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Anthea Moys vs the City of Grahamstown and Geneva (2013-14)

Anthea Julian Dineo Moys Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
ID no 8010230225089 Citizenship: South African
Date of Birth: 23 October 1980 +27 84 822 6577

Anthea is an artist, a teacher, a play facilitator, a public speaker, a life long learner and a bad singer who
has started an experimental choir. Anthea wears many hats, but she is an expert in creativity and
playfulness. Her main passion lies in designing informal social learning experiences, environments and
adventures, where people can connect, create and play. In 2008 she completed her Masters at Wits with a
focus on play and performance in public space. In 2013 she won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award
for Performance Art (inaugural) where she created her “Vs.” series, which embraced failure and
reimagined winning as the act of learning itself. She has travelled widely as an artist and play facilitator. In
May 2015 she participated in the Johannesburg Pavilion residency at the 56th Venice Biennale. In April
2017 Anthea was the keynote speaker for CounterPlay festival in Denmark and more recently Anthea was
a resident artist and researcher at The Capital of Children as part of the LEGO Foundation in Billund.


Artist, facilitator, experience designer, teacher, public speaker, play scholar, researcher and winner of the
94.7 Cycle Challenge:

94.7 Cycle Challenge (2006): Changing the rules of the game.


Wits School of Arts: Bachelor of Fine Arts, graduated in 2004 with Honors.
Wits School of Arts: MAFA, completed (with distinction) March 2008. Dissertation topic: Enacting play:
Performance in the Public Domain. LINK to MA:
MAPS (Master of Arts in the Public Sphere) in Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais, Sierre,Switzerland, 2005.
Lefika Art Therapy Course, 2010.
ACT (Arts & Culture Trust) Master Class in Monitoring and Evaluation, 2011.
Teaching and Learning Course, Advetech, Vega, 2011.
6 week course in Mindfulness Based Living practice, 2015.
Path to the Podium: 3 day course in conducting, Wits Choir, July 2016.
Art Therapy and Social Activism short full time course, University of Johannesburg, July 2016.

In 2017 I was the keynote speaker at the CounterPlay festival in Aarhus, Denmark. For this presentation I
involved the audience in playing “The Portrait Exchange” whereby players sit face to face and draw one
another, but are not allowed to look down at the page whilst drawing. You cannot win this game but it does
inspire a sense of empathy in really seeing the other person and both drawing ‘bad’ drawings of each other.


Workshop Facilitation & Project Management

• Capital of Children, researcher and facilitator: how to communicate LEGO Foundations research
in an accessible way. October 2017 -
• The Coloured Cube, project manager and head of the ‘Activations’ section, December, 2016 –
August 2017.
• CounterPlay Festival: “The Best Workshop” Play facilitator, Denmark, April 2017.
• South African Mobility for the Blind Trust (SAMBT) practical phone photography workshop,
July, 2016.
• Johannesburg Development Agency & The Coloured Cube: “My Alex: youth perspectives
on space” workshop facilitator, May-June 2016
• Assemblage Mentored 20 young artists for their “Fresh Produce” mentoring program Turbine Art
Fair Feb, over 6 months, 2016.
• EcoMobility project management and designed a public game for people to access info about
eco-mobility, the Coloured Cube, October 2015.
• HIVOS Southern Africa Play, Risk and Creativity workshop in Lusaka, Zambia for the Zambia
Media and Creativity Fund, March 2013.
• A Maze, Goethe Institute and The Bag Factory: Flipside Game 8-day weekend designed
and facilitated workshops in collaboration with Berlin based site-specific games collective Invisible
Playground, 2012.
• Goethe Institut: <dis/play> Performance & Play workshops with children co-created a
performance together at Ansteys Building, 2012

• VANSA (Visual Arts Network South Africa) Goethe on Main Project Space workshop facilitator,
• Wits School of the Arts and Nirox Foundation: Developed “HIV/AIDS: in it together”
project. Project Director, workshop facilitator, and 10-day weekend workshops, 3 site-specific
performances that communicated meaningful messages about HIV/AIDS in a positive way.

Often in my work I use sport as a metaphor for our lives. In 2009 I worked with the junior Pirates Rugby team
in Johannesburg, South Africa, where for one morning they agreed to change the rules of the game: I was the
ball! In this way I challenge audiences and participants to adopt a more playful approach in inspiring a sense
of agency to empower ourselves to think differently about the status quo. This is the power of the arts and of
play – intrinsically human activities where we can potentially stretch the rules so as to invite alternative ways of
living, working and playing.

Teaching & Mentoring:

Anthea has over ten years experience in teaching and has taught at both schools and universities.
Throughout her teaching career she has sought to challenge students to think critically and creatively
about their environment through playful methodologies. She has developed a unique teaching skill set that
truly enhances critical and creative thinking through play. She has also started her own night classes “Play
by Night” that focus on the playful process of making as opposed to making something perfect.

• Vega School of Brand Leadership Creative Development lecturer, Feb - July, 2016.
• Fresh Produce – an exhibition of emerging artists brought to you by Rand Merchant Bank:
Mentored approx. 20 emerging artists over 6 months, May – June, 2016.
• De La Salle Holy Cross College High School Visual Arts and Culture teacher (G8-12) March –
June, 2015.
• Vega School of Brand Leadership Creative Development lecturer, full time between 2011 –
2013 Including Honours Supervision.
• Lectured periodically at University of the Witwatersrand from 2006 – 2014. Courses included: 1st
years: Drawing and Performance, for Ithuba Residency project: Backspace (retrace) (2014),
“Observation, Intervention and Participation: site-specific performance” (self designed course, 2010),
“Reading the Contemporary” and “Land Art: Contexts and Display” (2009), FVPA course on Play
(2011), Modernism Beyond the West’ (2008).
• Has also lectured courses at University of Johannesburg (2007) and Rhodes University (2008)
• Vega Imagination Lab: Creative Process lecturer from 2008 - 2011.
• The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls: Creative Performance and Installation
block with artist Bronwyn Lace: April - October 2010.


• Selected artist for 10-day games workshop with Carsten Holler, Fondacion Botin, Italy 2017.
• Winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art (inaugural) for 2013.
• Lecturer award for D&AD (Design and Art Direction) Student Award for mentoring winning
student, 2012.
• Selected as one of Mail & Guardians Top 200 South Africans, 2011.
• Special invite and attended Michelle Obama’s Forum on Women and Leadership, 2011.
• Braitt - Everard Read Award 2009.
• Merit Award 2005 from Wits University.


• ‘Kloge Fredage’ artist talk and playing, November, Capital of Children, Billund, DK, 2017.
• ‘State of Influence’ media conference, June, Johannesburg, S.A, 2017
• ‘Basha Uhuru’ Youth Festival, June, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, S.A 2017
• ‘Experimenting Experiencing the City’ conference, “Performing Publics” presentation and
‘Experiential Sunset Run’, Museum Afrika JHB, South Africa 2017
• Energy 21 Conference, Facilitator and ‘Activator’ for Meropa, December, 2016.
• Creative Mornings, theme: Fantasy, November, Market Theatre, JHB, SA 2016
• Creative Womxn, Between 10 & 5, August, JHB, SA 2016
• Creative Intersections Conference: University of Johannesburg & Arts & Culture Trust Play
Maker Play!shop March, 2016.
• Serious Fun Symposium, Cape Town, University of Cape Town, November 2014
• Play Publik festival, Berlin, hosted by Invisible Playground, talk about play in South Africa, Berlin,
DE 2012
• World Summit on Arts and Culture, commissioned performance, JHB, SA 2009


• Astrid Noack’s Atelier 2-week residency, Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug-Sep 2017.
• CC Joburg Glasgow billboard commission and residency at Ithuba Art Gallery, July August
• The Johannesburg Pavilion participating artist, the 56 th Venice Biennale, May 2015.
• Afro Vibes Festival: Resident artist in Birmingham for 3 weeks for the development of “The Tin
Can Choir” in collaboration with Friction Arts, 2014.
• Standard Bank Young Artist Award: resident artist in Grahamstown for the development of
"Anthea Moys vs The City of Grahamstown" April - July 2013. Resident artist in Geneva for the
development of "Anthea Moys contre les Communes Geneve", for Antigel Festival, December
2013 - February 2014.
• Monash University South African Artist in Residence Program, Melbourne Australia Feb –
April 2010
• Infecting The City: Spier Performing Arts festival: Human Right/Human Rite: November 2009 and
Jan and Feb 2010 and “Treasure”: Caoe Town Feb 2011.
• 1 Mile Squared: Johannesburg Art Gallery, Visiting Arts and British Council initiative, JHB 2009.
• Kin:Be:Jozi: part of the Joubert Park Project - exchange project between artists from Bern, Kinshasa
and Johannesburg. Duration: 6 months. Base: August House, 2007.


Each of the below projects have involved a facilitated workshop before the actual event takes place. Each
workshop requires participants and audiences to innovatively adapt to new circumstances, such as…

creating tin can telephones in unexpected places or conducting dancers as opposed to musicians…

or playing with the rules of what a choir is supposed to be… or attempting to auction off live art…or
creating different ways of communicating meaningful messages.


• She Runs The Night for Womens Month, Con Hill, 2017.
• Bright Night Runners for Basha Uhuru Festival, Con Hill, 2017.
• Breathless Tour with Theresa Phuti Windybrow Centre for the Arts, June, 2017.
• ReChoir! with Roberto Pombo for GIPCA Live Art festival Feb, 2017.
• The Social Muscle Club with Alma Martha, co-produced, November 2016.
• Gqom Together collaboration with Original Swimming Party, Lindiwe Matshikiza,
Leboghang Rasathaba and Lasta Mkhize for Fakugesi Afro Tech Riot festival, 2016.
• The Artist is Arm Wrestling conceptualization and performance for the FNB Jo’burg Art
Fair 2014.
• Trade Re-Routed: conceptualized and performed in collaboration with Donna Kukama.
Produced in partnership with the Joburg Fringe and the Goethe-Institut. Jo’burg Art Fair
and Fringe Interventions. Curated by Nontobeko Ntombela, 2012.
• Quiet Emergency (2010) and The Number One Unexpected Undercover Cleaning Agency
(2011). Two site specific performances for Infecting the City, Cape Town, 2010 and 2011.
• Infecting the City (Cape Town): commissioned collaborative piece, 2010.
• Halakasha! performance with the Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates fans. Commissioning
body: Standard Bank Gallery, 2010.
• Business Day Jaguar Art Tour, performance for Business Day employees whilst they
were on the Art Bus Tour. Commissioning body: Trinity Session and Business Day, 2009.
• The Fast Art Girls and The Water Ballet Divas, with Toni Morkel, commissioning
body: AAW! And FNB Jo’burg Art Fair, 2009.
• Nessun Dorma performed in Joubert Park at Johannesburg Art Gallery for the exhibition:
“The Worlds Most Dangerous Ideas”. Also performed and exhibited at Dray Walk Gallery
(London) with Carla Busuttil, commissioning bodies: J.A.G and Deutsche Bank. 2008.

• Jozi’s Golden Girls, The Fast Art Girls and Freeze! Women in Arts Festival, with
Toni Morkel, commissioning body: AAW! 2008.
• GIBS Business School 3 performances for business students, commissioning body: AAW!
Gautrain Ophelia and Urban Concerns BildMuseet (Umea, Sweden): “live performance
and exhibition, 2008.

Please see here: for more info.


Ismail Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer, Market Theatre Foundation +  27  83  235  8440

Michelle Constant: Chief Executive Officer of BASA (Business and Arts South Africa) +27 11 447 2295

Mariapaola McGurk: Director of The Coloured Cube 082 6497380

David Andrew: Head of Art Education, Wits University 082 451 3987

Jay Pather: Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town, Director of the Gordon Institute for
Performing and Creative Arts: 0832902910