offer b. Surprise c. Opinion d. Pleasure e. Agreement
12. A : What do you think about my new dress ?
B : I think .......................
a. Let’s go b. it’s beautiful c. I can’t hear you d. you forget it e. thank you
13. house – know – my – doesn’t – new -she
1 2 3 4 5 6
The best arrangement is ……

a. 6-4-3-2-5-1 b. 6-4-2-3-5-1 c. 6-4-2-3-1-5 d. 3-5-1-6-4-2 e. 3-5-5-1-2-4

14. I…Zahra. Bejo….a clever boy. Bejo and I …. best friend
a. is – am – are b. are – am – is c. am – is – are d. is – are – am e. am – are - is
15. The negative form of “She reads an interesting story book in the library” is….
a. She does reads an interesting story book in the library
b. She do not read an interesting story book in the library
c. She don’t reads an interesting story book in the library
d. She reads doesn’t an interesting story book in the library
e. She doesn’t read an interesting story book in the library

This text is for number 16-18

Plese come to a party to celebrate the tenth Wedding Anniversary of
Putra Airlangga and Dyah Prameswari
Sunday, March 31st 2017
01.00 pm – 06.00 pm
Hotel Permata
Ujungberung Street Km. 88 Bandung
West Java
16. What is the purpose of the text above ?
a. To performs a show in the wedding anniversary d. To invite people to have the meeting in hotel Permata
b. To persuade peoples to come to the school party e. To entertain the guess in the wedding anniversary
c. To invite people to come to wedding anniversary
17. When will the party be held?
a. At night b. At twilight c. In the morning d. In the afternoon e. In the evening
18. What event will be held based on the invitation?
a. 17th anniversary b. come and join C. At Permata d. a birthday party e. wedding anniversary

This text is for number 19-23

Why Exercise is Important
The majority of us claim that we do not have time for exercise. We feel too busy to do that. However, many
experts said that exercise has great role in making our body healthy.
Being physically active offers many advantages. In physical reward, exercise can reduce weight then our
body will become fitter. Exercise is also believed to reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns, and reduce the risk
of heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Beside physical advantage, exercise also brings good effects
mentally. Due to the fitter body, exercise can make us feel refreshed and happy then we can increase our life quality
and expectancy.
How can we do exercise while we are busy? Such question is commonly found among us. Actually, exercise
can be done in simple ways. We can go walking while shopping. In the office we can take stair rather than lift to run
up and down. Or we can go cycling while enjoy the leisure time.
Over all, doing exercise is little bit difficult in busy life but the little bit of exercise will help better.

19. These are the advantages of exercise for our body except….
a. Reduce risk of diabetes c. Reduce risk of heart disease e. Reduce several forms of cancer risk
b. Stress level decreas d. Fitter body
20. What is the simple exercise way mentioned in the text?
a. Swimming c. Having exercise in leisure time e. Having exercise during the weekend
b. Takes stair rather than lift d. Going to fitness center
21. These statements are true based on the text above, except …
a. Exercise can’t be done during our busy day d. Enjoying our leisure time by cycling is part of exercise
b. Exercise make us healthy physically and mentally e. Everyone, no matter how busy they are, can do exercise
c. Simple exercise gives great impact on our health
22. What is the main idea if paragraph 2?
a. The advantages of exercise d. Doing exercise is difficult
b. The importance of exercise e. Physical advantages we can get from exercise
c. The simple way to exercise
23. “We feel too busy to do that”. The underlined word refers to…
a. Exercise b. healthy c. experts d. body e. time
24. I wish ……( now ) to listen our song.
a. She is here b. She has been here c. She were here d. She be here e. She will be here
25. Tommy : Why don't you leave for school?
Tasya : I wish I ... an Mathematic test today.
a. don't have b. didn't have c. hadn't have d. hadn't e. doesn’t have
26. Rearrange into good sentences!
friend– for – Luna – has – 3 hours – her - waited
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

a. 3-7-4-1-6-2-5 b. 3-4-7-6-1-5-2 c. 3-4-6-7-1-2-5 d. 3-7-4-6-1-2-5 e. 3-4-7-6-1-2-5

27. They . . . . . resigned their current jobs this year.
a. have b. has c. are d. were e. do

This text is for number 28-29

Dr. Scott
The Chairman Of International Petroleum, Tbk. Jakarta
Mrs. Scott Simpson
Cordially invite you to a Dinner Dance Party
At their Residence in Kelapa Gading
On Saturday, 3rd April at 9 p.m.

28. The party will start at …..

a. 6 p.m. b. 9 a.m. c. 7 p.m. d. 9 p.m. e. 10 a.m.
29. The purpose of the text is to ….
a. describe a dinner dance party d. explain about a dinner dance party
b. invite someone to a dinner dance party e. invite the chairman of international petroleum
c. tell someone about s dinner dance party

This text is for number 30-33

I Personally think that English is the world’s most important language. Why I do say that?
Firstly, English is an International language. It is spoken by many people all over the world, either as a first or second
Secondly, English is also the key which opens doors to scientific and technical knowledge, which is needed
for the economic and political development of many countries in the world.
Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs. Applicants who master either active or passive English
are more favorable than those who don’t.
From the fact above, it is obvious that everybody needs to learn English to greet the global era.

30. What is the purpose of the writer in this text?

a. To inform the reader about the importance of English language
b. To persuade the reader about the importance of English language
c. To describe the reader about the importance of English language
d. To tell the reader about the importance of English language
e. To explain the reader about the importance of English language
31. The text is about….
a. English is a top requirement of seeking jobs
b. English is the universal language of international aviation and sport
c. English is the key which opens doors to scientific and technical knowledge
d. English is the most international language
e. The important of English
32. “It is spoken by many people e all over the world". The underlined word refers to…
a. Global era b. People c. scientific d. English e. important
33. .According to the text which of the following is true?
a. English is the national language
b. English is the key which opens doors to scientific and technical language
c. English is not need for seeking jobs
d. In the international meeting between nations will not almost automatically converse in English
e. English isn’t needed for the economic and political
34. Manda : I . . . . . the students exchange programs next year.
Kiki : that’s good idea
a. join b. joined c. will join d. have joined e. joining
35. Rachmat . . . . . all of his friends to the celebration next week.
a. Will invite b. Invites c. Invited d. Invitation e. has invited
36. I will tell my Dad about the accident.
The negative form is…
a. I not will tell my Dad about the accident d. I will telling my Dad about the accident
b. I will not tell my Dad about the accident e. I will not telling my Dad about the accident
c. I will don’t tell my Dad about the accident

This text is for number 37-38

To: All student of SMA Pusaka Jaya

We invite you to attend:
“The 20th of School Anniversary”
Day / Date : Saturday and Sunday, 18 and 19 March 2017
Time : 8.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.
Place : The main hall
Activities : There are many kinds of activities such as:
- Charity Bazaar - Music Show
- Traditional Dance Performance
- Speech contest - Meet the alumni
Come and have fun.

37. What event will be held based on the invitation?

a. 17th anniversary b. come and join c. competition d. a birthday party e. school anniversary
38. How many activities are there?
a. five b. six c. four d. three e. seven
39. The party will start at …..
a. 8 p.m b. 8 a.m c. 4 p.m d. 4 a.m e. 9 p.m
40. Which statement is TRUE based on text?
a. Fashion show is one of the activities d. the invitation only for students of SMA Pusaka Jaya

b. the event takes place at hotel e. the event will be held for three days

c. alumni will not be invited


1. Answer the question based on the text below!

Hi, Friends.
Please come and join to my birthday party of the 17th anniversary, on:
Date : March 20th, 2015
Time : 07:00 p.m.
Place : Green Hotel at White Mutiara No.26 Cirebon
See you and have fun with time.
Dress code : black and white
Best regards

a. What event will be held based on the invitation?

b. Who has the party?
c. If you are invited, what colour of shirt will you wear?
2. Arrange these jumble word into good sentences!
a. for – bus - She – the – hours – has – three - waited
b. the – Panjul – book – in – bought – story – bookstore
3. Complete these dialogue using expression of offering help!
Susanti : ….., Sir?”
Mr. Yudha :”Sure. Will you bring me a pail of water?”
4. Change these sente nces into (+), (-) or (?) sentences using present future tense!
a. She will send the letter next week.
b. will they come to the meeting tomorrow?
5. Change these sentences into (+), (-) or (?) sentences using Simple Present Tense!
a. Mandra doesn’t read magazine every morning.
b. They are at the office twice a week.
Do it by yourself!

a. b. c. d. e.

a. c. e.
b. d.

a. d.
b. e.
40. Tasya : Would you like to help___(I) to bring___(I) bag?
Yayan : Yes, of course.
a. I - me c. me – i
a. Me - my d. Me - his
41. Risma : Whose bag is this?
Pandu : it’s _______bag.
a. I b. She d. Her d. him
42. Mr. Ashari : Which gloves do you need?
Mr. Lim : I need ( rubber-an-white-big-expensive) ones
a. An big rubber white expensive c. An expensive big whith rubber
b. An big expensive white rubber d. An expensive big rubber white
43. In the museum we could find______and many kinds of traditional weapons.
a. An old crown golden c. A crown golden old
b. An old golden crown d. A old golden crown
1. Bita : Can I use ….car?
Fajar : oh, I’m sorry. Putri is using…car
a. Your - my c. My – her
b. My – your d. His – my
1. Fill the blank with the correct pronoun.
a. Lita is my best friend. .... is very beautiful.
b. Deka will go to Surabaya. And I will accompany.....
2. Put the adjective in the right order!
a. Can you bring me (big - brown - square) box?
b. My father buys (dark brown – cheap – wooden - old) furniture.
c. Tara : Where did you buy your bag?
Yesha : I bought……………..bag in MATOS last week
a. she c. me
b. her d. my
d. April : Can I borrow ……..dictionary?
Bella : of course, here you are
a. you c. I
b. your d. my
e. she
Susi : Do you like badminton?
Dani : ...
Yes, I does c. Yes, he does e. No, I doesn’t
Yes, I do d. No, they did not
9. Adam : Do you know how to use this phone?
Hawa : ….the coin in the slot and press the red button
a. buy c. c. put e. e. make

b. sit d. see

1. Gareth : I heard that you won Speech Contest last week.

Bella : Yes, you are right.
Gareth : ……..
Bella : Thank you very much.
a. I am sorry to hear that d. Wish me luck
b. What a pity you are e. I don’t care
c. Congratulation for you success

Nani : ...Mario eating her lunch?

Harun : Yes,of course
a. Are c. do e. is
b. Am d. does

c. Are c. do e. is

d. Am d. does

2. Bella : Do you know Justin Beiber?

Dean : Of course I know. He has ……nose.
a. Pointed d. Slanted
b. Pointing e. Slanting
c. Tanned
3. She is a ……..teacher
a. Beautiful friendly slim Javanese d. Friendly slim beautiful Javanese
b. Javanese beautiful slim friendly e. Beautiful slim friendly Javanese
c. Slim Javanese beautiful friendly

1. Rearrange into good sentence

a. likes-collecting-small-old-stamp-She-American
b. European-lives-Michael-a-in-house-white-beautiful-big
c. friend-I-Japanese-slim-tall-have-a-friendly