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Tid Bits of Wisdom

TID BITS of WISDOM from the
1801 Old Hickory Trail
DeSoto, Texas 75115
From the Wonderful Word Publishers

Publishers, Inc.
December 2017 & January 2018 Vol. 1,2-3

These are the words that Delilah spoke when she was trying to find out
where Samson’s strength came from. She had gotten his attention, but she didn’t
have his heart. Without his heart the words ‘I love you’ just didn’t mean much.

How many times have we said ‘I love you’ when we did not put our heart
with our words? Words are no good without the heart! We serve God and man
with out hearts. What kind of a heart do you have to offer to those you serve?

Psalms 12:2 says, “They speak vanity every one with his neighbor; with
flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak.” What is a double heart?
A double heart is one that has not yet commented to whatever he is doing. Until
your heart is FIXED no one can trust your words, for tomorrow you will change
your mind and your words will have been VAIN. You can’t be trusted until your
heart is FIXED upon what your words are speaking.
DeSoto, Texas 75115

Non-Profit Organ.

The first and the greatest commandment is Thou Shalt Love the Lord
U.S. Postage
Permit 697

with all thine Heart. God requires us to commit our heart to loving Him. You
can’t love without the heart. Our heart is our feelings, our will and our intellect.
Or, you could say, the center of our being.
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NOT WITH ME? Reading through my Bible this year was a real challenge. I wonder how
many struggled this year with their Bible reading. Some years I just zip right
I fear too many marriages are without heart to heart relationships. They
through, but this year it seemed that every day there was something to take me
are a lot like so many professing Christians who say they love God but do not put
away from my reading. BUT, I made it!!! If you read through your Bible in one
their hearts into serving Him. They will give their time and their money yet still
year you will have to be commented to doing so. Satan hates for us to be in the
withhold their hearts. Why? Because they either don’t know how to love from
Word of God. The Bible is alive and when you spend time reading, it will cause
the heart, or they are afraid to invest their hearts for fear the other person will let
you to come alive. As well as I know my Bible I cannot go without reading it
them down. We cannot allow fear to rob us of meaningful relationships. Could
every day. Quoting it to myself doesn’t stir my spirit like opening my Bible and
you get hurt? Yes! There is always a chance that someone will hurt us, but the
reading it anew. We have people all the time thinking us for encouraging them
Bible says ‘love never fails’. That means you will reap the benefit of love even if
to read through their Bibles. It changes your life.
the other person abuses your love.
If you have never attempted to read through your Bible, join us this year.
If you just cannot finish in one year, then go as far as you can and keep going un-
Have you ever had someone to accuse you of not loving them when you
til you finish. Commit to read something every day until you finish. There is no
think you do love them? What they are saying to you is they feel you have turned
way you can truly know God without knowing His Word. ---Gloria Brewster
your back to them and are not dealing with them face to face. When someone
cuts you off or turns away from you it is a cold feeling, not the warmth that love
brings. It’s not so important that you think you love someone as it is that they feel THOSE WHO HAVE READ THE WONDERFUL WORD
you love them. Until they feel your love, your love is not effective. THROUGH THEIR BIBLE Tid Bit’s of Wisdom
-Psalms 68:11-
You might ask, “How can I know that I am loving in an affective way”? IN 2017 Founded December, 1966
WONDERFUL WORD Magazine, now
When love is perfected it will be received as love even if it is rejected. Most of Tid Bits of Wisdom, is the official voice of
the time the reason we refuse to act in genuine love is we think the other person Jerry L. Brewster WONDERFUL WORD PUBLISHERS, a
non-profit, religious organization, endeav-
doesn’t deserve our love. Someone has to go first! The person who loves God the Gloria Brewster oring to publish Gospel Literature in the
most will be the first to serve the undeserving. If you wait until the other person Spanish Language for world-wid distribu-
gets right, you are no better than they are. That attitude is all about serving man
Kevin Spracklen tion, through Bible believing Missionaries at

not God. God requires us to love and God deserves to see us loving as He does. D’Elda Spracklen no cost to them. It is published as the Lord
enables. It is dedicated to Missionary activ-
We are here to please God, not man! Yes, it is man I am reaching too, but it is God Larry Connor ity on the fields already white unto harvest,
and contending for the verbally inspired
I am obeying. Judy Connor Word, exalthing the LIVING WORD.
This generation seems to enjoy cursing everyone and everything. All Carlene Batchelor Wonderful Word Publishers

we hear in public today is cursing. We were called to be a blessing, we were not Connie Cimino P.O., Box 315
Powell, Tenn 37849
called to curse God’s people. We have the opportunity to help or hinder the lives Ronda Brazier
of those we come in contact with. What are you doing to bless those God brings
Renee Walters ‘TID BITS OF WISDOM’
into your life? Bro. Jerry & Gloria Brewster
1801 Old Hickory Trail
February is the month we hand out our heart in our valentine cards. Why (Many did not turn their names DeSoto, Texas 75115
don’t you really put your heart in the cards this year and see what God does for in this year. Don’t forget to let us Website:

you. ______Jerry Brewster know next year.)
2 11

Winter has come!!! For two years we have not had a hard winter or a hot When you sometimes feel discouraged
summer, but winter has returned. When you read in Genesis where God promised And you’re sad, lonely and blue
there would always be seasons, it gives you a security that you know what’s com- If you feel your heart is breaking
ing and you can be ready for it. He also gave the rainbow to remind Himself to Let me tell you what to do.
never flood the earth again. There are some great promises in the Bible that we
can know will never change. Get right down upon your knees,
Look up to God on high
My health has been good for sometime now. I tire easily but over all I am
Then softly start to praying
doing well for a man with a bad heart. Gloria and I want to spend our last days
serving God’s people. If your work needs a helping hand, give us a call. We are And you’ll know that He is nigh.
ready to serve. I can teach, preach and lead singing. Gloria can teach ladies, (I
won’t let her preach Ha!Hah!) and play the piano. Just give us a call if you need Tell Him all your troubles
a helping hand. 972-897-1520 and 214-293-5252. And let Him know your need.
You only need to have the faith
You will notice we didn’t have a large number of people to read through The size of a mustard seed.
their Bibles this year. I hope they just forgot to let us know. This was a hard year
for me and maybe others had a hard time also. Don’t give up. It is one thing you Your troubles all will vanish
cannot afford to neglect. Your burdens lighter be
Just do as I have told you
Our gifts were down this year. This is going on our 12th year and it
And you will quickly see.
may have become old hat to some, but please don’t forget this work. We hear
often from readers who look forward to reading each printing. Especially those
in prison and shut in’s. Also a lot of Sunday School teachers use articles from our Now don’t you feel much better
paper from time to time. Than you ever did before?
Christ is gently knocking
Wonderful Word Publishers is still putting the tracts out free of charge. Can’t you hear Him at your door!
Mrs. Connie works from Knoxville, Tennessee. and we here in DeSoto, Texas.
The Connors are putting out 100’s of 1,000s of tracts also. Our hearts are to get Don’t ever let Him linger,
the Word of God to the World. But quickly let Him in
He’ll take away your sorrows
You will remember the Richard and Kristi Guay from Tialand. They have
And banish all your sin.
just returned to Tialand after about eight months furlough. Their son Elijiah has
been staying with us until he returns to Pensicola. Florida, to attend Bible College.
Please pray for them as they return to their work. Don’t forget to pray for your ---- Mrs. Jewel Krueger
pastors and our missionaries. Don’t just assume they will be alright, they need
our prayers. (This is a poem that my mother wrote as a preacher’s wife many
years ago. I found it while going through some old papers. My mother
ALL GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 1801 Old Hickory Trail, DeSoto, wrote and published five songs in the Stamp Music books.)
TX, 75115. Phone: 214-293-5252
10 3
E Not in unbelief -
M Voltaire was an infidel of the most pronounced type. He wrote: “I wish I
A had never been born.”
Not in pleasure -
E Lord Byron lived a life of pleasure, if anyone did. He wrote: “The
Gloria Brewster worm, the canker, and the grief are mine alone.”
Not in money -
Jay Gould, the American millionaire, had plenty of that,
TO GOD when dying he said: “I suppose I am the most miserable man on earth.”
GREAT THINGS HE HAS Not in position and fame -
Lord Beaconsfield enjoyed more than his share of both. He wrote:
“Youth is a mistake; manhood, a struggle; old age, a regret.”
(Would you please allow me to share with you some of the things God has done
for us these past 3 1/2 years in providing our needs. I don’t know what your great Not in military glory -
need is today. It might be money, it might be health, or it might be relationships
Alexander the Great conquered the known world in his day. Having
with loved ones. Whatever your great need is today, let me encourage you that
God cares, God hears and God provides. Our job is to ask, seek and knock!)
done so, he wept, because, he said, “There are no more worlds to con-
We (Jerry & I) began our home in 1960. We were 16 & 17 years old. We
had no ideal how to run a household. We had not even had to buy our own tooth Where, then, is happiness found?
paste. We had no ideal how much things cost. We had not “counted the cost of The answer is simple: In Christ alone. He said, “I will see you again,
building a home.” and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.”

The first few years we were always running out of things like bread,
milk, toilet paper, gas for the car, etc., etc., etc.! I remember searching the house One night in late October,
for 23 cents for a loaf of bread. It was Wednesday and we were not paid until When I was far from sober,
Friday. There is much to learn about running a household and we didn’t know Returning with my load of manly pride,
how to hold back for tomorrow’s needs. We spent what was in our hands and
THEN found out it wasn’t ours to spend! No one could have had less money the My feet began to stutter,
day before payday than we had. Being of a sound mind we spent it all! So I lay down in the gutter,
And a pig came near and lay down by my side.
Jerry made $50 a week and our rent was $55 a month. The week of the
A lady passing by was heard to say:
rent we had nothing for gas or groceries because we had not prepared. “Now what
do you do?” We had a lot of pride and we didn’t want our parents to think we “You can tell a man who boozes
could not make it. My parents were the only ones who had a phone, so we took By the company he chooses;”
our last 10 cents and went to a pay phone to ask to borrow $5 until Friday. We And the pig got up and slowly walked away.
4 9
Since retiring, everything we have has broken or had to be replaced. We did not have a coin or a bill between us. When Jerry put the dime in the phone, it
have had major work on two cars, bought tires for two cars, had to rewire out took our last dime, but the phone did not work. In desperation Jerry put his finger
house, had to break up concrete and replace waterlines, had to completely re- in the one on the dial and began dialing it over and over. All of a sudden dimes
plumb our gas line, we lost $400 worth of gas with the gas leak, made a trip to began to pour out of the phone. There was $5 worth of dimes. The manager of
Florida for death in the family and just got the car out of the shop for a water the store said they were ours because the phone company would not come out and
pump replacement. We also have to pray down a huge house payment each month fix it. We didn’t have to call for help! For about three months every time we got
which the budget doesn’t include. These are a few of the major things in the past in trouble we ran to the phone!!!
3 1/2 years. We never charge and we paid when the work was done. How did we
survive? God always supplied, one way or another. He never left us stranded! God has always used money to teach and lead us to know Him and His
Will for our lives. He taught us how to make it from pay check to pay check.
The week Jerry retired, two people took us on for support, knowing that He taught us to tithe and give Him His money first. Now everybody in America
we would continue to minister from our home. Not long after, one more person saves for the future, but God never ask that of us. He always gave us ministry
took us on for support. These people have brought our groceries and gasoline. that took all we had in our hands. Any need out of the ordinary we had to pray
No church took us on until last year when our church began to support us. We down and wait for God to provide. We learned early how to live by faith and
never asked our church for support. All of our love gifts have come from indi- look ONLY to God for our needs. While we were raising the children we all knelt
vidual friends. We have always tried to only tell God when we had a need and around the couch at night and asked God for our needs. We prayed down shoes,
God touches hearts for us. We take nothing from Tid Bits of Wisdom. Five clothing, cars, refrigerators, etc., etc., etc.. All of our seven children know how
times in the last 3 1/2 years we have received gifts of $1,000. Every time, it was to pray down their needs. Not one of them have ever lived off us. They say they
when we had a major issues. The first three times the gifts came just as we needed learned it from the couch.
to pay. The last three times it has come early and God has intrusted us to hold it
until He revealed the need. He has trusted us to wait on His leading. I can not tell you how many people we have taken into our home and
helped to get on their feet and find their own way in life. I have counseled hun-
If God gave me my choice has to how to live I would not have chosen to dreds of women through the years and most of the time I spent my money to serve
live like this. It is humbling to say the least. Most of those who have given to us them, because they were in trouble when they came and didn’t have any money.
have not given out of abundance of money, but sharing what they could have used Twenty seven years we served God from the church pew and from our home and
for themselves. They have invested their lives with us and how do you say thank we saw God transform many lives. In the middle 80’s God put Jerry in the pastor-
you? It is marvelous to watch God deliver us daily and I could never complain at ate and we had to opt out of Social Security. Our Social Security is fixed on our
how He watches over us. But, I like being the giver and not the one in need! 80’s salary.

To those who have shared their lives with us these last 3 1/2 years I wish At the end of Jerry’s 27 years of pastoring we were very comfortable.
you could be on our side and see how God has used you to meet our needs. It We knew it was time for Jerry to retire because of our health and the needs of
would make your heart jump for joy, because you would know it was of “God” the church. Jerry’s heart was only working at 10 to 15 % and he couldn’t do the
and not our need that caused you to give. You would know your gift was not in work the church was needing. When Jerry knew that God had showed him the
vain. man to take the church, he resigned thinking he could work part time and make
the money we needed to survive. We couldn’t stay at the church for money, when
God loves his children!!! He cares about our hurts and our needs. He God said it was time to go. By FAITH he resigned, believing God would provide.
allows us to “endure” hardships, but only until they have done the work and He resigned on Sunday and on Monday his heart stopped and we thought he was
brought forth the fruit that God wanted done. Then - God delivers! Nothing is dead, BUT God gave life. Yet, he couldn’t work part time now and we had no way
without purpose and nothing He takes us through will ever go un-rewarded. of meeting our needs. God has done marvelous things for us over the years when
we by faith trusted Him, but our walk of faith today is not because we chose it, but
Heb 6:10 because it is the only choice we have. As long as you can do for yourself it gives
For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed
toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.
you a little security. Without strength, if God doesn’t provide, it doesn’t happen!
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A COUNTRY CALLED HEAVEN at least, who has lived there for a long, long time, has come, and told me a great
( by Oswald J. Smith) deal about it. He says it is called heaven, and this is His description of it: “Be-
hold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they
shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. And
I want to tell you of a strange and wonderful country, a country where God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death,
there are no tears or heartaches, a country in which there is no sickness, pain or neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.” (Rev. 21:3-4)
death. The people who live in this country never get tired. They carry no bur-
dens and they never grow old. No one ever says good-bye, for separations are Do you want to go there? Then get ready now. It isn’t difficult. All you
unknown, and there are no disappointments. have to do is to open your heart to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the country, and ask
Him to come into your heart. Then, when the journey of life is ended, you too
In the country of which I am speaking. there is no sin, for no one ever will go to this wonderful country and dwell there for ever more. Will you do it?
does wrong. There are no accidents of any kind. You will travel for thousands Do it - NOW?
of miles and never see a cemetery or meet a funeral procession. There are no un-
dertakers and no morgues. You will never see crepe on the doors, for no one ever
dies. There they need no grave diggers and coffins are unknown. The clothes
that are worn are bright and glistening and no one dresses in mourning.
Ladies Conference 2018
It is a country where nothing ever spoils. the flowers never lose their
fragrance and the leaves are always green. There are no thunderstorms, no erupt-
Maranatha Baptist Church
ing volcanoes, and no earthquakes. Upon those fair shores hurricanes and tidal Killeen, Texas
waves never beat. There are no germs or fevers, no pestilence of any kind. The
sun never shines and yet it is always light for there is no night there. It is never
too hot and never too cold. The temperature is exactly right. No clouds ever
March 8-10
darken the sky and harsh winds never blow.

There are no drunkards in this country for no one ever drinks. None are Keynote speaker:
immoral; men as well as women are pure. There are no illegitimate babies. Pris- Mrs. Mina Oglesby
ons, jails and reformatories never darken the landscape. Doors have no locks and
windows no bars, for thieves and robbers never enter there. No lustful books are
read, and as for unclean pictures, they are never seen. No taxes are paid and rents
Seminar speakers:
are unknown. It is a country free from war and bloodshed. Mrs. Rubie Kaeo, Killeen. Texas
Mrs. Gloria Brewster, DeSoto, Texas
Yes, and let me tell you something else. There are no cripples to be
seen anywhere; none are deformed or lame. Nor is anyone blind, deaf or dumb; Register at 254-526-7679 or 254-251-8635 or
hence, homes for incurables have never been built for all are healthy, all are well
and strong. No beggars are seen on the streets for none are destitute and all have
enough. Leprosy and cancer, palsy and tuberculosis are words that this country Heart-to-heart gift: gift of you choice.
has never heard. No asylums are there, for none are feeble minded. Doctors are
never needed and hospitals are unknown.
The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds’ and
You ask me how I know all this? Have I been there? No, I have not yet the pessimist fears this is true.
had the privilege of visiting this wonderful country, but others have. And One,
A contented man is one who enjoys the scenery along the detour.
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