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O-Zone Networks

Summer Internship Project

Annexure I: Company Profile

Jitesh Kejriwal, FORE School of Management

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Ad-hoc connection. Dharmendra Amin Mr. It is focusing on opportunities in cities. Device Integration. Ltd. Jitesh Kejriwal. O-Zone‟s Wi-Fi services enable stable and reliable internet access at coffee shops. All needed is a Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptop. and colleges. Client disassociation. is India‟s Premier wireless mobility solutions company. MAC Spoofing and Session Hijacking. O-Zone has pioneered the concept of Converged and shared Neutral Communication Platform. FORE School of Management Page II .O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project O-Zone Networks Pvt. media / advertising & facility management. real estate. restaurants. hotels. Time consuming false positive alerts. There is no need of the wired connection to access the internet. The high speed connection provides a platform for uploading. shopping malls. resident. Its aim is to provide wireless internet and mobility solutions to masses across India. downloading video and music streaming. It provides following technologies on a converged platform:   Wire-less technologies Value Added services Mr. for modern Indian users. Heavy dependence on one backhaul unauthorized client connection. an amalgamation of state of the art communication and network system. It provides a fully integrated and seamless mobile broadband experience across all the networks. the airport. coffee shop. Universities. Availability and Connectivity. Sanjeev Bobby Sarin Our Leadership CEO: CFO: It provides solutions that address the common problems faced by Wi-Fi usage like Low and inconsistent Bandwidth. to offer a common shared & synergized infrastructure for telecom. PRODUCT USP Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity gives the freedom to connect to internet from anywhere anytime. gaming consoles and Wi-Fi connection. shopping centre and hotels. O-Zone is a Neutral Access Provider (NAP). Security. smart phones or PDA‟s.

5. devices and groups. This provides a platform for delivering new functionality to the enterprise. 3. Global Access: O-Zone has exclusive tie ups with leading global giants such as iPass. It also supports all major authorization and encryption standards. FORE School of Management Page III . Layer 2 Isolation feature prevents users from being able to see other users on the network at the same time. such as Network Access Protection and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) that is fully validated in a large network environment. The O-zone intelligent bandwidth management capabilities stem from its unique ability to measure network traffic by application. and actively monitor for 100-percent compliance. and data forwarding and thus offers distributed network intelligence to the wireless edge. Rock Solid Wireless Security: O-Zone uses certified WBA enterprise equipment to provide a 5 layer security with AAA capabilities for a secured and tightly integrated mobility solution. Deutsche Telecom and British Telecom for providing them services across our network and help them roam across seamlessly in India. RF Manager delivers comprehensive. activity and subscriber. 2. This security network has the ability to develop and enforce custom security policies for different individuals. Bandwidth Management: It can proactively manage bandwidth demand and prioritize it according to how and when it‟s used. Boingo.O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Main Features: 1. 4. Triplane Architecture: O-Zone‟s wireless network supports the Triplane architecture to allocate separate resources to management. control. Giving users seamless connectivity/ Mobility/ Increase productivity: The wireless nature of the standalone networks allows users to access core network resources from nearly any convenient location within their primary networking Jitesh Kejriwal. preventing unauthorized sharing of private data. award-winning wireless intrusion detection and automatic threat prevention that defends network integrity against wireless vulnerabilities. and it can fully optimize network performance in off-peak and peak periods.

Hotels 4. Corporate IT needs to offer mobile capabilities for the extended workforce but not at the expense of network security. Educational Institutes 5.O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project environment and thus in turn increasing convenience. Auto detect auto login feature: With a single account user would never have to worry about going through the logging process every time he wants to access internet. O-Zone Guest®  O-Zone Guest is a managed service that enables guest access and employee mobility solutions in the enterprise. It provides seamless mobility services across all access points in the network covering all indoor and outdoor areas equally. or no access at all to Wi-Fi because of security or authentication issues. SECTORS O-Zone provides Wi-Fi services in following five sectors. the sheer scale of visitors and multiplicity of devices means intensive onsite security management. Enterprise 2. Redundancy: To provide seamless connectivity throughout and it offers a backup line for the leased line so that in case the primary line crashes users are still able to access internet without any problem. System will automatically detect him whenever he is in any O-Zone hotspot. 6. Visiting employees from other sites have limited access. Jitesh Kejriwal. ENTERPRISE With an increasing proportion of business activity performed by third parties working on enterprise sites trust and identification has become a paramount concern. 1. Hospitals 3. 7. O-Zone Guest® is the solution it provides to address these kinds of problems faced by the enterprises. FORE School of Management Page IV . Retail 1.

improve patient safety and reduce costs – all without compromising security or reliability. keeping it up to date and then authenticating.  It eliminates the burden of selecting and implementing the Wi-Fi guest access system. without incurring liability for regulatory compliance. FORE School of Management . O-Zone‟s wireless network helps hospitals to tackle the most pressing demands -. this is done without compromising the security of the corporate network. Ltd.  O-Zone Guest‟s availability is actively managed by O-Zone Networks Pvt.  There is no requirement of deploying separate WLAN running alongside existing corporate WLAN infrastructure for Wi-Fi guest access Resulting in a significant cost saving. HOSPITALS Few industries face the critical. O-Zone provides intelligent wireless LANs (WLANs) with cutting-edge system for.  This enables the mobility solutions for a range of visitor types using the host company‟s infrastructure. 24x7. including first and second line user support.increase staff productivity. and without committing the host to a world of technical support pain and effort. unrelenting cost pressures and increasing expectations from well-informed patients are just a few of the issues that concern today‟s healthcare organizations. Features:   Inventory management through RFID tagging Mobility for doctors Page V Jitesh Kejriwal.O-Zone Networks  Summer Internship Project O-Zone Guest provides an „authentication hub‟ that allows an organization to provide secure internet and network access for visiting staff. The managed service is governed by stringent enterprise class SLAs. life-and-death responsibilities and decisions as those shouldered each day by healthcare organizations. connecting and supporting external users locally on an ongoing basis. 2. keeping in mind the unique set of challenges faced healthcare organizations. Stringent policies. partners or guests access over its wireless corporate network.

To address such a diverse set of business demands.. HOTELS In the highly competitive hospitality sector. Internet Kiosks Wi-Fi Cameras/ CCTV/IP TV Integration on Hotel PMS Redundancy Cyber butlers 24*7 support Jitesh Kejriwal. maintenance. housekeeping. review local entertainment opportunities and pay bills online.e. engineering. O-Zone multiservice wireless brings the following value-added services to distinct user groups: Features   Wi-Fi devices allow guests to buy tickets.) to deliver better customer service and achieve higher rates of efficiency and productivity. Wi-Fi handheld devices enable employees (waiters and kitchen staff.O-Zone Networks      Doctor availability tracking Waiting room services Online medical/ health literature & journals Video conferencing/ net meeting/live video streaming Patient registration Summer Internship Project 3.   Wireless-enabled kiosks help expedite check-in and check-out and improve overall customer satisfaction. meals and services using room/ credit cards. stimulate repeat business. hoteliers and property owners are seeking new ways to differentiate themselves. etc. PDAs allow staff members to monitor guest rooms and conference areas “on the go” in order to ensure well-timed delivery of services (i. boost staff efficiency and reduce operational costs. improve guest satisfaction. FORE School of Management Page VI . conference halls. trade shows and other customer venues       VOIP Handsets. replenishing refreshments) in hotels.

faculty and staff via laptops. the teacher and the students can interact without physically meeting and thus creating a virtual classroom. to classrooms. Features    Secured systems ensure the privacy of data so that student and faculty data remains private and only authorized users are allowed on the network. The wireless coverage helps them to go beyond high-traffic locations. Text book content and grade information faculty and students Virtual private networks (VPN) Through the Video conferencing solution. Wi-Fi cameras and Wi-Fi Enabled RFID devices Jitesh Kejriwal. WLANs solutions for educational institutions help them in reducing costs. thus ensuring seamless connectivity and Mobility throughout the campus leading to increase in productivity. laboratories.O-Zone Networks 4. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES Summer Internship Project Internet access has become one of the most essential services in the education sector and mobility has become the need of the hour. FORE School of Management Page VII . administrative and faculty buildings. O-Zone provides a holistic solution for the same. complexity. dormitories. including online syllabus. The technology and the equipments are easily applied to extend broadband access to remote locations and thus create a streamlined and efficient network. handhelds and other devices. Enhanced learning initiatives supporting mobile in-classroom applications on laptops or handhelds by supporting video streaming and enabling online collaboration from remote locations     Seamless access to course management systems. with increased services & integration into existing infrastructure. High level security systems provide automatic and reliable detection and prevention of rogue access points and users on the network. O-Zone enables hassle-free wireless access to students.

Nokia Stores d. RETAIL Coffee shops and food joints and shopping malls Summer Internship Project Internet has become an integral part of the lifestyle today and providing Wi-Fi gives their customers an extra reason to patronize their business and to stay and spend more. FORE School of Management Page VIII . Ananada. DLF c. Technology partners 3. Café Coffee Day b. Roaming Partners 1. CUSTOMERS a. Radisson e. management and billing Wi-Fi Kit can be preconfigured with the custom home page and to make customers aware of special menu items and entertainment schedules Special offers can also be communicated to customers in various locations through your preconfigured custom home page RFID tracker for inventory management EPOS systems PARTNERS 1. technical support. Ansal Mall New Delhi Jitesh Kejriwal. Customers 2. Features      O-Zone offers a completely managed solution and includes equipment.O-Zone Networks 5. Rishikesh f. The OZone Wi-Fi services help users stay in touch on a regular basis and therefore providing seamless connectivity and mobility to them will help these places differentiate from their competitors and at the same time helps them to win the customer loyalty. Hard Rock Café g.

Trident. Contact Details: O-Zone Networks Pvt. Choice Hotel. Mumbai n. Delhi l. Fortis Seven Hotels.O-Zone Networks h. FORE School of Management Page IX . Hyderabad i. Bekal 2. j. Imperial. ROAMING PARTNERS O-Zone has collaborated with major international roaming providers to give seamless instant connectivity for the international travelers. Gurgaon m. Lalit Resort. Orchid‟s. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS O-Zone has tied up with the following for technology 3. Ltd C-2/6 Safdarjung Development Area New Delhi-110016 Phone: +91 11 4612 7777 Jitesh Kejriwal. Bangalore Summer Internship Project k.

O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project O-Zone Ecosystem Wi-Fi enabled RFID’s Video Conferencing Campus Solution System E-Learning Content Filtering Security Bandwidth Management Authentication Mac Spoofing Jitesh Kejriwal. FORE School of Management Page X .

FORE School of Management Page XI .O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Annexure II: Online Questionnaire Jitesh Kejriwal.

Do you buy international calling cards? Yes No 7.O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Questionnaire for Collecting the Consumer Profile in India 1. FORE School of Management Page XII . Do you have an international calling plan on your landline/ Cellular operator? Yes No 6. Occupation o Student o Business o Service/Professionals o Others (Please Specify) 3. Age group o 18-25 o 25-35 o 35-50 o 50+ 2. What type of phone do you use? Fixed Landline Mobile phone Smart Phone 4. Please Specify the name of calling card ……………………… Jitesh Kejriwal. Do you make ISD calls? Yes No 5. If Yes.

Do you find making ISD calls through your cellular operator costly? Yes No 13. Which Regions you regularly call to? o USA& Canada o UK & Rest of Europe o UAE & Gulf Countries o Malaysia & Singapore o Others 12.O-Zone Networks 8. How frequently do you make ISD Calls o Daily o Weekly o Fortnightly o Monthly Summer Internship Project 9.400 o Greater than Rs 400 11. 200 . How much money do you spend on making ISD calls in a month? o Less than Rs. FORE School of Management Page XIII .200 o Rs. 100 o Rs. 100 . Do you use internet? Yes No Jitesh Kejriwal. how many hrs of calling you do in a month? o Less than 1/2 hr o 1/2 – 1 hr o 1-2 hr o Greater than 2 hr 10. If yes.

FORE School of Management Page XIV . Restaurants. Skype. Are you aware of Voice over Internet Services like Gtalk. Are you aware of the paid Voice over Internet Services where voice calls can be made to any phone number in the world? Yes No 18. Calls to USA using Airtel connection is @ Rs4/min.O-Zone Networks 14. would you like to switch to VoIP Services which are less costly? (E. Where do you access internet? o Home o Office o Cyber café‟s Summer Internship Project o Public places (Coffee shops. Fring etc. then using VoIP it is @ Rs 1/ min) Yes No Jitesh Kejriwal. If Yes.g.) 15. Which of the following Voice over Internet Services you have used? o GTalk o Skype o Yahoo Messenger o Fring o Others (Please Specify) 17. If yes. Shopping Malls etc.? Yes No 16.

FORE School of Management Page XV .O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Annexure III: Price Analysis Sheet Jitesh Kejriwal.

O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Annexure IV: Call Rate Generator Jitesh Kejriwal. FORE School of Management Page XVI .

FORE School of Management Page XVII .O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Annexure V: Revenue Model Jitesh Kejriwal.

FORE School of Management Page XVIII .O-Zone Networks Summer Internship Project Annexure VI: VYKE & FLY Mobile (Russian Alliance) Jitesh Kejriwal.