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Sponsor: Mr.

Alan Garcia, College Dean

Business Need: This project is intended to increase the student satisfaction with the enrollment procedure and therefore have an increase in the
number of enrollees by creating a system that would allow students to enroll online.

Business Requirements:

 Check if the clearance is complete

 Search for the available subjects and schedules
 Search for the grades
 Reserve a slot
 Check the advised subjects to take
 Enlistment
 Provide transaction code that enables payment through banks and other centers
 Check the schedule student is enrolled in
 Sign for petition of subjects

Business Value:

 3.5 M Increase in Income
 360 000 Decrease in Fixed Cost
 195 000 Decrease in Variable Cost
 35% Increase in Number of Enrollees
 Increase in students’ satisfaction rate
 Increase in school recognition
 Improvement in quality service

Special Issue or Constraints:

 The proposed system might crash if the number of users have exceeded the limit of the website.
 Many of the students have been requesting this system and we need to provide this service or dissatisfy them.



Alan Garcia created the following feasibility analysis for the OURS. The System Request is attached, along with the detailed feasibility
study. The highlights of the feasibility analysis are as follows:


The OURS‘s risk regarding familiarity with enrollment process is moderately low

 The Administrative Department has enough experience and knowledge regarding the number of possible enrollees and
enrollment process.
 The Marketing Department’s expertise could be used to advertise the proposed online enrollment system.

The OURS’s risk regarding familiarity with the technology is moderately low

 The IT Department has enough knowledge in the variation in technical aspects needed in the proposed system.
 Consultants are readily available to provide help in this area.

The project size is considered medium risk

 The project team will likely consist of 5 or fewer people from IT Department and 3 or fewer Administrative staff.
 Business user involvement will be required
 The project time frame is critical, since the system is needed to maintain our competitive position in the market.

The compatibility with the university’s existing technical infrastructure should be good
 An Internet infrastructure is already in place at the university’s IT building.
 The ISP should be able to scale its services to accommodate the new online enrollment system.


A cost-benefit analysis was performed; see attached spreadsheet for details (provided in Appendix 1A). Conservative estimates show
that the Online University Registration System has a good chance of significantly enhancing the university’s objective.

ROI over 3 years: 105%

NPV over 3 years: 2,224,763.50

Break-even occurs after 1.49 years

Intangible Costs and Benefits

Improved students satisfaction

Enhanced competitive position through enrollment innovation


From the organizational perspective, the top management of the university has a strong interest, and the project champion, Alan
Garcia, is a respected and knowledgeable as an IT executive.
The potential and current students are expected to appreciate the entry of OURS into the university’s website. Students may have
some concerns about the enrollment process; however, since the project team have so many options to offer, the system may prevent
the website from crashing and may provide them accessibility at convenient places.

Additional Comments:

 The Marketing Department views this as a strategic system. This system will allow us to leverage our well-established market
 We should consider hiring a consultant with expertise is similar application to assist with the project.