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Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012

70-411 R2
Total Videos: 34 Time: 9 hours*

*The time indicated above represents the total time to view all videos in the course, but does not include time spent using virtual labs, practice exams,
embedded quizzes, etc.
Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Exam Details

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2012 Time allotted for exam: 2 hours (120 minutes)

certification is intended to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to Number of questions: 40-60*

install and configure, administer, as well as design and manage advanced services Passing score: 700**

in Windows Server 2012. The MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification is made up Question types: Multiple choice; multiple choice/multiple answer; scenario

of three exams, all of which are covered by CBT Nuggets training: Exam registration: Microsoft Learning or Pearson Vue

Exam cost: $165 (USD)

• 70-410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012; Skills measured: Each exam registration page on the Microsoft website provides

• 70-411 – Administering Windows Server 2012; and a list of Skills Measured (free resource) to guide your study and preparation.

• 70-412 – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services. • 70-411

Typically, learners pursuing this certification path should have some familiarity with Exam Replay: Microsoft exams have a reputation for being challenging. Many

Windows Server and experience working in an enterprise environment. Most often, learners find they have to take an exam more than once to achieve a successful

learners have 1-3 years of experience in IT before beginning their MCSA pursuits. outcome. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the level of challenge associated

The MCSA is considered an intermediate-level certification, though there is no with their exams, and often provides an “Exam Replay,” allowing learners to retake

formal prerequisite for this MCSA certification. exams at a fraction of the usual cost. Please note that the Exam Replay may not

always be available.

*Microsoft does not publish the exact number of questions associated with its exams. Therefore,
the number of questions a learner will see varies on a case-by-case basis.

**Because the number of questions varies, it is not necessarily true that learners must earn
a simple 70% to pass the exam.

Learners use a great variety of strategies to attack their CBT Nuggets offers practice exams as part of your
training. Here are some options you can choose from to subscription. You can take the practice exams as many
get the most out of your training experience: times as you like! Here are some tips to help you take
full advantage of this excellent resource:

Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training on double-

speed to develop a strong overview of the material; then
proceed through all the training for a second time, taking good PLAN TO TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM 3 TIMES
notes and focusing on deeper learning.
Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training, taking good Create a baseline against Identify areas of weakness in
notes and focusing on deep learning on the first pass; then which you can measure your order to direct your training
progress with future exams. as you move forward.
proceed back through all training a second time, using double-
speed when appropriate.
Supplement all video training with book study and practical Measure your progress since your The results from your
application of knowledge. first practice exam! Ask yourself: second practice exam
Are you retaining the information experience should help you
and material you learned at the identify areas where you
Use the hands-on virtual labs throughout the course to practice beginning of your training? Are there may need to spend extra
areas to which you should return now effort and energy in the
your skills. to ensure your understanding before training ahead.
moving forward?

Measure your progress Allow the results from your
against your first two practice exam to direct

Learn more about how to get all you can

practice exams! your review ahead of your
Ask yourself: Are you certification exam. Ask

out of your practice exam experience scoring 90% by now?

If so, you might be
yourself: Are you retaining
all the material? And are you
from a quick video by Keith Barker ready for the real understanding it well?

The number and
6. Implement Patch title for each video The Extra Mile section of
Management corresponds to your study plan challenges
the number and title you to dig a little deeper
you will find on the with your training. The
Microsoft MCSA: Extra Mile might be a
Windows Server 2012 textbook recommendation,
70-411 R2 course page

supplemental materials
22 30-90 online (and on your
“Your virtual lab experience will vary throughout
downloads, or other resources the course, depending on the exam objectives
mobile device) to help you take your training
and your learning style and needs. Each virtual
to the next level. Nothing in
The duration Time required lab could take anywhere from 10-90 minutes.”
the Extra Mile is required, but
of the video to complete - Garth Schulte
it is here to help you learn.
in minutes. a virtual lab
in minutes.

Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 70-411 R2

1. Introduction to 70-411: 4. Deploy and Manage Server 5. Install and Configure 6. Implement Patch 7. Monitor Servers

Administering Windows Images Windows Server Update Management

Server 2012 R2 Services (WSUS)
2. The Deploy Manage and
Maintain Servers Section
3. Install and Configure
Windows Deployment
Services (WDS)

21 30-90 22 30-90 12 30-90 22 30-90 22 30-90

MILE Explore the Microsoft Review the skills Consider purchasing a textbook to supplement your training.
Learning website to measured by the • MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Study Guide: Exams 70-410, 70-411, 70-412,
learn more about 70-411 exam. (Consider by William Panek
the 70-411 exam, its printing out the exam • MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Administration Study Guide: Exam 70-411, by William Panek
requirements, and objectives to help guide • Exam Ref 70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012 R2, by Charlie Russel
available resources. your study!)

8. The Configure and Print 10. Manage Distributed File 11. Configure File Server 12. Configure File and Disk 13. Configure Advanced

Services Section System (DFS) Resource Manager (FSRM) Encryption Audit Policies

9. Install and Configure

Distributed File System (DFS)

22 30-90 20 30-90 21 30-90 23 30-90 18 30-90

Join the CBT Nuggets Learner Community on Slack! Join other Learn more about Windows Create flashcards to quiz
MILE CBT Nuggets learners in a community where you can post Deployment Services Cmdlets in yourself on the content
questions, share study resources, connect with IT experts from all PowerShell from Microsoft’s TechNet. from your training! Or, use
over the world, and get mentoring for your training. Go deeper with your learning about existing flashcard resources
Windows Server Update Services from such as!
*Please allow 48 hours for your request to join the community to be processed. Microsoft’s TechNet.

14. The Configure Network 16. Configure DNS Records TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM! 17. Install and Configure 18. Configure VPN
Services and Access Section Remote Access

15. Configure DNS Zones

26 30-90 19 30-90 90-120 15 30-90 17 30-90

MILE TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM! Optional Supplemental Learning: Consider
Use the results to drive your review and practice as you continue your study*. watching these additional courses to deepen
• Transcender Microsoft Cert - 70-411 your understanding of PowerShell.

*Keep in mind that you’ve not completed the training yet, so you probably won’t ace the exam. This is just to help you
• PowerShell 4 Foundations with trainer Garth
assess how well you are retaining the material you’ve learned so far!
Schulte (22 videos)

19. Configure Web 20. Configure DirectAccess 21. The Configure a 23. Configure NPS Policies 24. Configure Network

Application Proxy Network Policy Server (NPS) Access Protection

Infrastructure Section

22. Configure Network

Policy Server

12 30-90 23 30-90 26 30-90 13 30-90 19 30-90

MILE Learn more about Web Take some time this week to return to virtual labs “The results you achieve will be in direct
Application Proxy from that were challenging to see if you’ve developed
proportion to the effort you apply.”
Microsoft’s TechNet. the skills to be more successful with them now.
- Denis Waitley

25. The Configure and 27. Configure Domain TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM! 28. Maintain Active Directory 29. Configure Account

Manage Active Directory Controllers Policies


26. Configure Service


23 30-90 25 30-90 90-120 24 30-90 11 30-90

MILE TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM! Work your flashcards until you start Explore Microsoft’s TechNet
Use the results to drive your review and practice as you continue your study*. dreaming Server 2012 concepts, Scripting with Windows
• Transcender Microsoft Cert - 70-411 acronyms, and PowerShell cmdlets! PowerShell to dive deeper
Visit or continue working with PowerShell.
*You still haven’t completed your training, so you should expect some decent knowledge gaps
with your own flashcards.
during your practice exam. But you should see some strong improvements in your performance
by now. Let your practice exam results direct your ongoing training.

30. The Configure and 32. Configure Group Policy 33. Manage Group Policy 34. Configure Group Policy TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM!

Manage Group Policy Settings Objects (GPOs) Preferences (GPP)


31. Configure Group Policy


26 30-90 24 30-90 12 30-90 16 30-90 90-120

MILE TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM! Schedule your certification exam with an approved
Use the results to drive your review and practice as you continue your study*. testing site. Consider purchasing the Microsoft
• Transcender Microsoft Cert - 70-411 Exam Replay voucher to help ensure your success
on the 70-411 certification exam!
*You should see strong improvements in your performance by now! Measure your improvement and let your practice
exam results guide your study ahead of your certification exam.


Work through your flashcards EXAM! One last time ... Flashcards: They worked for you Flashcards are an excellent way CRAM SESSIONS
to really master the content that Transcender Microsoft in grade school, they can work to work on acronyms you’ll need Return to topics that you find
can be committed to memory. Cert - 70-411 for you now! to know for your exam. challenging to brush up on the
Return to video Nuggets
to brush up on areas of
weakness identified by your
practice exam results.

30-90 90-120 30-90 30-90 30-90

MILE Learn more about Group Policy from Microsoft’s TechNet. Spend some time working through the virtual labs every day to help
Deepen your understanding about Group Policy Preferences from ensure you have the hands-on experience you need to be successful
Microsoft’s TechNet. on the exam.


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The MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification puts you on the path to a career in system administration, but also opens up other pathways as well, including
networking, virtualization, security, cloud computing, system administration, and more. Consider these pathways as you move beyond your MCSA:



CompTIA Cisco CCENT Juniper CCNA Routing CCNP Routing Juniper Palo Alto Cisco CCIE
Network+ JNCIA-Junos and Switching and Switching JNCIS-ENT Networks Routing and
Firewall Switching


CompTIA Cisco CCENT CCNA CCNP Security Penetration EC-Council (ISC)2 CISSP Cisco CCIE
Security+ Security Testing with Certified Ethical Security
Linux Tools Hacker


CompTIA VMware MCSA: CCNA Data VMware Cisco CCNP MCSE: Cloud
Network+ vSphere Windows Center VCP6.5-DCV Data Center Platform and
Foundation Server 2016 Infrastructure


LPI Linux LPIC-1 AWS: Technical AWS: Certified AWS: Certified MCSA: Cloud MCSA: Linux MCSE: Cloud
and CompTIA Essentials Solutions SysOps Platform on Azure Platform and
Linux+ Architect - Administrator - Infrastructure
Associate Associate


CompTIA A+ LPI Linux VMware Powershell 4 MCSA: Microsoft MCSA: MCSA: Office VMware MCSE: Cloud
LPIC-1 and vSphere Foundations Windows Windows 10 365 vSphere 6.5 Platform and
CompTIA Foundation (no associated Server 2016 (VCP6.6-DCV) Infrastructure

CBT Nuggets is committed to providing you with the The MCSA is a building block to allow learners to earn a variety of other certifications from
resources necessary to plan your training, certification, and Microsoft. After earning the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification, most learners take the next
career pathway effectively and efficiently. Review step by earning an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification. The MCSE allows
our Career Pathway blog posts to learn more. learners to select from a variety of elective exams, effectively customizing the certification to meet

• Mapping Your IT Networking Career Pathway their unique needs. The expert-level certification aligned with the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is
the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. To earn the MCSE, learners must choose
• Mapping Your IT Networking Career Pathway Infographic
one elective exam from a pool of exam options:
• Unlocking Your IT Security Career Pathway

• Decoding Your IT SysAdmin Career Pathway • 70-532 • 70-534 • 70-475 • 70-413 • 70-246

• Charting Your IT Cloud and Virtualization Career Pathway • 70-533 • 70-473 • 70-744 • 70-414 • 70-247

• Engineering Your IT DevOps Career Pathway

Some learners may choose to diversify their certification resumes by pursuing certifications outside
the Microsoft universe. Those who choose this path often consider the following certifications:
• Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching (made up of two exams: ICND1 and ICND2)
• AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (made up of one exam: AWS Certified SysOps
Roadmap to Success: Administrator – Associate)
MCSA: Windows Server 2012 • VMware vSphere 6.5 (made up of one exam: VCP6.5-DCV)
Learn more about the MCSA certification from the
CBT Nuggets blog. The Roadmap to Success:
MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is part of a series
of blog posts designed to help learners better
understand certification pathways, career
opportunities associated with those certifications,
and next steps beyond certification.