Major Projects with plastic formwork

Major Projects with Plastic Formwork


Geosky WWW. Roma.GEOPLAST. Ireland Portloise. Dominican Republic Fiumicino. Geopanel. Geopanel. Russia Varonesh. UK Dublin. Geopanel.Major Projects with plastic formwork A SELECTION OF INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS . Russia International Airport terminal Da Vinci Market Central Johnson City Hospital Red Cow Roundabout M7 motorway extension Large urban building Large urban building Large urban building Geotub Elevetor Geotub Panel Geotub Geotub Geotub Panel. Geosky Geotub Panel. Italy Spalding. Russia St.IT . Petersburg. Ireland Belgorod. Geosky Geotub Panel.major buildings Punta Cana.

steel.the low weight of the equipment make it possible to use it by hand. The project consists of a new larger runway.Geotub has a lower initial cost than traditional formwork. . Punta Cana received more than 3 million passengers. Geoplast GEOTUB 80 cm round column plastic formwork was chosen for the job because: .GEOPLAST. expansion of the existing air terminal Punta Cana's airport is the leading point of entry in number of arriving passengers in the Dominican Republic. .IT . a new control tower.The running costs are much lower as a consequence of the higher speed of work.Major Projects with plastic formwork PUNTA CANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . without crane. The Punta Cana's Airport operators have planned an ambitious airport expansion project. The columns of the main lobby will have a diameter of 80 cm and are 5 meters high. making it the busiest airport in the Dominican Republic. The airport handled more than 1 million visitors in 2002. the installation of the ILS. the lower maintainance and logistic time and equipment required. In 2007. which indicates that in less than 5 years the aircraft movements will double. new frequencies of radio and the expansion of the International Terminal. construction of a new taxiway. and with a double speed vs. It is also the fastest growing airport with almost a 20% increase in traffic yearly. WWW.

new air terminal 800 mm WWW.IT .GEOPLAST.Major Projects with plastic formwork PUNTA CANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .

IT . 35 columns poured per week. 140 columns total.Major Projects with plastic formwork PUNTA CANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .GEOPLAST. air terminal Total project requirements: 8 column formworks.

Elevetor was approved for the project by Buro Happold. New York and Lincoln Property Company.000 sq.Major Projects with plastic formwork DA VINCI MARKET CENTRAL .ft. The Elevetor foundation formwork was chosen to create an extralightweight structure on a swampy land.GEOPLAST. opened on October Contracted by AIG / Lincoln (a joint company of AIG Global Real Estate Investment Corporation. Surface: 560.000 sq.IT .new shopping center Shopping WWW.burohappold. UK (www. (52. 2007. Dallas).

IT .new shopping center WWW.GEOPLAST.Major Projects with plastic formwork DA VINCI MARKET CENTRAL .

ray along with community hospital beds for rehabilitation. occupational therapy and X. Contractor: Constain.GEOPLAST. UK .IT .new Johnson Community Hospital The new NHS (National Health Service) hospital will have services including minor injuries unit. short term care and palliative care as well as services for adults and the elderly with mental illness and an ambulance station. UK Project timing: 2006-2008 WWW. community nursing services.Major Projects with plastic formwork SPALDING. physiotherapy.

new Johnson Community Hospital Geotub Panel column formwork different sizes sourced for the structural columns.GEOPLAST. WWW.IT .Major Projects with plastic formwork SPALDING. UK .

IT . The upgrade project also includes widening the surrounding motorway to three or four lanes each direction from the M1 to Sandyford with the extra driving lanes replacing the existing wide grass-covered median. Geotub 60 column formwork was chosen as it avoided the use of cranes. Plans are in progress under the National Development Plan to upgrade several of the roundabout junctions. it is important that the level of disruption is kept minimal. which would have forced the temporary closure of traffic lanes during installation and / or operation.GEOPLAST. This is a major project that is bringing a certain degree of disruption to the trafic flow on the M50: as the road is extremely important for the daily commuting of the Irish capital. to free-flowing grade-separated interchanges. though auxiliary/weaving lanes are provided at several junctions. Red Cow Roundabout The M50 motorway consists of two-lane dual carriageway. WWW.Major Projects with plastic formwork Dublin. including the Red Cow. Ireland – M50 motorway extension. The new bridges are each carried by 12 round columns of dia 600 mm.

Red Cow Roundabout No crane.GEOPLAST. Ireland – M50 motorway extension. WWW. no disruption to the busiest highway of the nation.Major Projects with plastic formwork Dublin.IT .

2006) includes proposals to upgrade the N7 between Portlaoise and Limerick. the reduced amount of personell required to form and strip. traversing the Great Heath of Maryborough. and there are currently 45 new bridges planned.IT .Major Projects with plastic formwork Portloise. and Geotub 90 was chosen for its great simplicity of use. and the N8 between Portlaoise and Cork to high quality dual carriageway / motorway standard.GEOPLAST. The total length of the motorway extension is in excess of 120 km. and the elimination of the use of cranes and heavy equipment in remote countryside locations with soft soil conditions. WWW. The next sections of the existing N7 route due to be bypassed and replaced by motorway is a section of route south of Portlaoise (a joint route project with the M8 diverging half-way along is planned). Ireland – M7 motorway extension The Irish National Development Plan (2000 . Among the bridge designs is one that uses dia 900 mm support pillars.

is the largest civil engineering contractor in Ireland.. Ascon Ltd.GEOPLAST. WWW.Major Projects with plastic formwork Portloise. Ireland – M7 motorway extension Contractor: Ascon Established in 1958.IT .

columns: Geotub Panel .slabs: Geosky WWW.GEOPLAST.basement walls: Geopanel . Russia (2007) This building was planned for commercial and residential use. Russia – commmercial / residential development Urban building in Belgorod.elevetor shafts: Geopanel .Major Projects with plastic formwork Belgorod. Exclusively Geoplast formwork was used: . and 8 floors height.IT . All the structural work is in reinforced concrete. It has a footprint of over 2000 m2.

Russia – commmercial / residential development Belgorod. WWW. Russia Large urban building All structures built with the Geoplast formwork system.GEOPLAST.IT .Major Projects with plastic formwork Belgorod.

GEOPLAST.IT .Major Projects with plastic formwork Varonesh. Total footprint: 960 m2 WWW. The columns were easily integrated in the wall structure. Russia – residential & commercial building Residential and commercial building in Varonesh. slab and column formwork was used to create the reinforced concrete grid structure of the building. Russia (2007) Wall.

Petersburg.Major Projects with plastic formwork St. Russia (2008.IT . All structures were poured in situ using Geoplast formwork.columns: Geotub Panel .slabs: Geosky WWW. Geoplast formwork used: . Petersburg.elevetor shafts: Geopanel . in construction) A twin 6-floor residential building was planned for commercial and residential use. Russia – residential highriser Residential highriser in St.GEOPLAST.Structural walls: Geopanel .

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