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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam : Meaning & Relevance in Today's Context

12.Kaun Banega Business Tycoon (Business Quiz) The event will be on the pattern of Kaun Banega

• There will be 15 questions.

• Questions will be asked from following sector:

World affairs, India & world, Economy, Geography/Banking & Business, Trade affairs, Science &
Technology, Defence & Security, General Awareness/Health & Nutrition, Sports Round -1

• Screening round will have 20 questions (Multiple Choices) from General knowledge that will need
to be answered on a paper. 5 min will be given to answer the questions and the top five participants
will be chosen for the next round to play the quiz- KBBT. Note: There will be no negative marking.
Round -2 (Faster Finger First)-

• One question will be displayed on screen and the five contestants shall be asked to arrange the
options in either correct ascending or descending order.

• The contestant given the ‘Correct Answer’ in ‘Least Time’ will be on the Hot Seat for playing KBBT.
• This round shall be repeated for upto maximum 3. Round -3 (KBBT)-

• Total fifteen questions will be asked depending on whether the contestant progresses by giving
correct answers to each question asked.

• If the contestant gives ‘Wrong Answer’ to any of the question (from Q1 to Q15) asked he/she will
be disqualified from the quiz .

• The contestant may use to 4 liflines viz., 1. Flip the question 2. Expert advice 3. Double dip 4. Mr.

• There will be timer of 45 seconds for answering upto Q5, 60 sec.upto question no.8 and than 5min.
for Question No.9-15.

• Question No. 5 will be the ‘Padav’ for the player on hot seat. • Question no. 5 is of 1000, Q.N.8 is
of Rs.2000 and Q.N.15 is of Rs.5000

Contact Event Coordinator: Dr. Nandan Velankar Mobile no: 09827248816 Email id:

Member: Prof. P. K. Singh Mobile no: 9039215119 Email id:

Student coordinator (core committee) Ms.Monika Tharani Mobile no: 8602168192 Email id: