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Happy Easter Pope Francis preaches message of hope under tight security during Easter vigil.

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Sports Warriors
set to open playoffs
while Sharks come
back to home ice
against Oilers. C1


A new California


5 dry
Konrad Reuland died of a brain aneurysm Dec. 12 and
his organs were donated, per his wishes. Rod Carew,
a former 18-time MLB All-Star, received his heart.
Reuland: The former 6-foot-6, 270-pound
Stanford tight end played 30 career games
Even wettest winter on record
in the NFL, including a stint on the 49ers in 2011. won’t wash away conservation
Carew: The 1977 American League MVP has 3,053
hits in the majors for the Twins and Angels.
Heart of former Big water
agencies in
California’s historic five-
NFL player beats year drought is officially over, Los Angeles,
Oakland, San
on inside baseball washed away with the relent-
lessly drenching rains, floods Jose and
Hall of Famer and snowstorms of this winter.
But just as tougher building
other areas
are using
codes and better emergency less water
By Daniel Brown planning follow major earth- now than quakes, the brutally dry years they were in
from 2012 to 2016 are already 1990, despite
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO leaving a legacy, experts say, population
— Konrad Reuland spent the changing the way Californians growth.
last day of his life in a coma as use water for generations to Almost
his mother, resigned to her son’s come. nobody
fate, curled up close, rested her “There’s no question that expects
head on his broad chest and we’ll be better prepared for the water use
listened to his heartbeat for as next drought because of the les- to return to
long as she could. pre-drought
Reuland’s heart, strength- See Drought on Page 12 levels.
ened by his days as a football
player at Stanford and in the STATEWIDE URBAN WATER USE
NFL, sounded as mighty as Californians cut water use 22.5 percent during the drought
ever. And Mary lay there from compared to 2013 levels, and are continuing to conserve.
sunrise to sundown savoring 2014 2015 2016 2017
the pulsing rhythm. Occasion- 250 billion gallons
ally, someone would gently lin
200 *
nudge her and tell her it was ase
time to go. 150 13
“No,” Mary told them. “This
is the thing I have to do today.” 100
Reuland died of a brain an- February 2017:
eurysm Dec. 12 and his organs 25.1% savings
were donated, as per his wishes. 0
The family knew only that Kon- Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
rad’s kidney went to a Southern *State first begins closely tracking monthly use.
California woman in her 60s, Source: California Water Boards BAY AREA NEWS GROUP
his liver went to a male in his
50s and, most notably, his heart
and other kidney went to a 71-
year-old man in south Orange
County. Emission-cheating scandal
By the time of the funeral,
friends who had read about Rod
Carew’s recent heart trans-
plant in Los Angeles were put-
VW deal a big
ting two and two together. They
pulled Mary aside and asked if
it was possible: Do you think KARL MONDON/STAFF
win for state, but
See Heart on Page 8
Rod Carew, with his wife Rhonda by his side, holds a portrait of heart donor Konrad
Reuland. Carew received Reuland's heart and one of his kidneys in a transplant last year. how to spend it?
By Louis Hansen SPARK THE
Alum Rock Union School District The
A proposed $800 million settlement

Students endure dilapidated facilities state settlement with Volkswa-

gen over its emission-cheating
scandal could shape the high-
is expected
to boost
the electric
way landscape for electric ve- vehicle
School teacher Randy Bar- conditioning in classrooms. The UNDER hicle drivers and boost sales of market, a
Repairs and maintenance ber has complained about a school is slated to get a new STAFFED green cars in California for the key to the
on campuses often get put regularly flooding urinal in the ventilation system this summer 11 full-time next decade. state’s push
teachers restroom. Despite — but that work also was prom- employees, But as regulators consider to achieve
off for months, even years multiple work orders, appeals ised for last summer and never including a the German automaker’s plan, ambitious
and Band-Aid solutions, the old happened. director and companies and environmental- climate
fixture still regularly overflows. In the Alum Rock district, supervisor, ists are fighting over where the change goals
By Sharon Noguchi Meanwhile, parents in Alum which serves some of Santa care for 24 massive investment should be and reduce Rock Union School District’s Clara County’s neediest stu- schools that spent and how it can best al- greenhouse
Dorsa Elementary have grum- dents, repairs of vital facilities serve 11,000 leviate air pollution. A decision gas emissions
SAN JOSE — For more bled for at least three years students by 2050.
than two years, Fischer Middle about the lack of heat and air- See District on Page 10 See Electric on Page 11


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People By Associated Press Mr. Roadshow Lottery

Why is wait for Big Sur

Jay Pharoah had Daily 3 Afternoon: 1, 0, 1
rocky relationship Daily 3 Evening: 1, 6, 2

with ‘SNL’
Jay Pharoah said
replacement bridge so long? Daily 4: 7, 9, 9, 5
Fantasy 5: 11, 15, 20, 31, 32

he had a rocky time on DAILY DERBY

“Saturday Night Live”
because he refused to
keep quiet and follow
Q As a child
growing up dur-
ing World War II, I
Devils Slide, High-
way 1 was some-
times closed for six
material called Aqua Patch
that is supposed to work
in wet conditions. So far,
1st: 1, Gold Rush
2nd: 9, Winning Spirit
3rd: 7, Eureka
orders. was impressed with months. crews in the field say they
Pharoah, who was the Army Corps of like it. Race Time: 1:49.17
dropped from “SNL” last
year after six seasons,
said he resisted playing
Engineers’ ability to
quickly provide and GARY RICHARDS
relocate runways
Q What a year,
eh? I feel so
sorry for the Big Q Speaking of bad
roads, do they plan on
Friday, April 14
a black woman on the for planes, and Sur people. To think fixing southbound Santa 5, 10, 55, 60, 73 Mega: 12
show that lacked African- Comedian Jay Pharoah was bridges for tanks, trucks, we wanted to live down Teresa Boulevard near
American female per- dropped from “SNL” last artillery and other heavy there and were getting a Bernal Road in San Match Win Each
formers and complained year after six seasons. equipment. Can you shed Realtor to help us. What Jose? It seems the road 5+Mega 0 $30 million
when his impression of light on why, with modern were we thinking? has sunk. This is my route 5 0 $2,211,504
former President Barack Celebration is “part of technology and engineering Jane Parks-McKay to Calero Reservoir while 4+Mega 2 $6,877
Obama was shelved. the process that I need to experience, we are unable Santa Cruz pulling my jet skis. A few 4 38 $506
“They put people into move on.” to quickly provide a reus- months back my jet-ski 3+Mega 179 $53
boxes, and whatever
they want you to do, they
expect you to do,” he told
Hamill led an hourlong
tribute to Fisher on Fri-
day evening at the event
able and urgently needed
bridge in the Big Sur area?
Drew Allen
A That you were lucky. trailer actually jumped off
my trailer hitch due to this
stretch of road. Fortu-
2+Mega 4,155
1+Mega 35,804
2,433 $8
New York radio station
Hot97 this week.
in Orlando,
San Jose
Q With the big bout of
rains earlier this year,
nately, there wasn’t much
damage and nobody got
Mega 95,589
The unclaimed jackpot

The show’s disinterest

in his Obama impres-
sion came during his last
trying to
use you as
A The Pfeiffer Canyon we had a big bout of sudden
Bridge replacement will potholes, which Caltrans
not be a temporary one like dutifully filled with some
hurt. I can’t believe a road
this bad is allowed to
totaled $30 million.

18 months on the show, therapy to you might see in wartime kind of temporary material. Kelly Johnson
Pharoah said. In contrast, get through to cross the Rhine. This will But with the recent rains, it San Jose Saturday drawing:
5, 22, 26, 45, 61
guest star Alec Baldwin’s Hamill this be a modern, 40-foot-wide, seems like they filled them

Donald Trump imita- together,” two-lane bridge with shoul- with Silly Putty. Or, rather, Santa Teresa will get Powerball number: 13
tion became a staple this the actor said. He called ders — and a design life I wish they’d filled them some repairs this sum- Saturday’s estimated
season for “SNL,” which Fisher “my beloved space of 50-plus years. Also, the with Silly Putty, because mer between Cottle Road jackpot: $70 million
saw its ratings rise. twin” and said they were steel needs to be specially that would resist water and San Ignacio Avenue.
“I feel like they gave also great friends off- fabricated for this struc- better than what they used. Failed asphalt areas will SUPER LOTTO PLUS
up ... on the Obama screen. ture; it’s not an off-the-shelf How long are these tempo- be replaced, and the entire
Saturday drawing:
thing,” he told the station They even shared a product. rary repairs supposed to segment will be microsur- 3, 10, 16, 18, 19
this week. “I think it was steamy make-out session Plans call for Pfeiffer last? faced.
Mega number: 2
just like a ‘whatever’ at- once, he said. Canyon to be rebuilt by the David Bedno Enjoy those jet skis and
titude.” “As attracted as I end of September, roughly Redwood City a smoother drive. Saturday’s estimated
The comedian said his was to her, I thought I six months after the 320- jackpot: $29 million
fellow “SNL” performers
shared his frustration
over his position. “If you
couldn’t handle her as
a girlfriend. She’s too
much,” Hamill said. “Part
foot-long, single-span steel
bridge over a landslide
had to be torn down. Six
A They should last for
months. But during
really wet weather neither
Follow Gary Richards at,
look for him at Facebook.
have multiple people on of me did fall in love with months is a pretty fast pace cold mix nor hot mix sticks, com/mr.roadshow or contact Birthdays
the cast saying things her. I think every guy ... in this rugged and steep and crews often end up go- him at mrroadshow@
like, ‘You’re so talented she had you under her canyon, where it’s about ing back out once the rain bayareanewsgroup. Actor Peter Mark
and you’re able and they spell.” 150 feet to the bottom. stops and the pavement is com. Contact Gary Richman is 90. Singer
don’t use you and it’s Hamill told stories When slide problems dry. Richards at grichards@ Bobby Vinton is 82.
unfair and it’s making us of visiting with Fisher occurred up the coast at Caltrans is testing a new Midnight Oil singer-
feel bad. ...’ ” he said. and her mother, Debbie turned-politician Peter
“You go where you ap- Reynolds, in New York Garrett is 64. Actress
preciated,” Pharoah said. and attending incredible News of the weird Today in history Ellen Barkin is 63.
parties at their homes Actor Michael Gill is
1789: President-elect George 57. Singer David Pirner
in Los Angeles. He also Smartphones get a little closer Washington left Mount Vernon, of Soul Asylum is 53.
Hamill: Fisher Star introduced video clips of
Harvard Medical School and a “microfluidic” Virginia, for his inauguration in New Actor-comedian Martin
George Lucas and “The
Wars tribute ‘therapy’ Last Jedi” director Rian technicians announced chip. The insertable app York. Lawrence is 52. Actor
a smartphone app to magnifies and photographs 1972: Apollo 16 blasted off Jon Cryer is 52. Actor
Johnson in which they give fertility-conscious the “loaded” chip, instantly
Mark Hamill says share anecdotes about on a voyage to the moon with Peter Billingsley is 46.
men an accurate semen reporting the results. Actor Lukas Haas is 41.
he’s still grieving over working with Fisher. analysis, including sperm (No, semen touches your astronauts John W. Young, Charles
Carrie Fisher’s death, but “Wait until you see concentration, motility phone. The device still M. Duke Jr. and Ken Mattingly on Broadway actress Kelli
sharing memories of his her in ‘The Last Jedi,’ ” and count — costing less needs Food and Drug board. O’Hara is 41. Actress
late friend and co-star Hamill added. “You’re than $10. Included is a Administration approval.) Sadie Sink is 15.
with fans at Star Wars going to love her.” magnification attachment — Chuck Shepherd

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Pope vigil calm amid security fears

Francis urges faithful
to keep hope alive
“We can also see the
faces of those who are
greeted with contempt be-
despite injustice, more cause they are immigrants,
deprived of country, house
and family,” he said.
By Nicole Winfield Others are victims of
Associated Press paralyzed bureaucracies
and corruption “that strips
VATICAN CITY — Pope them of their rights and
Francis on Saturday de- shatters their dreams,”
nounced how migrants, the the pope said, echoing two
poor and marginalized see themes he has emphasized
their “human dignity cru- in his four-year papacy:
cified” every day through caring for migrants and de-
injustice and corruption, nouncing corruption.
and urged the faithful in “In their grief, these two
an Easter Vigil message to women reflect the faces of
keep hope alive for a better all those who, walking the
future. streets of our cities, behold
Francis presided over the human dignity crucified.”
solemn late-night ceremony But rather than remain
in St. Peter’s Basilica at a resigned to such a fate,
time of heightened security Francis urged the faithful to
fears following a spate of have hope, as symbolized by Diamond Solitaire Necklace
Islamic-inspired attacks Christ’s resurrection. with Maile Scroll detail
and tensions over Europe’s He called for Catholics
migrant influx. to “break down all the walls in 14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold
Security was particularly
that keep us locked in our from $699
tight, part of the heavier- sterile pessimism, in our
than-usual safety measures carefully constructed ivory 1/4 carat diamond shown.
Pope Francis, holding a single candle, proceeds down the
that have been deployed towers that isolate us from Other sizes available.
center aisle of a darkened St. Peter’s Basilica, symbolizing
around the world for Holy the darkness that fell after Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday. life, in our compulsive need
Week activities, particularly for security and in bound-
following the twin Palm fell after Jesus’ crucifix- recalled the biblical scene less ambition that can make
Sunday attacks on Cop- ion on Good Friday. When of two women approaching us compromise the dignity
tic churches in Egypt that Francis reached the altar, Jesus’ tomb and said their of others.”
killed at least 45 people. the basilica’s floodlights desolation over his death Saturday’s late-night ser-
Holding a single candle, turned on, symbolizing the can be seen every day in vice included the baptism of
Francis processed down the light of Christ’s resurrec- the faces of women whose 11 people, including two chil- Valley Fair (Next to California Pizza Kitchen), 408-985-4507
basilica’s center aisle, sym- tion. children have been victims dren and one woman from Stoneridge Mall (Upper level, Nordstrom wing), 925-416-0803
bolizing the darkness that In his homily, Francis of poverty, exploitation and China. PIER 39 (Fisherman’s Wharf), 415-433-1990

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The European Union after Brexit •25 recliners
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QUESTION ANSWER and we deliver in
Much of the international discussion about the ramifications A. Economically, the UK leaving is akin to losing the 20 small- 3 weeks to 3 months
of Brexit has focused on how leaving the European Union will est EU economies.
change Britain. However, there will also be significant changes
for the EU. We wonder: What will the net effect be for the EU
B. Its population will shrink by a number that is equal to more (SALE ENDS MAY 15) CLOSED SUNDAY Happy
than that of the 15 smallest members combined. You will also enjoy our exciting collection of
after the United Kingdom officially departs? C. The EU would lose one of its most market-oriented econo- furniture from Denmark and other Free-World countries
D. The EU will lose one of its biggest contributors to favorable
Danish Concepts
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A. B. C. D.

Economically, the UK
leaving is akin to losing the
Its population will shrink
by a number that is equal
The EU would lose one of
its most market-oriented
The EU will lose one of its
biggest contributors to DONATE
20 smallest EU economies. to more than that of the economies. ... is correct. favorable demographics. ...
... is correct. 15 smallest members is correct.
combined. ... is correct. In terms of the absence
By itself, the UK economy of state control, barriers The UK’s fertility rate (at
is somewhat larger than
France’s economy ($2.4
The UK is the second-
most populous EU
to entrepreneurship
and barriers to trade,
1.8 children per woman)
is one of the highest in
Help Disabled
trillion), which will become
the second-largest after
country currently, with a
population of about 65
the United Kingdom has
one of the most open
the EU. It ranks behind
only France (1.96), Ireland War Veterans
the UK’s exit from the EU. million (as of 2016). Only markets in the European (1.92) and Sweden (1.85).
Germany ($3.4 trillion) will Germany’s population Union. According to the The EU average is just
remain the largest economy of 81 million is larger. By Organisation for Economic 1.58. Germany (1.5), Italy
in the EU. The nominal gross comparison, the smallest Co-operation and (1.35) and Spain (1.33)
domestic product (GDP) 15 EU member countries Development (OECD), only are all well below the
of the European Union in — from Malta to Hungary the Netherlands is less EU average. Historically,
2015 was $16.3 trillion, — have a combined regulated. The departure immigrants tended to
according to the World population of 61 million. of the UK from EU have more children than
Bank. The United Kingdom With the United Kingdom decision-making will thus native-born residents, but
accounted for $2.9 trillion gone from the European provide a boost to its more this is no longer generally
— or 18 percent — of that Union, the remaining 27- heavily regulated major true (as in Germany), or
total. The UK’s GDP in 2015 country union will have a member economies, such the rates are at about
was about equal to the $2.9
trillion combined GDP of
population of about 441
million people. That is 13
as France. parity (as in Netherlands).
This shift is associated
the 20 smallest EU member
economies — from Malta to
percent smaller than its
population of about 505
with dropping birthrates
in many home countries
Belgium. The economy of million today. which people leave to We Accept Any Vehicle,
the EU without the UK totals move to the wealthier
$13.4 trillion (as of 2015). economies. Immigration Any Year, Any Condition!
is still a key force driving
UK population increases, Highest Tax Write Off Possible
however. Under Eurostat
projections, the UK’s
foreign-born population
and their children (born
after 2007) will together INDUSTRIES
reach 31.2 percent of the A 501(C)3 Charity
overall population by 2061.

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8 a.m. Ch. 11.

ABC’s “This Week.” National security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster.
8 a.m. Ch. 7.
Se Habla Español
CNN’s “State of the Union.” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; Rep. Ed
CBS’ “Face the Nation.” Panels of analysts and commentators. Royce, R-Calif. 6 and 9 a.m.
8:30 a.m. Ch. 5. “Fox News Sunday.” Deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland;
NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly; Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas. 10 a.m. Ch. 2, and 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Jack Reed, D-R.I. 6 a.m. Ch. 8 and Fox News Channel.

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Brown grants 72 pardons,

commutes sentences
tary but were deported at a service organization
Decision limited to to Mexico after complet- that helps the homeless.
those convicted of ing sentences for vari- Antoine Lewis of Al-
ous crimes and a teenage ameda County was con-
lower-level crimes mother who killed her victed in 1996 for being in
newborn child after giv- possession of marijuana
ing birth in a bathtub. for sale. The pardon says
Associated Press There were no com- he now volunteers with a
mutations from the Bay youth group.
SACRAMENTO Area, but seven of those The list includes two
— Gov. Jerry Brown an- pardoned were sentenced men from San Mateo
nounced Saturday that here. County: Norman Joseph
he has pardoned 72 ex- They include three men Felix was convicted in
convicts, continuing his from Santa Clara County. 1988 for being in posses-
tradition of timing his William Joseph Gaynor sion of marijuana for sale;
decisions around major was convicted in 1972 for and Rick Allen Snook was
Christian holidays such as transporting or selling convicted of being in pos-
Easter. a controlled substance. session of a controlled
Brown, a former Jesuit Andrew Franco was con- substance for sale in 1994.
Anti and pro-Trump supporters clash during competing demonstrations Saturday at Martin seminarian, limited his victed in 1989 for driving The pardons don’t
Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley. pardons to people who under the influence with erase the convictions. But
were convicted of drug prior convictions. The state and federal law en-

Berkeley brawl breaks out offenses and other lower-

level crimes and who have
already completed their
sentences. He also issued
pardon says Franco has
been sober for 15 years.
Thomas Michael Scheel
was convicted in 1991 for
forcement agencies are
informed, and pardons
become part of the public
sity Avenue. onstrators had signs say- seven commutations. robbery and attempted
Arrests made as It didn’t take long for ing “No! Pussy-Grabbing! Those pardoned in- robbery. Now Scheel is The Associated Press and
supporters, opponents hundreds of people to gather No! Patriarchy! No! Fascist clude three people who involved with his local staff writer Eric Kurhi
in and around the park. USA! Drive out Trump- served in the U.S. mili- church and volunteers contributed to this report.
battle over Trump Police in riot gear made ar- Pence regime!” and “Fascist
rests and seized numerous scum your time is done.”
prohibited items from the Trump supporters held
By Annie Sciacca demonstrators by Saturday signs and posters that read
and Tom Lochner afternoon. Several people “Free speech,” among oth-
Staff writers suffered injuries, but it was ers. Photos circulated on
not immediately clear how social media showed some
BERKELEY — At least
13 people were arrested af-
serious the injuries were.
Berkeley police said Sat-
right-wing demonstrators
making Nazi salutes.
Up to $50000
E Energy Ta x Cr edit with our

ter fighting broke out and
scores of people supporting
urday afternoon they had
reached out to Mutual Aid,
The protest follows a
series of demonstrations
Qualifi ed Wi ndows & Doors

75 $
or opposing President Don- a state program to augment — both violent and nonvio-
ald Trump converged on a local resources that have be- lent — that have swept the
park in downtown Berkeley come overwhelmed in emer- country since Trump took

on Saturday. gency situations. office in January.
Police had urged people Police had erected a light, A March 4 rally and
to avoid the downtown area neon-orange plastic barri- counterprotest, planned by
around Martin Luther King cade at the park to separate several of the same groups, Per Window Per Door
Jr. Civic Center Park, citing the groups and were col- resulted in several injuries Not valid with other offers or prior purchases,
the “large number of fights” lecting sticks, flagpoles and and arrests. Good through MAY 15, 2017.

that have occurred during other objects that protest- In February, a scheduled 18 Months/No Interest Financing
prior dueling protests. ers had brought. appearance by former Bre- on Approved Credit. Ask for Details.
Trump backers and The city had banned a itbart News editor and pro-
members of the so-called number of weapons — or vocateur Milo Yiannopoulos
alt-right movement were items that could be used as at UC Berkeley was can-
holding a “free speech” rally weapons — in the park on celed after protesters threw
at the park, while opponents Saturday, including metal rocks, broke windows and
of the movement, calling pipes, baseball or softball set fires outside the student
themselves “anti-fascists,” bats, lengths of lumber or union building.
headed to the same spot wood of any size, poles,
at about 10 a.m. Later, the bricks, rocks, glass bottles, Staff photographer Anda
demonstrators moved to the pepper spray and other ob- Chu contributed to this
streets, where they eventu- jects. report. Contact Annie
ally ended up on Shattuck Protesters on each side Sciacca at 925-943-8073 and In-Home Estimates or
Avenue, blocking it from held signs in support of their Tom Lochner at 510-262- Showroom By Appointment
Kittredge Street to Univer- cause. Anti-Trump dem- 2760. 125 Component Drive
San Jose, CA 95131

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North Korean missile launch fails

Explosion shortly after takeoff dampens enthusiasm day after military fanfare and massive weapon display
By Anna Fifield test-launch an intercon-
Washington Post tinental ballistic missile,
or ICBM. That prompted
TOKYO — With the Trump to tweet in response:
kind of fanfare only a to- “It won’t happen!”
talitarian state can muster, But Kim appeared to
North Korea on Saturday demonstrate Saturday that
flaunted missiles that can he is in the process of mak-
theoretically reach the ing it happen.
United States and defiantly North Korea has previ-
stated that it was prepared ously shown off at these pa-
to counter any U.S. attack rades two kinds of ICBMs,
with “a nuclear war of our the KN-08 and the KN-14,
own.” both with the theoretical
But it soon looked like a capacity to reach the U.S.
case of style over substance. mainland.
North Korea somewhat ru- Saturday’s parade in-
ined the impression created cluded the same vehicles as
with the parade, which took in the past, but instead of
place on the most impor- carrying missiles they were
tant day of the year for Kim carrying huge, previously un-
Jong Un’s regime, with a seen missile canisters. Those
failed missile launch Sun- could have contained the KN-
day morning. 08 and KN-14, or something
The ballistic missile was else — or nothing at all.
fired from the Sinpo area But the message was
on the east coast shortly clear.
before 6 a.m. local time, “This was a promise of
U.S. Pacific Command said. future capabilities more
It blew up almost immedi- than a demonstration of
ately, complicating efforts A military parade Saturday in Pyongyang, North Korea, celebrating the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, the country’s existing missiles,” said Joe
to identify the missile’s size late founder and grandfather of Kim Jong Un, showcases submarine-launched ballistic missiles in Kim Il Sung Square. Cirincione, president of the
and range. Ploughshares Fund, which
North Korea fired a The president seemed to Although the missile in tion Studies in California. “We will respond to an tries to stop the spread of
land-based version of its be hoping for a calm week- Sunday’s attempt — like North Korea has claimed all-out war with an all-out nuclear weapons. “We do
medium-range, submarine- end. He was joined on his trip others before it — exploded to be able to make nuclear war and a nuclear war of not know if there is actually
launched ballistic missile by just three junior staffers shortly after launch, experts weapons small enough to be our own,” Choe Ryong Hae, an ICBM in that canister.
from the same area earlier and K.T. McFarland, who warn that North Korea’s able to fit on a missile. one of Kim’s top aides, said But it is certainly coming.”
this month. That also failed. was recently made ambas- rocket scientists learn some- “It’s like they’re saying: in a speech at the parade. Furthermore, the can-
The missile was fired just sador to Singapore. Many of thing from failures as well as ‘Hey, here’s some other bad Kim said in his New isters are probably an indi-
minutes after Vice Presi- Trump’s aides were given successes, giving them infor- news,’ ” Lewis said. Year’s address that North cation that North Korea is
dent Mike Pence took off the weekend off. mation they can use to hone The two-hour parade Korea was in the “final pressing ahead with solid-
from Alaska on his way to Trump had nothing to their technology. took place on a day officially stage” of preparations to fuel technology.
Seoul, where he is expected say about the launch, said Certainly, the military known as the “Day of the
to issue a strong warning to Secretary of Defense Jim hardware paraded through Sun,” the anniversary of the
North Korea to stop its pro- Mattis. “The president and Pyongyang on Saturday 1912 birth of Kim Il Sung,
vocative behavior or face his military team are aware shows that Kim is unrelent- North Korea’s founder and
consequences. of North Korea’s most re- ing in his quest to develop a the current leader’s grand-
Pence was briefed on cent unsuccessful missile missile capable of reaching father.
North Korea’s failed mis- launch,” Mattis said. the United States. A relaxed Kim Jong Un
sile launch within an hour The missile was launched Experts were stunned stood smiling on a balcony
of departing from Anchor- into the sea off the east coast at the sheer number of new as thousands of soldiers
age, where Air Force Two of the Korean Peninsula, missiles on display dur- marched past, planes in a
stopped to refuel. He was in where a U.S. Navy strike ing the parade — includ- formation making 105 — for
contact with President Don- group is patrolling. Military ing, apparently, a new and the anniversary — flew
ald Trump, aides said. commanders ordered the previously unknown type overhead and missile trans-
As tensions with North group, led by the aircraft of intercontinental ballistic porters rolled through the
Korea escalated heading carrier USS Carl Vinson, missile. square in front of him.
into the weekend, Trump back to the area this month “It’s not like not doing a He did not look like a
spent Friday and Satur- as tensions with North Ko- nuclear test was good news man worried about a strike
day mornings golfing at his rea mounted. — this is all part of the same ordered by Trump, like that
private club in West Palm The group has the abil- program,” said Jeffrey in Syria earlier this month,
Beach, Florida, greeting ity to shoot down incoming Lewis, head of the East Asia or concerned about China’s
members after he returned missiles and launch missiles program at the James Mar- increasing anger over his
from the green. of its own. tin Center for Nonprolifera- belligerence.

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Continued from Page 1

Konrad saved Carew? Did

the heart of an NFL player
wind up in the chest of a
baseball Hall of Famer?
Mary hadn’t considered
that prospect before, but
she was instantly overcome
with the feeling it had to
be true. So after a flurry
of back-channel texts and
emails, she wrangled a
phone number for Carew’s
wife, Rhonda, and left an
improbable message:
“This is Mary Reuland,”
she said, “and I think your
husband may have my son’s
heart and kidney. Give me a
call back.”
So began the journey of
two Orange County fami-
lies now intertwined as
one. The Reulands and the
Carews, bound by a single
heart, have joined forces to
fight cardiovascular disease
and to promote organ dona-
tion. Both families spoke to
the Bay Area News Group
last week.
They are going public,
both families said, because On March 2, Mary Reuland listens for the first time to the heart of her son Konrad Reuland as it beats in the chest of baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew.
they believe Konrad has
deemed it so. Sometimes I was there to do,” Carew
Carew sits at Reuland’s said.
gravesite and talks it out. But at age 50, he softened.
“I just thank him for His daughter, Michelle, died
saving my life and putting of leukemia at age 18, and
a roaring heart inside my while she languished on the
body,” the 18-time All-Star bone-marrow transplant
said. “We have a long way list, she urged her father to
to go together.” use the power of his base-
Carew already had ball stardom to generate
a partnership with the more donors.
American Heart Associa- “She had said to me,
tion, a campaign launched ‘Daddy, people are going to
a year ago and named after listen to you because of who
his uniform number with you are,’ ” Carew said. “And
the Minnesota Twins and at that time, I wasn’t really
California Angels. It’s called close with the press.
“The Heart of 29.” “But I said, ‘OK, if you
Konrad Reuland was 29 say that, I will do all I can
when he died. until I’m no longer alive.’
When the families met That’s a promise that I
in person for the first time, made to her.”
in a visit coordinated by
the AHA on March 2, one Two birthdays
of the first things Mary did Carew likes to say now
was lean her head against that he has two birthdays,
Carew’s chest. Using a his own and Konrad Re-
stethoscope to eavesdrop uland’s. While the rest of
on a miracle, she listened him reached AARP age long
hard as Carew took deep ago, his heart turned 30 on
and purposeful breaths. April 4.
Five seconds went by as The Carews commemo-
Mary tried to find her son. rated his heart’s big 3-0 by
Ten … 15 … 16 … visiting Konrad’s gravesite
“There it is,” Mary said. After Konrad Reuland died, his parents, Ralf and Mary, and Rod Carew gets a hit while playing for the Minnesota Twins with balloons and a gift:
Her face turned crim- their youngest son, Austin, commemorate him with an ill- in 1976. Carew was voted an All-Star 18 times during his a signed baseball with an
son and, reflexively, she uminated hologram in their kitchen in San Juan Capistrano. 19-year career. He had a massive heart attack in 2015. inscription that opened:
wrapped her arms around “Happy birthday, Konrad.
Carew’s neck. She was hug- I promise to always take
ging a stranger. She was care of your very priceless
hugging her son. gifts.”
“Does it sound the Upon pulling into the
same?” Rhonda Carew cemetery, they saw that
asked, quietly. Mary and her youngest
Mary nodded through son, Austin, were already
the tears. there. It was an impromptu
“I’ve got it memorized,” reunion for a group that
she replied. now calls each other fam-
ily. They spent two hours
Gift of hope together, listening to music
Carew likes coffee now, and reflecting on their jour-
which is weird. He couldn’t ney.
stand the stuff for his first “It was just kind of crazy
seven decades on earth, but being with Konrad’s heart
now he’s constantly asking Konrad Reuland opted to be an organ donor eight months The Reulands keep an autographed baseball that Rod Carew on his birthday,” Austin
Rhonda to make him a cup. before his death. His organs went to numerous recipients. left at the gravesite of their son Konrad on his birthday. said. “It wasn’t planned. It
He likes it with cream, no just kind of happened like
sugar, just the way Konrad to her? That’s all I thought worried that her husband’s from the time he was born the treadmill, burning off that.”
did. The heart wants what about. Nothing else but: age — Rod turned 71 on Oct. and was so unstoppable as a Thanksgiving dinner calo- The families talk most
it wants. Who’s going to take care of 1 — was becoming a factor. toddler that his mother took ries in case an NFL team about what to do next.
There’s something else her?” Carew got bumped up to tying bells to his shoes. needed his services. The Carews work with the
new since the operation: As it turned out, Rhonda to 1-AE status, the second “I needed to know where “In terms of health, his American Heart Associa-
hope. Carew, so serene as Carew could take care of highest rung, on Dec. 9. that little stinker was,” heart was a Ferrari,” Mary tion to encourage people
a ballplayer over a career things just fine. Nicknamed Five days later, on Dec. 14, Mary explained. said. to get screened for warn-
that yielded 3,053 hits, con- the “Pitbull,” a moniker she the Carews got a call that Konrad excelled in every But the good heart was ing signs and to take steps
cedes he lost his cool while embraces, Rhonda is such a heart and kidney match sport he tried and declared also kind. Over the final five toward better heart health.
languishing on the heart a formidable presence that were waiting for him. at a young age he would years of his life, Reuland Last year, the AHA set up a
transplant list. when it’s time to buy a new Both families are sensi- be a professional athlete sometimes made a 70-mile station at the players’ hotel
“Every day I would cry,” car, Rod takes a stroll out- tive to the possible percep- one day. So it was under- drive to San Diego to visit in Cooperstown, where the
the 1977 American League side and sics Rhonda on the tion that this was preferen- standably thrilling for the Kimi, the young niece of a Carews persuaded dozens
MVP said. “As soon as salesman. tial treatment. They know sixth-grader when he had family friend. At the age of of fellow Hall of Famers
Rhonda left the hospital, I Rhonda became Rod’s people will roll their eyes a chance encounter with 4, she was diagnosed with and their significant oth-
started crying. And then caretaker, chauffeur and that somehow the mint-con- a retired ballplayer at St. neuroblastoma, a nerve tu- ers to get screened at no
I started screaming. And medical advocate. She dition NFL heart wound up John’s Episcopal School in mor of the spinal cord and charge.
when I got up in the morn- learned so much about the with the seven-time batting Santa Margarita. One of brain. Former Angels pitcher
ing and looked at the clock, transplant process that sur- champion. his schoolmates there was There’s a video of the Clyde Wright heard of
it’d be 5 or 6 o’clock and I geons joked about giving But the process is blind, Cheyenne Carew. hulking football player sit- Carew’s tale and went to
would start crying and I just her an honorary degree. and strictly regulated by “I picked him up from ting next to the sick girl the doctors to get checked
couldn’t stop.” Carew survived with the United Network of Or- school, and the first thing on a hospital bed as they out. Wright had a 90 per-
His downward slide be- the help of a Left Ventricu- gan Sharing (UNOS), which he said when he got in the sing Taylor Swift’s “Shake cent blockage in four places
gan Sept. 20, 2015, at the lar Assist Device (LVAD), guarantees fairness in the car was, ‘Mom, I met Rod It Off” together. Reuland and promptly had a qua-
Cresta Verde Golf Course which was implanted dur- allocation of organs for Carew today!’ ” Mary re- knows every word. druple bypass. “He called
in Corona. Carew stepped ing a six-hour surgery at transplant. called. Reuland returned from me and said, ‘Thanks for al-
up to the first tee, smacked Scripps La Jolla Hospi- Reuland was a Type-O That was the first time those trips with sparkling lowing me to have another
a shot down the middle and tal. The mechanical heart donor. Carew is a B-Positive Konrad gave his heart to nails so often that he no lon- birthday and to be with my
instantly felt as if his chest pumped the blood, but also blood type but was the first Rod Carew. ger had to ask Mary where grandchildren,’ ” Carew
was burning. required bulky battery on the list to also match as a On the day Reuland her nail-polish remover said.
He was having a massive packs and had to be plugged Hepatitis-B immune recipi- died, Mary left the hospital was. The Reulands, mean-
heart attack, the type they in at night. ent. only after giving one last Mary remarked once while, are using Konrad’s
call the widow-maker. Carew was put on the Now, at long last, instruction to the doctors. about how sweet it was that story to promote Big Broth-
Carew backed his cart up heart transplant list Nov. Carew’s outlook is the same “Whoever gets this heart Konrad took the time to go ers Big Sisters, and created
to the clubhouse and yelled 18, at which point Rod and as his blood: Be-Positive. better deserve it,” she see her. “What are you talk- a scholarship in his honor.
for help. He doesn’t remem- Rhonda began sleeping with “I can’t tell you how warned, “because this is a ing about, mom?” he replied. “Because that’s the kind of
ber much after that, aside their cellphones nestled be- much of a difference having good one.” “She’s my inspiration.” life he lived,” Mary said.
from a paramedic hovering tween them, convinced the a heart has made,” said his Her message had a dou- Reuland’s heart wound They know first hand
over him with paddles. call would come in the mid- son, Devon. “His stamina is ble-meaning. The heart up going to someone who how a small step can make
“He had a glow around dle of the night. After three up. Psychologically, he feels was good because it was spent much of his life steel- a big difference. Just last
him,” Carew said, his eyes days, Carew was already like he can do more. strong. It belonged to a 6- ing his own. Carew knew April, Konrad Reuland was
occasionally reddening. “All losing hope. “And knowing all the co- foot-6, 270-pound tight end cruelty growing up in Pan- sitting in the kitchen fill-
of a sudden I heard him say, “I think they forgot me,” incidences — my mom calls who played two seasons at ama, where his father beat ing out his driver’s license
‘Let’s go, dammit! We’re los- he said. them ‘God winks’ — that led Stanford under coach Jim him as a matter of routine. renewal form. He casually
ing him!’ And I was gone.” The Pitbull, meanwhile, up to him getting Konrad’s Harbaugh, then followed He says now that the reason asked his mom if he should
He said he flat-lined once joined forces with Carew’s heart just makes it all the him to the 49ers, where he he was never nervous on the be an organ donor.
more at Riverside Commu- doctors and kept pushing more special.” spent 2011 on the practice baseball field was because “That’s a totally personal
nity Hospital and vaguely for him to be bumped up squad. he’d long ago declared the decision, sweetie,” Mary
remembers more paddles, on the priority list. They ar- Perpetual motion Reuland also played 30 diamond to be his sanctu- told him. “You have to do
more panic. gued that a subdural hema- Konrad Reuland was career NFL games for the ary. what feels right.”
“My only thought was toma in July had meant Rod working out at the time of New York Jets (2012-13) and “I made the baseball field He checked the box.
my wife,” Carew said, turn- could no longer take blood his fatal brain aneurysm. Of Baltimore Ravens (2015). At the area where there was
ing again to look at Rhonda. thinners, putting him at in- course he was. Konrad was the time of his aneurysm, nothing anybody could do to Follow Daniel Brown at
“What’s going to happen creased risk. Rhonda also a perpetual motion machine Reuland was running on take me away from the job


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Rebel gunmen gather Saturday at the site of a blast that killed scores of people and damag-
ed buses and vans at the rebel-controlled Rashideen area, a district outside Aleppo, Syria.


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Syria’s population transfer

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side buses, some of which State TV al-Ikhbariya
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Explosion rips through $
depot where thousands
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belongings could be seen
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sult of a car bomb carrying
food aid to be delivered to (Surgery) 990* PFM Implant Crown $600
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dental insurance.
dangling out of the windows. the evacuees in the rebel-
Fires raged from a number held area — ostensibly

Porcelain $
of vehicles as rescuers strug- crisps for the children —
By Sarah El Deeb gled to put them out. and accused rebel groups of NOW (Reg. $890)
and Philip Issa The scenes were the last carrying it out. A TV broad-

Crowns 690*
Associated Press in the unyielding bloodshed caster from the area said: *Fee for patient w/o
Syrians are living through. “There can be no life with
dental insurance.
BEIRUT — A stalled pop- Earlier this month, at least the terrorist groups.”
ulation transfer resumed 89 were killed in a chemical “I know nothing of my

Braces $3,500
Saturday after a deadly ex- attack as children foaming family. I can’t find them,”
plosion killed at least 100 at the mouth and adults said a woman who appeared
people, including children, gasping for last breath were on al-Ikhbariya, weeping (Reg. $6,500)
government supporters and also caught on camera. outside the state hospital in
opposition fighters, at an The bloody mayhem Aleppo. Back To School Special *Fee for patient w/o
evacuation point — adding that followed the Saturday Ahrar al-Sham, the rebel dental insurance.
new urgency to the widely attack only deepened the group that negotiated the For Students up to 12th grade
criticized operation. resentment of the transfer deal, denounced the “cow-
The blast ripped through criticized as population en- ardly” attack, saying a num- We offer Sedation/Nitrous Oxide
a bus depot in the al-Rashi- gineering. It also reflected ber of opposition fighters as
deen area where thousands the chaos surrounding ne- well as government support- during implant procedures. (by preference).
of government loyalists gotiations between the war- ers were killed in the attack. With a success rate of over 98%, surgeries are performed by experienced
evacuated the day before ring parties. The United The group said the attack implant specialists using the latest technology.
waited restlessly for hours, Nations did not oversee only serves to deflect the
as opposition fighters the transfer deal of the vil- attention from government Our office is home to several skilled doctors and specialists, serving most of
guarded the area while ne- lages of Foua and Kfraya, “crimes” and said it was your dental needs in one trusted location.
gotiators bickered over the besieged by the rebels, and ready to cooperate with an Periodontist / Endodontist / Prosthodontist / Orthodontist
completion of the transfer Madaya and Zabadani, en- international probe to deter-
deal. Only meters away, circled by the government. mine who did it. For our reviews please visit
hundreds of evacuees from No one claimed respon- Yasser Abdelatif, a media
pro-rebel areas also loitered sibility for the attack but official for Ahrar al-Sham,
in a walled-off parking lot, pro-government media and said about 30 rebel gunmen CENTRAL DENTAL GROUP
guarded by government the opposition exchanged were killed in the blast. He
troops. accusations, each pointing accused the government or
(408) 24-SMILE (247-6453) •
Footage from the scene to foreign interference or extremist rebel groups of 2998 El Camino Real Suite 200 • Santa Clara, 95051
showed bodies, including conspiracies undermining orchestrating the attack to Near Kiely Blvd., across from Summerwinds Nursery • Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-4pm
those of fighters, lying along- the deal. discredit the opposition.
For more reviews, please visit

District needed repairs. “We have

addressed an amazing It’s a boy — albeit
number of issues that had
Continued from Page 1

such as heating systems

not been done for years,”
she wrote in an email. At
Fischer, she noted, the dis-
nearly 150 pounds
along with routine mainte- trict last year replaced car-
nance often get put off for pets in all the classrooms. calf, but Animal Adven-
months or even years. At “I know it is frustrating April the giraffe gives ture Park’s first giraffe
some schools, playing fields for parents and staff about birth to calf before calf. The proud papa, a
are mowed only twice a the time it takes to repair 5-year-old giraffe named
year — and only upon re- things, but we have ag-
1.2 million viewers Oliver, watched from an
quest. ing facilities, and when we adjacent pen. This is his
The district’s struggles repair, they break again,” first offspring.
to take care of its facilities she wrote. Asked about the Associated Press The privately owned zoo
are not related to construc- staff urinal at Fischer, she began livestreaming from
tion issues that have put added, “We have repaired HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. April’s enclosure in Feb-
Alum Rock in the cross that multiple times, but the — And baby makes glee. ruary. People around the
hairs of outside investiga- plumbing is very poor.” Before an online audi- world have been tuning in
tions, but together, they Like Dorsa’s heat, a ence of more than a million daily.
paint a picture of a district number of problems are on viewers, April the giraffe April has her own web-
that has long neglected the deck to be fixed this year. gave birth to a male calf Sat- site and even an apparel
condition of its schools. On Thursday, the school urday at a New York zoo, line. A GoFundMe fund-
A state agency, the Fis- board approved bids to re- ending weeks of proverbial raiser page that initially
cal Crisis and Manage- pair heating and ventilation pacing by animal lovers in set a goal of $50,000 sat at
ment Assistance Team, is systems, fix roofs, modern- a virtual worldwide waiting more than $125,000 on Sat-
investigating whether the ize bathrooms and install room. urday morning. The money
district and its board paid portable classrooms. The 15-year-old giraffe will be used for the care of
$329,000 to construction But many more repairs delivered her calf shortly the animals.
managers for work that are waiting down the line. before 10 a.m. EDT in an A contest will be held to
wasn’t performed. Accord- “When are they going enclosed pen at the zoo in decide on a name for the
ing to Santa Clara County to fix the bathrooms?” an Harpursville, a rural up- calf.
Office of Education Super- emotional mother, Juanita state village about 130 miles The park’s livestream
intendent Jon Gundry, the Ramos, asked the school northwest of New York was briefly interrupted in
district attorney’s major board Thursday. Her boys, City. The mama giraffe ten- February when YouTube
fraud unit is also looking who attend Cesar Chavez derly licked her calf, which pulled the feed after some-
into the district. Prosecu- Elementary, take water began to slowly pick its one reported the images
tors declined to comment. bottles to school to avoid head up from the floor of the contained explicit material
Amid a building boom fu- drinking from dirty foun- First-grade teacher Becky Jensen gives a writing lesson pen. About 45 minutes after and nudity. Jordan Patch,
eled by a $125 million bond tains. April 7 in her room that now depends on portable heating it was born, the calf stood owner of the Animal Adven-
measure passed four years In addressing its crum- and air conditioning units as the primary way to control the on its wobbly legs for the ture Park, blamed “a hand-
ago, Alum Rock’s schools bling facilities, Alum Rock room's temperature at LUCHA school in San Jose. first time while mom helped ful of extremists and animal
still suffer clogged plumb- has not compiled a needs keep her baby steady. rights activists” for the in-
ing, leaky roofs and lawns assessment — something substitutes. Liggett, who may be completed within At least 1.2 million peo- terruption.
so overgrown that students that many school districts worked for 24 years as a weeks, is expected to focus ple watched the Adventure No immediate details on
can’t play on them. perform when seeking district handyman until re- on the district’s fiscal man- Park’s YouTube streaming the calf were announced,
On chilly days, “They public support for a bond tiring in 2009, blames not agement of its contract for of the event. A logo on the but they usually weigh
freeze to death in class,” measure. Despite that, only woefully inadequate construction with the Del feed quickly changed from around 150 pounds and are
said Liliana Garcia, whose Alum Rock voters have staffing, but poor oversight Terra Group of Southern ToysRUs to BabiesRUs fol- about 6 feet tall at birth.
younger sister and son at- historically been generous, of contractors and a lack of California. lowing the birth. Giraffes are pregnant for 15
tend Dorsa Elementary. overwhelmingly approving expertise and experience At Fischer, where weeds This is April’s fourth months on average.
“My son says his hands get multiple bonds for facilities among workers. grow on the littered roof of
cold.” and technology along with “In school after school, the library, the district last
She worries about the parcel taxes for opera- contractors remodeled and year ripped out smelly car-
safety of space heaters that tions. installed things that didn’t pet in the physical educa-
warm classrooms. Without a recent list and work,” said Liggett, who tion teacher’s office, and at-
Her son, Jaeden Mal- rating of needs — the last once oversaw 123 boilers in tacked accumulated grime
donado, says he wishes he survey was in 2010 — it’s not the district. in the boy’s locker room,
could play on Dorsa’s field, clear how the district pri- Principals are caught including foul pools that
but recess monitors shoo oritizes its projects. The dis- between parent and made the showers unusable.
kids away because of the trict also suffers from thin teacher complaints about It took months of work or-
danger of gopher holes and maintenance staffing — just malfunctioning systems on ders, phone calls, a formal
messes left by dogs. 11 full-time employees, in- one hand and a besieged state complaint and a plea
Principal Leticia Ri- cluding a director and a su- system on the other. to the board from Barber, a
vas said Dorsa’s lawn gets pervisor, care for 24 schools “I know they don’t have music teacher who serves as
mowed monthly — but only that serve 11,000 students enough electricians, and a union liaison.
after she submits a request and the district office. they don’t have enough The urinal in the teachers
for each mowing. It wasn’t always that plumbers,” said Mathson bathroom, Barber said, is
Superintendent Hilaria way. When Tom Liggett Principal Vince Iwasaki. provisionally fixed. As long
Bauer said the district is joined the department in It’s not clear if the out- as it’s not used too much.
working hard to respond 1984, he said there were side investigations will have
to long-neglected main- 42 maintenance workers any effect on maintenance. Contact Sharon Noguchi at
tenance and backlogs of — plus part-timers and The state audit, which 408-271-3775.

To learn more visit

* APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates effective 1/23/17. 72-month financing is available for loans exceeding
$15,000. 84-month financing is available for loans exceeding $20,000. 96-month financing is available for loans
exceeding $25,000. No further rate discounts apply to the current stated rate. Current rates reflect promotional
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credit history. Certain qualifications and restrictions may apply for 100% vehicle financing.

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Electric “In order for low-income communities

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Volkswagen to
be brought to
— usually found near inter-
states and high-traffic sur-
face roads.
by the California Air Re-
sources Board is expected
justice, they need
to invest in the
Baumhefner said the
program may lack some
details, but the outline
this month. should propel electric ve-
The settlement is ex- communities they hicle sales and hasten the
pected to spark the electric adoption of the technology.
vehicle market, a key to the hurt the most.” He said the settlement is a
state’s push to achieve am- — Joel Espino, huge boost to state climate
bitious climate change goals environmental equity change goals.
and reduce greenhouse gas lawyer at the Hauser said the large in
emissions by 2050. Greenlining Institute investment in charging
Both sides agree the set- stations will grow the mar-
tlement is a significant win ket for electric vehicles.
for the state. Opponents claim the The settlement calls for
“We don’t think Califor- deal could dampen competi- the electricity pumps to be
nia will get a better deal,” tion in the charging station standardized and work with
said Maxwell Baumhefner, market and ignores poor most electric and hybrid ve-
lawyer for the Natural Re- communities most affected hicles.
sources Defense Council. by air pollution. But not all tech compa-
In late 2015, U.S. regu- “In order for Volkswa- nies have come on board.
lators discovered Volk- gen to be brought to justice,Campbell-based Charge-
swagen had rigged at least they need to invest in the Point, the world’s largest
a half-million 2-liter diesel communities they hurt the open EV charging network,
vehicles to pass emission most,” said Joel Espino, en- opposed the plan in federal
tests, while still spout- vironmental equity lawyer court last year. Company
ing unacceptable levels at the Greenlining Institute.lawyers argued Volk-
of pollution. As part of a Volkswagen submitted swagen’s investment will
settlement, the company plans to spend the trust “drown out all other par-
plans to spend billions in fund in $200 million, 30- ticipants in the ZEV infra-
the U.S. to build charging month phases over a decade structure market through
stations and promote elec- to boost infrastructure and enormous spending.”
tric vehicle use across the education for zero emission A ChargePoint spokes-
country. vehicles (ZEVs). man declined to comment,
In California, Volk- The first phase of the but the company registered
swagen agreed to spend Volkswagen proposal tick- its concerns in an April 10
$1.2 billion through two ets about $120 million to letter to the air resources
separate programs: build charging stations — board. It wants the state to
$381 million for pollution $45 million for community earmark at least 35 percent
mitigation and $800 million facilities and $75 million of the investment, above the
in an infrastructure trust for a high-speed highway current 25 percent goal, to
fund. How that trust fund network — throughout the disadvantaged communi-
is spent remains a flash state. San Jose and San ties.

point for environmentalists, Francisco are among the ChargePoint added that
lawmakers and EV charg- five major cities earmarked Volkswagen plans to build
ing companies. It will help for new stations at apart- mostly “high speed charg-
define California’s electric ment buildings, businesses, ing stations at highway ex-
Thermalite™ Shutter
vehicle corridors — plac- and community and munici- its rather than community
ing charging stations along pal parking lots. charging stations at work-
highways and into commu- The first phase also cre- places, multifamily housing,

nities — for years to come. ates a public education and retail stores.”
Proponents say the set- campaign and a green city Several state lawmakers
tlement will promote jobs showcase to promote sales and local members of Con-
and help the state meet its of all brands of electric ve-gress also support heavier
climate change goals. It may hicles. Volkswagen said it’s investment in poor neigh-
be flawed, they say, but the optimistic that the invest- borhoods.

gaps can be addressed dur- ment will make it easier Gustavo Aguirre, project
ing the 10-year program. for California drivers to re-coordinator for the Central
Some fear if this settlement charge their electric cars California Environmental
does not go through, it could and “make a material dif- Justice Network, said many
be scuttled by the Environ-
mental Protection Agency
ference in adoption of ZEVs
in California.”
poor, rural communities
have no charging stations,
under President Donald The state aims to put discouraging residents from
Trump. 1.5 million zero emission ve-buying green cars. The set- 12 Months
0% APR 888.389.0439
“We need to allow the hicles on the road by 2025. tlement, he said, “has to be
program to get started,” Electric vehicle owners are a direct investment in these
said Brett Hauser, CEO more affluent than the aver- communities.”
of EV charging company age driver, while pollution
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Greenlots. “Let’s not stand from the offending diesel Contact Louis Hansen at Delivery & Install
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CORTE MADERA 801 Tamalpais
801 Tamalpais 415.924.6691

Drought the drought giving rebates

to people to install low-flush
toilets, efficient washing ma-
Continued from Page 1
chines, gray water systems
and dishwashers. The Met-
sons learned in this one,” ropolitan Water District in
said Felicia Marcus, chair- Southern California spent
woman of the State Water $310 million alone in rebates
Resources Control Board for people to remove 160
in Sacramento. “This was million square feet of grass,
the wake-up call of the cen- which will save 21,000 acre
tury.” feet of water a year.
The drought’s legacy in- Those lawns and water-
cludes landmark new laws wasting appliances aren’t
aimed at limiting farmers coming back. Lawns use 50
from over-pumping ground- percent of all urban water
water; homeowners remov- during summer months,
ing thousands of suburban and as cities wrote new lo-
lawns; voters approving bil- cal rules limiting lawns in
lions in funding for new res- new homes and businesses,
ervoirs; and vast expanses neighbors looked askance
of forests dying off across at homeowners who had
the Sierra Nevada. bright green turf. Already,
“Every drought has a big water agencies in Los
lasting impact,” said Jeff Angeles, Oakland, San
Mount, a senior fellow at Jose and other areas are
the Public Policy Institute of using less water now than
California Water Center in they were in 1990, despite
San Francisco. “That prob- population growth. Almost
ably goes all the way back to nobody expects water use
the Depression.” to return to pre-drought
The era of massive dam levels.
building in California began “I’m not an advocate that
after the 1929-34 drought. every blade of grass has to
Urban water conservation After five years of punishing drought turned local reservoirs, such as Stevens Creek Reservoir in Cupertino, into mere be taken out of California,
started in earnest during ponds, the wettest winter on record has ended the crisis for now, but future droughts are as certain as taxes and death. but I think you’ll see a lot
the 1976-77 drought. And less lawn in the future,” said
the state’s brutal 1987-92 100 years of allowing cit- drought, California vot- Tim Quinn, CEO of the As-
drought prompted water ies and farms to pump as ers approved a $7.5 billion sociation of California Wa-
departments in the Bay much water as they wanted water bond to fund new ter Agencies.
Area and Southern Cali- from the ground, without reservoirs, recycled water 5) Environmental
fornia to connect their net- reporting it to the state or projects, desalination and harm: Dry creeks and riv-
works of pipes together, to being limited, dozens of stormwater capture efforts. ers led 18 fish species to
build huge groundwater communities across Cali- It passed with 67 percent crash to near extinction.
storage banks and new local fornia found themselves of the vote. By comparison, And the drought killed 102
reservoirs, and to develop a with precariously dropping the last water bond, Propo- million trees across the
statewide system of buying water tables as the drought sition 84, a $5.4 billion mea- state, most in the Sierra.
and selling water. began. A study using NASA sure in 2006, passed with That could increase fire risk
As a result of those satellites in February found just 54 percent. for years to come.
changes, Californians were the ground in some areas Water agencies are lining “If the climate continues
better prepared to handle between Merced and Ba- up to submit detailed plans to be as warm as it has been
the most recent drought, kersfield dropped as much for the money, which pays recently,” said Lund, “we
which saw the driest four- as two feet as underground up to half the cost of new could see very big changes
year period of any time aquifers collapsed during Although ample rainfall has refilled reservoirs such as reservoirs, and is scheduled in the mountains. We can’t
back to 1895, when modern the drought, cracking roads, Chesbro Reservoir near Morgan Hill, water conservation to be awarded next year. really manage it. We aren’t
records began. Although water canals and pipelines. measures put in place during the drought are here to stay. Long-stalled projects like going to put sprinkler sys-
some farm communities In 2014, Gov. Jerry Sites Reservoir in Colusa tems in the forests.”
with limited groundwater Brown signed the Sustain- “There’s no argument on districts and private water County may finally be Overall, experts say,
suffered severely, Califor- able Groundwater Manage- that from me. But some ar- companies will have to con- funded, and existing dams the drought left nearly all
nia’s overall economy grew ment Act, requiring local eas are going to really suf- tinue to report every month could be built higher. residents of California — a
during the drought, up 10 government agencies in fer.” to the state water board “We had so much wa- state where even in a nor-
percent to $2.2 trillion from areas with severely over- 2) Water wasting: how much water they are ter this year that we could mal year most cities get only
2012 to 2015. drawn groundwater to Several high-profile rules using. have caught if we had the 15 inches of rain a year, the
“We lost a third of our draw up plans by 2020 to put into place by the State “It would be bad if the storage,” said Wenger. “I’m same as Casablanca, Mo-
water supply,” said Jay bring it into balance. They Water Resources Control message from this wet year hoping we learned our les- rocco — much more aware
Lund, director of the Center will then have 20 years to do Board during the drought went out that the problem son.” of their water.
for Watershed Sciences at that, which will mean taking will continue. They include is over,” said Peter Gleick, 4) Lawn removal and “This was a prolonged,
UC-Davis. “And the impact some farmland out of pro- bans on watering lawns founder of the Pacific Insti- conservation: Californians very deep drought, many
to the agricultural economy duction, buying water from within 48 hours of rain, tute, an Oakland nonprofit cut water use 22.5 percent believe the worst in the his-
was a 2-3 percent loss and other areas, building per- or washing cars without a that studies water issues. between June 2015 and Feb- toric record,” said Quinn.
the urban economy had al- colation ponds to recharge shut-off nozzle on the hose, “We don’t have enough wa- ruary 2017. Over that time, “It was really dry, and now
most no economic impact. aquifers and other costly or cities watering grass on ter to waste. That’s a hard 2.6 million acre-feet of wa- here we are with the wet-
To me that’s remarkable.” solutions. road medians using potable one when you see floods and ter was saved — enough to test year ever. Welcome to
The drought neverthe- “We had to do some- water. It’s also illegal to run endless rain.” supply more than 13 million California.”
less left a lasting impact in thing,” said Paul Wenger, a fountain that doesn’t re- 3) Proposition 1: In No- people for a year. Water
at least five key ways: president of the California cycle water. And the state’s vember 2014, during some agencies spent hundreds of Contact Paul Rogers
1) Groundwater: After Farm Bureau Federation. 410 largest cities, water of the worst months of the millions of dollars during at 408-920-5045.

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Judge halts Arkansas plan to Missing at Least 2 Teeth.
execute 8 inmates in 11 days You’re not alone.
By Andrew DeMillo
and Kelly P. Kissel
Associated Press
We can help.
A federal judge dealt a se-
rious blow Saturday to Ar-
kansas’ unprecedented plan
to execute eight inmates in Call now for a
an 11-day period, saying the
men have the right to chal-
lenge a drug protocol that
could expose them to “se-
vere pain.”
Private Implant Consultation!
The state appealed U.S. was 1-800-360-9250

District Judge Kristine
Baker’s order hours later,
hoping to follow through COURTESY OF SHERRY SIMON Dental Implant
with its planned executions, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen takes part in
with the first scheduled for an anti-death penalty demonstration Friday outside the SURGERY
Monday. Arkansas’ supply Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas. Crown, denture and abutment not included, conditions and restriction apply.
Must present this ad at time of service. Call for details.
of one of its three lethal in- Coupon Expires June 30th, 2017.
jection drugs, midazolam, John C. Williams said. “We Griffen to vacate his Friday
expires April 30 and Repub- are calling on state officials order blocking the execu- 5 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS!
lican Gov. Asa Hutchinson to accept the federal court’s tions over the company’s
has said he wants to use the decision, cancel the frantic claims the vecuronium bro- San Jose (Evergreen Area), San Jose ( Jackson Avenue), Fremont, Cupertino & Dublin
drugs before execution schedule, and mide was sold to the state
they spoil. propose a legal and humane for medical purposes, not 1-800-360-9250 •
Manufac- method to carry out its ex- lethal injection. The San
turers ob- ecutions.” Francisco-based firm said
ject to states
using their
drugs in exe-
Baker’s ruling prompted
McKesson Corp., a medical
supply company, to ask Pu-
Baker’s ruling removed the
imminent danger of the
drugs being used for execu-
Try it. Love it. BayArea
cutions, and laski County Judge Wendell tions. NewsGroup
Baker the Arkansas
of Correc-
tions said in previous court
filings that it doesn’t have
a way of obtaining more of
the sedative midazolam. A
drug supplier, meanwhile,
asked a state judge to lift a
temporary restraining or-
der preventing Arkansas
from using a paralyzing
drug, vecuronium bromide,
and sought to drop its law-
suit claiming Arkansas ob-
tained the drug under false
Another federal judge
and the state Supreme
Court had already granted
stays to two of the eight
inmates, reducing the num-
ber of planned executions to
six within an 11-day period.
If Arkansas had proceeded
with its original plan to
execute eight inmates in
double executions on four
days, it would have been the
most people put to death by
a state in that timeframe
since the U.S. Supreme
Court reauthorized the
death penalty in 1976. Only
Texas has executed six in-
mates in less time.
Hutchinson said he
would meet with the state’s
lawyers and its prison offi-
cials on Monday to discuss
Arkansas’ next moves as it
attempts to conduct execu-
tions for the first time since
“I understand how dif-
ficult this is on the victims’
families, and my heart goes
out to them as they once
again deal with the contin-
ued court review; however,
the last minute court re-
views are all part of the dif-
ficult process of death pen-
alty cases,” Hutchinson said
in a statement.
In her order, Baker said
there was a significant pos-
sibility that the inmates
could successfully challenge
the state’s execution pro-
tocol. She said that while
the state demonstrated it
does not plan to torture
the inmates, the inmates
had a right to challenge the
method of execution in an
attempt to show it “creates
a demonstrated risk of se-
vere pain.” She also noted
that the execution team did
not have antidotes on hand
in case there was trouble
with any of the drugs.
“The schedule imposed
on these officials, as well as
their lack of recent execu-
tion experience, causes con-
cern,” she wrote.
The prisoners’ lawyers
say the midazolam would
not prevent the inmates
from feeling excruciat-
ing pain as their lungs and
heart shut down.
The Arkansas attorney
general’s office said the
decision strayed from pre-
vious cases before the 8th
U.S. Circuit Court of Ap-
peals and the U.S. Supreme
“It is unfortunate that
a U.S. district judge has
chosen to side with the
convicted prisoners in one
of their many last-minute
attempts to delay justice,”
said Judd Deere, a spokes-
man for the office.
The inmates’ lawyers
called on the state to drop
its rush to use the mid-
azolam before it expires.
“The unnecessarily com-
pressed execution schedule
using the risky drug mid-
azolam denies prisoners
their right to be free from
the risk of torture,” lawyer

Bay Area protesters join rallies

leader Chuck Schumer, of
Thousands participate New York, has said Trump’s
in national move to see refusal to release his returns
could hinder Republicans’
Trump tax returns prospects for a rewrite of
the tax code.
Protesters began con-
By Tammy Webber verging on Cambridge
Associated Press Common in Massachusetts,
where they also plan to
CHICAGO — Protesters call on the all-Democratic
took to the streets in dozens Massachusetts Congres-
of cities nationwide Sat- sional delegation to oppose Rosebud Sioux Tribe member Eva Iyotte looks at beaded
urday to call on President Trump’s budget proposal. earrings and pins in White River, S.D. Iyotte said she is
Donald Trump to release They say the proposed cuts concerned about her future if her energy assistance
his tax returns, saying that to health care, education, program is eliminated.
Americans deserve to know Demonstrators participate in a march and rally Saturday in transportation are cruel
about his business ties and
potential conflicts of inter-
New York to demand President Donald Trump release his tax
and inhumane.
Democratic U.S. Sen.
Elizabeth Warren, of Mas-
Native tribes fear
Organizers said the pro-
tests — dubbed the Tax
March — were scheduled in
nearly 150 cities including
party nominee in more than
40 years not to release his
tax returns, saying it was
because he was under au-
In Washington, D.C., one
of Trump’s sharpest critics
in the House spoke to pro-
testers at the U.S. Capitol
sachusetts, on
posted an online video
urging Congress to force
Trump to release the re-
loss of federal
San Jose, where hundreds
marched from City Hall
carrying signs through the
dit. He later said that voters
don’t care.
“We do care. We want
just before they set off on a
march to the National Mall.
Democratic Rep. Maxine
turns. Democrats are push-
ing for a vote on a bill from
Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo
heating help
downtown to a rally at Plaza to see his taxes,” said Ann Waters, of California, said Alto, which would require
de Cesar Chavez. Demerlis, who was among there’s nothing to prevent the president and all ma- By James Nord portionately affect Native
South Bay residents hundreds who marched in Trump from releasing his jor-party nominees to pub- Associated Press Americans, backers of the
Laurie Spoon and Valerie Philadelphia from City Hall income taxes and that “the licly disclose their previous program say.
Ormeno said they organized to an area in front of historic simple truth is he’s got a lot three years of tax returns WHITE RIVER, S.D. Iyotte said propane is
the event after seeing no Independence Hall, carry- to hide.” with the Office of Govern- — Eva Iyotte was waiting her primary heating source.
protests planned in North- ing signs and chanting “We Earlier, Sen. Ron Wyden, ment Ethics or the Federal on propane ordered under As she waited for it to arrive
ern California’s largest city. want your taxes now!” an Oregon Democrat, called Election Commission. a federal energy assistance in January, she kept a pot of
“Every single president Trump, who spent the on Trump to ‘knock off the Republicans also have program President Don- water boiling on the electric
since F.D.R. has released morning golfing, avoided secrecy and said people rebuffed Democrats’ efforts ald Trump has targeted stove for warmth — until
their taxes,” Ormeno said. several hundred protesters have “a basic right to know to get the House Ways and for elimination when she the power went out.
“We have the right to know when his motorcade took a whether the president pays Means Committee to act. It lost power at her home on “People will die” with-
whether our president is circuitous route back to his his fair share.” has legal authority to obtain frozen tribal land in South out LIHEAP, said Eileen
personally profiting from estate in Palm Beach. For four decades, presi- confidential tax records, Dakota. Shot, who administers it
his policies.” Protesters marched dents and major party nom- and could vote to make As the January condi- for the Rosebud Sioux,
Protesters also marched across the bridge that di- inees have released some of them public. tions sent temperatures which has gotten about
in San Francisco, Palo Alto, vides West Palm Beach and their tax returns, with the Tuesday is the deadline plummeting inside the $850,000 this fiscal year.
Milpitas, Walnut Creek, Palm Beach, chanting and exception of Gerald Ford. for taxpayers to file re- house, the 63-year-old, her Trump’s budget blueprint
Novato and Santa Cruz in hoisting signs that read “Don Trump’s break with prec- turns. daughter and two grand- calls it a “lower-impact
solidarity with the larger the Con,” “Go back to New edent has raised questions sons took blankets to their program.”
march in Washington, D.C. York,” “Show your taxes!” about conflicts of interest. Staff writer Eric Kurhi car, where they waited with It’s not Trump’s only
Trump is the first major and “Show me the money!” Senate Democratic contributed to this report. the heater running until move to spur concern
electricity was restored. among tribes. His strong
Iyotte said there would support for oil pipelines in-

Lawmaker treated as villian at meeting be many more cold days

like that if the program
ends. It’s unclear whether
cluding Dakota Access and
Keystone XL put him in di-
rect opposition to Ameri-
Congress, which passes the can Indians who have long
By Alan Fram tered the same angry buzz Her children played with the bleachers of the Crook federal budget, will agree resisted both projects.
Associated Press saw at town meetings that Walden’s when they were County High School gym, to the change the Trump LIHEAP helps low-in-
has greeted his Republican little, but the 63-year-old 72-year-old Republican administration is seeking. come households meet their
HOOD RIVER, Ore. — colleagues at similar ses- Burton was now demanding Steve Johnson yelled that “We might be poor, but heating and cooling needs.
In the auditorium of his old sions and prompted others that the lawmaker oppose Walden should “quit danc- we’re like other people. Under federal income
middle school just blocks to not bother holding them. Trump’s voiding of rules ing around down there” We want to survive,” said guidelines, American Indi-
from where he still lives, the President Donald Trump blocking harmful emissions. and produce results. Iyotte, a member of the ans qualify for the program
congressman who is a lead and his party’s policies on “Yes or no,” the audi- But in Hood River, which Rosebud Sioux tribe. at slightly higher rates than
author of the stalled House health care, immigration, ence yelled when Walden despite its name is on the Tribal officials in Latino and black house-
Republican health care bill the environment, the arts answered indirectly. banks of the majestic Colum- states with harsh winters holds, and far higher than
was treated like the villain and Syria have whipped up Walden’s reception bia River, and in Bend, the fear what would happen whites, according to a Feb-
in a class play. Democratic voters and lib- was far friendlier in more district’s liberal hub at the without the Low Income ruary report from the Joint
It didn’t matter that Rep. eral organizers while divid- GOP-leaning Prineville, foot of the Cascades, huge Home Energy Assistance Center for Political and Eco-
Greg Walden was on a first- ing Republicans as well. set among grazing land crowds pressed Walden in Program, also known as nomic Studies, a think tank
name basis with many of the “Connie, I tried to an- 100 miles to the south. two-hour encounters heavy LIHEAP. Ending it, as that supports officials and
roughly 800 attendees. swer you,” Walden pleaded There were far fewer in- on boisterous interruptions Trump’s budget blueprint experts who serve minority
Walden, 60, encoun- to Connie Burton over boos. terruptions, though from and catcalls. would do, could dispro- communities.

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March for
Science has a
vital message
One of the earmarks of of the hardest hit research
a thriving nation is respect agencies. It’s the NIH that’s MARSHALL RAMSEY/CREATORS SYNDICATE

for its scientific community. responsible for medical

Here’s how bad things breakthroughs that require
are in America today: federal funding to collect
Readers’ letters
Scientists feel so under data without interrup-
siege, they have called for tion for a period of years County supervisors are one mentioned above. The rest
HAVE YOUR SAY is just blah-blah-blah.
a March for Science on — work private companies squandering public funds Letters of up to 150 words Desmond Tuck
Earth Day, April 22. can’t or won’t fund. will be considered for San Mateo
Silicon Valley should The NIH is also our Is it unreasonable to expect publication. All letters must
elected individuals serving on include a full name, address
respond in force. We know first line of defense against Santa Clara County’s Board of and daytime phone number,
Sanders had good reason
the vital role scientific re- frightening new diseases, Supervisors to take the same plus any affiliations that not to share his database
search plays in our econ- like Ebola and Zika. degree of care in spending would place your opinion in
taxpayers’ money as they would context. The full letter policy, Larry Gerston criticizes
omy and our very lives. The Crippling it is not putting with their own funds? and additional letters, are Bernie Sanders for not shar-
March for Science Silicon “America first.” Apparently so. available at mercurynews. ing his donor database with
Valley starts at 11 a.m. at Trump’s budget didn’t Not content with being com/opinion. Send letters for the DNC and suggests that
recently excoriated for their The Mercury News to: this could help Republicans in
San Jose City Hall, and include the National Sci- ridiculous overspending on new 2018 (Opinion, April 11). So the
San Francisco’s starts at ence Foundation, but it’s Email: mnletters@
badges for the county coroner’s candidate who significantly out-
11 a.m. at Justin Herman expected to take a similar office, we have now learned, (no attachments) performed expectations despite
Plaza. (See this editorial on hit. The NSF is a primary thanks to Mercury News the Democratic Party establish-
columnist Scott Herhold, that Mail: 4 North Second St., ment working actively against driver of the economy, the county wants to needlessly Suite 800, San Jose, CA him should share the fruits of
for links to the web sites.) keeping the United States squander another $1 million to 95113 his labors.
In the 1900s, the United at the leading edge of “re-brand” the county’s image. I might agree if the party
Although Herhold’s sug- had demonstrated a modicum
States’ funding of basic discovery in engineering, gested re-branding monikers Elaine Chao to halt a California of competence. This same party
scientific research yielded mathematics, national could be construed as tongue- project to improve our state’s anointed a deeply unpopular
breakthroughs that made defense and on and on. in-cheek, I prefer to think of commuter rail system will candidate who totally misun-
them as kidding-on-the-square. cost this state an estimated derstood the concerns of the
us the envy of the world. More than 200 Nobel Either way, if this is all the 9,600 jobs. These kinds of cuts middle and let “safe” states slip
“Yankee ingenuity,” as it Prize winners have re- better we can expect from our coming from an administration away. This party also chose to
was called, led to unprec- ceived NSF funding. It has Board of Supervisors, the 2018 that promised job growth and devote zero resources to the
edented prosperity. been part of breakthroughs election can’t come too soon. infrastructure improvement congressional special election
Nick Cochran don’t make sense. in Kansas where the totally-
But now evidence-based magical and mundane, San Jose Jack Shannon unknown Bernicrat candidate
research is under attack. such as the Internet, mag- San Jose lost by only 7 points instead of
the projected 21. Why would
Research budgets are netic resonance imaging, Law enforcement demands Gerston suggest Sanders share
shrinking fast, and when fiber optics, nanotechnol- aren’t always in the right Trump’s reversals should the emails of those who believe
politicians see findings not ogy — and bar codes. be seen as sign of strength in his positions with an estab-
to their liking, they shut Scientists need to tell Reading Bob Dean’s state- lishment that keeps firing its
ment of allegiance to whatever As if they needed an excuse, ammunition into its own foot?
down the line of research. these stories and help law enforcement demands Democrats and others now Eric Thacker
Science shouldn’t be a people understand what (“United passenger defied law criticize President Trump’s San Jose
partisan issue. It is explor- will be lost with the decline enforcement orders,” Letters, reversals of his campaign
April 13), I wonder if he believes promises even when he does
atory in nature. Deduc- of publicly funded scien-
that Rosa Parks should have things they wanted. These
Gas tax hike will punish
tions are expected to tific research. It embodies moved to the back of the bus. naysayers obviously just want hardworking Californians
raise questions and spark transparency, integrity Kirch DeMartini to break things.
debate. But that’s where and honesty that can’t be Saratoga With the realities of the Disgusting. Disgraceful.
job descending on Trump’s Dirty politics. Our politicians
peer review comes in to guaranteed by profit-ori- shoulders, even Fareed Zakaria (“Roads bill a win for Brown
examine the findings and ented work, and its results Railroad budget cuts won’t says he has started to act like 2.0),” Page 1A, April 8) are
try to duplicate the results. are in the public domain create needed job growth a real president. Trump really bought and paid for with our
only made one big promise that tax dollars. Over a billion dol-
Experiments with surpris- for entrepreneurs to take According to the National he should be held to — to make lars of our money was given to
ing results should lead to to the next level. Association of Rail Passengers, America great again. three senators in exchange for
more investigation. Scientists try to stay budget cuts proposed by the Those who call themselves their vote to saddle us with $52
This is the message apolitical. We get that. Trump administration would Democrats even disagreed billion in new taxes. The only
result in 220 cities across 23 with that promise, saying that things that are guaranteed are
scientists need to bring to But politics has engulfed states losing their Amtrak, America was already great. It that this will hurt hardworking
the April 22 march. them. They have truth on transit, and commuter rail pro- was, except for our $20 trillion Californians, will be given to pet
President Trump’s bud- their side, and they need grams. These cuts would dis- debt, the racial divisions cul- projects rather than roads, and
proportionately affect rural and tivated by the Obama regime, that Gov. Jerry Brown doesn’t
get proposal cuts spending to stand up for that — and working class communities that and a few other things. care about us. What happened
on the National Institutes for the future of America. voted for Trump and depend on An about-face on former to his promise to not raise taxes
of Health by 18 percent, one Let’s march with them. these trains to connect them to positions is a sign of strength, without a vote by the people?
the U.S. economy. The decision not weakness. The only promise Pam Ashford
by Transportation Secretary that really matters is the big Los Gatos

Be wary of rewarding Russian meddling in election

By Eric Swalwell complete and that accounting is kept in check. If the White House lerson has publicly described These and many more dots
Russia attacked our democ- reckoned, we must maintain a won’t do so on its own, Congress his “very close relationship” are connecting in an increasingly
racy, and now we must make firm stance against Russia’s ag- must exercise bipartisan pres- with Putin and in 2013 was pro-Russia picture. A cascade of
sure it’s not rewarded for having gression — and not allow Russia sure. awarded the Order of Friend- deflections, diversions, evasions
done so. to thrive from its attack. Russia’s influence already is ship, Russia’s highest state honor and outright lies imply a con-
Our intelligence community This is why I and Rep. Eliot producing a confusing foreign for a foreigner. Nor that former sciousness of guilt – but implica-
concluded months ago that Rus- Engel (D-NY), the ranking mem- policy. Syrian dictator and Putin Trump campaign chairman Paul tion is no substitute for investiga-
sia interfered with our elections ber of the House Foreign Affairs ally Bashar al-Assad’s monstrous Manafort proposed more than a tion.
last year, and did so to benefit Committee, proposed a resolution chemical attack upon his own peo- decade ago that he would work to The Syrian situation changes
Donald Trump’s campaign. Now expressing Congress’ sense that ple requires a strategy, congres- influence American politics, busi- nothing about Russia’s inter-
the FBI is conducting criminal the Administration should hold sional authorization, and help from ness deals and media to benefit ference in our election. As our
and counterintelligence investiga- off on any changes to sanctions, allies, but the Trump team’s ties to Putin, or that Manafort received resolution notes, even the appear-
tions into whether the extensive treaties, military aid or diplo- Russia have complicated a success- $12.7 million between 2007 and ance of any conflict of interest
personal, political and financial matic relations that might benefit ful execution of any of these. 2012 from Ukraine’s pro-Russian concerning a dangerous foreign
ties between Russia and the Russian President Vladimir Putin United Nations Ambassador former president, Viktor Yanu- adversary weakens our national
Trump campaign team con- or his government. Nikki Haley rightfully called out kovych. security and erodes the confi-
verged with this attack. Russia is not our friend. Its ag- Russia for its support of Assad, And it’s unsettling that J.D. dence of our allies.
As congressional investiga- gression in Ukraine, its saber-rat- while President Trump himself Gordon, the Trump campaign’s Put more simply: Cheaters
tions inch forward — temporarily tling in the Baltics, its support of stays mostly mum about Russia’s national security adviser, met should never prosper. America’s
hamstrung in the House by the the murderous Assad regime in role. Secretary of State Rex with Russian Ambassador Sergey policies must be in America’s
Intelligence Committee chairman’s Syria, its possible support of the Tillerson bewilderingly voiced Kislyak – as did Trump campaign best interests, not Putin’s.
terrible judgment in sharing infor- Taliban, its suppression of or vio- polar-opposite policies last week adviser Carter Page, reportedly
mation with the Trump Adminis- lence against political opponents regarding regime change. under counterintelligence inves- Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15) is
tration before his own committee and journalists — all of these It’s also unclear how the U.S. tigation, and then-Senator Jeff the ranking member of the CIA
— we continue to call for an inde- things and more paint a portrait can successfully prosecute any Sessions, now attorney general Subcommittee of the House
pendent, bipartisan commission to of a foreign adversary. campaign against Syria while – during the Republican National Permanent Select Committee
give the American public the full We must ensure that Russian tipping off Russia before strikes Convention even as Gordon advo- on Intelligence. Follow him on
accounting it deserves. influence around the globe and occur. cated changing the GOP platform Twitter: @RepSwalwell. He wrote
But until investigations are within our own government is It’s not reassuring that Til- to ease its Russia policies. this for the Bay Area News Group.

Other Views
Trump lacks focus and vision
By Eugene Robinson tion that China manipulates its Bannon, who used to run
WASHINGTON — So much currency. And as for the North Breitbart News, would be the
for Donald Trump, the “America Korea threat, which Trump once scariest character in the ad-
First” populist champion of the said China could easily resolve, ministration if he were better
forgotten working class. The the president now realizes it’s at bureaucratic infighting. He
president now sounds pretty complicated. There’s a histori- was seen as the motivating force
much like a garden-variety cal context for the relationship behind the attempts to impose a
globalist, defending the “rigged” between China and the Koreas. Muslim travel ban, which were
system he denounced during the Who knew? stalled by the courts. He urged
campaign. We’re “not going into Syria,” all-out support of a health care
Then again, who knows how Trump told the New York Post. bill that Trump reportedly had
he’ll sound next week? He hasn’t Those on the receiving end of the doubts about — and went to
even been in office for three full 59 cruise missiles launched last Capitol Hill to order GOP House
months, and Trump may already week might be puzzled. There members to support the mea-
be the most erratic president are roughly 1,000 U.S. personnel sure, which just stiffened their
we’ve ever seen. We have no idea inside the war-torn country, and opposition.
where he really stands because, the number is inching up. Trump Bannon was recently removed
well, neither does he. used to believe in noninterven- from the National Security Coun-
Remember when Russia was tion. Now he’s being cheered by cil, a position he never should
good and President Vladimir those who want the United States have been given in the first place.
Putin was a potential partner in to take a much larger role in the Trump this week said he actually
fighting the Islamic State? Now Syrian civil war. serves as his own strategist, de-
Russia is bad because it contin- Similar confusion abounds in President Donald Trump’s inexperience and distractability are hampering scribing Bannon tepidly as “a guy
ues to support Syrian dictator domestic policy. First, it was vital his ability to get anything positive accomplished. who works for me.” Trump is re-
Bashar Assad, who killed civil- that Congress tackle health care ported to have said privately that
ians, including “beautiful babies,” before moving on to tax reform direction, which could give him A truly first-rate staff could Bannon “is not a team player.”
with chemical weapons. Russia’s and other initiatives. Then after an actual accomplishment to brag help. Instead, however, Trump If this were a slasher movie, the
support of Assad, of course, is the debacle of the ill-fated Ameri- about? I have no idea, and I doubt populated his West Wing with audience would be screaming at
nothing new. But Putin, who no can Health Care Act — which Trump knows, either. a group of warring factions the screen, “Steve, don’t go into
longer compliments Trump, kept Trump decided to avidly support, It was inevitable that a rookie that battle one another with a that basement!”
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson despite the fact that it reneged on president with no experience in ruthlessness the characters in If Bannon is toast, that’s good
cooling his heels before deigning his campaign promise of insur- government at any level, much “Game of Thrones” might find for the nation and the world. But
to meet with him. Horrible! ance for “everybody” — Trump less the highest, would have a excessive. Currently on the Trump still lacks a White House
Remember when China was was ready to move on to other ridiculously steep learning curve outs is Trump’s chief strate- team capable of executing his
bad because it was “eating our issues. But now, maybe health to climb. It was also inevitable gist, Steve Bannon, the “eco- vision, or any vision. The answer
lunch” in trade deals? Now, after care is back as a priority. that Trump’s lack of focus and nomic nationalist” who wants to Casey Stengel’s question
Trump established personal Both parties support corpo- his tendency to be distracted by to sharply curtail immigration, — “Can’t anybody here play this
chemistry with Chinese President rate tax reform, so it wouldn’t whatever cable news is yam- erect trade barriers, reduce game?” — is an unambiguous no.
Xi Jinping during a summit at require much “Art of the Deal” mering about at a given moment U.S. commitments overseas
Mar-a-Lago, Trump declines to magic to make it happen. Why would hamper his ability to get and destroy what he calls the Eugene Robinson is a Washington
repeat his long-standing allega- hasn’t Trump moved in this anything done. “administrative state.” Post columnist.

Cartoonist’s view
Trump strike puts
the world on notice
that America is back
By Charles Krauthammer sure, in the service of a crusade
WASHINGTON — The world for democracy, but in the service
is agog at Donald Trump’s head- of concrete strategic objectives,
snapping foreign policy reversal. broadly defined and extending far
He runs on a platform of America beyond our shores.
First. He renounces the role of To the North Pacific, for
world policeman. He excoriates example. The Syria strike sent a
parasitic foreigners that (I para- message to both China and North
phrase) suck dry our precious Korea that Trump’s threats
bodily fluids — and these are al- of unilateral action against
lies! On April 4, Trump declared: Pyongyang’s nukes and missiles
“I don’t want to be the president are serious. A pre-emptive strike
of the world. I’m the president against those facilities is still un-
of the United States. And from likely but today conceivable. Even
now on, it’s going to be America more conceivable — perhaps
First.” even probable — is a shoot-down
A week earlier, both his sec- of a North Korean missile in
retary of state and U.N. ambas- flight.
sador had said that the regime The message to Russia was
of Bashar Assad is a reality and equally clear. Don’t push too
that changing it is no longer an far in Syria and, by extension,

‘Academic redshirting’ may American priority.

Then last week, Assad drops
chemical weapons on rebel-held
in Europe. We’re not seeking a
fight, but you don’t set the rules.
Syria shared the Sharyat base

do potential harm to students

territory and Trump launches 59 with Russian troops. Russian bar-
Tomahawk missiles into Syria. racks were left untouched, but we
This was, in part, an emotional were clearly not deterred by their
reaction to images of children proximity.
dying of sarin poisoning. And, The larger lesson is this: In the
By Esther J. Cepeda to the phone calls and notes to be short-lived. Because of in part, seizing the opportunity end, national interest prevails.
CHICAGO — There are a home to discuss behavioral is- the important role of classroom to redeem Barack Obama’s Populist isolationism sounds
few precious moments in every sues: refusal to sleep at naptime, peer effects, redshirted chil- unenforced red line on chemical great, rouses crowds and may
parent’s life when you realize tugging on peers’ hair or clothes, dren can be educationally and weapons. even win elections. But contra
you didn’t inadvertently torpedo reluctance to participate in quiet socially harmed by being with Whatever the reason, moral White House adviser Steve Ban-
your kid’s chances at success activities. others who are performing and or strategic, Trump acted. And non, it’s not a governing foreign
and happiness. Last week, I had His birthday is in early Au- behaving at lower developmental effectively reset his entire foreign policy for the United States.
one. gust, close to our state’s Sept. levels.” policy. Bannon may have written the
My vindication came 1 cutoff, and we agonized over Whew! So I didn’t ruin my True, in and of itself, the come-home-America inaugural
courtesy of a new paper to be whether to let him proceed to kid’s life after all. raid will not decisively alter the address. But it was the old hands,
published in the Summer 2017 kindergarten. And then, for Schanzenbach hit upon the course of Syria’s civil war. Assad Trump’s traditionally interna-
issue of Education Next, a the next 10 years, we agonized idea of investigating the verac- and his Iranian, Russian and He- tionalist foreign policy team led
policy research journal. The pa- over whether we failed him by ity of redshirting while chatting zbollah co-combatants still have by Defense Secretary James Mat-
per focuses on all the reasons not keeping him out an extra with Larson about whether the upper hand — but no longer tis and national security adviser
that “academic redshirting” year. Schanzenbach’s daughter’s a free hand. After six years of H.R. McMaster, who rewrote the
— delaying a child’s entry into Today, as a sophomore in development would adequately U.S. passivity, there are limits script with the Syria strike.
kindergarten in order to derive high school, The Wiggler is still prepare her to be successful in now and America will enforce Assad violated the interna-
benefit from an extra year of one of the youngest in his class. kindergarten this coming fall. them. tional taboo on chemical weap-
physical growth and social- Until recently, he was always “This is one of the hottest Nor was the raid the beginning ons. Who would enforce it, if not
emotional maturity — can one of the smallest boys in his topics on the playground! of a campaign for regime change. us? Candidate Trump would have
potentially do more harm than class. And also the most annoy- Parents often struggle with It was, however, a reassertion of replied: None of our business.
good. ing to his teachers, who over this decision and want to know an American stake in both the President Trump brought out the
“Redshirting is generally the years, continued to send what the advice from experts conduct and the outcome of the Tomahawks.
not worth it,” write authors notes home begging us to keep is and what the research says,” war. America’s abdication is over. His foreign policy has gone
Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, him from tapping his pencils, Schanzenbach told me via Be warned. from mere homeland protection
a professor of education and making silly noises and, yes, email. “I just asked (Larson) Moreover, the very swift- to defending certain interests,
social policy at Northwestern wiggling himself practically out what she advises parents. ness of the response carried values and strategic assets
University, and Stephanie How- of his seat. And she immediately started a message to the wider world. abroad. These endure over time.
ard Larson, the director of a But, according to Schan- describing the potential for Obama is gone. No more Hence the fundamental continu-
Montessori school in Wilmette, zenbach and Larson, “The mismatch between a student elaborate forensic investiga- ity of our post-World War II
Illinois. research on relative age and his/her peers if he is red- tions. No agonized presidential engagement abroad.
In fact, they write, “the indicates that being among shirted, which of course is con- handwringing over the moral With apologies to Lord Palm-
benefit of being older at the the youngest in the class has sistent with my own academic dilemmas of a fallen world. It erston, we don’t have permanent
start of kindergarten declines benefits, in both the short and research study that documents took Obama 10 months to de- enthusiasms, but we do have
sharply as children move long term. Why? Because older the importance of peers and cide what to do in Afghanistan. permanent interests. And they
through the school grades.” classmates tend to be higher that having slightly older peers It took Trump 63 hours to have a way of asserting them-
And, notably, “For the older achieving and better behaved. has a positive impact.” make Assad pay for his chemi- selves. Which is why Bannonism
students ... the positive im- They model positive behav- This is really the most cal-weapons duplicity. is in eclipse.
pacts of being more mature ior, and the younger students comforting thing we can hear. America demonstrated its This is not to say that things
are offset by the negative achieve greater academic gains So much of what parents do capacity for swift, decisive action. could not change tomorrow.
effects of attending class with from learning and competing revolves around making the best And in defense, mind you, of an We’ve just witnessed one about-
younger students.” with older ones. find that, with choices for their kids, and we abstract international norm — a face. With a president who counts
This was music to my ears. age held constant, learning always worry that we haven’t rationale that dramatically over- unpredictability as a virtue, he
My youngest son’s child- with older classmates boosts chosen well enough. rides the constraints of America could well reverse course again.
hood nickname was “The students’ test scores.” On any given day, we must First. For now, however, the tradi-
Wiggler,” because even in the Not only are students who are just do our best with the infor- Trump’s inaugural address tionalists are in the saddle. U.S.
womb, he was in perpetual mo- held back for a year not more mation we have and hope that had boldly rejected the 70-year policy has been normalized. The
tion. He was that toddler who likely to be accepted in gifted the scholarly research eventu- American consensus to bear the world is on notice: Eight years of
could not sit still and eventu- and talented programs, but the ally pats us on the back for not burdens of world leadership. sleepwalking is over. America is
ally became a troublesome authors conclude that, “Both messing up too badly. Less than three months later, back.
preschooler who irritated his research and experience suggest the Syrian raid abruptly changed
teachers. that the gains that accrue from Esther J. Cepeda is a Washington that course with a renewed Charles Krauthammer is a
There was seemingly no end being an older student are likely Post columnist. interventionism — not, to be Washington Post columnist.

Rapid shift for Trump

views on Russia, China
President suddenly Are you using your subscription
prefers dealing with
China, not Moscow to the FULLEST?
By Josh Lederman
Associated Press
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soft on Russia and hard on
China, President Donald

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Trump rapidly reversed
course in the last weeks,
concluding there’s more
business to be done with
Beijing than with Moscow.
Trump’s evolving views
on those two world powers
have brought the U.S. back President Donald Trump, once soft on Russia and hard on
into alignment with former China, has shifted positions and has decided there is more
President Barack Obama’s business to be done with Beijing.
pattern of “great power” pol-
itics. Though Russia critics be putting the pair on a col- outstretched hand to China.
welcomed Trump’s newly lision course. Trump recently hosted Chi-
hardened tone, there’s less The sudden U-turn has nese President Xi Jinping
enthusiasm from America’s been head-snapping for at his Florida resort, and
allies in Asia, who fear the people around the world, on Thursday hailed Xi as a
U.S. could overlook China’s despite Trump’s self-pro- “terrific person” and a “very
more aggressive posture to- fessed penchant for unpre- special man.”
ward its neighbors. dictability. For years Trump said
It may be that Trump, As the Republican nomi- that China was “eating our
the businessman-turned- nee, Trump praised Putin lunch,” and he peppered
world leader, is discovering repeatedly as a strong, “very his campaign rallies with
China’s transactional ap- smart” leader. Trump’s promises to label China a
proach to foreign relations gestures to Moscow even currency manipulator as
is better suited to achiev- fueled perceptions that his one of his first acts. He even
ing his own goals. Chinese campaign and Russia were threatened to start a trade
leaders have sought a U.S. colluding to help him get war, arguing that China’s
relationship based on the elected — a possibility the trade surplus was the rea-
two powers respecting each FBI is investigating. son for America’s economic
other’s spheres of influence “Frankly, if we got along woes.
and not intervening in one with Russia and knocked Trump’s growing focus
another’s internal affairs. out ISIS, that would be a on the North Korean threat,
Such a balance-of-pow- good thing, not a bad thing,” has changed his thinking.
ers approach had been Trump told a radio host in Now he is looking for help
Russia’s traditional stance. October, citing his still unre- from China, North Korea’s
dominant trade partner, and
Don’t miss out on the perks
Moscow still wants Wash- alized goal to have both coun-
ington out of its backyard,
but Russia’s alleged cam-
tries cooperate to defeat the
Islamic State group.
easing up on his rhetoric.
Coinciding with this new
of being a subscriber!
paigns to influence the U.S. This past week, it was assessment was Trump’s
presidential election and the opposite message, as announcement that he Complete your account at
upcoming votes in the heart the U.S. and Russia feuded won’t declare China a cur-
of Western Europe have about Syria. rency manipulator. It was
made it harder for Ameri- “We’re not getting along Trump’s second major con-
can officials to take the offer with Russia at all,” Trump cession to Xi.
seriously. Russia’s support said. So what did Trump, the
for Syrian President Bashar Trump’s declaration self-declared deal-maker,
Assad and Trump’s new- came at a joint news con- get in return? Having trouble? Call our customer service group at
found commitment to mili- ference with the leader of “The U.S. hasn’t gotten
tarily countering any chem- NATO, an alliance estab- anything from China yet,” 1 (800) 870-6397 for The Mercury News or
ical weapons attacks also is lished as a Cold War bul- said Evan Medeiros, who 1 (800) 598-4637 for East Bay Times
proving hard to square. wark against the Soviet was Obama’s top Asia ad-
Also, Trump and Rus- Union. Trump had dis- viser in the White House.
sian President Vladimir missed NATO as “obsolete,” “The question becomes, if
Putin’s shared tendency but now says it is “no longer they don’t give him what
toward nationalist, “don’t- obsolete.” he wants, what happens
mess-with-us” rhetoric may Trump is offering an next?”

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Afghan official: Former Iran leader Ahmadinejad

Bombing death unfazed by US strikes in Syria
toll rises to 94 By Nasser Karimi
Associated Press
“The nuclear deal is a le-
By Rahim Faiez in Nangarhar. gal document and a pact. In
Associated Press Addressing a gather- TEHRAN, Iran — For- the Islamic Republic, the offi-
ing in Kabul, Karzai said mer Iranian President Mah- cials and the supreme leader
KABUL, Afghanistan that allowing the U.S. to moud Ahmadinejad said have approved of it and de-
— The number of mili- carry out the bombing Saturday he does not view clared their commitment to
tants killed in an attack was “treason” and an in- recent U.S. missile strikes it,” he said.
by the largest non-nuclear sult to Afghanistan. on ally Syria as a message “The problem about the
weapon ever used in com- Current President for Iran, which he called a nuclear deal is how they ad-
bat by the U.S. military Ashraf Ghani’s office said “powerful country” that the vertised it. Both parties have
has risen to 94, an Afghan Friday there was “close U.S. cannot harm. represented it in such a way
official said Saturday. coordination” between The controversial former as if it can solve all the issues
Ataullah Khogyani, the U.S. military and the president made the remarks of human history. It was in-
spokesman for the pro- Afghan government on to The Associated Press correct. It later turned out to
vincial governor in Nan- the operation, and they on Saturday in his office in Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives an be untrue,” he continued.
garhar, said the number were careful to prevent northern Tehran, three days interview Saturday at his office, in Tehran, Iran. Ahmadinejad’s candidacy
of Islamic State group any civilian casualties. after he stunned Iranians by has left many inside Iran
dead was up from the 36 The U.S. estimates registering to run for presi- about issues such as Iran’s would not have $70 billion scratching their heads.
reported a day earlier. A 600-800 IS fighters are dent again. missile program and the pos- of assets. However he has He registered to run on
Ministry of Defense official in Afghanistan, mostly in His surprise candidacy sible reaction by the U.S. and no choice but to play such a the same day as did his for-
had said Friday the num- Nangarhar. The U.S. has must still be approved by Israel to another Ahmadine- role,” he said. mer Vice President Hamid
ber of dead could rise as concentrated on fighting authorities but has already jad presidency. It was unclear how he ar- Baghaei, saying at the time
officials assessed the bomb them while also support- upended a race that was Like all candidates, the rived at that dollar figure. his decision was meant to
site in Achin district. ing Afghan forces against widely expected to be won by 60-year-old must be vetted Ahmadinejad also voiced support his political ally. The
“Fortunately there is the Taliban. incumbent moderate Hassan and approved by a power- reluctant support for Iran’s move has fueled speculation
no report of civilians be- The U.S. has more Rouhani. ful constitutional watchdog 2015 nuclear deal with the that Ahmadinejad registered
ing killed in the attack,” than 8,000 US troops in Ahmadinejad dismissed known as the Guardian Coun- U.S. and other world pow- knowing that the Guardian
Khogyani said. Afghanistan, training lo- suggestions that the U.S. cil before he can ultimately ers, which saw Iran accept Council would be reluctant
The increased death cal forces and conducting strike on Syria might also be run. It will announce its list curbs on its nuclear program to risk angering his conser-
toll in Nangarhar was counterterrorism opera- a warning for his country. of approved candidates by in exchange for relief from vative base by disqualifying
announced as officials in tions. “I do not think it has a April 27. The council, which crippling international sanc- both him and Baghaei.
southern Helmand prov- In Helmand province, message for Iran. Iran is a is made up of clerics and Is- tions. Iran has managed to His candidacy runs in op-
ince reported at least 11 at least 11 civilians were powerful country and people lamic jurists, normally dis- sign a string of multibillion- position to a recommenda-
civilians were killed and killed and one wounded in like Mr. Trump or the United qualifies dissidents, women, dollar civilian aircraft deals tion Supreme Leader Ayatol-
one wounded in two road- two roadside bomb blasts States administration cannot and many reformists. since sanctions were lifted, lah Ali Khamenei that he not
side bomb blasts over- late Friday evening, said hurt Iran,” he said. Ahmadinejad said the but many ordinary Iranians run because it would create
night. Omar Zwak, spokesman U.S. President Donald strike on Syria could have are still waiting on hoped- a “polarized situation” that
The U.S. attack on a for the provincial gover- Trump’s administration happened even if Hillary for economic benefits of the would be “harmful for the
tunnel complex in remote nor. earlier this year announced Clinton had won the U.S. nuclear agreement to trickle county.”
eastern Nangarhar prov- “All victims of the at- it was putting Iran “on no- election. He added that the
ince near the Pakistan tack were innocent civil- tice” in part over its ballistic decision to attack Syria was
border killed at least four
IS group leaders, Khog-
ians including women and
children,” said Zwak.
missile tests, and last week
pounded a Syrian air base
made by people behind the
scenes in the U.S., strongly HELP
yani said. He said a clear- The 11 died in a blast in with cruise missiles in re- implying that the U.S. presi- BRING MISSING
ance operation to assess Nawa district when their sponse to a chemical weap- dency is decided behind
the site of the attack was vehicle was hit by a road- ons attack. closed doors.
continuing. side bomb. Another per- Iran is the main regional “Those who are the direc- BY DONATING
The strike using the son was wounded when a backer of Syrian President tors must give the role (of YOUR VEHICLE
Massive Ordnance Air second bomb exploded in Bashar Assad and is involved president) to a person who
Blast bomb, or MOAB, Lashkar Gah, the capital militarily on the ground in can pull it off best. A woman Donating is easy and
was carried out on of Helmand, he said. that country’s civil war. cannot put up a good war you will receive the
Thursday against an Is- Also on Saturday, Kho- Ahmadinejad struck a face,” he said. “A man can maximum tax deduction.
lamic State group tunnel gyani said a district leader mostly conciliatory tone dur- do that better. They need to Learn more at
complex carved into the and three others were ing the interview, taking care come up with a figure and
mountains that Afghan wounded when their vehicle to not stir up controversy say he is very dangerous.”
forces had tried to as- was targeted by a bomb. that could alienate voters or Ahmadinejad also dis-
sault repeatedly in recent One of the wounded clerical authorities. missed the Trump admin-
weeks in fierce fighting in was Ghalib Mujahid, He avoided repeating in- istration’s aggressive talk
Nangarhar province. Bati Kot district chief, he flammatory statements that toward Tehran as political
Former Afghan presi- said. made him infamous in the posturing, suggesting that a
dent Hamid Karzai on “The district chief and West, such as those predict- businessman with such var-
Saturday criticized both others are out of danger ing Israel’s demise or ques- ied international interests
the Afghan and U.S. gov- and are not in life-threat- tioning the scale of the Holo- would rather avoid war. DONATE YOUR VEHICLE TODAY!
ernments for the attack ening condition,” he said. caust. He dodged questions “If he were dangerous, he 1-800-753-0442

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