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New Era University

No. 9 Central Avenue New Era Quezon City 1107, Philippines

Tel. No.: (632) 981-4221 | Fax: (632) 981-4240
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is entered into this 6th day of December 2017
by and between


Institution registered under Philippine Laws AUTHRORITY, a duly licensed organization
with principal address at 9 Central Avenue with principal office at LLDA Bldg., National
New Era, Quezon City represented in this Ecology Center, East Ave, Diliman, Quezon
agreement by Prof. Maribel B. Cruz, MSc. City represented in this agreement by Jaime C.
(Practicum and Program Coordinator) and Medina (General Manager, Laguna Lake
hereinafter referred to as the “FIRST Development Authority) and hereinafter known


WHEREAS, FIRST PARTY is an institution of learning:

FIRST PARTY offers Bachelor of Science in Biology course and it is a curriculum
requirement that the students enrolled in the above-mentioned program undergo
practicum/on-the-job training for a minimum of 200 hours:

WHEREAS, SECOND PARTY is a duly licensed organization which is engaged in providing a

venue for basic and applied, fundamental and advanced research studies in Biology,
Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories.
SECOND PARTY, is also, ready and willing to accommodate the students of FIRST
PARTY for the completion of their practicum / on-the-job training requirement.

NOW, THEREFORE, in connection with the above premises and their mutual covenants hereinafter
set forth, the parties have agreed as follows:

Article I. Obligations of FIRST PARTY

1. FIRST PARTY shall assign for on the job training in SECOND PARTY’s laboratory at
LLDA Bldg., National Ecology Center, East Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
( 2 ) of its senior students enrolled in the B.S. Biology program;

2. FIRST PARTY shall likewise submit to SECOND PARTY a training schedule of the
assigned students, indicating therein their individual training hours;

3. FIRST PARTY shall conduct the necessary orientation for the students on the
fundamentals of the training, their actual work participation in the office and
all matters related to work conduct and ethics.
Article II. Obligations of SECOND PARTY

1. SECOND PARTY shall provide the students of FIRST PARTY with practical training, on
the job, if possible, supplement the same with related theoretical instructions;

2. SECOND PARTY shall provide the students of FIRST PARTY ample protection from any
form of harassment, discrimination, exploitation or unjust labor practice
while in its premises;

3. SECOND PARTY shall immediately report to FIRST PARTY any complaint or problem
regarding the student’s performance, attitude or behavior;

4. SECOND PARTY shall issue the necessary certification after the students shall have
completed the required number of training hours and fill out the necessary
evaluation form on the student’s performance, both in the practical and
theoretical aspects of the training.

Article III. Common Provisions

1. Students of FIRST PARTY shall not receive or be entitled to any compensation other than
those voluntarily given by the SECOND PARTY during the training

2. Students of FIRST PARTY shall not be considered as employees of SECOND PARTY

within the contemplation of law and therefore not entitled to the labor
standard benefits being given to employees of SECOND PARTY;

3. SECOND PARTY shall allow any authorized representative of the FIRST PARTY to visit
the students in the actual place of work.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Memorandum of Agreement on January
15, 2017 at Quezon City.



by by

Prof. Maribel B. Cruz Jaime C. Medina

Practicum Coordinator/ General Manager, Laguna Lake
Biology Program Coordinator Development Authority

Dr. Orlando M. Cabigting, Jr.

CAS Dean