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Dee 7 ei Gite ane Pre Bg rea 0 pes pao, owe INTERNAL MEMORANDUM To: ADV. JIBA copy To: DR J.P. PRETORIUS SC [ACTING SPECIAL DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS: PCLU PROM: ADV 8.K, ABRAHAMS NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS REFERENCE: —NDPPIJL/OI/2016 DATE: 12APRIL 2016 SUBJECT: [REFERRAL OF CASES TO THE PRIORITY CRIMES": Litigation Unit Dear Adv siba, 41 Over and above all he matlss | have referred fo the PCLU in: my previous ‘memorandum dated 18 November 2015, | also refer ll matters relating to: Paul Robert O'Sulivan, to this unit, which Investigations and prosecutions must be: managed and. dected by the Acting Special Director of Public Prosecitlons snd Head, Peiorty Crimes Ligation Unit (PCL ye Jstice In our socioty va that poopie can tive [LArsosem and seciiey 2. The PCLU should déal with al offences relating to the above named a6 well ‘ prosecittial functions incidental to the management of imestigations ‘and prosecutions relating othe above nemed, Yours sinootely Di—> ‘ADV. S. K- ABRAHAMS NATIONAL. DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS DATE: I1L— Gy - it =