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The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Rules for Annual General Meeting (AGM)

to be held on 11 December 2009


1.1 All paid-up Corporate Members are eligible to attend the AGM. At
the registration desk, the status of a member will be validated against
the current membership register.

1.2 The following shall take place:

(a) Member approaches registration desk for registration.

(b) To register, the member will be required to verify his/her identity
by producing a valid membership card or HK Identity Card for
verification of status of membership.
(c) Upon verification of status of membership, the member shall sign
the attendance register.
(d) Member will be issued with a ballot form after completing
registration formalities.


2.1.1 In accordance with HKIS Bye-Law 3.2.1, the Office Bearers and the
Councillor who is a member of the Technical Grade shall be elected
by the Corporate Members present in person at the AGM.

2.1.2 As more than one nomination has been received for the posts of
President and Honorary Secretary, there shall be voting at the AGM
by written ballot.


3.1 Voting period

3.1.1 Voting will start sometime after 7.00 pm following the announcement
by the Chairman of the meeting that a quorum is present for the AGM
and that voting shall commence. Voting will close at 10.00 pm sharp.

3.2 Voting area

3.2.1 A separate voting area in the HKIS premises will be assigned for
members to cast their vote.

3.2.2 The voting area will only open for the casting of votes after the
Chairman of the AGM has announced that voting shall commence.

3.2.3 The voting area shall close at 10.00 pm sharp.

3.2.4 Voters shall not communicate with other voters in the voting area and
should leave the voting area immediately after casting his /her vote.

3.3 Ballot Form

3.3.1 There shall be a separate ballot form for the posts of President and
Honorary Secretary.

3.3.2 Member will only be entitled to receive one ballot form for each post
upon completing the registration formalities (see above 1.2)

3.3.3 Ballot form shall be deposited in the assigned respective ballot boxes.

3.4 Ballot boxes

3.4.1 There shall be ballot boxes assigned separately for the posts of
President and Honorary Secretary.

3.4.2 The ballot boxes shall be sealed by independent auditors prior to the
commencement of voting.

3.4.3 Member shall deposit his/her ballot paper in the appropriate ballot box.

3.5 Valid Vote

3.5.1 Member should choose one candidate only for each post.

3.5.2 Member should indicate his/her selection of candidate by making a tick

“” in ink in the relevant place of the ballot form.

3.5.3 A ballot form will be void if it contains any information, in the form of
writing, marks, signature or any indication, which may lead to
disclosure of the voter’s identity.

3.6 Appointment of Independent Professional Auditors

3.6.1 Two independent auditors from a professional firm of auditors have

been appointed to monitor the ballot boxes, voting and counting of
ballot forms.

3.7 Counting of ballot forms

3.7.1 Independent auditors and assigned Secretariat Staff shall count the
number of ballot forms immediately after the close of voting at
10.00 pm.

3.8 Equality of votes

3.8.1 In case of equality of votes, Bye-Law 3.2.6 shall apply:-

“In the event of an equality of votes, the results shall be determined by

a vote of the Office Bearers of the retiring General Council.”

4 Authority

4.1 ALL cases requiring interpretation of a voting intent or admissibility or

otherwise of a ballot shall be considered by a panel of two members
(the Panel), comprising a co-Chair of the Election Administration
Committee and an Office Bearer of the Executive Committee who is
not a nominator of any of the candidates standing for election, failing
which a past President of the Institute. See Note below. The
Panel’s decision on the cases concerned shall be final.


The Panel will comprise:-

Mr Michael Mann, Past President, HKIS (Chairman)

Mr Kenneth Chan, Co-chairman, Election Administration Committee (Member)
Ms Margaret Yung, Senior Manager, HKIS Secretariat (Secretary)

A wider membership is provided in 4.1 to cater for some unexpected

situations where the members as proposed may not be available.

5 Complaints

5.1 In the event of any complaint, these will be dealt with and decided by
the above Panel. The decision of the Panel will be final.