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• Zi Wei in Wealth

• Translated from here.

Zi Wei in this palace means a lifetime of not having to worry about food and clothes; to be provided
with the basic necessities. Zi Wei is the emperor/regent star. If Zi Wei is alone in the Wealth palace, the
individual has extremely good money luck. Possibly he or she is born into a rich and wealthy

Zi Wei # Quan: Zi Wei is lord of the Career palace. The native knows how to handle money; to do
things right, to use the correct methods. Dealing with finances the person has skill, method, technique.

Zi Wei # Ke: This star combination represents guiren; nobility, a person of high rank. Should the
individual... [?].

Zi Wei and Tian Fu: The person has smooth and unobstructed money luck. The native comes across
富足 fùzú = plentiful, abundant, rich, comfortable, well-off; prosperity. Throughout his or her life the
individual is conservative and guarded with money; to protect, to keep in store.

Zi Wei and Tan Lang: The person keeps an eye on available family property. Middle-aged the native
gradually becomes rich.

Zi Wei and Tian Xiang: The individual has the ability to save and store up money. He or she has good
money luck. There is the occurrence of 名利雙收 mínglìshuāngshōu = to achieve both fame and
fortune; to gain both honour and money.

Zi Wei and Qi Sha: With the presence of lucky stars the person can have unexpected money entering.

Zi Wei and Po Jun: When young the native is not able to amass money and wealth. During his or her
later years the individual happens upon 財源滾滾 cáiyuángǔngǔn = profits pouring in from all sides.
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