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Caregivers Support Group
Many of us at St. Peter and St. Paul’s have (or someday will) find ourselves in the role of caregiver. We offer a group where folks can come together to get idea's, share experiences and walk together with our Lord through this tricky stage of life. Who should come? This group is appropriate for any folks currently in the caregiver role, preparing for this role, still grieving or recovering from their recent experience. It may also be appropriate for those who feel they have something to offer others from their past. There will be no experts with perfect answers. This will be a true Support Group where we will walk hand-in-hand, trusting that Jesus will guide us in this emotional--yet inevitable, part of life. Monthly meetings begin with a simple dinner followed by a short Bible Study. (you are encouraged to bring a notebook and a Bible). The next Caregivers Support Group meeting is Thursday, September 9th at 6:00pm at Mike & Mary Kay Broughton’s home at 2800 North Stewart Road in Mission. All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to bring someone who might benefit from this wonderful support group.

Back to School: Blessing of Backpacks, Students & Teachers!

St. P&P BOWL-O-RAMA Friends, Fellowship & Fun!

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The Great Chase
My son loves to be chased. In fact, as I write this my wife is pretending to be a monster and chasing my son around the house. He is trying to pretend that he is scared, but his squeals of delight betray him. For whatever reason, Garrett just loves to be chased. Our God is a God who enjoys the chase as well, but most of the time God is the chaser not the chasee. In his book The Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning describes this aspect of God’s nature when he says “The Tremendous Lover is on the chase.” The Bible tells story after story where people run from God, but God does not give up the chase. After Adam and Eve eat the apple, they hide from God, but God finds them out. Moses tries to avoid God’s call to free the Israelites by hiding in the desert, but God speaks to him through the burning bush. Jonah tries to run from God in a boat, but God chases him down until he is swallowed by a big fish. After Jesus’ death, the disciples, out of fear, lock themselves in a room, but the Risen Christ appears among them offering them peace and a new life as apostles of His resurrection. These are just a few of the many Biblical examples of God chasing down His beloved, and we are all His beloved. God loves us with a passion and an intensity that we cannot imagine. Like the father who runs to the prodigal son or the shepherd who sets out to find the lost sheep, God will go to any length to find His children. God will not stop chasing you. No matter where you go. No matter what you do. God will never stop chasing after you. God will not tire or grow weary. But if you are tired of running and hiding, then stop turn to God and you will find that He has been chasing you all along.

In Christ, Father Michael

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Long ago, there was this unique and treasurefilled place to go on special days. Some of these buildings were guarded by animals (usually lions) at the doors and some even had wheels. It was always a special treat to venture into this sacred space. Is anyone else old enough to know what we’re talking about? Of course, these were the days before or Amazon, let alone Kindle or iPad... Libraries! We went to libraries and “borrowed” books to read! What an incredible “green” idea that was way ahead of its ecological time. Imagine the paper saved…let alone the money from such a concept! Well, did you know we have a St. Peter & Paul Library in the office? Actually, we have two libraries! We have a book-nook with general topic books for all ages in the hall of the main building and a whole room dedicated to spiritual, inspirational and religious books in the church office. There are books on prayer, daily devotionals, Bible references, AA, Outreach, Bible studies…books by Philip Yancy, Max Lucado, Henri Nouwen, video’s, etc... and they are there for you…just for you. Fr. Michael talks to us about personal spiritual growth and there’s probably a book that could help you on your personal journey. There’s one catch…you have to come and see! SO, PLEASE COME “CHECK US OUT!” Have questions about our libraries? Ask Vicki Knipp or Fr. Michael!


Our High Seas Expedition was an incredible week! And the volunteers had as much fun as the children did!! Speaking of volunteers...we could never have done it without you!! You were absolutely incredible. We cannot begin to thank everyone for their time, talents, monetary donations, enthusiasm, singing, silliness, prayers, donations, God sightings and so much more. We had a great time on our Vast Voyage and are already thinking about next year!!! If you have any feedback on VBS or would like some information on becoming more involved in this ministry next year, talk to JB Townsend.

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Projection Ministry
If you have been to the 11am service the last few weeks, you have seen a change. We have begun to project the words of prayers, readings, and songs during worship. From now on you have a choice, you can either follow along with the projection slides or grab a bulletin. Either way you should receive a Sunday to Sunday with the announcements and ministry schedule. There are three primary reasons to shift to the projection. 1. The church will save money on printing costs. 2. We use less paper which is better for the environment. 3. The nature of worship changes when people look up rather than down at a piece of paper. Either way, we will still be printing copies of the bulletin if you prefer to use them. Father Michael is putting together a team to run the projection during the service. If you are interested, email him at

Kneel Mail Prayer Ministry
St Peter & St Paul has a unique ministry in Kneel Mail. If you are not familiar with Kneel Mail, it is emailed prayer needs that are an excellent way to share requests and an easy way to help others out with our prayers. Requests can be an urgent, short term or long term; and can be for yourself, for family, friends, or even a friend of a friend! Here are the guidelines for submitting: Make sure to include a description of the need and a first name. Requests can be anonymous – after all, God knows our needs! Update us! Keep us posted on how we can continue to pray or give

Every month, we will use this space to reflect the ‘culinary side’ of St Peter & St Paul. We can’t wait to try your favorite recipes! Send to

This month’s recipe comes from Jason Broughton. Who says BBQ has to be done outside?!?
Indoor Baby Back Ribs 1 rack—Baby Back Ribs 1 cup-brown sugar Pepper—to taste Tony Chachere’s—to taste Foil (or your favorite seasoning) Preheat the oven to 300°. Place the rack of ribs on a large sheet of foil on cookie sheet. Spread the brown sugar, pepper and seasoning in the cavernous area of the rack of ribs and wrap it up tight in your foil. Place the cookie sheet with the foilwrapped ribs in the oven for 3 hours. Enjoy!

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church



The Garden of Eatin’
Garden Outreach Program!
As a recap, we are starting a 1.5 acre garden to the north of the church where we will grow a variety of vegetables. We will then sell these vegetables twice a week from the church’s porch using the proceeds to feed the hungry. Whatever we do not sell, we will give to food pantries to give to the hungry. Things are moving right along. We are working the land to create the beds we need so that we can start planting in mid-September. God has provided some generous contributions from local farms and farm supply companies, and so far we feel blessed. We have a few hurdles still to overcome, but it will all fall into place. If you are interested in learning more or finding ways you can help. Contact Father

Men’s Group: Coffee With the Carpenter
Attention St. P&P Men: Coffee With the Carpenter is a men's group that gathers on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month from 7:00am to 8:00am. Come join “the guys” for morning prayer, breakfast, lots of coffee, and great discussion! For more information on Coffee with the Carpenter, contact Dan Miller at 519-0090.
Have info for the next newsletter?? Got a story about why you ♥ St P&P? Want to share your favorite recipe?

Our goal for this newsletter is that it reflects who we are and what we do at St Peter & St Paul. We are constantly looking for ways to stay informed and connected via this newsletter and our website. If you have a gift for this or if you have any suggestions, please contact Heather Marks.
Send to:

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


The Blessing of the Animals — October 3rd — 3:00pm
Did you know that animals are supposed to praise God just like us? Psalm 148:9-10 says “Praise Him, hills and mountains, fruit trees and forests; all animals, tame and wild, reptiles and birds.” Well, we are going to give them their chance. On Sunday October 3rd at 3pm, we are going to have The Blessing of the Animals. So bring your animals of any species. In previous years, we have blessed dogs, cats, bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, horses, turtles, fish, snakes, iguanas, hermit crabs, and even spiders (Fr. Michael’s least favorite pet).

(5th-12th grade)
The second Pulse of the year will be September 26th from 5pm-6:30pm. We will be having “Fun with Fruit,” so wear something you can get dirty. Hee hee!! Also, I need one parent each month to help out with Pulse, so if ask your mom or dad if they will sign up. (I know they might embarrass you, but we could use the extra help). Questions about Pulse? Contact Father Michael!

Offered this fall to children ages 4 years – high school, Children’s church is in need of additional volunteers. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Fr. Michael or Amy Hoffman.

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


Every now and then, we all need our spiritual batteries recharged… Cursillo retreats are an awesome and fun way to revive yourself in the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ. Lots of folks at St Peter & Paul have been on a Cursillo weekend and many of us continue to serve on teams. Cursillo—A funny word meaning “a short course in Christianity”— is designed to deepen your faith and strengthen your Christian walk. Ask anyone wearing a colorful cross on the third Sunday of the month what their Cursillo meant to them and you’ll get a different answer and a huge smile. The next Cursillo weekend with open spots will be October 14-17, 2010 at beautiful Mustang Island, outside of Corpus Christi.

Contact Heather Marks at 802-3822 or via email at for more information. You can also find out more on the Episcopal

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


New Daughters of the King Officers
President: Gayle Wudarczyk Vice-President: Jane Sutherland Secretary: Leonor Fletcher Treasurer: Angie Rivera Chaplain: Mary Lou Jesness The Daughters of the King is a collection of faithful women who dedicate themselves to prayer and service. Each member goes through a period of studying and learning about this ministry. If you are interested in learning more about the Daughters of the King, talk to any of the ladies above or any Daughter of the King member you see wearing the silver cross!

Last year was so very successful, thanks in a large part to our awesome volunteers. Now we need your help in stepping up for KiteFest 2011! Needed Immediately: 2 or 3 people to head up the leadership of this event. ( help form committees and oversee them) Needed soon: Committee heads for... Advertising Children's games Bake Sale Booths

Crafts Kite flying Food Grounds/Setup

Of course we will need people to work on these committees, but first we need chair people. Please consider helping out. Contact Father Michael or Gayle ( or 240-7775)

Got musical talents? Play guitar or sing? Want to make a joyful noise unto the Lord? Consider using your Godgiven talent as part of our music team!
CONTACT: Arlyn Olson (687-7334) or any choir member for more info!

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


Dear St Peter & Paul Family, As you might have noticed the past few Sundays, we are in the process of giving our church nursery a little face-lift, and we are writing you today to ask for your input and support in these efforts. Our wish is for St. Peter & St. Paul’s nursery to be a fun, safe and clean environment that is also loving and nurturing. It is a slightly tricky endeavor, in that the nursery needs to be fun and appropriate for all children from birth through five years. Most of the items that are currently in the nursery were given out of generosity when the church was first established eleven years ago. Many of these items were gently used at the time and have since endured the activity of many little hands. Our plan is to start this makeover with a few basic improvements, then add improvements as funds allow. To start, we have made a wish list that will not only improve the groundwork of our nursery makeover, but also assist our nursery worker in creating a space that meets our goals: Foam floor mats: $100 Storage Shelf: $50 Cleaning supplies: $50 Rocking chair cushions: $50 Boppy pillow & cover: $35 Bookshelf: $70 Bins: $55 Paint & Supplies: $150 Bumbo seat: $40 Wipes & diapers: $50 TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $650

Any support you can give is much appreciated. We ask that in lieu of purchasing these items directly you either send a check with “nursery” in the memo line, or send a gift card for us to use in purchasing these items. This will prevent the need to return/exchange, etc. We will be having a painting party on Sunday, September 12th at 3:00pm to paint a mural on the walls of the nursery. If that sounds like fun to you, we’d love to see you then! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact either of us. Thanks again for you support. May God bless you, your families and your little ones!

Amy Hoffman

Heather Marks

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church 2310 N. Stewart Road Mission, TX 78574-8842 (956)585-5005

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