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‘THE HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF SURVEYORS ic 26 November 2009 Dear Members, HKIS Annual General Meeting 2009 | wish to remind you that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Hong Kong Institue of Surveyors will be held on Friday, 11 December 2008 at 7.00 pm in Suites 811-812, Surveyors Leaming Centre, 8 Floot, Jardine House, One Connaught Place, Central, Hong Keng ‘The Notioe and Agenda of the AGM, enclosing the Minutes of the AGM 2008 and a Ist of nominations received for the Office Bearers and Councilor to the General Council 2008/10 was sent to you vide my letter dated 19 November 2008. In this, connection, | am pleased to attach the folowing documents for your attention and tntormation: 1 profes ofthe nominees for election as Office Bearers and Councilor tothe General Council 2009/10; and 2 arrevised Minutes of the AGM 2008. In accordance with HKIS Bye-Law 3.2.1 the Office Bearers and the Councilor who |s a member of the Technical Grade shall be elected by the Corporate Members presenti person atthe AGM. As more than one nomination has been received for the posts of President and Honorary Secretary, there shall be a voting al the AGM by writen ballot. ‘The Notice and Agenda and corresponding papers are also available on the HKIS website at hits ht isnt | would take this opportunity to remind all members thatthe Extraordinary General Meeting on the proposed amendment to the HKIS Consitution scheduled for 11, December 2008 has been postponed (please refer to my letter dated 19 November, £2008 for details), ‘Thank you for your kind attention and I ook forward to seeing you atthe AGM. Youre sincerely, Ae ‘Ben WH Chong, FHKIS Honorary Secretary By order ofthe HKIS General Council 2008/08 Enes sitemmANe 1 Mies oO Sino oF sna 1 omaha Pe Cort a “apo 2526 357 Fase 150612 Ema ghia Web St MeN