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Release Note

Venturis/Celebris FX Series System BIOS
Version : V1.10
Date : AUG-22-1997
This diskette contains PHLASH utility, CRISDISK.BAT and
4 BIOS rom image files of multi-language.
File contents :
- PHLASH.EXE : Main upgrade file.
- PLATFORM.BIN : Initialize system for PHLASH.EXE
- CRISDISK.BAT : Make a Crisis Recovery Diskette in disk A:
- MAKEBOOT.EXE : Installing boot sector for CRISDISK.BAT
- BIOS.ROM : English + French version BIOS image,
default upgraded image file for PHLASH.EXE
- APLS_GER.ROM : English + German version BIOS image.
- APLS_SPA.ROM : English + Spanish version BIOS image.
- APLS_ITA.ROM : English + Italian version BIOS image.

Changes from BIOS 1.09 to 1.10

1. Fixed the power manager suspend problem.
2. Support Year 2000 for DOSCHECK certification.
3. Disable the MultiBoot pop up menu via ESC key.
4. Fixed the illicit French character set.

BIOS features:
o BIOS ROM recovery mode support
o BIOS upgrade ability support
o DRAM auto sizing support up to 512MB
o EDO and Fast-Page DRAM support
o Single SIMM (Half-Populated) support on any memory bank
o Cache memory auto detection and sizing
o 2 channel and 4 drives internal Local Bus IDE support
o 2 serial ports FIFO 16550 compatible
o LPT ECP/EPP modes support
o 6 lines by 50 chars softbanner support
o Quiet boot support
o System power managerment support
o Advanced Power Management to support October 95 EPA requirement
o Hot key suspend system (quick suspend)
o Suspend mode lock keyboard support
o 3 mode floppy support
o Floppy hardware write protection support
o Diskette A: B: hardware exchange support
o Support "Plug and Play" function and device nodes
o Two level passowrd support
o Big memory support (DRAM size > 64MB) for INT 15 sub-function
o AT Bus space (memory hole) support
o Bootable CD support
o Muti-Boot (from Diskette/HDD/CD-ROM) support
o IDE Large Drive (cylinders > 1024) support
o Clear-Passward jumper support
o Support on-board VGA palette snoop and monitor type control
o Support On-board Network chip control for Network model
o Support On-board Audio chip control for Multimedia model
o Support model name Sign-on for different models
o Muti-Lingual SETUP and POST message support
o Support Local Bus IDE PIO mode 4
o Suport ESS 1788 game port (joystick) for Multi-Media model
o DMI interface support
o Support Intel P55C CPU
*** Notice *** :
PHLASH /[options] [romfile name]
Where [romfile] is the file name of the BIOS for multi-languages. The
default is BIOS.ROM.
/? = list of options
/V = verify each block after programming
/PF="BB" will upgrade BIOS including the Boot-Block *

/PF="ESCD" will upgrade BIOS including the ESCD (Extended

System Configutarion Data)

* The Jumper J-3 on the motherboard MUST be jumpered to enable

"Boot Block Programming"
PHLASH [romfile] will upgrade the BIOS but not the Boot-Block or ESCD.
PHLASH /PF="BB" [romfile] will upgrade the BIOS including the Boot-Block.
PHLASH /PF="ESCD" [romfile] will upgrade the BIOS including ESCD.
Please run PHLASH/? for other options.
*** Warning ***
The boot block data is very important for BIOS, If the PHLASH fails, the
BIOS can be destroyed and can't be recovered by the Crisis Recovery
diskette. Therefore, the option /PF="BB" is a dangerous operation. Don't
use this option unless it is necessary.
The boot block of BIOS v1.10 is the same as v1.04, so you do not have to
flash the boot block when upgrading the BIOS from v1.04 to v1.10. In this
case please use PHLASH /V <romfile> to flash BIOS.
If you are upgrading from BIOS v1.03, you must also flash the boot block.
If this is the case, use PHLASH /V /PF="BB" <romfile> in order to flash the
BIOS to include the boot block.