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Name: Jordan Basher Period: 3 Date: October 12, 2107

Career Exploration Project



For this assignment, you will choose three careers that interest you and research details of each. At least
one of the careers you choose to research MUST BE one of the careers suggested to you by either the
Career Interest Profiler or the Myers-Briggs. You will use the questions in this packet to guide your
research. The majority of this assignment will be completed in question and answer format.

The first page of your Career Exploration Project will be a letter to me in formal, business-letter format
detailing your conclusions about these future career choices.


● Please answer the questions in complete sentences (midterm will be docked points if there are not
complete sentences).
● Each career you choose to research must have its own heading, in bold. You don’t have to answer
every question, so please number your answers according to the numbers on this sheet.
● Once you have completed the questions, start your letter to me about the research. Your letter
should show your reflection upon why you chose the three careers you chose and which among
them, if any, you think you might pursue in your future.
● Lastly, create a presentation to share with the class. This presentation can be in one of the
following formats: screencast, video or in-person.

Specifics: Physician's Assistant

Research Parts A and B:

Research Questions A: Choose TEN or more of the questions below to research and present in your
findings. Answer length will vary depending on the question; however, consider 1-5 sentences as an
appropriate base-line.

1. What education is needed for this career? (Explain type of education, where one can get it and how
long it would

take. If you can find specific schools that offer this education, feel free to list them.)
2. What training is needed for this career? (Explain type of training, where one can get it and how long it
would take.)
3. Who are the largest employers for this career /field?
4. Where can one find work in this field? (i.e. factories – hospitals – gov’t – schools – etc.)
5. What is the average starting salary? (For this question, use the bottom 10%.)
6. What is the average ten-year salary (For this question, use the median)
7. In which areas of the country could/would one live?
- Discuss the cost of living in these areas (relative to salary – housing – etc.)
8. What is the long-term outlook for this career? (Will the need increase, decrease, stay the same, be
9. What are the working conditions? What are some of the hazards or disadvantages (i.e. health risks,
moving to other locations for advancement, temporary or seasonal employment, etc.) of the job?
10. What is the nature of the work?
11. What are the responsibilities on the job?
12. Are there any professional associations or unions that are necessary or suggested to be a member of
this profession?
13. What are some related occupations?
14. Are most of the workers in this field traditionally male or female? (Explain)
15. What do three people in the career say about their jobs? (You may research your answer to this
question and/or briefly interview someone you know in this career. Remember, this should be written in
quote form.)

Research Questions B: Choose one major employer in the three fields, state the name of the employer
(these can be nationwide) and answer FIVE of the following questions.

1. What is job title being advertised?

2. What is the company name?
3. Where are they located?
4. What are their requirements for hiring?
5. What education is needed and training?
6. How does one advance?
7. What are some of the benefits that are listed (sick days, vacation, family leave, maternity, sick and
education policies?)
8. What is the starting salary?

Research Questions C: Along with these questions, construct FIVE of your own questions you would
want to ask this potential employer during an interview (i.e. How flexible is the company? Is there the
ability to work remotely?) These additional five questions do not need to be answered.

Letter to me: You will compose a one to two page business letter to me as a cover for your research. The
letter should be in business letter format. Click here for a sample.

The body of the letter should identify and explain the three careers you selected. Explain your thought
process in selecting these careers. What did you consider about your interests, values, and strengths?
How did you use results from the Naviance, Do What You Are (Myers Briggs) and other assessments
from this class?

Discuss your reflections about your future career based on what you found.
- How does your work style fit the careers you have discussed?
- How would you envision the first five years in this career?
- How would you envision the next ten years with one of these careers?
- Discuss your personality type with regard to job pleasure, performance and success.

From a personal perspective based on your strengths, perceptions and experience, discuss your interest in
the jobs you have researched and why they may or may not be potential career paths for you. Would you
find any of these jobs particularly satisfying? Why or why not? What is your next step in terms of
pursuing these careers or perhaps starting from the beginning and looking into different careers. Is it a
career that you could see yourself doing and pursuing happiness in for the rest of your adult working life?
Career Exploration Presentation
Your Career Exploration presentation/video must include the following information, must be
digitized, and will be uploaded onto your digital portfolio before the end of the semester. The
presentation must include a minimum of 6 slides including your title slide with your information as
well as pictures and graphics that enhance interest and meaning for the viewer.

The criteria are listed below:

Slide 1: A title slide that includes your career choice, name, due date of presentation, class, and
instructor’s name, plus Career Development Midterm
Slide 2: A slide that gives an overview or synopsis of the career choice. It must detail and define the
job title and the nature of the work. What is it? Define it.
Slide 3: A slide that details the education/training that is needed to qualify for this job and the
continuing education requirements in order to maintain and/or progress within the chosen
Slide 4: A slide that details the skills needed to perform the job. What is a typical “pathway” to
attain this position (college major, apprenticeship, certification). It also must delineate and define
any and all additional skills that would help you progress within this chosen field.
Slide 5: A slide that details the work environment. How does this environment reflect your
interests, your personality, and your values as discovered in class through the Naviance Interest
Inventory, the Do What You Are Personality Test, and any other self-evaluations you completed in
this course.
Slides 6-11: Slide(s) to include additional personal information. What are your insights into the
career for you? Consider what this career would be like over the long term. Include interesting,
informative, or surprising information that you learned about the career. Is it a career that you
could see yourself doing and remaining happy in for the rest of your adult working life, or would
this be learning opportunity in a larger career trajectory? Be detailed in your information.

Formatting Criteria
● Slides must be constructed in a way that is visible and easily readable to those watching
● Each slide must contain enough information to address all the criteria using bulleted points.
● You must adequately explain in your presentation all the points contained in each slide.
● Your presentation should be appealing to the eye and it should reflect a high level of effort
and creativity.
● You will also be graded on the quality of your presentation, including such elements as
volume of your voice, eye contact and body language (as appropriate) and speech clarity and
volume. Reading the PowerPoint directly off the screen will result in a low grade for this
● Put your work on Google Docs and/or save the presentation. Losing the electronic file is not
an acceptable excuse not to submit on time.

** Notes:
1. Failure to submit on the designated day will result in 20% reduction in grade for each day late.