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Poems by Angela Manalang-Gloria

Old Maid Walking on a City Street* (1950)
She had a way of walking through concupiscence And past the graces her fingers never twirled: Because her mind refused the heavy burden, Her broad feet shovelled up the world.

Querida* (1940)
The door is closed, the curtains drawn within One room, a brilliant question mark of light... Outside her gate an empty limousine Waits in the brimming emptiness of night.

Soledad*** (1940)
It was a sacrilege, the neighbors cried, The way she shattered every mullioned pane To let a firebrand in. They tried in vain To understand how one so carved from pride And glassed in dream could have so flung aside Her graven days, or why she dared profane The bread and wine of life for some insane Moment with him. The scandal never died. But no one guessed that loveliness would claim Her soul's cathedral burned by his desires Or that he left her aureoled in flame« And seeing nothing but her blackened spires, The town condemned this girl who loved too well and found her heaven in the depths of hell. Source: Retrieved: June 22, 2010