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inaccessible for maintenance, repairs, or replacement due to corrosion.

There are
many factors and environmental exposure conditions that should be considered. The
engineer may need to consult with materials specialists about corrosion protection
during the anchor bolt material selection process.
2.4.1 Environmental Conditions

G Anchor bolts near waterways and seashores require corrosion protection against
'CE wet-dry cycles and excessive salts. De-icing salts in runoff from areas with snow
and ice can also be particularly corrosive to anchor bolts.

Anchor bolts located in controlled environments inside buildings should not

require protection from atmospheric corrosion except for exposure to chemicals.

Anchor bolts encased in concrete should not require corrosion protection unless
.sulfates or chlorides are present in the concrete. Joints in concrete should be sealed
to keep moisture from anchor bolts.

Galvanized and stainless materials can fail when subjected to corrosive

chemicals such as acids or other industrial fumes. Such materials require additional
, coating systems.

Bare, uncoated, weathering steels should not be used where high concentrations
of corrosive chemical or industrial fumes are present.

2.4.2 Codes and Specifications American Concrete Institute (ACI)

ACI 318-89 requires that protection be provided from injurious amounts of oil,
r acids, alkalis, salts, organic materials, or other substances that may be deleterious to
the concrete, the reinforcing, and the anchor bolts.

81 ASTM A 767 and A 775 specifY a zinc coating and an epoxy coating of steel bars
for concrete reinforcing in highly corrosive environments.

The soluble chloride ion content in concrete is controlled by ACI 318-89,

Section 4.3.1; also see the report by ACI Committee 222, "Corrosion of Metals in
Concrete. "

When external sources of chlorides are present, increased concrete cover and/or
an epoxy coating should be provided for reinforcing bars, in accordance with ACI
lts S 1. 318-89, Sections 4.3.2 and 7.7.5. Anchor bolts should be considered as an extension
of the concrete, as noted in ACI 318-89, Section 7.7.6, which requires that exposed