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classroom project information

project title
lets experience the space, planets and galaxy
attach a photo reflects your class
about me
full name : thamayanthi krishna radi
email address :
facebook username:
preffered contact number : 012 - 5198912
i agree with the following statement

1. i am full time educator employed by a public school

2. i spend at least 75% my time working directly with the students. (not
necessary in the same class)
3. i am not a principal, administrator, part time educator, substitute,
volunteer ot student teacher.
4. i commit a posting project for material that my student will use/

my school
location : gopeng, perak.
school name : sekolah jenis kebangsaan tamil gopeng
address: 36100, gopeng , perak
telephone: 05-3594657
government aid recipients ( percentage by known): yes no
school population : 178

my students
class name : 4 kambar, 5 tholkaapiyar, 6 thiruvalluvar
number of students : 63
tell us about your current class situation
 my current class situation is we don’t have a proper space and planets teaching
materials. i feel that my students should expose with this because it help to enjoy the
feeling of being in the space rather than showing in video and picture this is moon
and mars. sometimes we poor internet connectivity gives me challenges to teach the
space and planets.

can materials be used by future students ? yes no

my project

tell us about your project

aim of the project

the aim of the project is to let the students experince the space and its
promote a hands-on learning experience
let the students to experience of being in the outer space.
support existing classroom curriculum
it is in the syllabus and gives the students a clear picture and better
understanding of space, planets and galaxy.
course objective
the objectives of this course are to
 create interest of students in astronomy.
 real feeling of space, planets, and galaxy.
 it not only gives benefits to students in this school only, all the school in
this area can have chance to explore the space, planets, and galaxy.

how it will your students benefit?

impact on students: this project is to identify young talented scientist for

future. by this we expect the result of students in overall subject will increase.

is the project focused on stem ? yes no

total funding requested :rm 5000

no items/materials vendor vendor price quantity total

name telephone of of items
(company item
name ) per
1 smithsonian nsi Marva pc 056415208 450 1 450
room and station
2 chairs Marva pc 056415208 65 25 1625
3 black thick cloth Marva pc 056415208 12 15 m 180
curtains station
4 paint Marva pc 056415208 48 3 tins 144
5 mat Marva pc 056415208 220 1 roll 220
6 round table Marva pc 056415208 680 1 680
7 air-cond (2 hp) Marva pc 056415208 2300 1 2300
total cost 5599


how will you define the project a success ?

percentage of improvement in students score : avarage we expect that aound 80% of the
students will get good result in end of the year exam.

increase in class participations: this project of course will give good number of parciption not
only in class but also in school level science fair projects.

timeline : 6 months

endosement by school principal

hereby i approve this project to be conducted in sjk tamil gopeng.

name : mr. j. santhanaraj

designation : headmaster of sjk t gopeng
contact no : 017-4830857
email address :

endose by,

( headmaster)