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Name(s): Onur Çağatay Güngör

Unit Title
Grade Level
2nd Grade
2 Lesson hours.
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
2nd grade students will be able to identify the common animals that we see in our daily life, in English.

Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Videos, Audio, Presentation, Pictures, Worksheet, Coursebook,Smartboard or Projector

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]

 Presentation
 Games
 Grammar Translation Method (Partly)
 Direct Method (Partly)
 Content Based Learning (Partly)
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner
Presentation with pictures.
Repetition of vocabulary.
Identifying animals through pictures or sounds.
Basic coursebook exercises.(Matching, Blank Filling etc.)
Using new vocabulary in basic sentences.
Drawing their favorite cartoon animal.

Individual Learning Activities -

Group Learning Activities -

Learning names of some:
-House animals
-Farm animals
-Wild animals
Practicing memorization of these animals with visuals

Measurement & Evaluation

Results of the Activities.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Students are expected to use the new vocabulary more
Individual Performance accurately as the lesson goes.
Measurement & Assessment Activities for Group work is not necessary for learning new vocabulary.
Group Performance
Homework (optional) No Homework.

If students are able to identify the animals in English accurately at the end of the lesson, it is not that important
how they performed in activities.
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
This week is mostly about new vocabulary so the use of visuals is very heavy.With these visuals students will be
able to match the vocabulary with something tangible in their mind. The presence of teacher at the start of the
lesson will be a lot, but as the lesson goes students participation will increase and teachers will decrease.Teacher
will present the new vocabulary with visuals and some audio.Vocabulary will be repeated and students will be
asked to identify the visuals again with minimal help this time.After this part students will use the new vocabulary
in various activities..If something happens to the digital visuals, physical ones will be used such as photos.