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JC2 Preliminary Examination 2007

Higher 2
Paper 2
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H2 Mathematics 9740: 2007 JC 2 Preliminary Examination Paper 2
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Section A: Pure Mathematics [40 marks]

1 The diagrams below show the graph of f and its derivative f ' . State clearly, with
reasons, which is the graph of f and that of f ' . [2]

Diagram 1 Diagram 2

2 A cup is obtained by rotating the parabola y 2 = 4 x about the x-axis. If it holds

exactly 32π cm3, find the diameter of the rim of the cup, given that the radius of the
base is 1 cm. [3]

3 A farmer raises chickens in a farm. Taking into account various conditions, such as
sale of poultry, deaths etc. that affect the population of chickens in his farm, the
number of chickens at the end of n months is modelled by un , where
= un 0.875un −1 + 50 .
Express u1 , u2 and u3 in terms of u0 .
Show that = un 0.875n (u0 − 400) + 400 and deduce the value of un when n becomes
very large. [5]

d2 y
4 (i) Given that y = tan x , show that 2
= 2y
. Hence find Maclaurin’s series
dx dx
for y, up to and including the term in x3. [5]
(ii) Using the standard series expansion for ln (1 + x ) and Maclaurin’s series for y,
find the series expansion of ln (1 + tan x ) , in ascending powers of x up to and
including the term in x3. [2]
sec 2 x
(iii) Hence show that the first three non-zero terms in the expansion of ,
1 + tan 2 x
are 1 − 2 x + 8 x 2 . [3]

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H2 Mathematics 9740: 2007 JC 2 Preliminary Examination Paper 2
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 z − 4i 

5 (a) Solve the equation   =1 , giving each answer in the form x + yi .

 2i 
Represent the roots of the equation in an Argand diagram. [5]
(b) Sketch on a single, clearly labelled diagram, the loci of w and z defined by
z= z − 5 and iw + 1 + i = 2. [3]
(i) State the minimum value of z − w . [1]
(ii) Find the exact values of the modulus and the argument of w for which
arg( w + 1 − i ) =− . [2]

6 Suppose that a chemical mixture contains two substances whose masses are x kg and
y kg, and whose combined mass is 1 kg. At any time t, the rate at which x is
increasing is proportional to the product of the two masses at that time. Obtain a
differential equation relating x and t. [1]
Show that the general solution of the differential equation may be expressed in the
 Cx 
form ln   = kt , where C and k are positive constants. [4]
1− x 
1 1
Given that initially x = and when t = 1, x = , express x in terms of t. [3]
10 4
Show that x → 1 as t → ∞ . [1]

Section B: Statistics [60 marks]

7 The mass of sugar sold in bags is normally distributed with mean µ kg and variance
σ2 kg2. It is known that 30% of the bags of sugar have masses which differ from µ kg
by at least c kg. Find the probability that a randomly chosen bag of sugar has a mass
which differs from µ kg by less than 2c kg. [5]

8 Ponds are home to a huge variety of microbes. When pond water is examined under a
microscope, the average concentration of microbes is 3 per ml. If there were at least k
microbes in 95% of all 1-ml samples of pond water taken, find the value of k. [2]
Find the probability that a random sample of 3 ml of pond water contains at most 3
microbes. [2]
Ten samples each of 3 ml of pond water are collected for a particular research study.
(i) Find the probability that exactly two out of the ten samples will each contain at
most 3 microbes. [2]
(ii) Using a suitable approximation, find the probability that the ten samples will
contain more than 83 microbes. [3]

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H2 Mathematics 9740: 2007 JC 2 Preliminary Examination Paper 2
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9 The heart rate (x) and diastolic blood pressure (y), both in suitable units, were
measured for each of ten hospital patients after being given a certain drug.
Unfortunately, the nurse who was in charge of recording the measurements did not
label the data sets, and the results, hence labelled “Data Set A” and “Data Set B”, are
given in the table below.

Data Set A 51 75 54 58 63 78 49 70 64 68
Data Set B 88 70 58 91 82 71 90 77 85 76
(i) With the aid of a suitable diagram, comment on the correlation between the 2
data sets, pointing out any irregularities, if applicable. [3]
(ii) A doctor, on closer look, discovered that not all data points are reliable and that
the value of the linear product moment correlation coefficient is only
approximately -0.4. Suggest which pair of data points the doctor should ignore
so as to obtain a better value of the linear product moment correlation
coefficient, and calculate the new linear product moment correlation
coefficient. [3]
(iii) With the pair of data points dropped in part (ii), the estimated least squares
regression line of y on x is given as y 128.5 − 0.74 x .
(a) State what data set B represents. [1]
(b) Estimate the heart rate when the diastolic blood pressure is 80, correct to
the nearest whole number. [2]
(iv) Give a reason why it might be unwise to use either of the regression lines to
establish diastolic blood pressure when the heart rate is 90. [1]

10 In the 2006 graduation ceremony of a particular university, the proportions of

graduates from the 4 faculties were as follows:

Engineering Accountancy Veterinary Science Mass Communication

42.1% 21.9% 8.6% 27.4%

The management office invited the graduates to participate in a survey on the amount
of time they spent at the central library during the month of their final year
(a) Describe how a stratified sample of 50 graduates may be taken to represent the
4 faculties. Write down one advantage and one disadvantage of this method of
sampling. [4]
(b) From a survey of the 50 graduates, x represents the number of hours the
graduates spent at the central library. The summarised data are as follows:

∑ x = 1564 ∑ ( x − 30)2 =

(i) Calculate the unbiased estimates of the population mean and variance. [3]
(ii) Estimate the probability that a random sample of 50 graduates spent an
average of at least 32 hours at the central library. [2]

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H2 Mathematics 9740: 2007 JC 2 Preliminary Examination Paper 2
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11 The mass of a randomly chosen shitake mushroom has a normal distribution with
mean 5.02g and standard deviation 0.83g, while the mass of a randomly chosen
abalone mushroom has a normal distribution with mean 7.12g and standard deviation
(i) The probability that a randomly chosen shitake mushroom has a mass of more
than w g is 0.8. Find w. [2]
(ii) Shitake mushrooms are sold in packets of six. A customer bought eight abalone
mushrooms and a packet of shitake mushrooms. Find the probability that twice
the mass of the packet of shitake mushrooms is more than that of the eight
abalone mushrooms. [4]
(iii) A random sample of eighty abalone mushrooms is taken. Find the probability
that their mean mass is less than 7g. [2]

12 At Fun-O-Rama, a class decides on a game which requires a player to pick some

coloured cards which are indistinguishable except for their colour. There are 6 red, 4
blue and 2 yellow cards.
(a) Find the number of ways in which
(i) any 3 cards are selected without replacement; [3]
(ii) only 11 cards are arranged in a line. [3]
(b) The class decides that the game is played by picking 4 cards without
replacement and the total points are added from the 4 cards with each coloured
card assigned a different score as follows:

Red: 1 point Yellow: 3 points Blue: no point

Find the probability that a player

(i) obtains 4 points; [3]
(ii) has exactly 2 blue cards given that the total score is 4. [2]

13 A footwear company wishes to check out the average length of a toddler’s feet. Eight
children are selected randomly, and their left feet measured in centimetres. The
measurements are:
9.5 8.9 8.6 10.4 8.7 10.2 8.9 9.6

These measurements are used to test, at 5 % significance level, the hypothesis that the
mean foot-length of toddlers is 10 cm.
(a) Explain what is meant by the phrase ‘a 5% significance level’ in this context. [1]
(b) State, giving your reasons, whether a normal test (z-test) or a t-test should be
used, and carry out the test. [6]
(c) State an assumption made for the test in (b) to be valid. [1]

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H2 Mathematics 9740: 2007 JC 2 Preliminary Examination Paper 2
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