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Children are like wet cement, they are imprinted with all that is taught to them.

Relationship between a
teacher and a student should more be personal than professional. A teacher motivates the students
towards a better growth. A teacher should teach in such a way the students get pleasure from studies.
Students should never try to insult the teacher. Rather, they must be respectful towards them. Attitude of
the teacher towards the students sets the foundation for this. Students should complete a given work in
time and respond positively. This is one of the ways in which to show appreciation to your teacher and
give him/her the confidence in his/her skills.

A teacher alone can't lead to a student to success. "Practice makes perfect" is an adage that will always
hold true.When the student-teacher relationship is good, students grow up to be sincere human beings.

Apoorv Mangla,

XII, Kalka public School

Communication is an essential component in fostering a good relationship between students and

teachers. Talking to a student can help a teacher understand a student better. A teacher should come
across a student as a friend, guide and mentor, empathise with the student by being one like them. Once a
student feels that the teacher appreciates what it feels like to a student, the students feel they are on the
same wavelength as their teacher. Consequently, they will trust their teacher more. We criticise a student's
action but students are so used to criticism that they develop a defence mechanism. We need to make
them feel safe enough to relax their defences and and turn even the most difficult student to into a
positive member of the class. Tips for teachers: Praise students before scolding. Never let fear be your
image but love. Give them a sense of belonging and not empty threats. Avoid comparisons as it is deeply
resented. One must never label a child but try and understand their needs. Keep doing all this and one
would soon find students as a teacher's best friends confiding everything in the teacher.

journalism of courage

October 1, 2012

During his school vacation, Lyle cared for his neighbors' pets while the neighbors were away. He got paid for
each visit to each house. Lyle made 36 trips in all. He had to keep track of the number of times he went to each

 Lyle fed and played with the McGraths' cat, Snowball, twice a day for four days while the family was
 He walked the Dunns' dog, Fido, twice a day but for one day less than he took care of Snowball.
 Chow, the Carbones' puppy, needed a lot of attention. So Lyle went to the Carbones' house three
times a day. The Carbone family was away two more days than the McGrath family.
 Lyle visited the Quinns' hamster, Squeaky, less often than he visited any other pet.

How many trips did he make to each house?


 McGraths' house: 8 trips in all

 Dunns' house: 6 trips in all
 Carbones' house: 18 trips in all
 Quinns' house: 4 trips in all

the 57 players on 4 soccer teams traveled to a soccer tournament in Plainville. Each car carrying the members
of the same team had the same number of players in it.

 The 15 players on the Barracudas rode 3 to a car.

 The Sharks and the Dolphins had 3 fewer players on each team than the Barracudas had.
 The Sharks had 1 more player in each car than the Dolphins had.
 The Stingrays had 6 players per car.

In all, how many cars did the soccer players take to the tournament?

 Cindy wore 3417.

 Lisa wore 5216.
 Maria wore 5500.
 Tommy wore 5328.
 Zack wore 5330.